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What Are The Best Stemless Wine Glasses

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The 11 Best Wine Glasses For Ros

10 Best Stemless Wine Glasses 2019

While plenty of experts are ready to wax poetic about red or white wine, when it comes to rosé, few are half as eager to share strong feelings. Despite its rampant spring time popularity, rosé has made a name for itself as a playful wine, so many wine lovers dont feel the need to research a Pinot Noir rosé as much as they would a meaty, red wine from the same ancient vines.

But for the true fans who want to learn more about this interesting style of wine, we hear you! The unique style of wine deserves much more attention, and every diligent oenophile should take the time to research the best rosé glassware before diving in for a sip.

Much like the most popular orange wines rosé gets its color from skin contact. After its grapes whether red or white are juiced, the skins are added back to the wine and allowed to soak for no more than a few days. This lends color and tannin to the wine, but also keeps the liquid from turning any shade darker than a deep pink.

That said, because rosé exists in a category of its own, many search for the best wine glass for rosé in all the wrong places. Instead of trying to bend the same strengths out of your favorite red or white wine glass, its important to find the best rosé glassware you can trust for all your favorite springtime wines, without sacrificing tasting notes.

Bohimu Stemless Wine Glasses Set Of 2 Lead

Reviews forBOHIMU

Customer Reviews·Check Price History


  • Handblown & Handmade: Each Of The BohimuWineGlass Is Handmade And Mouth-Blown By Highly Experienced Glass Artisans, Making Each Glass A Unique Work Of Art.these Fancy, Unique And Personalized Modern wine Glasses 2-Piece WineSet Are Not Only Suitable For Your Own Use, But Also Especially Suitable For Sending Good Friends And Wives, Girlfriends, And Lovers.
  • The Heart Is A Symbol For Love Inspired By Love, We Designed This Love Heart Shaped WineGlass That Symbolizes I Love You. We Designed Two Heart Shapes On The Wine Glass, And We Believe That Double Hearts Can Overcome Anything. Let Us Never Be Separated, Whether It Is A Partner, A Couple, A Friend Or A Family Member.
  • Dishwasher Safe: These Fancy Wine Glasses For Women Are Dishwasher Safe Without Any Fear Of Damage Or Breakage. 1-Year Satisfaction Guarantee If They Are Damaged In Any Way Upon Arrival, We Will Send You A Replacement Set Free Of Charge.
  • Comfortable To Hold: Love Heart Indentations Comfortable To Hold And Allow Your Thumb And Fingers To Rest For Ultimate Comfort – StemlessWineGlass Serving As The Perfect Vessel For Your Wine Drinking Experience.
  • Best Gift Heart WineGlass Perfect Gift For The Loved Ones And Devoted Friends In Your Life. Ideal Girlfriend Gift, Birthday Gift, Mother Gift, Sister Gift, Bridesmaid Gift, Anniversary Gift For Wife, Mom, Grandma Sisters Daughter Girls And Girlfriend.

Best Budget: Bormioli Rocco Bodega Glasses

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Bormioli Rocco’s glassware offers great quality and smart design without breaking the bank. As a wine writer, Im frequently tasting different wines from all over the world, and while I appreciate fine stemware, I do find simplicity and affordability really refreshingand Im not alone. Florence Fabricant, a renowned food and wine writer, also appreciates these small Bormioli Rocco bodega glasses, which are a go-to for wine drinkers all over northern Spain, she says. The best part? The chip-resistant, 7.5-ounce wine glasses can be used for other purposes. Fabricant recommends serving dishes like panna cotta, condiments and ice cream in them. They also make for an excellent toasting vessel at any gathering, big or small.

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Best Universal Wine Glasses

Universal wine glasses, which have a bowl and opening that are not too big or small, are all-purpose chameleons that can be used with red, white, and rosé wines. They’re excellent options for wine drinkers who want to keep things simple.

Good Trouble Glass wine glasses have distinctive dipped stems and come with a free broken glass replacement policy. Sommelier Ronda Fraley said, I’m personally a big fan of shopping small and I can’t get enough of the stemware from Good Trouble Glass. They’re elegant, stylish, and made from hand-blown glass.

