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How To Remove A Wine Label

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How To Get Labels Off Wine Bottles

How to Remove Wine Bottle Labels : Wine Topics

Removing wine labels is not a terribly difficult task. Many home winemakers soak and scrub them off to reuse the bottles. But sometimes, you get a particularly fun or beautiful label, and you think it might be nice to cut out part of the design for your scrapbook, use it for a collage you’re working on, or even frame it. You’re in luck! The oven method of removal is free, and it works quite well on most newer wine labels.

WARNING: This method is not intended for antique or valuable labels. For old bottles and expensive/valuable vintages, use a professional wine label remover to ensure completely damage-free and perfect preservation.

I chose this pretty but cheap red wine bottle to test out the process.

Christy K.

Natural & Easy Label Removal Ideas

If you are like us, you always are looking to repurpose and recycle everyday objects. From DIY anniversary decorations to easy spray-painted crafts, wine bottles fit this bill. But what is the easiest way to get the wine label off? Here is a simple baking soda method to help you easily remove those labels and stickers.

You can try any method on any sticker residue. However, just make to test whatever method you are using on a hidden spot first.

If you want to save the wine label, then you may want to check out this article on how to preserve wine labels and also look into wine label removal sheets. While I do like a good wine, I dont need to save the labels.

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Diy: Removing Wine Bottle Labels

Were sharing an easy tutorial on how to remove wine bottle labels, so you can get creative with your bottle DIY project!

Craft projects are a great way to reuse wine corks and bottles. Maybe youve been saving empty bottles from your favorite wines, but need to get the adhesive labels off before you can reuse them. Removing the label from a wine bottle is one of the first steps to starting a DIY wine craft project. Here is an easy way to do it!

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Why Remove The Label From A Wine Bottle

Wine enthusiasts and scrapbookers may want to remove a wine label to save it in a wine journal or scrapbook. Private-label winemakers remove labels for the purpose of re-use – they remove commercial labels from the bottle before adhering to their own. Last, artisans and crafters often use wine bottles or wine labels for crafts such as wine bottle glassware , wine tile coasters , or framed wine labels as wall or desk art .

How Do You Remove Wine Labels

How to remove the label and adhesive from a wine bottle ...


Correspondingly, how do you remove wine labels without damaging them?

Easy Ways of Removing Wine Labels

  • Use Wine Label Remover Sheets. Wine label remover sheets are used to gently remove the wine label from the bottle without destroying the label itself.
  • Soak Wine Bottles in Hot Water and Detergent.
  • Remove Wine Labels by Using Hot Water.
  • Steam Off the Label.
  • Use a Razor Blade.
  • Keep a Digital Scrapbook.
  • how do you remove labels from liquor bottles? Immerse a water-filled wine bottle in the bucket for 30 minutes . Use gloves when removing the wine label. Wash the bottle under cold water to remove any residue. Results: Ammonia is one of the most effective means of removing labelsuse enough ammonia and the label will just dissolve.

    In this regard, how do you remove wine labels with vinegar?

    Soak a paper towel or cotton ball in regular old vinegar. Rub the sticky leftover papery mess thatâs on your wine bottle where your label used to be with the vinegar soaked paper towel/cotton ball. Voila! A few SECONDS and itâs gone!

    What is the easiest way to remove labels from plastic bottles?

    Submerge the plastic in a container of cooking oil for 12 to 24 hours. Canola, vegetable, and other oils will soak into the sticker and loosen the adhesive. This will make it easier to remove later. You can try the method again if it doesnât work the first time and then gently peel the sticker off with a razor blade.

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    Use Wine Label Remover Sheets

    Wine label remover sheets are used to gently remove the wine label from the bottle without destroying the label itself. These label remover sheets are similar to wide sheets of tape. They serve to both safely remove the label and to preserve it by laminating it. To use them:

  • Remove the backing to the adhesive.
  • Place the adhesive side over the wine label, covering it completely.
  • Press on the label, smoothing out any bubbles, so it adheres to the label.
  • Peel, and the label will come off with the sheet.
  • What Should I Consider Before Removing A Wine Bottle Label

    First, remember to keep the bottle you want to remove the label from! Far too often, a wine bottle disappears from the table or from the party before one thinks to save the label. Once the bottle disappears, the only option remaining is to send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the winery or restaurant and ask if they have an extra label from that vintage. Explain that you did not keep your bottle and that you want the label for your wine journal.

    Next, determine if you are able to take the bottle home with you or if you must remove the label there at the event. Not being able to take the wine bottle home will significantly reduce your options for removing a wine label. Your only options then are the Lift-Off Method and the kindly ask your server or sommelier if they can remove the label for you approach!

    Once you have the bottle home, youll need to assess the label and the associated adhesive. Determining which item you wish to keep – the label or the bottle – will dictate the method of removal you use.

