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Which 19 Crimes Wine Is Sweet

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This Charming Man

So, enough about the label and branding, whats the wine like? It pours a medium intensity cherry red, implying that this is no blockbuster red. One website I found listed the varieties as Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Grenache, and Cabernet Sauvignon, and its the middle two grapes which give it the lighter hue.

The nose initially hits you with sweet vanilla, under which blackberries and fudge compete for attention. The palate is rich, full of vanilla and toasty oak, cherries, chocolate, dark berries, spice and caramel. I dont have a tech sheet but the richness is obviously partly due to a good dose of residual sugar.

Similar to the Dada Art Series 1 I reviewed back in 2017, this is a wine made for pleasure and designed to match what many people actually like drinking. Most wine drinkers especially in the Irish market will swear blind that they only like dry wines, but if theres an off-dry finish to a red wine like this they wont complain if theyre not told and dont notice themselves.

For my personal taste, this wine is a little too confected and clumsy. But Im not the target market, and I suspect that most people who buy it will like it which is exactly the point!

  • ABV: 13.5%
  • RRP: 14.99 down to 10 at SuperValu from 29th April to 19th May 2021
  • Media sample

Wine & Vintage Details

Tasting Note

A medium red color with bright ruby hues. It has an intense nose of lifted mocha, sweet spice, and raspberry fruit. This is a full and round wine, with a mocha and spice sweetness giving a rich and round mouth feel. Subtle flavours of brown sugar and cinnamon, with a plush finish filled with jammy blackberry and raspberry.

Alcohol %

Crimes Snoop Dogg Cali Red 2019 $2035

Rating:87 /100

This mix of petite sirah, zinfandel and merlot is ripe, smooth and sweet. Its likely to appeal to those buying it based on the connection to Snoop Dogg, but Im not sure the rappers cooking-show colleague Martha Stewart would have a second glass. Its well-made for the style, but the candied sweetness spoils the finish. Drink now. Available in Ontario at the above price, $19.99 in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, various prices in Alberta, $19.98 in Newfoundland.

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La Chevalire Rasteau 2017 $2095

Rating:91 /100

A dry and full-bodied red, this is a traditional blend from Rasteau, one of the prime growing regions in the southern Rhône. It offers a core of concentrated dark fruit and complex spice and herbal notes, which are enjoyable now but promise to develop nicely in bottle. Drink now to 2025. Available in Ontario.

Catena San Carlos Cabernet Franc 2018 $1995

19 Crimes The Banished Dark Red Wine

Rating:91 /100

Catenas appellation series was designed to showcase a single grape variety grown in a specific place in Mendoza. In this case, 100-per-cent cabernet franc from vineyards located in the San Carlos district of the Uco Valley are blended to produce this ripe and savoury red wine. Theres classic cabernet franc character here, with fragrant herbs and peppery notes adding lift to the ripe red fruit and cedar flavours. Its a bright and balanced red wine thats ready to drink now but can age four to six years. Available at the above price in Ontario, $30.35 in British Columbia, various prices in Alberta, $22.10 in Quebec.

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The 19 Crimes Red Blend Review

Discover more about the 19 Crimes Red Blend wine which travels from Australia. Sweet, fruity and inviting, the soft flavors of this Shiraz are something special.

Elegant, sophisticated and refinedwine conjures up certain images regardless of yourfavorite tipple.

However, 19 Crimes Red Blend is a break from the norm, and awine that will challenge all your previously held beliefs about the drink which generally trades on its chic reputation.

Most wine reviews focus primarily on taste – and were going to do that too – 19 Crimes demands a little more.

Bold, defiant and modern, everything about this brand threatens to redefine wine drinking as you currently know it.

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Is There A Vegan Wine

Vegan wines are made without animal products, so winemakers either leave the particles to sink naturally to the bottom of the wine, or use non-animal fining products usually bentonite, a form of clay or pea protein, said Waitrose & Partners wine expert, Matt Johnson. In reality, many wines are vegan friendly.

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Paddy Borthwick Chardonnay 2018 $2495

Rating:92 /100

Coming from the Borthwick vineyard in Gladstone, part of the Wairarapa region on New Zealands North Island, this is complex and really enjoyable to drink. It is a richer and riper style, without losing its freshness or focus. An attractive mix of citrusy and tree fruit flavours stand out, with secondary oak contributing to the richer character. Drink now to 2026. Available in Ontario at the above price, various prices in British Columbia.

Learn About The 19 Crimes That Inspired A Wine Label


If Johnny Cash were alive today, hed drink 19 Crimes. Thats because this rebellious wine label is turning old-world British rouges into vino inspiration at a price point we love, and with a dash of gaming fun via .

19 Crimes fans have always been genuinely enthusiastic about the authentic 19 Crimes story, experiencing the wines beyond the glass, collecting the corks and posing for photos with the labels, says Doug Altmeyer, 19 Crimes senior brand manager. The new 19 Crimes AR app offers a new and exciting way to experience the 19 Crimes story, told by the convicts-turned-colonists themselves!