Schott Zwiesel Stemless Burgundy Wine Glass

JoyJolt Spirits Stemless Wine Glasses

When it comes to drinking Burgundy, your wine glass should have a large bowl with a narrower top, which directs the wine so you can better experience the flavor. Schott Zwiesels set of six glasses do just that, and are designed to be the perfect stemless Burgundy glass. Each is made of strong crystal that resists chipping, scratching and breakagethey can even be thrown in the dishwasher. The design itself also stands out, as the lines of the glass are very crisp and sharp, creating an almost geometric shape. You can drink any wine from them of coursebut youll find theyre best suited for Burgundy.


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Amazon Basics Stemless Wine Glasses

  • These elegant and simple wine glasses bring elegance to any table. Made from lead-free, soda ash glass for optimal presentation, the clean lines of the stemless design go great with either white or red wines as well as your favorite cocktail.
  • The perfect size at 15 ounces, these best stemless wine glasses are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and can be combined in a variety of ways for entertaining large parties without worrying about matching sets.

Godinger Wine Glasses Stemless Goblet Beverage Cups European Made

$ as of December 30, 2021 12:32 am


  • Exquisitely crafted in a centuries old czech republic crystal factory, these elegant stemless wine glasses will add class and brilliance to any table.
  • Timeless and sleek design will impress for years to come. Wide bowl is designed to allow your wine to aerate thereby releasing its full potential and aromas.
  • Lead free crystal glass. Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in Europe – Set of 4 – Capacity: 17oz
  • Since 1973 Godinger has specialized in handcrafted silver, crystal, stainless, and alternative metal giftware. From candlesticks, barware and bakeware to tea sets and frames, you are sure to find the perfect item for any occasion. Godinger products are available at all major retailers across the US and Canada.

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Best Everyday: Riedel Magnum Ouverture

Courtesy of Amazon

While there will always be discourse around what glass is perfect for whites and reds, Riedels everyday-ready glass makes a case for sipping everything out of the same glass. Its got a slender bowl and a thin lip that will showcase tannic reds, effervescent bubbles, fizzy beers, and bright whites equally well. The short stem gives it balance, but is long enough to allow enough room to aerate your wine.

Even though it is crafted from machine-made crystal, the glass feels delicate and elegant enough to upgrade your daily drinking routine .

The concept of buying varietal specific glasses is antiquated and can be quite overwhelming, notes Justin Wilson, the director of outlets at SAAM Lounge. Simply stated, life is simpler with a universal or all-purpose wine glass. A high quality stemmed universal wine glass will accommodate most, if not all, wines across the spectrum.

Its not the ideal glass for say, a Left Bank Bordeaux, but for a nightcap or a glass-with-dinner, Riedels Ouverture series is an excellent score.

Why You’ll Love Them: The Royal Stemless Wine Glasses Are Chic Affordable And Highly Durable Glasses That Can Be Used For Any Occasion

5 Best Stemless Wine Glasses Which is most accurate

Stemless wine glasses may not be for every occasion, but for a casual summer party or a simple dinner at home, these Royal Stemless Wine Glasses are perfect. These glasses have broad appeal because they are versatile, wide-bowled, and can hold 15 oz. of either white or red wine.

The Royal stemless glasses are made of high-quality, durable, shatter-resistant glass. Note that it is shatter-resistant, not shatterproof. Several reviewers on Amazon noted that the glasses did, indeed, break. A modern, ergonomic design provides a good fit for most hands and the flat bottom lends an extra layer of stability. While not as elegant as more upscale, stemmed glassware, these glasses are perfect for everyday or outdoor use. The set of four arrives in an attractive, black gift box.

These are Amazons best-selling wine glasses, and user reviews on Amazon are generally highly positive. Verified users enjoy the versatility, durability, cute look, and affordability of these glasses.

