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How To Make Homemade Wine Labels

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How to Make Personalized Wine Bottle Label | Easy DIY Wine Labels

If you’re labeling white wine, you may want to consider any of our waterproof label materials. Since white wine is typically placed in a refrigerator, cooler, or ice bucket, your label will need to stand up to cold and wet conditions.

If you’re labeling red wine, you don’t necessarily need to limit your options. Shop our full line of label materials including metallic labels.

Read our material selection tips for an in-depth analysis of our material types.

Measure Thelabel Area On Your Wine Bottle With Care

There can be big differences in wine bottle shapes and sizes,so it really does pay to measure your surface area precisely. Bear in mind thatlabels cannot go on a surface that is tapered they can only go on the cylindricalarea below the shoulder of a bottle.

Some wine bottles have high and rounded shoulders, whileothers are sloping.

If youre recycling wine bottles for home brewing, its bestto use bottles that are more or less the same shape. And if your bottlesalready have labels on them, check what size labels have already been used onthe bottle.

A standard 75cl wine bottle with a high shoulder, forexample, will typically have a circumference of 23 cm and straight sides around15cm high where the label can go. For a sloping shoulder wine bottle, thecircumference is likely to be 27cm or more with a smaller area below theshoulders of 10cm or less.

Sparkling wine and champagne bottles are made from thickerglass due to the pressure inside. These bottles can measure over 30cm around thewidest part, and can have as little as 6cm in height below the slopingshoulders for your labels.

TIP: To measureyour wine bottles accurately, always use a piece of string or tailors tape measurefor the rounded surface.

Preparing Supplies And Ingredients

  • 1Gather supplies. In addition to the wine ingredients, you’ll need a few basic supplies to ensure that your wine can age without being affected by bugs or bacteria. Home winemaking shouldn’t be expensive, so it’s not necessary to splurge on special equipment. You will need the following supplies:
  • A 2 gallon crock or glass jar (you can often find these at vintage or secondhand stores, however, be advised that many used crocks may have been used for sauerkraut or pickles and could contaminate your wine.
  • A 1 gallon carboy
  • An airlock
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    How To Make Wine Bottle Labels

    Checkout our large range of

    So here are the key steps you need to take, whether yourelabelling wine bottles for sale or for gifts, to help ensure your bottle labelswill impress your customers, friends, family or guests.

    This information is not just for those making their own winefrom grapes and other fruits. Theres a growing trend for printing personalisedbottle labels to go on pre-bought wine to mark big celebrations, such a weddingreception or anniversary party.

    Three Crafts To Make With Wine Labels

    Make Your Own Holiday Wine Labels, Because its ...

    Sometimes a wine leaves such an impression on you that you want to remember that wine forever. While there are lots of ways to keep track of the wines youve drunk, from mobile scanning apps to good old fashioned wine journals, sometimes its fun to take an artistic approach. Doing something crafty with the label of that oh-so-memorable bottle is one of the best ways to remember a great wine.

    The first step to doing something crafty with a wine label is getting the darned thing off the bottle! The two most popular methods for removing wine labels are the soak method and the oven method. The soak method involves first filling the bottle up with hot water, and then submerging the bottle into a warm soapy bath for an hour. While Martha Stewart swears by the soak method, when weve tried it, weve found that the labels often just dont peel off. Also, its rare, but soaking them for that long of a time can damage the more delicate labels.


    Now that youve gotten the label off the bottle, here are some great things you can do with it:

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    Making Wine Like A Pro

  • 1Learn the tricks that lead to successful wine-making. People have been making wine for thousands of years, and they’ve learned a few tricks along the way. Keep the following in mind as you make your own wine for the first time:
  • Use very clean equipment to prevent bacteria from spoiling your wine.
  • Keep your first ferment covered but allow for ventilation.
  • Keep the secondary fermentation air-free.
  • Keep all bottles full, to minimize oxygen in the bottle.
  • Keep red wines in dark bottles so they don’t lose their appearance.
  • Make wines too dry instead of too sweet: you can add sugar later.
  • Taste the wine at intervals to make sure the process is going well.
  • 2Know what to avoid with home wine-making. Avoiding these common pitfalls can help ensure your success. Do not:
  • Sell your wine, since this is illegal.
  • Let vinegar flies come in contact with your wine.
  • Use metal vessels.
  • Use tools or containers made out of resinous wood, as they can spoil the wine’s flavor.
  • Try to speed up fermentation by turning up the temperature.
  • Filter without a reason or too soon.
  • Store your wine in unsterilized jars or bottles.
  • Bottle your wine before it has finished fermenting.
  • How To Make Your Own Wine Label From Scratch Online

    < < < This post is written for the consumer who is looking to make a wine label online for either their home-made wine or for a special event like a birthday, wedding or shower.> > >

    Making a good looking custom wine label is easy even if you dont have any artistic training. Well show you how to start with a blank canvas and end up with an amazing wine label by using text, color and clip art shapes available in our online design studio. The examples are taken from customers orders to illustrate how real people made their own wine labels.

