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Must Have For Wine Lovers

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Bring Chilled Wine Anywhere

Must-Have Products for Wine Lovers | GH

Theres nothing like going on a picnic to the park with your significant other or going to a party with friends and bringing a bottle of wine to share. However, by the time you get there, its probably not cold anymore. Solve this common problem for everyone you know who drinks wine by giving them a portable wine cooler! This custom cooler is vacuum-insulated and ensures that their wine stays just as cold as it was in the fridge by the time they actually get it out to serve at the park or their friends house.

Best Specialty Club: Cellar 503

A wine club membership is an excellent gift for any wine aficionado. Cellar 503, a club entirely dedicated to wines from Oregon, is a special way to send bottles to your loved ones doorstep, showcasing a singular wine destination and supporting small businesses in the process. Wine writer and educator Jaclyn Misch shares what makes this particular club so special: “Most people know that Oregon is known for its excellent Pinot Noir, but a wine club subscription from Cellar 503 allows consumers to take a deeper dive into this region and all it has to offer, she says. Each monthly selection includes very detailed tasting notes, along with a full sheet of information on the Oregon growing region and wineries highlighted.”

For those interested in deep dives of singular wine destinations, Rioja is a fascinating region to explore and embark on a wine-fueled journey in Spain. Ana Fabiano, a Rioja expert and historian, penned “The Wine Region of Rioja” for this exact purpose, and her stories span the regions top winemakers, indigenous grapes, local recipes, and more. Send this along with a few bottles of Rioja for a thoughtful, interactive gift.

The Og Bordeaux: Claret

The birth of Rosé

The original style of red Bordeaux was a very light colored red wine. Its first record of production is from the 1300s. The word Claret meant clear, indicating that the wine could be seen through. Even though the red wines of Bordeaux became deeper and darker with time, the name stuck. Now in Bordeaux, you can find some rosé wine is labeled as Clairet. Also, there are a few classic American producers using the claret name on Cabernet-Merlot blends.

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Peter Michael Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville Au Paradis 2012

Price:$210 and up

This small Napa vineyard was largely off the radar until it won Wine Spectator’s“top wine of 2015” with this Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s likely a hard wine to find these days and you may have to pay a premium for it, but the oenophile on your list will do backflips when you hand them the bottle.

Wine Cooler And Aerator


Not only is Corkcicle Air a perfect gift for wine lovers, but also a wonderful tool for your arsenal. The innovative device keeps the wine chilled and aerated, and comes with an intelligent pour-through feature for easy serving. Simply freeze the Corkcicle Air and place it in the bottle. The wine makes its way through the open cork, unpacking its flavors as it flows into your glass.

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A Wine Holderfor Their Shower

Urban Outfitters

For the person who loves to sip on a glass of wine in the bathtub, this little caddy is the ultimate gift. It suction cups to the wall of your shower, and not only does it have a built-in wine glass holder but its also a Bluetooth speaker. The cute device will play music from your phone, and it even has a built-in microphone so you can make calls with it.

Best Vacation Destinations For Wine Lovers

Every area of the world serves wine, but there are some places that are known for their wine. If you are a wine lover, then these are the destinations you should have on your travel list. Perhaps not all of them are in reach, but, hopefully, we can provide some inspiration to help you pick out your next travel destination.

Napa Valley, California

This area has all the hallmarks of a good travel destinationguided tours, great places to eat , and lovely accommodations. It is made for visitors and it caters in particular to wine lovers.

There are wine tasting tours and historic wineries to visit. There are tons to see and experience in the Napa Valley, including a traveling restaurant on a locomotive. If you travel in almost any direction from the valley, youll be greeted by fine dining, lovely hotels, and even more wineries.

Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

A little south of the US border sits the internationally renowned Valle de Guadalupe. It boasts over a hundred different wineries and a couple of signature varieties of wine you cannot find anywhere else.

The easiest way to get there from anywhere in the world is to fly into San Diego and travel by car, a short distance of 90 miles. But the best cruises from California can take you within driving distance.

The warm climate here is perfect for growing grapes similar to what is grown in southern Europe. The fine dining in this region is also noteworthy, with an emphasis on locally sourced fresh produce, meats, and dairy.

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Adventures On The Wine Route By Kermit Lynch

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Wine importer Kermit Lynch, revered for his incredible palate and trusted portfolio of French wines, is the tour guide in this fascinating peek behind the vineyard scene in France. Lynchs easygoing conversational style takes readers throughout the wine regions of France as he searches for compelling new wines to add to his portfolio. Lynchs adventures also entail encounters with a curious cast of French winemakers. This guide is the perfect read for the unpretentious but curious wine loveror anyone traveling through France.

