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Where To Buy Stemless Wine Glasses

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Where To Buy The Silver Wine Glasses Seen On The Ultimatum

Unboxing a stemless wine glass

First came the craze about the wine glasses from Love is Blind, and now, streamers everywhere have a new obsession. The stainless steel wine glasses from Netflixs latest hit show, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, has people tweeting about where they can get the stainless steel wine glasses the contestants use.

VonShef has been the provider of the wine glasses for Netflixs dating shows in the past, so it comes as literally zero surprise that the company partnered with Netflix again to provide classy yet sassy barware. For fans of these glasses, we have super bad news for you. Unfortunately, VonShefs signature glasses are sold out in every color everywhere.

Despite them being sold out everywhere, we found some great alternatives for if you absolutely need these glasses. They look super similar and theyll look just as beautiful when you use them at your next dinner party. Take a look at our list below for the best silver wine glasses from the hit show The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On.

Why We Think Its Great

The JoyJolt Stemless Wine Glasses is the best overall product because it has the highest number of reviews of more than 10,000 and showcases multiple benefits.

With this best unbreakable wine glass, you won’t have to worry about breaking your wine stems. Its broad base keeps it from tipping over and spilling all your red on the carpet or tabletop. There’s no need to fear accidents!

These sturdy glass bowls let you enjoy everything in style. Buying them means never having to worry again because they’re built with high-quality materials that make them shatterproof.

Who Should Buy It

These plastic wine glasses are ideal for the outdoors because of their lid, making traveling with them more leisurely. Its Pop n Lock feature also makes transport of multiple cups simpler.

It is perfect for those who have an active lifestyle and want a durable wine glass that is easy to clean. You can take this product anywhere for use at picnics, beach outings, or even in the office. It is also fantastic for those who are on a budget but are looking for a robust product.

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How Do You Hold A Red Wine Glass

A red wine glass, like a white wine glass, should always be held by the stem, not the bowl. This is to prevent your hands heat from changing the temperature of the wine inside the glasses. If red wine heats up too much, the fruit will start to taste stewed or cooked, and the alcohol will become overwhelmingly prominent, throwing off the balance of the wine.

Browse our full selection of red wine glasses online or check out our selection of highly-rated red wine glasses for great new red wine glasses to try this week!

Why Use A Stemless Wine Glass

Sea Turtle Stemless Wine Glasses ~ Set of 4

Stemless glasses are way more stable than long-stemmed glassware, says Travelle at The Langham’s Borisov. It means it is harder to tip stemless glassware over, potentially spilling your wine and ruining your clothes.

Stemless wine glasses are perfect for drinking just about anything, says The Wayfinder Hotel’s Hayes. In some ways, it can create a more relaxed experience when drinking wine, but at the same time, its perfect for a cocktail or water glass when you want to class it up a bit. Stemless wine glasses are used to take away the stress of holding a normal wine glass. They are much sturdier and less likely to break, which is why they are gaining popularity. They make for an easier drinking experience and take away the worry or pressure of knocking the glass over and making a mess.

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What Customers Have To Say

One customer stated that he liked the glassware as it “looks elegant. The customer also said that they were surprised by how durable and robust these wine glasses are.

Another shopper shared a similar sentiment. He commented on this product’s strength and stated that he thought this was an excellent purchase because there is no risk of breaking or chipping them.

Best Budget: Bormioli Rocco Bodega Glasses

courtesy of Store

Bormioli Rocco’s glassware offers great quality and smart design without breaking the bank. As a wine writer, Im frequently tasting different wines from all over the world, and while I appreciate fine stemware, I do find simplicity and affordability really refreshingand Im not alone. Florence Fabricant, a renowned food and wine writer, also appreciates these small Bormioli Rocco bodega glasses, which are a go-to for wine drinkers all over northern Spain, she says. The best part? The chip-resistant, 7.5-ounce wine glasses can be used for other purposes. Fabricant recommends serving dishes like panna cotta, condiments and ice cream in them. They also make for an excellent toasting vessel at any gathering, big or small.

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Best Crystal: Waterford Lismore Essence Goblet

If youre looking for high-quality crystal, opt for Waterfords gorgeous wine glasses. Waterford makes lovely crystal glasses, though they cost , Isle says. Each glass has an elegant design featuring the brands popular Lismore pattern thats been around since 1952. These are absolutely beautiful glasses, said one customer. I actually bought these for my daughter and then I liked them so much that I bought myself a pair. You wont be disappointed!

To buy: from $90 at or

How To Choose A Wine Glass Style

Temp-tations Set of 4 Stemless Wine Glasses on QVC

Pour your favorite reds, whites and rosés into stylish wine glasses from Crate and Barrel. From entertaining guests to simply relaxing at the end of the day, our stemware makes a chic presentation for a great glass of wine. We offer wine glasses for all wine types to bring out the distinct flavors and aromas of cabernets, champagnes and other favorites. For more casual serving, try our modern stemless wine glasses. These contemporary glasses are a relaxed alternative to traditional styles. You can choose from stemware in sets, or opt for single glasses to create your own collection. Learn more about the glass styles we offer.

