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What Cheese Pairs Well With Red Wine

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What Red Wine Goes Well With Cheese

Pairing Cheese With Wine

If you are serving a selection of light cheeses, such as brie, red smear cheese and other white mould cheeses, its a good idea to serve a light and fruity red wine. Pinot Noir or Gamay are especially lovely and you rarely go astray with a light Bourgogne or Beaujolais, both of which come from north-eastern France.

Classic Red Wine & Cheese Pairings

If you want to build your own cheese assortments instead of relying on the suggestions above, Id start with the Wine Enthusiast guide organized by cheese type rather than wine type. What follows is a summary of that guide with some additional information I find useful.

Fresh Cheese. Made from any type of milk, these cheeses are not aged and have a mild, slightly tangy flavor. Examples: Mozzarella, Burrata, Chévre , Feta, Ricotta, Mascarpone, and Boursin.

Pair with these red wines: very young, fruity, unoaked red wines like Loire Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Valpolicella, and Zweigelt. I strongly recommend Natural red wine which tends to be bright like a white wine.

Classic combos: Nebbiolo with Feta or Loire Cabernet Franc with Goat Cheese.

Snacks That Go Well With Wine Ehow
    Dips and spreads can also work well with wine, especially if your finger-friendly snacks are intended to serve as a meal substitute. Your favorite cheese dip, bean dip, spinach dip or crab dip all complement wines and so can rich, meaty pate or rilletttes.

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No Rules With Wine And Cheese

Some cheese and wine matching traditions state that reds are best with cheese because they can stand up to its strong flavors. Other experts say this isn’t so because the strong flavors in red wine and good cheese clash, so whites are better due to their higher acid content. The only thing that everyone universally agrees upon is that a strong Stilton cheese is best with Champagne or a nice port wine.

What Cheeses Go With Red Wine

6 Tips on Pairing Wine and Cheese

Strong, aged cheeses like cheddar, sharp Swiss, and gouda go best with red wines. This is for several reasons.

One, red wine tends to have bold and fruity flavors. This makes them great pairs for intense cheese tastes because the cheese needs something strong to match with.

Two, the taste of cheese can sometimes linger on the tongue, and more neutral wines will only strengthen that. Instead, red wines bring prominent fruit flavors to bear which acts as a counterpoint to the tanginess of cheeses.

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Pairing Cheese With Syrah/shiraz

With certain superior genetic qualities, Syrah grape variety produces some of the best Rhone wines. Syrah red wines are known for their unique and dominant flavors like smoke, black cherries, and roasted pepper.

The strong berry and tart flavors of this red wine blend well with the somewhat acidic and pungent goats milk cheese. Farmhouse Cheddar, Edam, Gouda, and Alpine-style cheese are some other cheese varieties that enhance the flavor of Syrah wines.

Wine And Cheese Pairings

Whether youâre a professional chef, sommelier, or simply a wine enthusiast, wine and cheese pairings are a must. This is a centuries-long culinary treat that

Due to the complexity of wine flavors, itâs wise to treat each pairing differently. A steak wine pairing, wine pairing with chicken, turkey wine pairing, and wine pairing with salmon are all different for the same reason.

Wines are produced in different terroirs, which refers to the geographic location and climate the grapes are grown in. Individual climates influence the final taste of wine, and which cheese it matches with. Below youâll find our recommendations for wine and cheese pairings across several varieties.

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Six Cheeses That Pair With Pretty Much Every Wine

Wine is awesome. So is cheese. When you put an awesome wine and an awesome cheese together, it should be even better than the two things were separately, right? Also duh?

Sadly, not always. Look, no one is going to tell you to not drink your favorite wine with your favorite cheese. But when it comes to wine and cheese pairings, deliciousness is dependent on balance.

