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Where Can I Buy Wine In Utah

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What Happened To Utah Liquor Laws

Utah Alcohol Laws | 2-Minute Tuesday | Living in Salt Lake City, Utah

You may have heard a few of those weird Utah liquor laws. For example, did you know that any beer over 4% is considered liquor? Thats right, any sort of craft beers and micro brews that are even worth drinking, youll have to go to the liquor store to get them.

Oh, and there arent very many liquor stores. Not sure if thats a law, more of an observation, but still thats crazy. St. George, Utah, with a population of over 155,000 people, has only one liquor store in the entire city.

If you want to have wine shipped to you, dont. Its a felony. As in, they throw you in jail for months because you want to enjoy wine from another state.

You may have asked yourself, Why cant Utah drink? if youve ever been to a Utah restaurant and there were no bars in sight. Thats because the alcohol is hidden. Thats right, theres a law called Zion Curtain, which means you can drink the alcohol. You justcant look at it?

Yup, not only are you not allowed to see your liquor before you drink it, but good luck getting alcohol on Sunday. You can get alcohol on a Sunday at some places, but most either wont sell beer or have to sell it packaged.

Anyway, those are just some of the laws that have always been around. So, whats changed?

What Are Those Doo

Good eye! That machine, the Berg All-Bottle 704 liquor control system, measures out liquor into your cocktail. Bars and restaurants are required to use them for the primary liquor in a drink. The Berg counts the number of shots poured along with metering out a precise amount of booze 1.5 ounces. You may notice cocktails here dont have quite the same kick as they do in some other states, but they are expertly crafted to be delicious and delightful. And many bartenders will layer liquor, liqueurs, beers, wines, and more to create the perfect sip.

Buying Drinks In A Restaurant

Restaurants currently can pour you a drink starting at 11.30 a.m. during the weekday and from 10.30 a.m. on Saturdays, Sundays, and state/federal holidays so you can drink your mimosa or Bloody Mary an hour early during brunch.

One of the most confusing set of laws for visitors to Utah, is our rules covering imbibing at a restaurant. Much of this stems from the various licenses the state allows restaurants to apply for. Most restaurants hold a full license, allowing them to serve all types of alcohol so long as the diner intends to dine.

Generally you will find your server merely asks you are you dining with us tonight after you sit down, and youre free to order a drink, while you peruse the menu if you indicate you will be also eating. Ordering just a small snack or nibble is fine too, but you must order at least one item of food from the menu. Its really not the big deal folks make it out to be, if you didnt know about the rule in advance, youd likely never encounter it.

Finally we have the much derided Zion Curtain a term referring to the divider, present in some restaurants, that separates bartenders and their preparation of drinks from customers. This law was actually updated in 2017 and most restaurants have now torn down the curtain. The caveat is that minors must be seated 10 feet from the bar area, this new buffer zone is playfully known as the Zion moat.

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Buying Drinks In A Utah Bar

Most bars operate under a bar license, meaning theyre able to purchase anything you or I can buy from the state ran liquor store, and retail at a fair markup to their customers. You may have heard about our private club rules they were dropped years ago. This means anyone can now drop into any bar they like provided theyre over the age of 21. If theres a cover charge or other fee to enter the premises this is being levied by the business, not the state.

While individual bars may keep their own hours, theyre legally allowed to open seven days a week and serve from 10.00am till 1.00am. Patrons legally need to be off the premises by 2am.

Some outlets may retain only a tavern license. These might be smaller beer bars or locations such as bowling alleys or golf courses they only sell beer upto 5% ABV on draft, can or bottle, nothing more. Most bars you will come across in SLC will retain regular bar licenses, its quite difficult these days to find beer only bars.

Just for fun, the rules at our airports are unique too. In airport lounges liquor, wine and beer can be served from 8.00am until midnight. Alcoholic beverages may be sold with or without food, and patrons may be served at a bar or table.

Great Service Quality And Value

State Liquor Store

DABC gets approximately 8,000 special orders each month from local residents and businesses and even visitors looking for something particular or purchasing for a wedding or family reunion. The forms are available online or through the app but, as a state agency, it has a purchasing department with Utah nice folks, many of whom have worked there for years and are ready to walk you through it, as well. They contact brokers, distillers, brewers or vineyards domestic and international to purchase items requested in the quantity they will sell .

The states markup is a statutory 88% or 49% for vintners making less than 20k gallons of wine . This may sound high, but Utahs prices, especially after sales taxes are added, are competitive and sometimes a down-right bargain, particularly for premium labels. For example, Tracey Thompson, owner of Vine Lore Wine and Spirits recommends highly-rated 2017 Lail Blueprint Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa. It lists for $80 nationally, but its $66 on the DABC app.