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Why We Think It’s Great

This best unbreakable wine glass is a high-quality, durable stemware made of lead-free crystal. It has an elegant stem and a stable base that will not tip over even when fully swiveled. The wide bowl lets you swirl your wine, enhancing the aromas and flavors.

These glasses allow you to taste the authentic flavor of your favorite wines without tasting the glass itself. The laser-cut rim eliminates that annoying glass aftertaste and helps keep your wine fresher longer.

Best For Red Wine: Riedel ‘o’ Stemless Wine Glasses

Courtesy of

“I love Riedel stemless wine glasses because they never knock over or break unexpectedly and are easy to cup in your hand,” says Bors. “This set is crystal and keeps cool for a while. I personally love sticking them in the freezer wrapped with a wet paper towel for 30 minutes before usingthen you can really enjoy the perfect glass of chilled wine on a hot summer night.” These glasses often come in a value set and though theyre pure crystal, the glasses are completely dishwasher safe .

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Most Unique: Dragon Glassware Stemless Wine Glasses

These stemless wine glasses from Dragon Glassware have a unique design that customers say is attractive yet functional. Not only does the curved shape make the glasses easy and comfortable to hold , but it also helps aerate the wine while you pour and swirl. One shopper calls the unique stemless wine glasses their “best barware purchase ever,” writing: “They are beautiful and lightweight. Since they are handcrafted, there are slight variations, which add to the beauty and uniqueness of the pieces. My mom, who has advanced arthritis, loves the fact she can securely grip the glass and not have to worry about dropping her favorite glass of rosé.”

To buy: From $30 for 2 at

Best For Red Wine: Schott Zwiesel Stemless Wine Glass

LSA International Stemless Red Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

If you want a set of dedicated stemless wine glasses for your red wines, opt for these Schott Zwiesel tumblers with a near-perfect 4.8-star rating. There’s one set designed for Bordeaux reds and another that’s meant for Burgundy redsboth will accentuate the features of your favorite red wines because they have wide bowls for optimal air exposure. “They clean very easily and dry without water spots. I have been getting compliments on them every time I use to serve guests,” wrote one shopper, while another added, “These are well worth the premium over ordinary glasses.”

To buy: $60 for 6 at

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Most Durable: Brmate Uncork’d Xl Wine Tumbler


Stemless drinkware and outdoor sipping go hand-in-handparticularly when the material of the vessel is durable and insulating. Available in various colors and patterns, BrüMates XL wine tumbler features the brand’s BevGuard technology, which keeps your wine ice-cold without imparting any metallic flavor to it. These 14-ounce stemless tumblers and their splash-proof lids are ideal for outdoor drinking in any scenario. Note that while the lid is dishwasher safe, the tumbler itself must be hand-washed.

Stemless Wine Glasses: Prices

Inexpensive: You can find a pair or foursome of plastic or standard glass stemless options for under $20, though these may not specifically complement aromas and flavors.

Mid-range: Most stemless glass sets cost between $15 and $30. Youll find a variety of options when it comes to material, type, and number.

Expensive: For over $30, youll find sets that feature crystal glass from trusted names in glassware. These glasses are specifically designed for certain types of wine.

For those concerned about fingerprints on glass, some stemless options feature slight indentations toward the middle of the glass that you can easily grip without fear of unsightly blemishes.

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Buying Guide For Best Stemless Wine Glasses

After selecting the right bottle of wine and finding the proper moment to open the bottle, you need compatible wine glasses to enhance the experience of wine enjoyment. While many wine drinkers love a traditional glass with an elegant stem, some people prefer stemless wine glasses. Attractive and convenient, stemless wine glasses offer versatility and longevity without sacrificing the aromas or flavors of your wine.

Stemless wine glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like stemmed wine glasses do, to accommodate certain wine varietals and characteristics. Depending on the traits of a wine most notably, its body and tannin levels it should be served in an appropriate glass so its aromas and flavors are complemented.

These glasses, though casual, still possess an understated elegance. And because they lack a stem, their uses are more widespread, making them a worthy addition to any kitchen. Our buying guide details how to match the shape of a wine glass to wine and explores the unique possibilities that come with owning a set of stemless wine glasses.