Typically, the most adaptable cheeses are hard cheeses, because they stand up better to bigger-bodied wines. If your go-to wine is a bold red and your favorite cheese is a buttery Brie, the weight of that Cabernet pour will slap that pudgy Brie across the face. Meanwhile, if your favorite bottle is a bright white, youll have to mind your rinds pair it with the wrong cheese and that brilliant acidity can turn harsh or bile-y.


Never fear, though! We did some tasting and drinking and came up with six cheeses of all textures that pair with any wine.

Cheese Pairings With Merlot

Cheese and Red Wine Pairing Tips | State of Cheese

Merlot has become a popular table wine over the past few years. This deep-hued and full-bodied red wine is noted for its versatility in terms of flavor. The most appreciated Merlot flavors are cherry, plum, and chocolate.

Both sheeps milk cheese and cows milk cheese go equally well with Merlot. However, some of the cheese varieties worth trying with this red wine are Brie, Cheddar, Parmesan, the tangy Swiss Gruyere, and the Italian Gorgonzola.

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Farturas And Vinho De Carcavelos

Here in Portugal, nothing says street party like fried dough. In Lisbon, for example, you know the St. Anthony summer festivities are approaching when you start seeing churros and farturas food trucks parked in popular areas. If churros are well known in many parts of the world thanks to Latin people, farturas are the bigger, fatter, chunkier cousin you must try when you come to Portugal. These are either fried and served with a sprinkle of sugar, or can also be stuffed with jams and chocolate.

As farturas are something you normally eat out and on the go, drinks arent usually involved. But if you can gorge on these deep-fried sugary treats along with a glass of Carcavelos wine, why wouldnt you?

This Portuguese fortified wine region that is so close to Lisbon is often overlooked by those fond of sweet fortified wines. But we can guarantee you wont regret that in your next trip to Lisbon to grab yourself a cone of freshly fried farturas, open a bottle of vinho de Carcavelos and start changing that!

Wine and food pairing is a great way to experience all that a wine has to offer. Certain foods have a way of bringing out the flavor in different types of wine that you may not experience if you sip on a glass by itself.

The acidity and flavors of the wine interact with the food to change the way your taste buds react, thus creating new and exciting flavor profiles you may not have experienced in one without the other.

Wine With Hard Cheese

Hard cheeses include cheddar, Comté, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Manchego. Theyre the easiest type of cheese to pair with wine – a medium bodied red like a cabernet sauvignon or a rioja is probably going to be the most enjoyable pairing for most people but try the combination of cheddar and chardonnay

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All For One One For All

If all that sounds too complex, and you just want one wine to match a whole cheeseboard, Basset advises that you look to fortified wines the ultimate after-dinner companion.

I would immediately suggest amontillado Sherry, Rivesaltes, tawny Port or Madeira. They work very well with all cheeses as they arent too delicately flavoured and their taste profile is similar to the accompaniments you will serve with the cheese: nuts, dried fruit, the spices in chutney. Plus, they are crowd-pleasing wines.

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The Best Red Wines To Pair With Cheeses Comes Down To Flavor Profiles

Basic wine and cheese pairings

Everyone has a favorite red wine they absolutely love to drink and bring to parties. Of course, it’s essential to know which cheeses pair up best with your favorite wines. If you’re a pinot noir lover, you may want to stop and grab a wheel of gruyere. Gruyere works best with pinot noir because the wine has berry undertones and gruyere is a bit more nutty. Like we all love berries and nuts mixed together, these two cheeses are a perfect pair . Another wine and cheese pairing that gives off the berries and nuts flavors are malbec and gouda.

Cabernet sauvignon and aged cheddar are also great wine and cheese pairing for a dinner party or even a romantic night in. Cabernet sauvignon is a dryer wine, which is why it’s great with aged cheddar a fattier, more bodied cheese. The flavor of the cheddar works well to give the cabernet sauvignon a bit more umph. Tempranillo and idiazabal are both a Spanish wine and a Spanish cheese, which is a great way to open your tastes buds for texture and flair.

Next time you go to your girlfriend’s charcuterie party, impress them with one of these couples!