    But first, what makes a good wine label?

  • Simple Design. The label design should be clean, not cluttered. Multiple images in different sizes, and text covering every square inch of label leaves the viewers eye nowhere to rest. You want to capture the viewers attention, not slap them in the face.
  • Pleasing Color Combinations. The colors should be pleasing to the eye, be complementary or coordinated and have enough contrast to make your text and images stand out. Complementary Colors are opposite from each other on the color wheel. The standard complementary colors are red and green, blue and orange, or yellow and violet.
  • Dissecting How to Make a Wine Label in the Design Online Studio

    Lets take a look at how the customer made this wine label from scratch.

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    What Information Goes On A Wine Bottle Label

    As a home winemaker, you dont have to worry about conforming to all the strict rules regarding wine bottle labels that are in place for commercial winemaking. However, creating wine labels that will allow you to easily identify your wine in your cellar is highly recommended.

    Simply writing a Cab for Cabernet Sauvignon or P for peach on the top of the cork or side of the bottle with a grease pencil isnt going to cut it. The information that goes on the wine label is going to become more important as you start producing more styles and vintages.

    Designing and creating a wine bottle label system that helps identify exactly whats in the bottle and that looks stylish and professional if youre gifting it for a friend or family member will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

    You can as much or as little information on the wine bottle label as youd like. You can make the wine bottle label as simple or as complex as youd like. This is because it is your wine. You are the winemaker and are not bound by strict wine bottle label laws.

    Each country has different laws in regards to what information must go on the wine label, however, most of them have basic similarities that you can apply to your own wine label. If youre looking to design a wine bottles label thats similar to those from commercial wines, youll need a few standard pieces of information.

    • Vintage: What year were the grapes or other fruits picked?

    Unique Inside And Out

    How to make custom wine labels with MS Word

    Printing your own wine labels is a great way to make your wine bottle as unique as your homemade vintage. It is also a good way to save money on labels when you are making small batches of wine and mead. Another bonus is that many of these labels are customizable so you can change the printed information and graphics easily. Why not try some of these labels on your next batch of wine? You’ll save money and have a great looking bottle of wine, too!

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    Choose Theright Size Label

    Making sure your labels fit correctly is really importantand a key part of making your labels look professional. The last thing you wantto do is re-create and re-order your wine labels.

    At Avery WePrint, theres a wide range of label sizes to fitwine bottles which you can use in either orientation:portrait or landscape .

    First, decide if you are going to be using one label or two one on the front to sell the wine and say what it is, and one on the backfor more detailed information.

    For standard bottles with high shoulders, wine bottle labelsare usually used in the portrait orientation. A typical rectangle label size for this typeof bottle would be 75mm x 110mm.

    Easily Customize & Order Your Wine Labels Online

    To personalize your wine bottles simply choose one of our free templates or upload your own artwork to customize your labels. Then you can print your wine labels yourself using Avery blank labels, or you can have them custom printed by Avery WePrint.

    Once you place your order, we will professionally print your wine bottle labels and ship them in as few as 3 business days. And if you order your wine labels now, youâll get free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

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    Create Your Bottle Labels Template Digitally

  • Before you can start designing on your computer, conceptualize your design first. Think about what kind of label youd like to make. Consider the style, the colors, and any other design elements youre planning to use.
  • List down all your ideas so you dont forget any of them when youre ready to start designing. If you find yourself stuck, you can check out some designs online for inspiration.
  • Make use of your preferred design software to create your label. You can use any software youre comfortable with to craft your wine bottle label. If you know how to make a label digitally, go ahead and create one. But if not, you can watch some online tutorials for designing wine labels on the computer. When you create the label on computer software, you have more options. It allows you to incorporate some photos and fun graphics.
  • Purchase some label sheets. You can find these sheets in craft stores and bookstores too. They come in different sizes and colors and you can easily use them on your printer.
  • When youre done with the design, print out your labels. Load the sheets into your printer and print out a sample first to check the alignment. Then you can start printing the final labels. Set them aside to dry completely before you handle them.
  • After sticking the labels, seal them to make them waterproof. You can purchase sealants from craft stores. Follow the directions for use and also, take note of the curing time.
  • Free Printable Wine Labels Online

    Homemade wine bottle labels for our wedding!

    Check out these free printable wine labels that will have you covered for almost any occasion, from every day to the holidays. The templates below work with Avery wine labels 15516, 5126, 8126 and may work with other brand labels. Click the images for the printable PDFs. If you need help downloading the labels, check out some helpful tips.

    Graphics in the free templates cannot be changed. However, you’re free to edit the text to suit your needs. If you don’t have enough text to fill a spot, simply delete the example text. The space will print blank.

