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Where To Buy Wine In France

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Best Place To Buy French Wine In Northern France

How to Drink Wine in France, Like a Local

Fantastic range of very good value wines from all over France, together with helpful and expert advice.


5th visit and still impressed. Fantastic selection of wine, always gives good advice – highly recommended.

Really disappointed to see all these great reviews. Thought GB was our secret….not! With the dreaded you know what around the corner, get there whilst you can.

This shop never fails to deliver. Guy Boursot is extremely engaging and incredibly knowledgeable. He stocks a large and very interesting range of wines, from the very popular Le Petit Pont at an unbelievable £3.80 to more fabulous and complex wines. I always find myself trying something new and I have never been disappointed.My biggest fear is that we return to the bad old days when one could only bring back 10 bottles. I would visit this fabulous shop sooner rather than later, you will NOT be disappointed.Ardres is a lovely little village and well worth a wander or a quiet lunch.

Vinatis: Online Wine & Champagne Shop

It all started in 2002. was born from the meeting of two friends with passions in common: entrepreneurship and, above all, wine. Pioneers in the online wine market, Olivier and Manu established themselves with true commercial vision. Over the years, Vinatis has won the loyalty of its customers, attracted by the quality of its sourced bottles and the reliability of its service. The site has become a standard in online wine sales. Since then the product range has been extended to beers and spirits, while international sites were created to cater to markets further afield:, et And we’re not short on ambition! It’s not for nothing that we have become the leader among online wine merchants. Voted best online wine retailer several times, we have an ongoing commitment to quality, we have an ongoing commitment to quality, price and service.

We wanted to make wine seem less elitist and inaccessible and to put expertise and quality in the reach of new generations.Emmanuel Toussaint

We were able to run this company as a family, without making any risky investments. At first, we didn’t have a lot of capital, so we had to make up for it by having a lot of ideas.Olivier Ivangine

Best White: Domaine Guiberteau Saumur Blanc

Courtesy of

Region: Loire Valley, France | ABV: 13% | Tasting Notes: Baked apples, Stone fruit, Honey, Crushed rocks

This rich yet acid-driven chenin blanc promises to satisfy an array of palate preferences. The wines medium to full body, fruit-driven flavors , and all-around thirst-quenching nature make it perfect for sipping solo or pairing with a variety of cuisines. Domaine Guiberteau has a solid reputation as one of the best organic estates in the Loire Valley and its no surprise why the proof is in the bottle.

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Where Is The Best Wine In France

This is a deeply personal question, and the answer will depend on individual preference. However, within each region, the five First Growths of Bordeauxs Left Bank are certainly among the best , as well as Châteaux Cheval Blanc and Pétrus on the Right Bank. In Burgundy, Domaine de la Romanée-Conti is nothing short of legendary, with Coche-Dury close behind.

Where To Buy Wine In Bordeaux And To Not Break The Bank

Buy 2016 Cornas, La Geynale, Domaine Vincent Paris Wine

When you travel to Bordeaux, you may wonder where to buy authentic Bordeaux wines and not break the bank.

Bordeaux is all about wine, there is no shortage of shopping options here.

There are pros and cons of each, depending on the type of wine you are buying and whether you already know what you are looking for.

When buying wines in Bordeaux consider the following:

  • How many bottles can you bring back to your country duty-free?
  • Does your country allow the import of wines? What is the import duty?
  • Remember when sending wine abroad outside of EU, you are exempt from paying 20% French sales tax.
  • Shipping costs are steep. Is it worth to send wine to your country? Fine wines can be worth sending home while Tuesday wines may not be worth it if you are shipping overseas.
  • Check whether the same wines and vintages are available in your country.
  • If you live in a hot place, avoid shipping wines during the hot months.

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Where To Buy Good Wine In France

These are the top 10 wine retailers in France that you should visit for the best wines brands. Lavinia. Superstores of Pidou. Cash Vin. The Legrand Filles and Fils. The Majestic Wine Company of Calais is a leading producer of wine. Caves that connect to each other. The Sommellerie de France is located in the heart of Paris. The Bordeauxthque is located in Bordeaux.