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Aged Port And Blue Stilton

Why it works: is known for its full body, sweetness, and bold character. And when youre dealing with all that, you need a cheese to match: something stinky. The complex character of a pungent and salty Blue Stilton matches up beautifully with an older, sweeter Port. Remember: the sweeter the wine, the stinkier the cheese.

Also try: and Beenleigh Blue, and Torta del Casar, or and Roquefort.

Cabernet Sauvignon And Aged Or Sharp Cheddar

Cabernet Sauvignon is a diverse classic grape, prized for its full-bodied and rich flavors and lower tannins that make up its lighter-bodied versions. The most common aromatic components found in Cabernet Sauvignon include dark fruits like plums, cherries, blackberries, along with warm spices such as vanilla or licorice root.

Aged cheddars have a nutty taste, which becomes more pronounced as the cheese ages. Its texture can be crumbly and sharp to cut through even the hardest bread, yet sometimes it is almost buttery despite its salty bite.

Aged Cheddar can be a fabulous pairing with tannic wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon as it helps to balance the bitterness of these astringent, dry reds and their intense flavors are well-matched by one another in this way.

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Provence Ros And Havarti

Why it works: The crisp, red fruit you find in a is delicious but delicate, and the mellow flavor you find in a Havarti complements the wine gracefully without overpowering it. In addition to this, the steely minerality of a Provence Rosé is a great contrast to the smooth, soft texture of the cheese.

Also try: and Fontina, and Mozzarella, or and Ricotta.

Chardonnay: Chicken Under A Brick

An Introduction To Pairing Wine With Cheese | Virgin Wines

You might be surprised at just how versatile chicken under a brick is when it comes to wine pairingsthis simple Italian dish is well complemented by whites and lighter reds alike. One things for certain, though: You cant go wrong with a full-flavored California chardonnay, which is a classic match for poultry. Consider choosing one thats unoaked or lightly oaked, since oaky versions are better suited to rich, creamy chicken recipes.

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Moscato Cheese Pairing: A Gourmets Guide

Tagged With: Appetizers, cheese, Italy

Moscato is a complex but delicate fizzy white, rosé and sometimes red wine with a signature sweet taste, bursting fruit aromas and pleasant floral notes. A bottle of Moscato is a natural choice for appetizer pairings but, as you might have heard, it is most preferred alongside dessert or a plate of cheese.

  • Moscato dAsti and Cheese
  • Foodies know well that the key to pairing wine with food is balance. Since Moscato is a sweet wine, it goes well with foods that have the opposite flavor salty, bitter, spicy, and even sour. Thus, this wine is nicely paired with aromatic foods, cured meats, and soft, creamy cheeses goats cheese stands out as the best Moscato cheese pairing followed by burrata and mozzarella.

    Basic Wine And Cheese Pairings You Need To Know

    Its no secret: Americans love wine and cheese. Every bar, pub, winery, and restaurant seems to be adding charcuterie boards to their menus. The problem is, heading out every night to satiate your wine and cheese cravings can get expensive.

    With a few tips and tricks to perfect your palate, you can save some of your hard-earned cheddar by making a cheese board at home. So, whether youre throwing a party, looking for a fun date night appetizer, or preparing some finger food for book club, were here to outline five essential charcuterie best practices.

    Pro tip: Erie, Pennsylvania, is surrounded by thousands of acres of grape fields and is home to dozens of wineries. If youre looking for a comprehensive sampling of what this lakeside city has to offer, pick up tickets to the regions premier wine event, Wine on the Lake.

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    The Science Backing Wine And Cheese Pairing

    In a more transparent form, Pairing wine and cheese has been identified as a strictly nuanced art that dates back centuries. And what do modern scientists have to say concerning that? Its been confirmed! Two of the studies that have proven this are found below.

    Opponency of Astringent And Fat Sensations

    In the year 2012, a group of food scientists for the national institutes of health conducted a test to examine the concept of mouthfeel, and how it plays a vital role in helping people interpret food matching and Pairing. And the term mouthfeel is used to describe how food feels in the mouth.