Best For White Wine: Riedel O Wine Tumbler

Temp-tations Set of 4 Stemless Wine Glasses on QVC

Not only are Riedel’s stemless wine glasses a popular choice among Amazon shoppers, but they’re also a favorite of our Executive Wine Editor, Ray Isle. These glasses are designed especially for white wines due to their slender shape, but there’s also a red wine version available. Shoppers describe them as “elegant” and the “perfect Chardonnay glasses.” The stemless wine glasses have a thin design, and they’re small enough to easily hold in your hands, unlike other glasses that can feel thick, clunky, and awkward to hold. “I don’t like to bring stemmed glassware down to the basement to watch TV or out on the patio, so these are perfect as almost impossible to tip over,” one person wrote.

To buy: $45 for 4 at

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Best Value: Libbey Stemless Wine Glass Party Set

At just $31 for 12 pieces, this stemless wine glass set from Libbey is an affordable way to stock a first apartment or prepare for having guests over. Just order the inexpensive set before hosting dinners or parties so that you don’t have to worry about your go-to wine glasses accidentally breaking. The set includes six stemless glasses with wider bowls for red wine and six slightly narrower glasses for white wine. Even though it comes out to just over $2.50 per glass, customers are still impressed by their “solid quality.” One wrote: “These Libbey perform great and come at such a great price, so you won’t cringe when someone breaks one.”

To buy: $31 for 12 at

Gold Rimmed Clear Plastic Party Cups $22 For 100

One more disposable option, these are oh-so affordable and break down to just 22 cents per cup, so its not a huge deal if someone abandons their cup and takes a new one. What we like about these is that super-subtle gold rim that makes them feel just a wee bit more special than other plastic cups.

Do you have any other cheap wine glasses to suggest? Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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Best For Reds: Ouverture Red Wine Glasses

While the Zalto wine glass above is more of a statement piece, these red wine glasses from Riedels Ouverture Collection are best suited for everyday use. They work well with a wide range of red wines, and theyre compact enough to fit in dishwashers, cabinets, and hanging racks. They hold just about 12 ounces , but if you prefer an oversized red wine glass, opt for the 35-ounce Double Magnum version instead. These are my favorite everyday wine glasses, a customer wrote. I buy replacements from time to time because they are, after all, glass, and do occasionally break, but pretty darn sturdy for such a useful and elegantly made glass.

To buy: $32 for two at

Best Insulating: Epar Wine Glasses

Why You Should Consider Buying Stemless Wine Glasses

If a wine’s temperature is a priority for you, consider insulating options when shopping for stemless glasses. While stainless steel tumblers are effective at keeping wines chilled for long periods of time, these feel a bit clunky and aren’t ideal for more delicate or aromatic wines. Thats where double-walled glass tumblers come in. These 13-ounce Eparé glasses maintain the integrity of a liquids intended temperature , meaning you can enjoy a double espresso in the morning and some wine at night. Plus, these glasses are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Best Stemmed Red Wine

Twelve wine glasses for under $10 is a real steal, and the SALT? red wine glasses cost just under $10 for a dozen. The glasses have a 10.5 ounce capacity and are dishwasher safe. Although theyre billed as red wine glasses, you can use them for reds or whites and theyll work just fine. No need to have special glasses for each. Consumer reviewers say the glasses are solid and sturdy, but even if you break one, with a set of 12, youll have plenty more. Find them at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Cheap Wine Glasses

Cheap wine glasses are a great way to enjoy a glass of wine with friends. Wine glasses are also a great gift for the wine lover in your life. Weve gathered some of our favorites below, along with a wide selection of other products for your bar.

  • Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars with 147 reviews

    Top comment

    It organizes all of the kcups and doesnt make a mess in my kitchen! It also doesnt look a cheap made!

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    What Is The Best Way To Store Stemless Wine Glasses

    While you may be tempted to store the glass upside down to protect them from dust, Thierry Sighel of The Magic Of Wine says, Keep your glasses facing open to the air to avoid aromas building up.

    Essentially, store a stemless glass the same way you would your regular wine glasses. It takes up less room in your cabinet, and you dont need extra height between the shelves, Borisov says.

    Other Wine Glasses Options

    Temp-tations Set of 4 Stemless Wine Glasses on QVC

    In addition to our wide selection of stemmed red and white wine glasses, we also offer other options, including:

    • Champagne Flutes and CoupesToast with some bubbly in our . Effortlessly stylish, these glasses are a must-have for entertaining guests. We have champagne glasses in classic and contemporary styles.
    • StemlessWhen you need a glass with an easy grip, our stemless wine glasses are the perfect solution. These glasses are effortless and uncomplicated, making them a perfect option for casual gatherings. Our stemless wine glasses can also double as stylish vases and much more.
    • TastersIn addition to our full-sized wine glasses, we also have taster styles. These small 6 oz. wine glasses are great to have on hand for when you’re hosting a wine tasting party or when you simply want to have a smaller serving of your favorite vino.
    • Acrylic is great to have on hand for casual entertaining indoors and out. Perfect for barbeques, our acrylic glasses are constructed of durable clear plastic that won’t easily break. We offer both stemmed and stemless acrylic wine glasses.

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