Legrand Filles Et Fils

Legrand Filles et Fils is a wine cellar, gourmet grocery store, a bistro and a tasting bar. At Legrand Filles et Fils you can find a wide selection of French wines from Burgundy, the Loire Valley or even Beaujolais is Legrand. It is located in the charming Galerie Vivienne, Paris. The wooden counters and the delicately arranged tiled floors remind you of the nostalgic good old Paris. Theres also delicatessen, bar & restaurant attached.

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Think Inside The Box But Outside The Jug

Box is OK, but plastic jugs might be pushing it. Box wine is not quite trendy, but is accepted with wine stores like Nicolas offering up affordable varieties.

The liter-sized plastic jugs at the supermarkets, however, are not to be trusted. Take a tip from someone who may or may not have been there its not worth testing unless you want your wine to double as a paint-remover.

From Light White Wines To Memorable Red Wines

Vouvray wine in France | Day with an organic wine maker

French wine is possibly the most recognised wine in the world. Regions like Alsace, Burgundy, Bordeaux or the Loire Valley have a special place in any wine lovers imagination. France is a country with a great diversity, and great contrasts in terms of landscape and climatology. That’s why we can find a wide range of French wine, ranging from light white wines to memorable red wines. From fresh and light young wines such as Beaujolais Nouveau, to the great Château wines in Bordeaux. French wine is more than just wine. French methods of cultivation and winemaking have influenced countless wine regions around the world in one way or another. Here we present the best French wines.

AOC Morgon

AOC Morgon

AOC Cotes de Provence

AOC Côtes du Rhône

AOC Cotes de Provence

AOC Chinon

AOC Petit Chablis

AOC Coteaux-bourguignons

AOC Alsace

Vin de France

AOC L’Etoile

AOC Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

AOC Crozes-Hermitage

AOC Arbois-Pupillin

AOC Castillon-Côtes de…

AOC Petit Chablis

AOC Anjou

AOC Sancerre

There are most definitely French wines for all tastes. So, here is a quick look at some of best-known regions lets go on a journey through the extraordinary landscape filled with vineyards and châteaux.

French wine classification.

French wine classification is very complex and varies from area to area. However, they can generally be classified as:

-Table wine.

They can also be classified by area:

General AOC: Eg. AOC Bordeaux, Alsace, Burgundy.

Or by quality:

Grands Cru.

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Where Does Bordeaux Come From

All Bordeaux wine comes from the famous wine region in Southwest France. The Bordeaux wine region is considered the birthplace of wine culture, has been the worlds leading source of high-quality red wines for more than 200 years. With some 13,000 producers working approximately 300,000 acres of vines, no other wine region has so many wineries making so much excellent wine.

If you want to learn more about the Bordeaux wine region, head to our to learn everything about this area!

Eight Tips On Buying Wine In A French Supermarket

Ever felt dazed and confused when deciding which wine to buy in a French supermarket? Here are a few tips from the experts to help you choose a decent bottle .

Just like the French language, French wine feels menacingly full of mysteries to those who are just beginning to learn about it. But knowing the basics about French wine isnt as hard as you think.

Fortunately, weve compiled some tips to help out, courtesy of Stephen Cronk, a Londoner who opened Mirabeau vineyards in the south of France, and Frenchman Laurent Richet, a master sommelier of the twin Michelin star Restaurant Sat Bains in Nottingham, UK.

Screwcaps: For many beginners, the screwcap might seem like a dead giveaway for the bottle to avoid. Not so fast, says Cronk, who noted that if you have two bottles at the same price you should go for the one without a cork. The screwcaps keep white wine fresher for longer and prevent the bottle from being fouled by bacteria in the cork.

The culture of the cork is nice, pulling the cork out and making that pop is what makes peoples juices flow. But if you have an 8 bottle of wine in front of you and one was in a screw cap and one was corked, Id definitely choose the screwcap, he said.

Confusing labels: French bottles generally say which region the wine is from, but not the type of grape its made with. So for those of us used to grabbing a bottle of Pinot Noir off the shelf, the French system can be tricky. Here are some equivalents:

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Three French Red Wines To Open In A Couple Of Months

6 & 7. Chinon and Bourgueil

Often over-looked for red wines, parts of the Loire Valley are committed to the Cabernet Franc grape variety. Wines from appellations such as Chinon and Bourgueil are considered to be the benchmark for this distinctive red grape. Savory and earthy, Cabernet Franc is less tannic than its offspring and is quite versatile when it comes to wine and food pairing.

