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Who Ships Wine To Alabama

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What States Can You Not Ship To

Central Alabama vineyards happy wine shipping bill passes

Unfortunately, we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes or the following states:;AK, DE, HI, IA, MA, MO, ND, NE, NH, NM, PA, RI, SD, UT, VT

Alabama orders must be shipped to any ABC store. Please include ABC store address as the;shipping;address on your order.;

Mississippi orders must be shipped to a participating liquor store. Please include the liquor store address as the shipping address on your order.

How To Ship Wine Through The Mail

With the holidays fast approaching, many people aged 21 and older;are getting ready to put down their kale smoothies and pick up the;bottle of vino. Thats right between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve, drinking season is upon us. Since its also a time of gift-giving, many more will try;to navigate the labyrinth of rules that govern how to;ship wine through the mail.

For a country built by booze-loving colonials who in large part believed, Alcohol could cure the sick, strengthen the weak, enliven the aged, and generally make the world a better place, we Americans sure do make it complicated to ship wine to one another.

If you are ready to take up the challenge, heres what you need to know.

Shipping Wine With Ups

UPS®;Wine Program

UPS provides wine shipping services for approved customers who are licensed to ship wine. Select the links below to learn more about our program.

Permissible Shipments

All wine shippers must enter into a UPS Agreement for Approved Wine Shippers.

If youre interested in becoming an approved wine shipper, schedule a free, 15-minute consultation with a UPS expert. Book a session today.

All wine shippers must provide any required state licenses to UPS. State license must be submitted to

Important Updates

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There Are A Few Zip Code Restrictions

Local laws prevent us from shipping to certain zip codes that are considered “dry zip codes” in Alaska, Florida, Idaho and New Hampshire. We do ship to most of the zip codes in these states, but our system will tell you if the zip code you enter is one that is excluded by law at the time the order is placed, after the shipping address and zip code is entered.

Join The Firstleaf Wine Club And Never Run Out Of Wine

Shipping Wine To Alabama #LowCostWineGlasses Code ...

As a new member of the Firstleaf wine club, you receive your introductory 6-bottle order for $39.95 with free shipping. Thats about $6.66 a bottle! You will need to create an account and take a palate quiz to help Firstleaf determine the best wine picks for you.

Although your introductory order is typically chosen specifically for your quiz responses, due to COVID-19, you will receive a pre-selected 6-bottle mix.

After your first order, you will automatically be enrolled in the Firstleaf wine club and receive 6-bottle cases for $79.98 plus $9.95 shipping every one, two, or three months based on your frequency preference. Thats $14.99 a bottle.

If for any reason youre unhappy with the club, you can cancel your account at any time with no minimum commitments or cancellation fees.

Firstleaf does not ship to AK, AL, HI, KY, MS, RI, and UT.

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What If I’m Not Home When My Shipping Order Arrives

Upon delivery, our delivery partners will ask to see the receivers ID to ensure they are 21 or older. The receiver will also be required to sign for the order. If you are unable to be home, we will make two additional attempts to deliver your order, and then it will be held at the shippers distribution center.

New Customers Receive Six Months Of Free Shipping With Splash Wines

Register for a free basic account with Splash Wines and receive a complimentary six months of free shipping, including your first order.

Once the six months are up you can:

  • Continue to order online and pay $4.95 shipping per case .
  • Become a Wino for $29.95 per year and get free shipping on all orders for 12 months.
  • Become a Founder for a one-time payment of $150, which will give you free shipping forever.
  • To keep pricing low, Splash Wines typically ships in 15-bottle cases, although you can find a few offers that vary in quantity. Their team is willing to help customize your case size.

    Splash Wines ships to all states except AK, AR, HI, KY, MS, and UT. Certain zip codes in Alabama are serviceable. They also dont ship to Canada.

    Note: Due to coronavirus, Splash Wines will continue to service all regular shipping states; however, there may be fulfillment delays. Orders are currently shipping out within 7 10 business days depending on your order date.

