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Where Can I Sell My Wine

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When Should I Sell My Wine

Can I Sell Wine On Social Media – My Answer To Wineries
  • First of all, you must take into account the age of the wine: in auctions, wine lovers are looking for wines in mature vintages, wines which are almost ready to drink. This is even truer of wines that are not rare when they are released by the domain , for instance, with many Bordeaux crus. On the other hand, for some domains, Burgundian for example, the wines are rare already when they leave the domain and the lots are therefore already very sought-after even when young even in this case though, its worth aging your wines some years if you can . The most important thing to know is therefore when your wines will reach maturity. If youre not sure how to find this out, dont hesitate to ask our team to advise you.
  • Another criterion to take into account is the birthyear effect. Every year, we notice that birthyear vintages do very well .
  • Lastly, and this is probably the most difficult criterion to succeed in, is choosing an opportune moment to sell a domain that is gaining in momentum. To do so, keep yourself informed, watch the way the market is going , read the specialist press and iDealwines auction reports.
  • Time To Start An Online Alcohol Business

    We began this blog with the question, Are you looking for the best guide on how to start an online wine business in 2021? I believe your quest for the best business guide has found its home.

    A word of advice the most important element of an online wine sales platform is not the wine but the platform. To start a wine business that sells online, you need to build an alcohol delivery mobile app that exudes high-quality user experience and app features. To achieve such a feat, you need to get the best alcohol app development company as your technology partner.

    Whats The Best Way To Start A Wine Ecommerce Website

    If youre starting from scratch, your first step is to identify your target audience. Then, like any ecommerce business, youll need to determine which types of merchandise youll sell.

    From there, you need to connect with a wholesaler.

    Once youve built your website, select an online shopping cart and payment processing provider.

    Next, decide how youll distribute your products and if it makes sense to invest in an online shipping software.

    If you already have a brick-and-mortar location, then you only need to worry about building a user-friendly site, setting up an online shopping cart and payment system, and developing an efficient shipping process.

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    Why Work With Epic Cellars

    We have been in the business for over 30 years as brokers in the beverage industry.

    Unlike many companies, we are set up to handle purchases of any size- from a single bottle to very large collections.

    We value our customers and we work hard to earn their trust and business, which is why we have a loyal base of repeat sellers.

    We are a small team of friendly, and passionate individuals, located in Louisville, KY.

    We are a Customer rated 5-star company. We have over 1,000 great reviews across TrustPilot, RateLobby, , and

    Free Collection Or Transfer

    Georgian wine on my mind

    After receiving a confirmed quotation and accepting an offer , we will assist you in organising the transfer or collection of the agreed wines into our Bonded Warehouse account at LCB Vinothèque so that we can carry out a Condition Report. We cover the costs and your wine is fully insured during this process.

    Releasing: Check with storage provider

    Collection or Transfer: 3 5 Days

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    Wine Ecommerce Is Growing Rapidly

    Thanks to apps like Uber Eats, Postmates, and Instacart, todays consumers can have nearly any food or drink delivered directly to their door.

    But what consistently remains missing from the list of these available products is alcohol.

    Now, considering the regulations they have to contend with, its understandable for the average wine retailer to be slower to adopt D2C sales.

    However, this isnt to say that only a handful of wine sellers are embracing ecommerce. In fact, its quite the opposite.

    Last year, the volume of DtC wine shipments totaled 5.78 million, representing a 15.3% YoY increase. And the value of these shipments came in at an all-time high of $2.69 billion in 2017.

    Clearly, there are plenty of brands who recognize the potential of wine ecommerce and have begun taking advantage of this selling channel.

    One of the major benefits of selling online is the ability to reach a much broader audience.

    Not only that, wine ecommerce can also help companies increase the loyalty of their existing customers.

    Traditional advertising for example, TV commercials, print ads, and on-site events substantially limit the number of wine drinkers you can market to. For the most part, the only people you can reach are local consumers.

    But digital marketing allows wine sellers to connect with potential customers all over the world.

    Just as personalized marketing can bring in new customers, it can also encourage past customers to buy from you again.

    Wine Forums Sell Locally

    Are you connected with other wine aficionados via forums or a club? If you are, this is another viable avenue to sell your wine. With websites like wineberserkers.com, you can ask if anyones interested in the wines in your collection, keeping your sale private.

    But remember that shipping is still illegal without the proper licenses and permits. So you need to make sure your transactions are local and the buyers can pick up the wine. The problem with this option is that you may have to deal with people who want to haggle or who refuse to pay.

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    Our Wine Valuation Service

    Selling fine wine is made easy with The London Wine Cellar. It is designed to be transparent, offering our clients the best price in the shortest time frame with the least hassle.

    Over the past 8 years, The London Wine cellar has built an impeccable reputation, becoming one of the UKs best known wine buyers.