8. Cahors

Malbec is the star of Frances Cahors appellation. South of Bordeaux, Cahors is the birthplace of Merlot. The wines of Cahors are surprisingly different from popular Argentinian versions. Deeply pigmented and full of flavor with polished tannins, these wines are perfect for cold weather fare.

Where Does French Wine Come From

Buy 2011 Pagos Viejos, Artadi, Rioja Wine

Unlike in the United States, most wines in France are labeled by where they come from, not what grape or blend of grapes has gone into them. This is because the same grapes have been grown in the same regions for so longin some cases, well over a thousand yearsthat different flavors and aromas can be reliably predicted based on which village and sometimes, even, which vineyard, the wine comes from. The entire country is divided up in AOCs, which in French is Appellation dOrigine Contrôlée, which loosely translates to the controlled naming of origin. The most famous among them are Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, the Rhône Valley , the Loire , Champagne , Châteauneuf-du-Pape , and Beaujolais . Throughout France, rosé blends remain internationally popular . Each AOC has its own set of laws that govern not just which grapes can be used in the wines from there, but also how they are planted in the vineyard and treated in the winery.

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Should Bordeaux Wine Be Chilled

How to serve wine is entirely a matter of preference, but most believe Bordeaux wine should be served chilled. France is where the standards for serving Bordeaux originated, and red wines from Bordeaux are best to serve at cellar temperature, which means about 57 degrees Fahrenheit. White Bordeaux should be chilled a little bit more, around 49 degrees. Dessert wines like Sauternes should be served similar to white wines from Bordeaux, around 49 degrees.

Chablis And The Cote Dor

2017 Domaine Christian Moreau Pere Et Fils Chablis 2017 Philippe Colin Chassagne-Montrachet First thing: Smell these wines. The vanilla spice in the Chassagne comes from new oak barrels most Chablis, like the Moreau, wont have that note. Instead, the Moreau recalls the way dry earth smells just after rain, a telltale Chablis scent. The Chablis is light and fine the Chassagne richer and more tongue-coating.

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Best Under $2: Srol Eclat De Granite Cte Roannaise

Courtesy of Verve Wine

Region: Loire Valley, France | ABV: 12.5% | Tasting Notes: Strawberries, Citrus rind, Volcanic earth

What better way to end our Best French wine journey with a zesty bottle of Loire Valley gamay? Unlike its Beaujolais counterparts, this rocky, mineral-driven bottle from the Côte Roannaise offers something slightly different. Taste for yourself and see! Notes strawberries, citrus rind, and volcanic earth jump from the wines crisp and energetic palate. Serve chilled with a variety of foods, especially French-inspired bistro favorites.

France has all the bases covered for both white and red, and it’s not to say that other countries don’t produce wines in a similar range of styles, but that in French winemaking, it is so much more common to find this range with ease, explains Rydin. I love that no matter what type of wine I’m craving, France has the bottle that will satisfy that urge.

The Best French Wines

How to Buy Bordeaux Wines – Best Value for Your Money

Even though around the world wines are made that, at the very least, measure up to the French wines, the country is still viewed as the standard. Wines from the Bordeaux, with its famous appellations Pomerol, Saint Emilion, Pauillac, Margaux, and Graves, and in a similar way Burgundy with its Côtes de Beaune and Côte de Nuits, as well as the great wines from the Rhone enjoy world-wide renown. On the other hand, the remarkable wines from the Loire, the Alsace and the Provence are not to be underestimated either.

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Is Bordeaux Wine Sweet Or Dry

Most Bordeaux wines are dry, but the region also produces some exceptional sweet wines like Sauternes and Barsac. Sauternes the most famous in the world, made from late-harvested grapes. If you like lush and honeyed dessert wines, look for Sauternes. Sweet Barsac wines are lighter with brighter acidity.