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    What Are The Different Shipping Methods

    The available options for shipping are: Overnight, 2-Day Air and Ground. In most cases we are shipping within the ship to state, which allows Ground shipping orders to deliver in one to two business days. Overnight and 2-Day Air delivers Monday-Friday only. Ground service includes delivery through Saturday.

    How To Ship Wine: General Overview


    First of all, the;most important thing to keep in mind is that its illegal for one individual to ship any amount of wine to another person through the mail in the United States, regardless of where you live or whether you try the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx.

    That doesnt mean you cant send wine to someone but you cant just stuff it in a box and slap a few stamps on it. Unless youre willing to take a big risk and break the law, to ship;wine you need to buy it from a company whos;certified to deliver it. The good news is, plenty of companies are licensed to ship wine to most states.;

    Depending on the quantity youre sending and where its going, there could be additional hurdles to overcome. For instance, if you want to send wine to a friend in Oklahoma, youre out of luck: The Sooner State doesnt allow it, and you might be looking at a felony if you get caught trying.

    While the law is mostly the same in Delaware, theres one important loophole: If youre a resident of Delaware and youre visiting a winery in a different state, you can send yourself back a few bottles.;

    The strictest laws, by far, are found in Utah, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky, and Delaware. Pay particularly close attention to the rules if youre sending wine to those states.;An updated master list of all the state law nuances can be found by searching the alcohol statutes over at The National Conference of State Legislatures website.;

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    We Are Moving Alabama With The Times: Gov Kay Ivey Signs Direct Wine Shipment Bill

    Winemakers will soon be able to ship wine directly to consumers in Alabama.

    Starting August 1, winemakers will be allowed to ship their wines directly to consumers in Alabama.

    Gov. Kay Ivey on Thursday signed H.B. 437 into law. The act will allow wine manufacturers to apply for a direct shipper license from the Alabama ABC Board to ship their products directly to customers in Alabama who are at least 21-years-old.

    The law applies to both Alabama winemakers and vintners outside of the state.

    Under H.B. 437, wine manufacturers who wish to apply for a direct shipper license must file an application with the ABC Board, pay an application fee of $200, and provide valid copies of both their state wine manufacturer license and federal basic wine manufacturing permit. Wine manufacturers licensed to ship in Alabama may only deliver to permanent street addresses.

    The measure also requires both shippers and carriers who deliver the wine to complete training to verify the proper forms of identification. All shipments have to be signed for with I.D. that proves recipients are 21 years or older.

    Under existing state law, winemakers may ship orders of wine to patrons in Alabama, but the wineries may only send the shipments to state-run facilities or ABC stores for pick up.

    Rep. Terri Collins sponsored H.B. 437. The Decatur representative has worked for years to pass legislation loosening restrictions on wine shipments in the state.


    Heres How Alabamas New Wine And Liquor Delivery Laws Will Work

    The Alabama Legislature on Thursday gave its final approval to legislation that would allow wineries anywhere in the country to ship limited quantities of wine directly to Alabama consumers. The bill, HB437, will become law if signed by Gov. Kay Ivey.

    This follows a bill, SB126, passed earlier by the Legislature and signed into law by the governor that will allow ABC Board-licensed businesses in the state to deliver wine, beer and spirits to customers homes.

    In addition, numerous other bills were introduced in this session of the Legislature and are in various stages of the legislative process with their fates undetermined. This session, the ABC Board has tracked 39 bills dealing with alcoholic beverages or affecting some aspect of our regulatory functions. We have not experienced as high a volume of bills in my 10-year tenure as administrator of the ABC Board.

    With such a barrage of bills, both passed and pending, its easy to be confused, especially by various versions of legislation dealing with seemingly related topics.

    Let me try to clarify things a bit regarding the two bills that have perhaps generated the most confusion home delivery of beer, wine and spirits and direct shipment of wine .

    While these bills might sound similar, they are vastly different.