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    Keeping The Label Intact

  • 1Place a wine label removal sticker over the label. Peel the back of the sticker off and place the sticky side over the label. If your label is very large, use 2 stickers to completely cover the label.XResearch source
  • Purchase a wine label removal sticker from a winery or online.
  • 2Rub the sticker onto the label until all the bubbles are gone. Use your thumb to firmly press the sticker down onto the label. Push your thumb from 1 end of the sticker all the way to the other end. This helps to push out all of the trapped air.XResearch source
  • Ensure that your fingers are clean so that they dont leave smudges on the laminate surface.
  • 3Leave the label on the bottle for 24 hours. This gives time for the adhesive on the sticker to firmly adhere to the wine bottle label. Keep the wine bottle in a safe place where it wont be knocked over.XResearch source
  • 4Use a razor to peel off the first 1 cm and then pull the sticker up. Slide a razor underneath the sticker and label to loosen them from the bottle. Pull the laminated edges of the sticker up to remove the rest of the label. The sticker will stick to the label, giving it a laminated finish. This helps to keep the label in good condition.XResearch source
  • If the sticker is unable to pull up the label, use the razor to help pry the label away from the bottle.
  • Remove Wine Labels By Using Hot Water

    Removing & Saving Wine Labels

    A different way to use hot water to remove your wine label is to fill the empty wine bottle with hot water and wait for the heat to loosen the adhesive. This will take longer than soaking your wine bottle in a sink full of hot water, but you won’t have to worry about the label puckering or becoming discolored, which can sometimes happen when soaking the outside entire bottle.

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    Baking Soda And Water

    Directions: Three bottles, 16 tablespoons of baking soda and 32 cups of water, soak for 30 minutes.

    Results: After 30 minutes, the bucket had two full labels floating on the topa very good sign. One bottle required a peel of the main label, which came off cleanlyand another bottle was good to go with a simple wipe of the rag. The third bottle, however, proved more difficult. Although the top label floated away during the soak, the main label required fingernail peeling and steel wool .

    Score: 8 out of 10

    How The Sob Method Will Make Art Out Of The Labels You Want To Keep

    The Thirsty Bastards SOB Method will allow you to remove labels quickly, without damage, and using minimal tools you likely already have so you can save the labels that are precious to you. SOB stands for Soak or Bake and you need to figure out which is right for your label.

    The steps for this technique are extremely simple:

  • Determine what kind of adhesive was used on your label
  • Use the appropriate method for removing your label Soak or Bake?
  • Transfer your removed label to its new home
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    How Do You Remove Wine Labels With Vinegar

    Removing wine labels with vinegar works only to remove persistent adhesive off the wine bottle but does not preserve the label.

    After removing the label efficiently, you can rub some vinegar on the bottle to remove any residue, including adhesive and paper, from the bottle.

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    How To Remove Wine Bottle Labels With Ease

    How to Remove Wine Bottle Labels with Ease

    Whether it is to keep a fragment of reminiscence of the 1960s Sauvignon that you spent an excessive amount of money on, or whether you would like to use and reuse the bottle, removing wine bottle labels can be a precarious job. Its an arduous task to some while gratuitous to others, but at the end of the day, is a rather meticulous job a valuable skill, if you must.

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    Using Vinegar And Baking Powder

  • 1Fill your sink with 3 inches of near boiling water. Fill your kettle with water and then remove it from the heat once it shows signs of small bubbles forming. Alternatively, heat a saucepan of water on the stovetop and wait for tiny bubbles to appear in the bottom of the pan. Put the plug in your sink and then pour in the hot water.
  • Dont let the water boil, as the heat can cause the glass to shatter.
  • Ensure that the sink is clean before you fill it with water.
  • 2Add hot tap water into each bottle and place it in the sink. Run the water from your tap as hot as it can go, and then fill up each wine bottle. Fill each bottle right to the top and then gently place it into the hot water in the sink. Ensure that the labels are fully submerged in the water.
  • Hold the bottles with an oven mitt so that you dont burn yourself.
  • Dont put the lid on the bottles.
  • 3Add baking powder, dish soap, and white vinegar into the sink. Measure ½ cup of baking powder, 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and 2 cups of white vinegar into the sink. The ingredients will react together and the water will begin to fizz.
  • If you dont have white vinegar, use malt vinegar instead.
  • 4Leave the bottles to soak in the sink for 1 hour. Over time, the reaction between the water, baking powder, dishwashing liquid, and vinegar will help to loosen the adhesive from the bottles and will make the labels easier to remove.
  • If you have difficulty lifting the label off, try pulling it up from a different corner.
  • Two: How To Get That Label Off

    Baking Sticky Labels Off

    Tools: Oven, oven mitt, thick towel , razor blade, card stock

    The concept here is simple the glue on your label is sticky and applying heat to the label will make it weaker. It wont fall right off, but you will greatly improve your chances of getting it off intact. These labels are often referred to as peel and stick or simply sticker labels.