Chteau Du Bois De La Garde Ctes Du Rhne

Price: 9 euros

Perfect for those who love medium- to full-bodied red wine. This distinctive red is made from 65% Grenache, 15% Syrah, 12% Carignan, and small quantities of Cinsault, Counoise, and Mourvedre. It has a deep ruby colour and includes dark fruit such raspberry and blackberry, and is laced with white pepper, cinnamon spice, and leather. This is a versatile French red wine that will go well with most white meat, aubergine dishes, mild cheeses, and vegetables.

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Two French Red Wines To Buy For Tonight

9. Beaujolais

Beaujolais is one of Frances most under-rated wine regions. Overshadowed by the immensely quaffable Beaujolais Nouveau, the crus of this region make seriously delicious wines from Gamay, the principal red grape of the area. Top crus include Moulin-à-Vent, Morgon and Fleurie.

10. Frances Languedoc region

Frances Languedoc region is a great source for delightful wines ready to enjoy at a moments notice. The Languedoc AOC covers both the Languedoc and Roussillon winegrowing areas and offers producers great flexibility in allowed grape varieties. The primary red grapes of the appellation include Grenache, Syrah and Carignan.

Your favorite red grape varieties are easy to find in Frances wine landscape, you just have to know where to look. Dont worry if you forget which French region grows Grenache, good wine stores are staffed with knowledgeable people, ask them questions!

Specialized Luggage For Transporting Wine On Plane

Buy 2016 Musigny, Grand Cru, Joseph Drouhin, Burgundy Wine

âHow many bottles of wine can I bring to the US?âTechnically there is no federal limit on how much alcohol can be brought in for personal use, but U.S. Customs and Border Protection will likely flag you if you’re carrying more than a case in your luggage. There is no TSA-regulated quantity limit on beverages with less than 24 percent alcohol, such as wine. Airline-created checked baggage limits still apply, but passengers are free to use the entirety of their quota for wine transport.Below are some amazing options which provide a safe, economical, and sensible solution to bringing your wine with you.

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Bouchard Aine& fils Bourgogne Pinot Noir

Price: 10 euros

A light-bodied red wine, this Pinot Noir is characterised by its aromatic complexity and mild tannins. From the Burgundy region, its a brilliant cherry red with cherry and black cherry aromas along with hints of lime and mint and a bit of toasted oak on the finish.

A deliciously fruity Pinot Noir, that is very easy to drink and goes well with grilled or roasted red meats, light game, poultry, and mild cheeses.

White Wine:

Best Sweet: Patrick Bottex Bugey

Courtesy of Drizly

Region: Bugey-Cerdon, France | ABV: 8% | Tasting Notes: Raspberry compote, Cherries, Sweet spice

Never heard of the wines of Bugey-Cerdon before? If you like pink, pleasantly sweet, and slightly sparkling wines , then these bottles are a must. This traditional regional blend of gamay and poulsard oozes with flavors of raspberry compote, ripe cherries, and sweet spice. This frothy, fizzy, and all-around tasty pick is honestly too easy to drink. Sweet wine skeptics, this stuff promises to change your mind.

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Buying Your Wine In France Its Good Vinonomics

First published: Community Contributor

Its well established that France produces some of the worlds finest wines, but did you know its also one of the best places to buy your wine?

You might not have noticed, but the number of Brits travelling to Calais has risen dramatically over recent years with the affordable price of wine a strong reason to venture across the English Channel.

So what is it about France that really delivers bang for your buck?

Britain is infamous for some of the highest alcohol duty rates in Europe, matched only by the Scandinavian countries.

Whenever you buy a bottle of wine in the UK youre automatically paying at least £2.18 on duty no matter how expensive the bottle.*

Now, whilst that already sounds like a bad deal, try applying that duty to the average cost of a bottle of wine in the UK.

At around just £5.39, when you consider the cost of of packaging, VAT, logistics AND duty youre getting a measly 60p worth of wine! That isnt a very good return.

However, wine lovers shouldnt panic.

France is an oasis of great-value wine shopping

France has near zero taxes on alcohol making it one of the cheapest counties in the world to pick up your favourite bottles.

So just how much can you save? The short answer is: quite a lot.

The saving on duty is immediately £2.18 and usually a bottle of wine bought in France is typically up to £4 cheaper than its UK equivalent. Now, that is already starting to taste better.

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