    Our experienced team have worked hard to build an enviable network of global buyers and sellers, meaning were strategically placed to provide the most efficient and dependable wine valuation and wine buying service in the UK.

    Our wine valuation service is proudly individual each valuation, large or small, is carefully hand managed by one of our team. We do not only use the very best, up-to-date global market data, but the competitive prices we offer to our clients also benefit from our ever-expanding network of industry contacts.

    Importantly, we never use automated services our in-house experts are there to provide you with a personalised quote. Therefore, our valuations are not just quotes but also a firm commitment to purchase your goods. When you receive an offer from The London Wine Cellar, the price quoted is the NET figure you will actually receive into your bank account.

    How Do I Get My Wine To The Auction House

    How To Sell Wine Online

    Once you have provided a list of wines to the auction house and have agreed on which wines you will sell and the commission the auction house will get, the next step is to prepare your wines for travel to the auction house.

    If you are local to the auction house, a representative from the auction house may come to your home to box up the wines. Typically this representative will have some wine boxes like the ones below to pack up your wines.

    If you are working with a wine auction house that asks you to ship the wine, they may provide similar boxes. Otherwise, you can purchase these boxes and inserts for shipping.

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    How To Sell Wine Online Safely Legally And For The Best Price

    Auction sites like eBay aren’t the right place for selling your fine wines

    Picture the scene: youre clearing out the spare room, and you cant believe the amount of stuff that you didnt remember you owned. What are you going to do with all the books, trinkets and long-forgotten holiday souvenirs? Trudge to a car boot sale or stick them on eBay and see what happens?

    Auction sites like eBay are fantastic for selling curios, knickknacks and the like but as a platform to sell wine online in the UK, especially bottles with some real value, youre just not looking in the right place. There are practical and legal reasons for this but also more importantly youll find it tricky to realise the true value of your wine.

    We find it hard to believe that youd take your wine collection to a car boot sale and similarly, you shouldnt sell your fine wine on a site like eBay.

    How To Sell Wine Online

    If you own a winery and have your own wine label, then selling wine online is just another channel of sales and revenue. You can either become a merchant/seller on existing eCommerce alcohol selling platforms or launch your own online wine selling platform.

    If you register for a third-party eCommerce platform, you need to pay a commission on every sale you get from that platform. While building your own platform is a costly affair in which you own all the profits.

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    Personalized Packing And Shipping Services

    Our Cellar Team can be on your doorstep within 24 hours of contract completion, ready to catalog and pack your collection. We can take your cellar to market in just days no waiting for weeks or months until the next live auction while you watch the wine market change on a daily basis.

    Brentwood handles all door-to-door logistics, transportation scheduling, and for larger collections, on-site inventory.

    Regional representatives can personally meet with you, discuss options, and make recommendations based on your needs. We currently have representation near:

    • Pacific Northwest

    How To Start A Wine Business

    Selling My Mini Collection USSR And Other Alcohol Before ...

    There are two approaches to start a wine business. If you wish to start a wine business where you sell your own wine, you need to have a winery to make your own wine, package it, and sell from there.

    There is another approach where you dont make your own wine but instead buy huge bulk of wines from different wineries on a wholesale rate and then sell it further to distributors and retailers with a decent profit margin.

    The process of starting both kinds of wine businesses is explained in detail in the blog above.

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    Best Place To Sell Wine Online

    If you want to expand your wine sales across the largest possible area, itâs worth learning more about where to sell it. Thanks to the ever-growing market for online food and drink sales, there are numerous options available to you.

    Here are some channels through which to sell wine online:

    • Your own website or eCommerce platform
    • Wine trading websites
    • Online auction houses
    • Wine forums

    now to learn how you can sell your wine to over 95,000 buyers on our platform.

    Officially Launch Your Store

    Test all of your page elements to make sure they work correctly. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to launch your store to the public. A good promotional discount can help encourage more sales. Make sure to reach out to your audience through social media and blogs to find customers. Learning how to build a wines ecommerce website is an ongoing process, so be patient and keep learning!

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    Build The App Platform

    An important task should run parallel as you complete the rest of the steps mentioned here. That task is to build the alcohol delivery app platform that you are working on launching. Unless you have sufficient knowledge to develop an app, you cant build it yourself, and you dont even need to build the platform personally.

    Find the best alcohol delivery app development firm with the experience and knowledge to develop such a mobile app. App development from scratch may seem a costly investment, especially when you havent even launched your business yet.

    There is a way to build your alcohol delivery app without shelling out a significant amount of capital. You can go for the clone script alcohol app solution where app development companies like aPurple offer a fully customizable solution from the apps design to features and much more.