    While the measure allows the delivery of beer, wine and spirits, it sets limits on the amounts that can be sold to a customer in any one day.

    ABCs Regulatory Function

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    Shop Curated Wines At Martha Stewart Wine Co

    Of course, Martha has a wine company with a wine club. Good news, you dont have to join the to order from Marthas curated selection of wines.

    Order one to five bottles and pay $14.95; get free shipping on orders of six or more bottles.

    If you are interested in joining one of Marthas clubs, you have two options:

  • Half-case Wine Club six bottles every six weeks for $87.99 plus tax. Shipping is free. The breakdown is $14.67 a bottle.
  • Case Wine Club 12 bottles of wine every eight weeks for $159.98 plus tax. Shipping is free. Your cost is $13.33 a bottle.
  • You may cancel your club membership at any time by calling 212-8197.

    Delivery is available to all states except AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, MS, RI, SD, and UT.

    Where Do We Ship

    Shipping Wine To Alabama #RedWineGlasses

    We ship wine to most states, though there are still some states that prohibit retailers from shipping wine in their state. We operate multiple warehouses around the country to comply with state laws. To determine if ships to your state, use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to select your state. This will ensure you see correct inventory and pricing for your area. If we cannot ship to your state, you will see that on the red bar at the top of the page alerting you that your state prohibits delivery of wine from out-of-state retailers. We do, however, ship our non-wine items to all 50 states, including non-wine gift baskets, accessories and glassware.

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    Bill Allowing Shipment Of Wine To Alabama Residents Dies In Senate

    After a lengthy April public hearing and on a 6-4 vote, the Senate Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Development Committee approved a substitute version of legislation to create a new;Alcoholic Beverage Control Board license allowing the shipment of wine directly to Alabama consumers. The full Senate never considered SB329 by;Sen. Bill Holtzclaw, R-Madison.

    Under the bill, a currently licensed wine producer, supplier, importer, wholesaler, distributor or retailer could have obtained a wine direct;shipper license in;order to send;limited quantities of wine directly to Alabama residents for their personal use.

    Those with a;wine direct shipper license would have been able to ship;up to 24 cases of wine annually to a 21-year-old or older Alabama resident;for that residents personal use and not for resale. A case was;defined as nine liters or less of wine. The license would have been $100;with a $50 annual renewal.

    Each calendar year, wine direct shippers outside of Alabama would have been required to report the total amount of wine shipped into Alabama during the year to the ABC board and the amount of taxes collected to the Revenue Department.

    During the public hearing, alcohol, wine and beer distributors as well as a group against any expansion of alcohol sales spoke against the bill, while an Alabama winery owner, an Alabama vineyard owner hoping to open an Alabama winery and lobbyists representing California wineries spoke in favor of the bill.

    Why Must I Select A State Before Shopping

    We ship from multiple warehouses due to state laws, so PRICES AND SELECTION MAY VARY depending on which state you ship to PLEASE start shopping on by first using the state drop-down menu to select the state where you want your items delivered. Once you choose your desired delivery state, our site will adjust the selection we offer to ensure you are only shown items that we can legally ship to that state. CHANGING STATES FROM YOUR CART MAY CHANGE YOUR ORDER! To avoid this unfortunate experience, it is best practice to empty your cart and select your state before you shop!

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    Alabama Opens Up To Winery Dtc

    Alabamas governor signed a winery direct-to-consumer shipping bill into law on May 13, 2021, making Alabama the 47th state to allow winery DTC. The bill will become effective on August 2, 2021 and will allow wineries to ship up to 12 cases annually. Wineries wishing to ship DTC to Alabama consumers will need to obtain a direct wine shipper license for $200, renewable annually for $150, and pay all applicable Alabama sales and excise taxes. The new law allows the use of wine fulfillment centers for DTC shipments, provided the fulfillment center also obtains a license. Fulfillment center licensees must obtain a separate license for each facility they use to ship DTC into Alabama for an annual fee of $500 for the first location and $100 for each additional fulfillment center. Wineries, fulfillment centers, and common carriers involved in DTC to Alabama must each file a quarterly report providing certain details of those operations. HB437 also expanded wine franchise law protection throughout the state, which is perhaps less reason for celebration by wineries.