Perks To This Membership

Unique and Fun Holiday MUST HAVE Gifts For Wine Lovers


Forget most beer-of-the-month clubs. They’re a crapshoot that often results in disappointing product. Tavour is an anti-club. Members order only the beers they want from the company’s catalog, which is loaded with some really well-done regional beers that may not be available in your area. Buy one beer or 300 pounds’ worth , it’s up to you. And no matter how much you purchase, the shipping is just $14.90. A Tavour gift card is an ideal choice for the discerning beer drinker.

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Worlds First Oak Bottle

An ideal present for wine collectors, The Oak Bottle promises to transform any average red into a glorious vintage in just 2 hours. This means that you dont just buy them an interesting wine accessory, you buy them time.

Handcrafted from high-quality American white oak, this revolutionary aging vessel adds a sophisticated flavor to any drink, be it wine, beer, or whiskey.

Wineovation Electric Gun Wine Opener

While some opt for the classic-looking wine openers, there are those whose creativity is really out of this world.

This gun wine opener is the best gift you can give for a wine lover and a gun or shooting enthusiast. Its a smart crafted tool that does not only function in opening up wine bottles, but it sure looks fun.

Dont get fooled, though. While it does look like a toy, it can open up 30 bottles before it needs recharging. Just pull the trigger until the wine opener turns off. You dont even need to remove the cork as the gun wine opener gets it all the way done.

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Wine Wings Reusable Bottle Protector Sleeve


If you have wine and will travel, then you need bags that can protect your luggage. And by luggage, we mean the wine you bought while on vacation. The Wine Wings Reusable Bottle Protector Sleeve is made with durable bubble wrap and has a protective outer layer of plastic to keep wine secure. A no-leak, triple-sealed closure with ziplock and Velcro ensures that even in the case of breakage, the liquid stays inside the bag. Best of all, the bags can be reused, which means no more sad wine-waves goodbye when visiting a winery. For the constant traveler, this is one of the best gifts for wine lovers.

Lilys Home Wine Holder

11 Must

The Chain Wine Bottle Holder is one of the most eye-catching vino accessories weve ever seen! Magic forces collude with this nickel-plated iron chain to create a quite astounding illusion because your bottle appears to be floating in the twisted chains vice-like grip. An ideal gift for wine aficionados, lovers of unusual ornaments and refined heavy metal fans , the Chain Wine Bottle Holder is destined to become one of the most talked about items in your home.

The Lasso Wine Bottle Holder is crafted from chromed iron metal and then covered with the rope however, unlike the chain version, this one has a dangly bit of rope that hangs off the end to make it even more magic. Suitable for all standard wine bottles, the Floating Lasso Wine Bottle Holder is guaranteed to cause a stir at any dinner party and will be a huge talking point. It makes the perfect gift for the fun-loving vino connoisseur and looks cool in any kitchen or dining room.

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Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

Wine is delicious on its own. But what makes it even better? The fruity notes of wine can further be enhanced when you use an aerator.

The Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer has a large aerating chamber and air intake system which uses the Bernoulli Effect. Plus, it is equipped with a rubber stopper that will prevent a leak-free seal.

Best Design: Monopol Westmark Germany Cork Puller


You can’t go wrong with a stylish wine bottle opener, according to Matt Crafton, winemaker at Chateau Montelena in Calistoga, Calif. “I like things that work and look good at the same time, he says about his Monopol Westmark Germany cork puller. The concept and execution are simple, but it’s a beautiful and functional product that is a must-have for any wine lover, he adds, noting that this particular model is great for opening older bottles or tough corks. To use this opener, simply place the longer prong in the space between the cork and the bottleneck, pushing until the shorter side goes in. Begin to rock it gently until both prongs are in, then twist and pull to remove the cork.

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Here’s How Store Pickup Works:

When you add your item to cart, select the store pickup option and choose the store at which you’ll pick up your order.

We will notify you by email when the order is ready for pickup. You may opt in to text notifications as well during checkout.

Remember to bring Photo ID and your Order Number. Face coverings are required for in-store pickup.

Best Budget: Sipski Wine Glass Holder

Amazon MUST-HAVE Gifts For Wine Lovers: Unique and Fun Holiday Ideas


Baths with wine can be a complicated affair: the few surfaces available tend to be slippery, and dealing with a spilled or broken glass is the last thing one needs when trying to relax. Sipski has a budget-friendly solution in the form of a wine glass holder, designed to attach to a bathroom wall . They’re also available in a variety of colors and can accommodate a wide range of glass styles, including stemless.