    From scientists standpoint, its believed that food that relaxed in the opposite ends of the spectrum of the taste buds, often results into a pleasant taste, and yes results into a good Pairing in mind. And when experimented with wine and cheese, this is true!

    This study didnt leave behind palate cleansing. It works to see how it matches with food Pairing. Its experimented that astringent food paired with creamier food often result in a pleasant combination. This discovery has pointed to the real reason why wine and cheese have been matched for a very long time.

    Influence of Cheese on Wine Perception

    Barely two years ago, the year 2016, researchers in France examined that eating cheese while you have a glass of wine can enhance the experience you get from the wine itself. How was it done?

    Crisps & Tortilla Chips

    Wine and Cheese Pairing Ideas

    Were presuming theres a lot of salt and /or flavour going on in this bowl. Off-dry whites or slightly sweeter Prosecco styles are a very easy match for the salt. For jalapeno spice however, dial up the fruitiness and sweetness in the wine to foil it. Try a Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand or a light, bubbly red, slightly chilled such as a . dry Lambrusco. It will provide a really interesting, quirky match too.

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    Pairing Wine And Cheese: Why You Should Go Bordeaux

    Roquefort, or bleu cheese, can be polarizing because of its distinctive look and taste. However, its flavor is both mellowed and enhanced by sweet wine. Turn skeptics into believers by pairing Roquefort with a glass of Sauternes, the sweet wine of Bordeaux. Sauternes wines are known to have characteristics of stone fruits and honey, with a nutty finish. The high salt content of Roquefort cheese tempers the smooth sweetness of the Sauternes a combination that will both surprise and delight. If you can, score a half bottle of Haut Charmes Sauternes. An exceptional value, Haut Charmes shares precious real estate in the Ciron Valley with the most exclusive Sauternes in the world.

    Always a crowd-pleaser at any gathering, cheddar is an essential component of any cheese selection. Americans know their cheddar, but the French do, too. Pair cheddar, or any sharp, semi-hard cheese, with a dry white wine like a Bordeaux Blanc. Bordeaux Blanc wines are particularly crisp and refreshing, as they are comprised largely of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Pay a special nod to white wines from the Graves region, which are known for their bright acidity and minerality, which cuts right through the sharpness of a good cheddar. Raise eyebrows for $12 a bottle with a selection from Lafite the revered houses Reserve Speciale Blanc white wine is an excellent cheddar companion.

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    White Wines Pairing Guidelines

    Whites are generally considered a better company for a wide range of cheeses. Due to their natural qualities, white wines almost never can overpower cheese odor and taste, but complement them harmoniously.

    Chardonnay Wine Pairings

    Chardonnay is a dry white wine with rich creamy and nutty flavor, sometimes with apple or citrus hints. It is one of the most versatile wines and matches well both hard and soft cheeses, varying from Gruyere and Cheddar to Brie and Camembert.

    Muscat Wine Pairings

    Muscat is a sweet wine with lush fruitiness in its taste and a touch of honey. It pairs wonderfully with desserts and chocolate, fois gras and soufflés, as well as blue and cheddar cheeses.

    Pinot Grigio Wine Pairings

    This is an aromatic dry light white with a fruity bouquet of scents and an acid zest. Pinot Grigio food pairing is quite diverse, including Thai and Chinese dishes. It is ideal for soft cheeses with Mozzarella, Ricotta and Fontina among them.

    Riesling Wine Pairings

    Riesling is a noble classic light-bodied white wine. Its taste gets richer with age, revealing citrus, apricot and peach notes. The wine shines well with hard Gouda or Edam and soft Cotija or Mascarpone cheeses.

    Sauvignon Blanc Wine Pairings

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    Its time to start popping corks. Theres Champagne, of course, and lets seewhat else? What wine goes best with all those cheeses?

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