There are deals at all price points throughout the DABC inventory and, because of statewide purchasing, vendors will provide discounts that the state, by law, must pass on directly to the consumer. For example, 2017 Flora Springs Napa Cabernet Sauvignon is $50 on the winerys website but was specially marked at $39.99 at DABC the month I looked for it. Search for prices on the app while riding the ski lift or from the passenger seat on the drive to St. George .

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Alternate Names & Spellings

Shaoxing wine is also sometimes called hua diao wine , which translates to carved flower wine to describe the flower design carved into the clay jars once used to store and age it.

This alternate name can also be spelled, hua tiao chiew

Chia Fan wine is another nam you may see on some bottles. It is similar to hua diao wine. These Shaoxing wines are made using more rice during the brewing process, hence the name chia fan, which literally means add rice.

There are also alternate spellings, including shao xing wine or shaohsing wine. All are the same type of cooking wine.

Where To Buy Liquor In Utah On Holidays And Sundays

One lesser known fact is that a certain type of package agency can legally sell their product direct to consumers 365 days a year. The caveat is that they posses whats known as a Type 5 package agency license, a distillery manufacturer license, and also run a bar or restaurant at the same location. If they check all three boxes, they can sell you the product made at that location.

We the following local Utah distilleries all retail their liquor direct to the public on Sundays and both state and federal holidays.

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Packaged Liquor Wine And Heavy Beer To Go Are Sold At State Liquor Stores Throughout Utah

Utah liquor stores are closed on sundays, state & federal holidays. Additionally, some of the finest wines in the world are sold at . Find out information on utah liquor laws from visit salt lake. Salt lake city, utah you can still buy high powered beer, wine and liquor to take home, even when state liquor stores are closed . Are applicants for a driver’s license asked questions about diabetes? The alcohol laws of utah regulate the selling and purchasing of alcohol in the u.s. · you can buy 5% alcohol by volume beer practically everywhere: Wine is served in restaurants, bars and can also be purchased at the state liquor stores. Can i see your license? Beer is available from 11:30 am. They also are the only places to buy wine or beer that is higher than 5% abv. Higher abv beer, wine and liquor are available at utah’s 41 state liquor stores, which are generally open monday through saturday from . How to make a will in utah, and what can happen if you don’t.

How to make a will in utah, and what can happen if you don’t. After a long day at work or during a delicious dinner with loved ones, almost nothing completes those moments spent enjoying yourself like a smooth glass of wine. Wine is served in restaurants, bars and can also be purchased at the state liquor stores. Salt lake city, utah you can still buy high powered beer, wine and liquor to take home, even when state liquor stores are closed . Grocery stores, gas stations, arenas, festivals, and events.

What You Can Buy And Where

Utah Liquor Laws Explained 2

Whether you are looking for a bottle of vino, a six-pack or a bottle of hard alcohol, there are rules around what you can buy where:

  • Grocery stores and convenience stores: You can buy beer that is 5% ABV at most grocery stores and convenience stores every day of the week. In addition to these locations, package stores across the state sell a selection of beer, wine and spirits. There are also three specialty wine stores in downtown Salt Lake City that sell limited-production wine, beer and liquor with a diverse and constantly changing selection.

  • Utah state liquor stores: Higher ABV beer, wine and liquor are available at Utahs 41 state liquor stores, which are generally open Monday through Saturday from 11 am to anywhere between 5 pm and 10 pm, depending on the location. Please note that these stores are closed on Sundays.

  • Breweries, wineries and distilleries: As noted above, these establishments can sell any of their products every day of the week, including Sundays. You can buy to-go bottles as well, but containers must remain closed on the premises.

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Where To Buy Alcohol On Sunday And Holidays In Utah

First up, dont panic! Most good restaurants and bars are open on both Sundays and holidays, and yes you can get a drink on these days too. Moreover, places like grocery and convenience stores are also generally open too, and retail products such as beer and seltzers, up to 5% ABV. You can read our full guide to Utah liquor laws here.

What is closed on Sundays and holidays are our state ran liquor stores. That means getting hold of liquor, wine and stronger strength beers and hard cider can be harder but were here to tell you not impossible! This guide is focused on where and how to purchase the stronger stuff to go, on both state and federal holidays and Sundays in Utah.

What The Hell Is The Zion Curtain

Technically, the Zion Curtain no longer exists. But many restaurants still adhere to this rule due to confusion about what has now been dubbed The Zion Moat. You may order your drink at a bar in a restaurant, and then see your tender move into the kitchen or behind an opaque surface to actually prepare the drink. Thats the Zion Curtain! An old law stated alcoholic beverages had to be prepared out of sight of other patrons. The practice still persists.