But lets back up

If you havent seen the bottles of wine labeled with vintage mug shots of former criminals turned Australian colonists, you need to go to the store and look for it now. The men adorning the 19 Crimes labels were punished to transportation at the start of 1783 for committing at least one of the 19 crimes. Those lawless who survived at sea went on to become pioneers in the frontier penal colony we know fondly as The Down Under.

These wines are bold, smooth, and come to life under your smartphone. Thats because 19 Crimes is one of the first wine or spirits brand to jump on the AR bandwagon . Dont be surprised if, come spring 2018, you see every beer, whiskey, and pinot touting their own AR app. But in the case of 19 Crimes, it makes total, complete, fantastic sense.

Also worth mentioning: consider joining this True Crime & Wine Club .

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Fascinating Flavors At A Good Price

The Red Blend is a wine with a very specific profile that was created after a lot of carefulmarket research. Sweet, juicy and fruity, its got some extremely pleasing flavors that would sit just as well with a much more expensive bottle.

Although itshard to see past the stark ‘wanted’ posters and black glass, this wine is far more than just a marketing gimmick for millennials.

Syrupy and with a hint of oak, every mouthful is soft and lingering which is why it scores such a hit with most of the 19 Crimes wine reviews you’ll come across.

Great Wine Values: 19 Crimes Red Blend

The vast majority of premium red wines are quite dry, meaning not at all sweet, and, until recently, only the most affordable reds had any noticeable sugar content.

    The vast majority of premium red wines are quite dry, meaning not at all sweet, and, until recently, only the most affordable reds had any noticeable sugar content. However, as wine grows more popular globally with younger generations, there has been a demand for vintners to deliver well-made red wines for those who prefer a touch of sweetness. In the U.S., we see this trend mostly with California red blends, but there are now more such wines emerging from other countries, as well. As a general rule, reds that are not fully dry are most satisfying when they’re from warmer, sunnier regions, like Australia, because grapes need to be ripe to make a richly textured red and still have enough sugar to spare so a small fraction can be left unfermented to sweeten the pot. Though many wine drinkers think sweeter reds don’t make good “food wines,” they just need to be paired with recipes in which sugar plays a role in the sauce think barbecue, teriyaki, or anything “glazed.” This delicious example combines shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, and grenache to craft a plump, jammy red with dark flavors reminiscent of blackberry cobbler and a healthy dose of bourbonlike aromatics. It contains just over 1 percent residual sugar to bring its sweetness just slightly above the threshold of perception.

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    How Do You Make The 19 Crimes Labels Come To Life

    19 Crimes & Living Wine Labels. Hear the historical stories direct from The Infamous. Download the Living Wine Labels App, then point your phone and watch. Watch and cheers with the newest member of the 19 Crimes fam, Snoop Dogg as he comes to life off his Snoop Cali Red bottle. The buttons to download are below.

    Why Snoop Doggs 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red Wine Is Worth A Try

    19 Crimes Snoop Dogg Cali Red Wine

    Snoop Doggs collaboration with 19 Crimes on a Cali Red wine is certainly worth a try at only $12 a bottle.

    The girlfriend and I went to Marianos in search of something to pair with a home-cooked meal this past weekend. Once we laid our eyes on Uncle Snoop, we knew it was a winner. I am not much of a wine drinker by any means, but pairing a 90s hip-hop icon with the bottle only costing $12 made it worth a try.

    While Snoop Dogg is widely known for his music and performing with the likes of Dr. Dre, Tupac, and Ice Cube, he is also a businessman. He recently has collaborated with Martha Stewart on TV shows in addition to serving as an announcer for a fight. Snoop teamed up with Australian winemaker, 19 Crimes, on a Cali Red for this collab.

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    Our 19 Crimes Red Blend Review

    A sniff and a swirl of this wine will reveal a jammy sweet wine thats loaded with tones of vanilla and chocolate.

    If you dont like sweeter flavors, youre unlikely toget along with this wine. However, if you are fond of sweet and ripe-tastingwines, this one could be a winner.

    Although its nota pure Shiraz, the integrity of the structure is retained, along with a bit of added sweetness. You might notice a sour cherry at the start before moving onto a cooling raspberry with a semi-dry finish.

    Its a medium-bodied wine that doesnt have any tannins but nevertheless stilldelivers a juicy, lingering taste.

    It pairs well with Italian food, especially meat such as bolognese and lasagna. How you choose to drink it is up to you but you mightwant to try it chilled, as you would a Sangria, rather than drinking it at room temperature like a traditional red.

    Next: Here’s a comprehensive guide on your favorite Petite Sirah wine.

    Trapiche Gran Medalla Malbec 2017 $2795

    Rating:91 /100

    Trapiche reserve-tier malbec comes from the Las Piedras vineyard in the Uco Valley. This is a rich red wine with a complex herbal and savoury nose and smooth, ripe palate. There are some overripe raisin and kirsch flavours, but this is harmonious and appealing overall. Drink now to 2030. Available at the above price in Ontario, various prices in Alberta, $28.49 in Saskatchewan, $26.99 in Manitoba, $28 in New Brunswick, $27.98 in Nova Scotia, $28.98 in Prince Edward Island, $29.97 in Newfoundland.

