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How To Remove Wine Stains From Cotton

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Wine Stains Are No More

How to remove wine stains

Red wine stain removal is no fun, but with these steps and a bit of elbow grease, you should find yourself stain-free.

Now get back out there and pick up some more delicious wine. Just make sure to follow proper red wine storage temperature. Maybe even pick up a brand-new aerator and let us teach you how to aerate wine to get the best possible taste out of your wine.

How To Clean Wine Stains On Stainless Steel

To clean stains on stainless-steel surfaces, start with a towel soaked in vinegar. Wipe with the damp towel, rinse, and wipe dry. If stain remains, gently rub the stain with a paste of baking soda and mild clear dish soap. When scrubbing stainless steel, be sure to go with the grain to prevent damage to the surface. Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Soda Water Or Carbonated Water

Simple wine spills can be handled effectively by using carbonated water or soda water. Soda water is friendly to the fabric of your upholstery and is generally mild on the upholstery. Use a spray bottle to spray carbonated water on the red wine stain on the couch. Let the soda water seeps and settle in completely and saturates the red wine stain. Use a wet cloth to blot and tap the stain with soda water. Repeat this process for hard and stubborn red wine stain removal from the couch as well

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How To Remove Red Wine Stains From Clothes Carpets And Furniture

A little bit of wine makes you shine, but it can also make you whine if you spill it on something. With the holidays coming, nows the time to hone your skills for removing these stubborn stains from clothes, upholstery and carpet. To help you out, we invited cleaning pros to share their favorite ways to tackle this common problem. Read on and youll impress family and friends with your stain-busting know-how.

How To Get Wine Stains Out Of Towels

3 Ways to Remove Dry Red Wine Stains from Cotton

We’ve all been there. In a split second, you watch as a top-heavy wine glass begins to wobble. Then, the contents splash onto the nearest surface. If you’re lucky, it pools on a table or a hard floor where you can easily wipe it up. Or, maybe it spills onto the carpet or some upholstery. Before you have time to think, you grab the nearest towel and soak up what you can of this notoriously hard-to-clean substance before it sets.

The good news is, you acted fast and cleaned up the spill. That’s what towels are for. In the end, you’d probably rather replace a towel than a carpet. Don’t throw in the towel quite yet, though! You should be able to get that stain out with the right cleaning supplies and methods.

Whether you’re a thrifty shopper looking to remove a stain after a dinner party fiasco, or a restaurant or bar owner who cleans up wine spills all the time, you can get your towels looking fresh again. Learn how to clean wine stains out of towels and other fabrics with this guide.

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How To Remove Red Wine Stains From Clothing

Red wine stains are notoriously difficult to remove. The pigments of the red wine soak into fibers and begin to set almost right away. That is why it is important to act quickly and treat the stain immediately, whether it’s on clothing or carpet. There are some first steps you can take to help achieve a successful outcome, and then five different treatments to try if there are still signs of red.

Hard Working Diy Solutions

3. Dishwashing Liquid &Hydrogen Peroxide

I use a mixture of 3 parts HP to 1 part dishsoap. It got an entire glass of red wine out of a pair of green cotton pants and a white cotton shirt even after they sat for a whole week. The trick is to pour the solution on and let it sit for a little while and continue adding solution until the stain magically disappears. No need to rub or scrub, just wait. Nikkicole

Mixing HP and liquid dish soap is perhaps the most popular and trusted DIY solution I found. While the proportions vary from 1 to 1 to 3 to 1 , this seems to combine the lifting effect and an agent that effectively breaks up the red color in the wine. Many of the product stain removers build on this.

4. Bicarb Soda& Vinegar

Absorb as much of the spill as possible with paper towels. Sprinkle a little bicarb soda. Stain will change from red to pale grey. Dont use too much though. Wring out a cloth in white vinegar, wipe, leave to dry and vacuum. It worked! Never ever use soda water or salt! AussieBarb

5. Hot Water Through The Fabric

This last hot water solution was the most surprising to me, but makes total sense and is really nice for tablecloths, clothing and anything sturdy that you can put over a bowl. Tablecloths are usually the ones that get stained the most, so this would be my first go to next time.

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Red Wine Stain Removal On Clothes

Read Clothing labels. Fibers with different chemical composition behave differently when stained and when treated with stain removal agents. Clothing labels give fiber content , care instructions and warnings . Knowing this information helps you make better judgments about red wine stain removal procedures.

Synthetic fibers tend to be moisture resistant and repel water-based stains, making red wine stain removal easier. Natural fibers like cotton, silk and wool absorb water and swell when they come in contact with water-based stains or treatments.

Water-based stains like wine will be absorbed more deeply by natural fibers , but the degree to which the stain bonds to the fibers varies greatly. Thats because cotton is a plant fiber and is made of cellulose, while silk and wool are animal fibers made of protein.

Alaina Digiacomo/rdcombest Wine Stain Removers

Remove Dry Red Wine Stains from Cotton

Whether you entertain often or just enjoy a glass of red wine every now and then, youll want to keep one of these pro stain removers in your cabinet. They may be your best defense against stubborn stains.