The shape is as close to perfect as I think is practical. I have used glasses from the thinnest lead crystal to generic heavy duty glasses used at wine tastings, and these, which fall somewhere in-between, are superb. I have medium-sized hands and these are perfect for swirling and aerating. I find them particularly good for pinot noir, merlot, and even heady intense Malbecs. The shape of the glass really intensifies the fruit aromas, wrote one reviewer in April 2016.

Cons: Somewhat thick

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Stem Vs Stemless Wine Glasses

Some people still think that to properly drink wine, you need to have a proper glass, with a stem and all. I have to say I still love a large wine goblet with a quality red wine, one that I can sink my nose into. But, these are not necessarily practical for everyday drinking. In the end, the debate between stemless wine glasses vs stem wine glasses really comes down to preference.

Stemless glasses tend to look more modern, contemporary, and stylish. They are shorter, which makes them more sturdy and more durable. They are less likely to fall over or break during washing. Some of them can even be stacked, so they are easier to store.

As for the complaints of the wine snobs out there, holding a stemless red wine glass in the palm can actually warm the wine to release the aromas and flavors. Of course, the opposite is true when drinking white wine. Read our recommendations on how to keep white wine chilled.

Why You’ll Love Them: The Riedel Veritas Cabernet/merlot Glasses Bring Out The Best Flavors In Red Wine

Riedel makes our guide once again with its Veritas Cabernet/Merlot Glasses. These elegant crystal glasses will feel good in your hand and bring out the bouquet in your red wine.

Composed of leaded-crystal, these 22-oz. glasses are machine blown and very delicate. Taller and lighter than the glasses in the Vinum collection, these dishwasher safe glasses arrive in an attractive gift box. You get two in a set: one for Cabernet and another for Merlot. These glasses may be more expensive than the others in our guide, but buyers and experts alike say they’re well worth the cost.

Buyer reviews on Amazon are extremely positive. These glasses are a dream. So light and beautiful and sparkly and classy, wrote one verified purchaser in May 2017.

Another reviewer praised the glasses, saying, While in Oregon at Bryn Mawr Winery we had the opportunity to taste one of their Pinot Noir wines in a standard wine glass and then in this style wine glass. There was a major difference in the “nose” and the taste. Bought a set for Christmas, used them twice so far. Very pleased. They are very eloquent and work very well, as expected. They are quite thin and delicate, so gentle care in using.”

Around the web, professional reviewers, including those at The Sweethome and Wine Spectator approve of the glasses’ light weight and beauty, as well as the flavor of the wine served in the glasses.

Pros: High-quality crystal, beautiful design, thin, clear

Cons: Sometimes too fragile, expensive

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Best For Champagne: Riedel O Stemless Champagne Glasses

Traditional stemmed Champagne flutes can tip over pretty easily, but these Riedel stemless Champagne glasses are elegant enough for toasts with much less of a chance of being knocked over. As one person puts it, “They still ‘clink’ just like stemmed flutes.” Customers really appreciate how stable and sturdy the glasses are and praise their narrow shape that’s “ideal for concentrating the delightful scents of a dry bubbly.” One thing to keep in mind is that the glasses might feel like they’re on the smaller side if you’re used to stemmed flutes, but a handful of shoppers say they’re still the perfect size for their drinks. “After receiving them and using them for several weeks now, they’ve become one of my favorite glasses for sparkling wine,” one wrote.

To buy: $31 for 2 at

Umi Umizili Stemless Wine Glasses

2x Epare Insulated Stemless Wine Glasses for $13.64
  • Wine gets a whole new meaning with UMIZILI stemless wine glasses. There is no need to invest in expensive wineries or wine bars when you have these at home! With a traditional, sleek, and high-quality design, your dinner parties will never be the same.
  • Great for casual events such as barbecues and picnics too! Forget about delicate hands getting overworked from twisting off stems or worrying about bottles tipping over by accident this sturdier glass is ideal for any occasion!