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    Perdeberg Vineyard Collection Cinsault 2018 $1795

    Rating:88 /100

    The cinsault grape is coming back into fashion in South Africa among winemakers looking to make light and juicy red wines. This spicy and aromatic red is made from grapes grown on older-bush vines and presents a core of red fruit and a silky texture thats easy to appreciate. Its an understated red thats best enjoyed slightly chilled. Drink now to 2024. Available in Ontario at the above price, $17 in Quebec.

    The Snoop Dogg Cali Red Plus 8 Other Weird And Wonderful Wines To Try

    19 crimes wine review

    This article was published more than 6 months ago. Some information may no longer be current.

    Snoop Dogg has partnered with Australian wine company 19 Crimes on the Snoop Dogg Cali Red.Tami Chappell/The Associated Press

    Considering how many musicians, actors and sports figures are connected with wine projects, the launch of a new celebrity wine is hardly news. But the creative partnership between one of Americas most recognized rappers, Snoop Dogg, and the Australian wine company 19 Crimes resulted in a wine thats a stretch for both parties.

    Snoop Dogg Cali Red is the first wine release tied to the Drop It Like Its Hot hitmaker. Its also the first-ever 19 Crimes product to be made in California.

    The 19 Crimes brand is owned by Treasury Wine Estates, one of the largest wine producers in the world, which operates wineries in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. With a name inspired by the practice of shipping convicts from England to penal colonies in Australia between 1788 and 1868, 19 Crimes is testing its popularity to see if it transcends its homeland.

    The Australian brand attracted interest from younger and technologically savvy consumers withinnovative augmented-reality labels. An app will animate the various personalities depicted on 19 Crimes bottles, including Snoop, who will share insights as you drink.

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    Snoop Dogg Cali Red Wine

    When I heard that Snoop Dogg was collaborating with 19 Crimes and coming out with a signature wine, Snoop Cali Red, I knew immediately that I would have to try it! keep reading to find out why I think youll love it!

    This Post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using one of my links. See my full disclosure here.

    I may seem like an unlikely fan of Snoop Dogg, and I will admit I dont follow his music much. However, his friendship with one of my favorite people sparked my interest!

    According to , Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart struck up a friendship after she invited him onto The Martha Stewart Show back in 2008. Since then their friendship has blossomed into what I consider the ultimate culinary dream team.

    In 2016 the two came together for VH1s Potluck Dinner Party, and it seems like theyve been together ever since! It turns out Snoop Dogg is a pretty great cook, and he even released his own cookbook From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes From Tha Boss Doggs Kitchen.

    Best wine quote ever:

    My homeboy Warren G popped some shit on us called Merlot. It just sounded expensive so we started drinking that kind of red wine and we fell in love with it because it made us feel some kind of way about ourselves.

    -Snoop Dogg, CNN Travel Food and Drink Interview

    Crimes: A Review Of The Brand And Its Fascinating Labels

    Home19 Crimes: A Review of the Brand and Its Fascinating Labels

    19 Crimes: A Review of the Brand and Its Fascinating Labels

    They say never judge a bottle of wine by its label, but in the case of 19 Crimes, the wrapping carries a unique bit of history you wont want to miss.

    Introduced in 2012, 19 Crimes became the newest member of the Treasury Wine Estates portfolio, quickly accelerating into a world-wide phenomenon. And its no wonder wine lovers were intrigued since the entire brand is centered on an unexpected theme criminals.

    The brand brings a bit of debauchery back to wine with a collection of eight bottles featuring criminals accused of one of 19 different crimes. A true fan of the brand will want to collect each bottle to appreciate each story living on through the wine.

    And lets not forget the wine itself, of which there are seven reds and one Chardonnay. Its delightfully easy to drink, well-priced, and a wonderful conversation piece to feature at your next gathering.

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    Ruffino Prosecco Extra Dry $1795

    Rating:87 /100

    Ruffino has become such a familiar brand from Italy that it has expanded its reach from its Tuscan estates to other parts of the county to offer pinot grigio and prosecco in its portfolio. Made in a crowd-pleasing style, this fruity sparkling wine offers enjoyable peach, pear and citrus flavours. Its a simple aperitif style. Available at the above price in Ontario, $17.99 in British Columbia, various prices in Alberta, $19.49 in Saskatchewan, $17.99 in Manitoba, $17.65 in Quebec, $19.99 in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, $20.99 in Prince Edward Island, $20.98 in Newfoundland.

    Where Can I Buy Snoop Dogg Cali Red Wine

    19 Crimes Red Blend 750ml

    One of the great things about 19 Crimes is that is is available all over the place. I was able to find a bottle of Snoop Cali Red at Walmart for $12. Target carries it for about a dollar more, and it seems to go for as low as $9.99 online. If you are fortunate enough to live in one of the states that allows wine to be shipped directly to your house , you can avoid having to go anywhere by purchasing it directly from for $12!

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