Next, bookmark this guide on how to remove chocolate stainsits a must-read for chocolate lovers!

17 Cleaning Tricks for Hard-to-Clean Household Objects

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Does Vinegar Remove Wine Stains


Cleaning Vinegar, which is 20% more acidic than food vinegar, is effective in removing wine stains from carpet. After blotting up as much wine as possible, make a paste of 2 tablespoons white distilled vinegar and 1/4 cup salt or baking soda. Rub mixture into the carpet stain and let it dry.

How To Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpet

Let’s start with the big one: carpet. Whether you have a thin, cotton rug or a full 1970s shag carpet, wine stains are no laughing matter. You don’t want to be stuck with a deep red tannin stain on a beige carpet. Luckily, there are a few simple solutions that can be used to handle the worst of stains.

  • Grab your kettle. Unlike dry heat, hot water poured onto a stain has a great effect. The water may spread the stain a small amount but will pull the stain toward the surface, allowing you to dab it away.
  • Get salty. Surprisingly, you can use common table salt for stain removal. Just sprinkle salt onto the stain and then dab off. Acting like a sponge, the salt will pull the wine away with it.
  • The old standby. Club soda is the cure to many things, nausea, dry mouth, and wine stains. Instead of boiling water pour on some club soda, dab and repeat until clean.
  • There are a few special notes for rugs and carpets, though. First, cleaning a rug will always be easier than a carpet, thanks to its mobility. Drag that rug into a shower or outdoor space and save yourself the trouble of additional cleaning. Second, material is key when looking for chemical-based cleaning products to use for tackling red wine stains on carpets and rugs.

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    Dishwashing Liquid And Hydrogen Peroxide

    This do-it-yourself stain-removing combination is often successful. The proportions can vary from a ratio of 1-to-1 to a ratio of 3-to-1 , but the process is basically the same. Combine the twoDawn brand of dishwashing soap is recommendedand test it on an inconspicuous area as hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent. If all goes well, pour the mixture onto the stain and let sit, checking every once in a while to see if the stain has disappeared; if it has not, add more mixture until it does. Once the red wine is gone, wash the garment immediately. ;

    The $0 Trick To Make Any Bottle Of Wine Taste *way* Better

    3 Ways to Remove Dry Red Wine Stains from Cotton

    Soon after, our plates of jerk chicken, plantains, rice, and beans arrived before us. Just as I finished my first bite, a friend of a friend reached for her own bottle and in the span of a second, collided with my bottle of wine, which knocked over my cup of wine, both of which drenched my food and my outfit. For a moment, I was speechless and distraught by my sudden trifecta of loss. Gone were my wine, my food, and my jeans.

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    A Good Glass Of Merlot Is One Of The Greatest Pleasures In Lifeuntil It Ends Up On Your Light

    Theres nothing more nerve-wracking than sitting on a white couch or mingling at a crowded party with a glass of red wine in your hand. Red wine spills may be inevitable, but red wine stains arent. So dont panic. Heres what you need to know to get red wine stains out of everything from your clothes to your countertopsbecause knowing how to remove stains is a total game-changer.

    Red Wine Stain Removal Tips

    No matter what youve spilled your Cabernet or Shiraz on, experts say you should follow these three basic rules for getting a handle on wine stains:

  • Act fast! As soon as the wine hits your couch, carpet, or khakis, it begins to spread outward and downward into the fabric or upholstery. Thats why your best chance of getting a red wine stain out completely is to attack it when its fresh, says Donna Smallin Kuper, certified house cleaning technician and author of Clear the Clutter, Find Happiness.
  • Dont scrub. Rubbing and scrubbing can push the wine deeper into the fabric or upholstery and actually cause it to spread. Blot gently instead.
  • Grab the salt shaker. Liquids like wine will move toward something dry and powdery like salt, baking soda, or baby powder, note the La Crema wine pros. Apply liberally and let it sit for a couple of minutes, then blot it away and treat whats left of the stain.
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    Commercial Wine Stain Removers That Really Work

    Meg Roberts, president of Molly Maid, recommends Wine Away, which works on many types of stains. Because it contains only fruit and vegetable extracts, its also non-toxic.

    In addition to Wine Away, its number one choice, Good Housekeeping Institute found Wine B Gone and Gonzo Wine Out especially effective on fabric and carpets. TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager is a fan of Chateau Spill, a biodegradable, chlorine free stain spray.

    How To Remove Red Wine Stains With Bleach

    How to Remove Stains from a White Cotton Shirt

    Keep in mind that bleach is a powerful chemical that must be used very carefully to avoid damaging a garment. Therefore, apply this product only to garments that are completely white and that are not delicate. If you wonder how to remove red wine stains from already washed clothes, we advise you to try bleach, since it can act as a last resort option. Follow these instructions:

  • In a pot full of water, dilute 5% bleach .
  • Soak the piece for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Rinse the garment twice, the first with just water and the second with detergent.
  • Rinse the garment well to remove any bleach residue.
  • You may also be interested in our article about whitening clothes without bleach.