    Tennessee Amends DTC Law to License Fulfillment Houses

    … and So Does Kansas


    If youd like more information about these laws or about DTC generally, contact any of the attorneys at Strike Kerr & Johns.

    Alcohol.Law is published for general informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice.

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    Ship To A Ups Access Point Location

    Tio Pepe/A Glass of Sherry

    Approved wine shippers may use the Ship to a UPS Access Point® location service in conjunction with Adult Signature Required for consumers who prefer to pick up shipments from UPS Access Point locations.

    To ship wine to a UPS Access Point location:

    • Shippers must use a UPS Locator tool and the “Accepts Restricted Articles” filter to select an approved destination UPS Access Point location
    • Shippers must also use approved UPS Access Point “Contains Alcohol Beverage Adult Signature Required” labels for wine shipments sent to UPS Access Point locations
    • Wine shipments can be redirected to UPS Access Point locations with the ability to accept restricted goods

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    Virgin Wines Offers A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee On Its Wines

    Sir Richard Branson has quite a selection of wines you may enjoy. At Virgin Wines, every bottle has a money-back guarantee! You dont like a wine? Ask for a refund.

    Virgin Wines also offers a wine club subscription, which you dont have to join to grab a few bottles.

    In case you decide to join, heres the scoop:

  • The Virgin Wines Club 12 bottles shipped to you every three months for $149.99 plus $19.99 shipping. Thats $14.76 a bottle.
  • Virgin Wines VIP Club 12 boutique wines every three months for $219.99 plus $19.99 shipping. Thats $20 a bottle. Also 20% off future club cases and other exclusive offers.
  • All shoppers can get free shipping with Virgin Wines Unlimited. For $89 a year you will receive free shipping on every order of 12 or more bottles for an entire year.

    You can cancel at any time by calling 426-0336.

    Delivery is available for most states with the exception of AK, AL, AR, DE, HI, KY, MS, RI, UT. Indiana has a limited delivery area. You can expect a delivery attempt between 7 18 days after your order ships.

    How To Ship Alcohol Internationally

    Importing and exporting alcohol across country borders presents even more challenges. Youll now need to meet state, city, and country laws, as well as be familiar with exporting and importing laws.

    Youll need to ensure that the distributor sending the shipment has the correct permits or the US government can seize your shipment. Youll also need to be aware of taxes and duties for international beer, spirit, and wine imports.

    We recommend not managing international alcohol shipping yourself instead, work with reliable third-party retailers and compliance companies to ship beer, liquor, and wine orders.

    Stay on top of the latest alcohol trends and regulations

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    Alabama Becomes 47th State To Open For Direct

    Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed legislation , based on Wine Institutes;model direct shipping bill, on May 13, 2021. This makes Alabama the 47th state to allow winery direct-to-consumer shipping. Wine Institute thanks Representative;Terri Collins for sponsoring the bill and Governor Ivey for signing it.;H.B. 437 becomes effective on August 1, 2021.

    Under the new law, wineries that obtain a DTC license will be allowed to ship up to 12 cases annually per consumer during a twelve-month period. There is an initial application fee of $200 with subsequent renewals costing $150 per year. Direct shippers will be required to file quarterly reports and collect and remit all state and local sales or use taxes and excise taxes. Wine Institute worked with industry members to negotiate compromise language that will allow DTC licensees to utilize the services of a fulfillment house that has obtained a license from the ABC Board for DTC.

    The information contained on this site is a result of a partnership between Wine Institute and Avalara.
    Please Note:;This information is intended for;winegrower licensees;only. All information on;;is provided as an informational aid and is not legal advice. Data may be out-of-date or incomplete. Please consult a lawyer before taking any action.

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