    Some people will tell you that using a hair dryer is just as good as the oven. Personally, I only have two arms, so I recommend the oven.

    Pro Tip:

  • Preheat your oven to 350
  • Place the bottle in the middle of the center rack of the oven, label side up
  • Bake the bottle for 5 minutes. No more. Some labels will start to melt if you leave them in longer.
  • Put the oven mitt on your non-dominant hand
  • Carefully remove the bottle from the oven, holding it by the neck
  • Rest the bottom of the bottle on your work surface
  • Starting at the same edge as your dominant hand , use the razor to get underneath the edge of the label. It should slide right under like butter.
  • Hold the razor at as acute an angle as possible. That is, if you imagine the surface being flat, hold it nearly flat against it. 10-15 degree angle.
  • Lift the entire edge away, using only the razor. It might be tempting to get your fingers under and pull. This will add creases to your label.
  • Work across the entire label in this way, loosening it vertically before moving horizontally.
  • Mount the label on the card stock
  • Pro Tip:

    Soaking Dry Labels Off


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    Wine Label Removal: A Sticky Situation

    Written by Jennifer Jordan Filed Under: Wine Buying |

    Removing the label from a bottle of wine may seem like an every day occurrence surely people everywhere have their reasons for scraping fingernails against a square of paper. Perhaps some people remove the label to make a wine collage. Perhaps some people remove one to fill up an empty space in their scrapbook. Perhaps some people even remove it to compose a ransom note entirely out of wine tags. But, most likely, people simply remove wine labels so they can collect them. Whether these labels are taken off to collect memorabilia or taken off to collect ransoms, one things stands in between the label and the bottle: adhesive. Yes, this substance can leave you in a bit of a sticky situation.

    Removing a wine label may seem easy enough you simply peel and pull. But, that peeling and pulling can often lead to ripping and tearing, something that ruins the quality of the label and defeats the purpose of preserving it. Instead, taking some time to learn that removing whats outside is almost as much of an art form as drinking whats inside can be the difference between a label worth keeping and one worth throwing in the trash. Below are few of the ways to not label yourself frustrated when trying to tug off the tag.

    Pros: Relatively simply to do, time saving, and leaves your wine label with a laminated look as a plastic film covers it.

    Why Remove Wine Bottle Labels

    how to remove wine bottle labels

    A bottle of wine may hold memories of a celebration or an unforgettable experience, so some people remove the wine labels to include them in theircollection, journal, or scrapbook. On the other hand, private-label winemakers take out wine bottle labels to replace the original with the one they made.

    Meanwhile, crafters and artisans remove wine labels to re-use the label or the bottle for their arts and crafts. Examples of these projects are framed wine labels, wine bottle lights, wine tile coasters, and wine bottle glassware.

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    The Label Removal Solution Test

    I pitted the three most popular solutions against each other as well as plain old hot water. I set a camera up for time-lapse capturing and a four-minute delay between shots.

    I picked bottles from New Glarus Brewing based on the following criteria:

  • They passed the dry vs sticky test, making them good candidates for using the Soak method.
  • The feel of the labels is very papery. The texture is matte, there isnt a ton of ink on the labels, and they feel, for lack of a better term, raw.
  • Id already tried removing New Glarus labels using the adhesive label saver with mixed results. I thought that perhaps the matte, papery quality of the labels might adhere better to the laminate, but this was not the case.
  • Removing them with a razor alone was nearly impossible.
  • I chose four vessels with enough volume to both hold the bottle and the solution AND display them nicely for a time-lapse. The bottle allowed for 12 ounces of water, so all solutions were scaled down to an appropriate ratio.

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    Baking Soda And Water Soak

    1. Fill the sink with warm water.

    2. Add 5-10 tablespoons to the mixture in the sink.

    3. Place the wine bottle in the sink .

    4. Soak for 30 minutes

    5. Pull label or scrape the label off.

    6. Use a green ruff sponge, old plastic credit card, or steel wool if any areas are stubborn. Here you can see that we used an old coupon card to help scrape off the sticker residue.

    7. Optional: Resoak the wine bottle in the sink for an extra 5 minutes to help get the extra gunk off and wipe it with a towel.

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    Removing Labels From Glass: The Easiest & Cheapest Way To Get Sticky Labels Off Your Glass Jars And Wine Bottles With No Residue Left Behind

    Old wine bottles and glass jars can be used for SO many different craft projects. The possibilities are endless. Take an empty pickle jar and turn it into a fairy lantern or make an adorable set of pumpkins from wine bottles. But youre probably thinking that removing the labels from the empty glass containers is just too much headache.

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