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Viski Copper Champagne Flutes Stemless Wine Glass Set

Reviews forViski

Customer Reviews·Check Price History


  • Stainless Steel With Copper Finish – Made From Sturdy Stainless Steel, These Metal Tumblers Are Covered In A Luxurious Copper Finish. Bring A Touch Of Modern Luxe To Your Home Decor With This Copper Sparkling WineGlass Set.
  • Set Of Stylish Copper Champagne Glasses – Stylish, Shatterproof, And Perfect For Wine And Cocktails, These Metal Champagne Flutes Make A Striking Statement. Add These Copper StemlessWine Glasses To Your Cocktail Glassware Collection.
  • The Perfect Summer Pool Party Accessory – Perfect For Poolside Lounging, These Copper Cups Are Sure To Be A Hit At Any Barbecue, Pool Party, Or Beach Trip. Unlike Crystal Wine Glasses, They Won’t Break On Your Patio Or Deck. Perfect For The Jacuzzi!
  • Professional Quality Barware And Glassware – Stunning Materials And Giftable Packaging Define Our Bar Tools And Glassware. We Vet Our Products With Our Professional Bartender Community To Make Sure They Look Beautiful And Work Perfectly.
  • Easy To Clean And Reuse – Just Wash These Metal Cups To Reuse Them All Summer. They Each Hold 8 Oz. Of Your Favorite Sparkling Wine Or Champagne Cocktail, And Are Perfect For Sparkling Ros, Effervescent White Wine, Cocktails, And Make A Great Gift.

Best For Red Wine: Riedel ‘o’ Stemless Wine Glasses

Courtesy of

“I love Riedel stemless wine glasses because they never knock over or break unexpectedly and are easy to cup in your hand,” says Bors. “This set is crystal and keeps cool for a while. I personally love sticking them in the freezer wrapped with a wet paper towel for 30 minutes before usingthen you can really enjoy the perfect glass of chilled wine on a hot summer night.” These glasses often come in a value set and though theyre pure crystal, the glasses are completely dishwasher safe .

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Luxu Stemless Wine Glasses

  • LUXU Stemless Wine Glasses are designed to enhance the flavor of your favorite wine. The sleek, modern design makes these stemless wine glasses handsome additions to any table or kitchen shelf.
  • These elegant wine tumblers are made of quality glass and have a comfortable form that resists accidental breakage. Theyre durable enough for big occasions yet light enough for everyday use-and theyre incredibly simple to clean!

Housewarming Gifts For New Home New Home New Adventure New Memories Funny Wine Glass For New Home House Owner Friends Couple Women Men Unique First Time House Owner Gift Ideas For Men And Women

10 Best Stemless Wine Glasses 2017
  • Creative inspirational gift for women men Our Mother Effing Homeowner stemless funny wine glass, which is a house warming presents for new home owner, first time homeowner, friends, girls friends, couple, mom, dad, sister, brother, daughter, son, coworker, neighbor, etc.
  • Multi-function wide range of applications This unique wine glass can be used on multiple occasions to drink white wine, red wine, cocktails, sparkling water, champagne, whiskey, beer, water, juice, milk, and other beverages you like. The perfect housewarming gift is the best gift for a new homeowner.
  • Very suitable gift and safe packaging It is very suitable for giving to others as gifts on important holidays such as Christmas, friends move to a new house, new house party. Not only that, each piece of glass is wrapped in a high-quality bubble bag and individually packaged in a carton.
  • High-quality material and design The printing of this stemless wine glass is made with high-quality glass ink, fired at 1200 degrees Celsius, and will not fade and lose luster during use. The difference is that the bottom of this cup adopts a widening and thickening design to enhance the stability of the cup body. Reduce the possibility of chipping.
  • Cleaning recommendations The glass wine glasses can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but we recommend that you use a cup brush or wash them by hand in a better way.

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Stemless Wine Glasses: Prices

Inexpensive: You can find a pair or foursome of plastic or standard glass stemless options for under $20, though these may not specifically complement aromas and flavors.

Mid-range: Most stemless glass sets cost between $15 and $30. Youll find a variety of options when it comes to material, type, and number.

Expensive: For over $30, youll find sets that feature crystal glass from trusted names in glassware. These glasses are specifically designed for certain types of wine.

For those concerned about fingerprints on glass, some stemless options feature slight indentations toward the middle of the glass that you can easily grip without fear of unsightly blemishes.

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