    Try grapes for any occasion:

    Add a decorative touch:

    Try a simple, sophisticated label:

    Cupids and hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day:

    For the holidays, try a festive label:

    Labels in neutral tones are perfect anytime:

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    Making Your Diy Wine Labels

  • Determine the size of your label. I didnt want to deal with the hassle of soaking my 750 mL wine bottle and then peeling away layers of adhesive, so I picked a 4×6 label size . It was larger than my existing label and worked in either portrait or landscape orientation. The body of my rosé bottles was pear-shaped, so I went with a 2 ½ x 3 ¾ size labels . You can’t even tell there’s a label behind the new one.
  • Purchase your Avery label.
  • Create your design in the program of your choosing. Save it as a JPG or PNG for best results.
  • Create a basic Avery account or login to your existing one.
  • Search for the specific template to match the label design you purchased, then upload your image.
  • Print from your computer, remembering to load your label paper and change the custom settings on your printer screen.
  • Carefully apply the label to your bottle. The 4×6 labels have a tendency to ripple, so I recommend going verrrrry slowly and carefully. They also have a tendency to go on crooked, so hold the label slightly away from your body to get more of a universal look at how it’s lying on the bottle.
  • To really tip the scales in your favor, add a personal note about what it would mean to have your friend as your bridesmaid.

    The label featured above is the circular 2-inch diameter Avery Template 4227. The wines featured in this setup were produced by Bella Bollé Wine, courtesy of Walmart – because I’m classy like that.

    Ideas For Using The Labels

    The first use for the labels are to place them on wine bottles for gift-giving. You can peel off the original label, clean the adhesive off, dry, and place your new label. If you’re giving a homemade wine, you simply need to put the label on. You can put the labels to other use though.

    • Consider using the labels on wine gift baskets. Wrap the basket with cellophane and then place the label on a smooth spot on the front of the basket.
    • At Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or on a birthday, use the labels as a gift tag. Just peel and stick on the wrapped present.
    • If you’re giving out a wine wedding favor or other special occasion party favor, use the wine labels as your favor tag. You may need to attach a small blank tag made from card stock if the favor is too small to fit the tag on neatly.

    When using the labels on something other than a wine bottle, be sure you adjust your text so it makes sense.

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    Applying The Wine Label Template On The Bottle

    You may want to label your own wine bottles for special events. By now, you already have different ideas on how to go about it. You can use special wine bottle labels to celebrate special occasions or to give as a gift.

    When youve already made your label, you may be thinking about how youll apply it onto the bottle. Here are some ways you can do this:

    When you use blank paper

    You may use regular paper to print out your wine labels. If you do, cut the labels out then apply them to your wine bottle. You may use glue to accomplish this. When youre choosing a type of glue, make sure it can withstand moisture.

    After youve glued the label on, apply some sealant to coat it and make it waterproof.

    When you use adhesive labels

    You can also use some adhesive labels to make it the process a lot easier. There are label sheets manufactured specially for wine bottles.

    These labels will stay on the wine bottles a lot more effectively than other adhesive labels.

    Thoughts On What Information Goes On A Wine Bottle Label

    Make Your Own Wine Labels In PowerPoint
  • Barney on said:

    I have a recipe for orange wine that only takes 2.5 gallons of water.When I transfer the liquid into the carboy, do I fill it to the top with additional water to the container to bring it up to the neck of the bottle?

  • said:

    Barney, I personally like a very full bodied wine. If I was following your recipe, I would double it and make the full 5 gal. It can be watered down, but will lose a lot of body, flavor, and alcohol content.. I personally have made over 40 different flavors of fruit wines over the last 10 years. I would love you orange wine recipe, if its good.

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    Why Use Printable Wine Labels

    Every time I bottle a batch of wine, I use printable wine labels to identify it. The labels not only hold important information about the wine, but they also give the bottles a touch of style. In this way, I feel proud when giving a bottle or two to friends and family.

    Apart from making a statement about your commitment as a passionate winemaker, printable wine labels can serve other purposes too.

    For example, if you bought bottled wine to give as favors at an event, you might want to change the stock label with a custom one. For instance, if the wine is to be used at a wedding, you might want to write on the bottles the names of the spouses and the date.

    You can also use printable wine labels to make a special bottle of wine for that special someone.

    As you can see, printable wine labels can serve many purposes, you just have to choose the right ones. On the market, there are different types of printable wine labels, either blank or already decorated with artworks.

    Blank labels give you the possibility to create the graphics from scratch. In this way, youll be able to use any theme you want and arrange the elements according to your wish. But if youre looking for printable wine labels to stick on your freshly corked bottles, then you might want to consider the wide variety of labels decorated with graphics. On these labels, youll only have to print the information about your wine and they are ready to apply.

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