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Where To Buy High Point Beer In Utah On Holidays And Sundays

The following breweries all hold package agency and manufacturing licenses at the same premises. They also operate either a bar or restaurant at the same location too. This means the potential for Sunday and holiday sales might exist. We will be contacting each brewery for clarification and specific details and updating the list as we hear back.

Can You Buy A Bottle Of Wine In Springdale

New high

I’m probably going to a photography workshop at Zion in March 2009 and will fly into Las Vegas and drive to Zion. Is there a place to buy wine by the bottle in Springdale or should I buy it in Vegas or St George?

Thanks, Kent

Not sure, but St.George State liquor store has good wines. The store is in the direction of Snow Canyon SP.

There is not a liquor store in Springdale so be sure to stop at the wine store in St. George. Here’s a link to Utah state liquor stores.

Does anybody know if wine is substantially less in Las Vegas than St George?


There actually is a small liquor store with a number of wines located in Springdale at Zion Park Inn Switchback Grille. However, if you want to make sure you get a certain label or a very good wine then I would suggest stopping in Las Vegas at Trader Joes or in St. George .

Thanks, everybody, for your input.


I would try to pick up something in either Vegas or Mesquite Nevada.Probably a better selection there. If you like beer, get it in Nevada,as Utah packaged beer is 3.2 near beer.Also, not sure of the hours of the Utah state stores, if you are driving up at night.

Buy in LV or stop in Mesquite and go to Lees Tavern or even the Smith’s . Both will have better price, selection and convenience.

Thanks, everybody for your input.


Mesquite definitely looks like a better choice rather than trying to find a place in Vegas . Just looking for some Calif. chard and maybe Italian red— nothing real fancy.


Removed on

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Whats With All This Lite Beer Stuff I Hear About

One of the biggest misconceptions about drinking in Utah, is the notion we only have access to lite beer. That confusion arises from the fact the state of Utah judges alcoholic content of drinks by weight, a rather anachronistic system that most of the world stopped using aeons ago. 3.2 by weight actually equates to 4% by volume yep thats right the same rough strength as most sessionable world beers .

In late 2019 this 3.2ABW / 4.0 ABV beer started to vanish from shelves as Utah updated its laws. 5% ABV beer is now the maximum strength you can buy in grocery stores etc.

Another slight quirk is that you wont find beer stronger than 5% ABV on tap in any Utah bar even brewpubs. Depending on the bar though, you may find varieties of higher strength brews offered by the bottle just not on draft. With everything though theres a golden lining, if you sample one of our many awesome brewers higher strength beers in bottle the chances are its going to be pretty fresh.

One slight caveat is that wine and cider are not covered by this rule you may see wine and cider of any strength on draft.

Buying Drinks To Go In Utah

At grocery stores you will find alcoholic beverages upto 5% ABV, available for purchase until 11.00 p.m. Some convenience stores can sell beer 24/7 though depending on the city. You may purchase beverages seven days a week from these locations. If youre in a restaurant and have leftover wine you may ask your server to seal the bottle and take it with you to go just make sure you store it in the trunk of your vehicle if driving.

Generally speaking, to purchase anything stronger than 5% ABV for your own consumption elsewhere you will need to visit one of our Utah State Liquor Stores. Here you will find everything from stronger beers through wines and liquor.

Each store varies in both hours of operation and stock carried. All are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

The exception to the above rules are Package Agencies defined by the state as liquor outlets operated by private individuals or corporate entities under contract with the state for the purpose of selling packaged liquor, wine and beer to the general public for off-premise consumption. Package agencies are often ran in smaller towns, businesses, or at resorts where it makes little sense for a fully fledged State Liquor Store.

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How Is It Used

Just like using wine in Western dishes, Shaoxing wine adds depth and flavor complexity. We use it in marinades for meats, as a flavor agent in wonton or dumpling fillings, to deglaze our wok and add flavor to stir-fries, and to add flavor to sauces and braises. Wed go so far as to say that the vast majority of our savory recipes contain Shaoxing wine.Shaoxing Wine is particularly essential for hong shao or red-cooked dishes like Chinese Braised Fish and Shanghai Style Braised pork belly . It appears in larger quantities in braised dishes, , while a marinade or stir-fry usually contains only a tablespoon or two.

It is also the star of a traditional cold appetizer aptly named, Drunken Chicken, in which the chicken is cooked and then soaked in a brine of Shaoxing wine and other seasonings. This drunken brining method can also applied to seafood, like shrimp and crab.

Again, there are types of high quality Shaoxing wine made for drinking , but in the U.S., salt is added to the wine to avoid alcohol taxes and to permit it to be sold in stores where regular wine/liquor cannot be sold. The flavor of the wine sold in most grocery stores for cooking is therefore briny and not meant for drinking!

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