    When Should I Sell My Vintage Wine

    How to Sell Wine Online: Building an Ecommerce Store with Paperform

    No matter when you decide to sell your wine, there should be very little difference or fluctuation in price.

    Wine is a popular auction item which means the market price of vintage wines stays relatively stable. No matter when you decide to sell your wine, there should be very little difference or fluctuation in price. The decision to sell wine rests largely with the individual wine collector. Collectors decide to sell their wine mostly when they need extra money, but they may also sell their wine if they run out of room in their cellar, have wines nearing peak maturity, or if they want to rid themselves of their current collection to build a collection of a new type of vintage wine.

    While the wine resale market is generally stable, there may be fluctuations in the value of different types of wines for various reasons. Make sure to do some market research to see where the value of your wine bottles currently stands. If the market for the type of wine you wish to sell is low, hold off until the market goes back up. If you plan on shipping your wine, you should avoid selling in the summer or winter months because extreme weather conditions can damage the wine. The shipping of wine is easier, safer, and more cost-effective in the spring and fall months.

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    Can I Sell My Homemade Wine

    Hello there! I’m Dr. Vinifera, but you can call me Vinny. Ask me your toughest wine questions, from the fine points of etiquette to the science of winemaking. And don’t worry, I’m no wine snobyou can also ask me those “dumb questions” you’re too embarrased to ask your wine geek friends! I hope you find my answers educational, empowering and even amusing. And don’t forget to check out my most asked questions and my full archives for all my Q& A classics.

    Dear Dr. Vinny,

    Can I sell my homemade wine? What kind of license do I need to obtain to do that?

    Denea, Atlanta

    Dear Denea,

    The good news is that federal law permits adults to make up to 100 gallons of homemade wine per calendar year if you are the only adult living in the household, and up to 200 gallons if there are two or more adults in the household. The law also allows you to take your homemade wine off premise, for personal or family use including use at organized affairs, exhibitions or competitions, such as home winemaking contests, tastings or judgings.

    Guess what it says you may not do, under any circumstance? Sell it.

    If that doesnt sound complicated enough, this process is currently halted due to the partial federal government shutdown.

    I dont mean to be discouraging, but I want to make sure you know what youre getting into. Theres much more information at the TTBs website, including online application forms. Good luck!

    Dr. Vinny

    Sell It Yourself Via Your Own Retail Website

    Last but not least, you can sell your wine online yourself. If you are willing to get all the necessary permits and licensing, this is a viable option for you. We recommend it to people who plan on selling wine on an on-going basis. This option is not optimal for getting rid of a collection, but if you plan on going into business selling wine, this is the option that makes sense.

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    Where Should I Sell My Wine

    With almost 20 years of experience reselling wine , iDealwine has established itself as the best site to resell your wine.

  • iDealwine has been Frances leading wine auctioneer for several years, as well as one of the top on-line wine merchants for wine lovers . This gives you two options when selling your wines: if youre in a hurry, you can sell your cellar for a fixed price, with payment immediately after or, if you have a little more time, you can sell your wines at auction, with international exposure, lasting around ten days.
  • iDealwine is the French specialist in the fine wine market and is therefore best-placed to advise you on the sale of your wines, the prices to ask, the duration, how to organize your lots iDealwines price estimates, the WineDex indices, the publication of our annual auction barometer, Angélique de Lencquesaings monthly appearances on BFM Business.
  • The iDealwine team is made up of around 35 qualified wine professionals who will guide you through every step of your sale, from the free estimation to final payment.
  • iDealwine is used by more than 500,000 wine enthusiasts in 60 countries. This incomparable exposure guarantees you the best price when selling your wines.
  • iDealwine has experience selling wines from all over the world, with more than 150,000 bottles coming through our platform every year. Our work is solely dedicated to selling wines, our only profession and speciality in the past 20 years.
  • Obligation Free Wine Valuation

    These Funny AF Wine Labels Will Fix Anything

    All valuations come entirely free of obligation, and weve designed our business so that its just as easy to receive your valuation as it is to arrange the collection or transfer of your wines.

    We are pleased to facilitate cellar purchases of any size up to the value of £1 million per transaction. We are able to operate immediate settlement terms for wines that we can physically inspect. For wines being sent to our shop or warehouse, payment is always made upon receipt and inspection of goods.

    Above all, our processes are designed to be transparent, so you can expect open communication from our team each step of the way. There are no hidden charges or costs and provided we have seen the condition of the goods well never try to change or negotiate your original quote.

    We take a huge amount of time and care over the valuation phase so that our clients never get an unpleasant surprise when it comes to payday our would suggest this was a good principle to build the company on.

    To start the process you can fill in our quick online form, or if you prefer you can give us a call, send us a message through our WhatsApp feature or just drop by for a chat.

    For wine lists too large to input on this page or for assistance please

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