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    What To Do About Red Wine Stains

    There are many different methods one can use to address a red wine stain on fabricif your preferred approach isn’t mentioned here, please don’t take it as a rebuke!but when it comes to table linens, specifically, there are two offbeat ways to handle red wine stains that are especially effective.

    Remember this first one when you dribble a bit of red wine and catch it straightaway: Table salt will act as a desiccant when poured onto a fresh red wine spill; use a liberal amount and make an anthill-style heap in the spot where the wine has spilled. As the salt sits atop the wine, it will soak it up, pulling it out of the tablecloth. Then, brush the salt away and treat any residual staining with diluted dish soap or liquid laundry detergent, or a stain treatment product like Spray ‘n Wash or Shout.

    If you don’t catch stains as they happen you’ll want to treat a food- or wine-stained tablecloth using a hands off approach, by soaking it for several hourseven overnightin a stain-eliminating solution. For this operation, either oxygen bleach, such as OxiClean or Clorox OxiMagic, or a powdered dishwasher detergent like Cascade are aces.

    Why Is Red Wine So Hard To Remove

    Red wine might be one of the most stubborn stains of all. Even;grease stains feel easy to clean;by comparison. While some assume it’s because of the color, that’s not exactly the case. Artificial reds, like those found in juice or soft drinks, come out much more readily than red wine. That’s because wine gets its color naturally from chromogens, which produce vibrant red colors in plants.

    Chromogens are in many red dyes. Red wine also contains tannins, another ingredient in ink production. So while many red-colored stains lift relatively easily, red wine is essentially dyeing your towel. Since we usually use them for permanent coloration,;dyes are challenging to remove;from fabric. And just like your favorite red shirt doesn’t turn white in the wash, a wine-stained towel is tough to clean.

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    How To Remove A Red Wine Stain From Carpet

    Carpet fibers can be either natural or synthetic. The major synthetic yarns are nylon, olefin, acrylic and polyester. Wool is the natural fiber used in carpet. Cotton and other natural fibers are widely used in rugs. Nylon is the most common carpet material in the United States.

    Nylon was designed to be a synthetic substitute for silk. It has a chemical structure similar to silk, so wine stains can bind to its fibers. The other synthetics like polyester and acrylic are not only moisture resistant, but wine stains cant bind to their fibers. So, to remove wine stains from nylon and wool carpeting use the instructions for silk and wool above. The wet spotter should be adequate for red wine stain removal on polyester and acrylic carpets.

    Make sure to thoroughly rinse any soapy residue from carpets. Soapy residue tends to attract dirt and will eventually create another stain.

    Note: Before trying a homemade stain remover on your carpeting, you should also consider whether its an old or new carpet. A new carpet may still be under warranty and using a homemade stain remover may void it. If your carpet is new, look for products with the Carpet and Rug Institutes Seal of Approval like Tech Stain Remover that may not void your warranty.

    How To Get Rid Of Wine From Clothes

    3 Ways to Remove Dry Red Wine Stains from Cotton

    Youre relishing a glass of your favorite wine, and then the unexpected happens: You spill the content of your favorite wine glass on your treasured shirt. Just your luck that youre drinking red wine instead of a glass of white burgundy wine. Well, you dont need to worry about it. When you act quickly, you can easily get rid of the wine stains from your clothes. The trick is to wash your cloth before the stains settle deeply into the fabric. Here are the best ways to tackle wine stain problem and save your favorite clothes.

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    Can Red Wine Come Out Of Clothes

    Old red wine stains need a good long soak in cold water to have a chance of removal. Start by rubbing liquid laundry detergent or dish soap on the stained area. Next, put the clothing in a bowl or bucket of cold water to soak for 30 minutes. Apply a stain remover and wash the piece of clothing on a normal cycle.

    How To Remove A Red Wine Stain From Jeans

    This article was co-authored by Safir Ali. Safir Ali is the Co-Founder and CEO of Hamper Dry Cleaning and Laundry, a startup in Houston, Texas reinventing the laundry industry. With over six years of experience launching and operating Hamper, Safir specializes in innovative ways to simplify dry cleaning using the experience from his family’s business. Safir holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Management from Texas A&M University. Hamper offers 24/7 on-demand dry cleaning and laundry through delivery and kiosk services. Hamper has been featured on the Houston Rockets, Station Houston, the Houston Business Journal, BBVA, Yahoo Finance, and Innovation Map. This article has been viewed 114,352 times.

    Red wine is notorious for causing very noticeable stains, but dont toss your jeans away just because you spilled some on them. If the spill just happened, there are a couple quick things you can do to prevent the wine from spreading and causing larger stains. Then, once you have a chance to clean them, there are a number of household liquids that can partially or even totally remove the stain. If the stain proves to be too stubborn for these, there are still a few other methods you can use to deal with tougher stains.

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