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The Best Way To Give A Bottle Of Wine

So, youve got a really nice bottle of wine to give someone, but you dont want to just hand them the bottle and thats their gift. Why dont you give it in this gorgeous personalized wine gift box? With a custom engraved lid and all of the tools they need to open and enjoy the wine, this is one of the best wine gift sets ever! Sure, its simple, but it will mean way more to them that you took the time to pick out a nice gift box and even come up with the text engraved on the lid than if you just gave them a bottle with a bow around it.

International Series Wine Club Gift

International Series wine club membership is another wonderful opportunity for any wine enthusiast to try new artisan wines from all over the world.

Along with new wines, members also get wine credits, tasting invitations, and access to a range of wine experts who can answer any wine-related questions.

Budget Wine Gifts

A simple but brilliant wine gadget, wine stoppers allow you to store and pour already opened wines, without having to recork them.

Recorking bottles comes with a whole host of problems. With a wine stopper and pourer, you can attach the gadget to the top, and pour without worrying about letting the wine sit.

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For Curious Wine Drinkers: Books

Passionate winos are just as interested in the intellectual aspects of winemaking as they are in the taste. It’s a subject matter where you discover, the more you know, the more you actually dont know. Thats why wine books make the perfect gift: Whether its for a novice, someone curious about the latest wine trend, or a seasoned wine professional studying for the master sommelier exam, these books will help them on their journeys.

Ming Pair Of Oil And Vinegar Bottles

Wine Lover

These classic looking wine glasses are actually turned upside down and used as oil and vinegar cruets. Deconstructing familiar items in order to redefine their use is what designer tsu.R enjoys most.

P.S.:Which one of these gifts would you want for yourself?

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The Most Luxurious Way To Chill Wine

How gorgeous is this ? You will never have to worry about remembering to put the bottle of Moscato in the fridge a few hours before dinner thanks to this beautiful wine accessory. You can keep the entire chiller in the freezer at all times so that it can instantly chill your white wine whenever you feel like a bottle! Even when youre not using it, this lovely marble chiller is a great decoration for your dining room or home bar because its perfect for holding a bottle of wine or your wine tools.

Classic Wine Gift Set

No matter what occasion or who youre shopping for, one thing is for certainthis incredible stemmed wine glass set is one of the best wine gift sets you can get! With its custom engraved glasses, engraved gift box, and even a matching acrylic stopper, this amazing set has it all. This set is the ultimate gift for a wine lover because everyone who drinks wine needs everything in this set and each piece is sure to be enjoyed many times for years to come. The classic pair of wine glasses makes this set an ideal wedding, anniversary, or even a housewarming present!

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An Incredibly Sleek Dual

Crate & Barrel

Wine is best enjoyed at the perfect temperature, which just so happens to be different for red and white varieties. Luckily, this sleek countertop wine fridge has two compartments with individual temperature controls, allowing reds and whites to be stored separately. It can hold up to 12 standard-sized wine bottles, and the tinted double doors give you a peek at the varietals waiting inside.

Cordless Electric Wine Opener

This Outdoor Wine Table Is A Summer Must Have House Beautiful

Unscrewing corks can be a tricky business. We all have those moments where, no matter how hard we try, the cork just doesnt come out smoothly.

An electric wine opener does away with difficult bottles, making unscrewing the cork a seamless two-button process.

Its a must-have wine accessory for any wine lover with expensive, corked bottles.

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Cool Wine Gadgets Accessories And Gifts For Wine Lovers

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Eager to find stylish and exciting wine gadgets and gifts for wine lovers in time for birthdays, celebrations, or the holidays? Youve come to the right place!

From novelty accessories to unique memberships that open your eyes and tastes to a world of artisan wines, there are so many great wine-themed gifts on the market today.

Some are functional. Some are decorative. And some are just utterly fantastic. And all of them will bring a smile to the face to any self-confessed wine lover.

Prepare yourself plenty of oohs, aahs, and giggles, as we take a look at 40 of the coolest wine gadgets, accessories, and gifts for wine lovers money can buy.

A wine aerator is a must-have gadget for any wine lover. This ingenious device allows for a richer, more luxurious drinking experience.

With just the touch of a button, you can enjoy a more flavorful wine that tastes delicious and lasts much longer.

Luxe Wine Charms With Colorful Gems

One Kings Lane

Wine charms are ideal for anyone who regularly hosts parties, as they allow everyone to keep track of their drink. These gem wine charms are sure to earn compliments, as each one features a brightly colored glass stone with an enamel halo. The charms come in a pack of six, and theyre mounted on gold rings that can be popped onto the stem of a wine glass.

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