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How To Cut Wine Bottle

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Adjust The Bottle Cutter

How to Cut Wine Bottles

Follow the instructions on your bottle cutter to adjust the rollers, making sure the area to be cut rests on the scoring blade. When you have a good fit and the jar is snug against the blade, rotate it in a counterclockwise direction. As the blade hits the glass, you should hear a scraping sound. When the score has etched completely around the bottle, you might hear a crunch. A dusting of glass power might land on your cutter, so watch your fingers.

Why Are We Cutting Glass Bottles In Half

Maybe you have a 16 year old son who proposes the idea to his Advanced Placement Environmental Sciences teacher as his midterm project. Even though you TOLD the 16 year old boy that cutting bottles in half wouldnt be as easy as those YouTubers made it look on the internet.

And of course, being a 16 year old boyhe ignores you and decides to do the project anyhow. Because thats just how teenagers roll, right? So, here is our experience last weekend in learning how to cut a glass bottle in half with string.

Set Up A Safe Work Place

Since the bottle glass cutting always works with cooling or temperature contrast, a sink or sink is an ideal place to work. A suitable loosely adjusted vice can hold the neck of the bottle. As a counter bearing can act a flushing sponge tower.

While cutting with a Dremel, running cool water is passed to the glass bottle to cool the cut. The water should be cool but not cold. Depending on the processing intensity and bottle wall thickness, a temperature between five and ten degrees Celsius is suitable. If direct cutting is intended, the bottle body must be stored safely. For this purpose, the sink or sink can be filled with foam cubes.

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How To Cut And Decorate A Wine Bottle

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A wine bottle can be used as a vase, candle holder or glass, depending on your preferences. This article explains how to cut the wine bottle, then offers some suggestions for decorating it.

How To Cut Glass Using Hot & Cold Water

How to Cut Wine Bottles to Make Vases

1. Take your bottle to the running cold water tap and whilst wearing your rubber glove on the hand you hold the bottle with, pour a small trickle of boiling water over the score line, rotating the bottle around as you do so.

2. Next, run the bottle under the cold tap whilst rotating the bottle.

3. Repeat this process, alternating between the hot water and the cold water. When you start to hear the bottle making popping or cracking sounds it’s about ready to fall away. This process takes a few minutes and you’ll be left holding a piece of bottle in each hand.

4. Job done.

Helpful Note 1. Some people find It helpful to rest the bottle in a ‘V’ shape apparatus if you can find one, or indeed make one if you’re handy in the wood shed. This helps rest the bottle steady and you can turn the bottle easily. Bottle cutting jigs can also be bought that come with a glass cutter fixed, however these do not always work very well, or for very long.

Helpful Note 2. If you wish to cut towards the very bottom of the bottle, keep the bottle standing upright, rest your cutting hand on something that will elevate your hand and simply score the line whilst rotating the bottle at the same time.

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Save Corks & Bottles For Wine Crafts

Keep saving your wine bottles and corks for more fun DIY wine craft projects. These wine cork coasters are quick and easy to make. Use them at home or gift in sets of four with a bottle of your favorite Cellar Collection wine!

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Cutting Wine Bottles For Glasses And Vases

This is my ripoff… er, variation on Fstedie’s Drinking Glasses from Wine Bottles Instructable using a Workmate and some clamps. I’m just going to describe another way of scribing the score line for cutting your bottle. Please see the rest of Fstedie’s excellent guide for instructions on how to candle the break and smooth the cut.

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How To Cut Bottles In Half

If you are looking for a way to up-cycle glass bottles, this might be for you.

In this Instructable, we look at one of the ways to cut glass bottles lengthwise.

You can make interesting bottle dishes, planters and other cool things.

Some of the materials/tools used:

For your own safety:

Make sure to use a cordless rotary tool, not one with the cable.

If you are Interested in the video version of this Instructable and the embedded video does not appear on your mobile device, here is an alternative link

First I marked a cutting line with a copper adhesive tape.

You can use a permanent marker or don’t mark the bottle at all.

Some bottles will have a line on the sides.

I prefer to use the tape as it’s easier to see it.

You will want to lubricate and cool the bottle with water.

Since I don’t have a workshop, I had to do it in the kitchen.

I used a suction vise to hold the bottle.

It’s perfect as you can attach it to the sink.

Take a cordless rotary tool with a diamond cutting disk.

Start cutting the bottle while pouring/running the water on the spot you’re cutting.

It can get wet, so you might want to cover things near your sink with the plastic.

First I cut one side of the bottle, then the bottom and then the other side.

Adventures In Bottle Cutting


I cant recall where or when I saw a bottle cutting kit, but I spied it somewhere a few months ago and thought it was completely cool. Around the same time, I saw a set of tumblers in a local shop made from the bottoms of wine bottles and thought they were a great way to repurpose old bottles into drinking glasses.

DIYer that I am, I determined bottle cutting was definitely on my learn to do this list ASAP. The kit I bought ended up on a shelf in my office shortly after it arrived months ago, but last weekend as I was cleaning and sorting I noticed it again, and decided to give it a try. I spent a fall morning experimenting with the kit with mixed results, but in the end arrived at two decent cut glass vases made from a wine bottle and a champagne bottle.

Take a peek:

Heres the kit I used to cut my bottles and turn them into vases:

I must caution you, in my limited experience, this kit was a hit and a miss. The miss may be attributed to my lack of skills in this craft, but I did not end up with perfect edges. Read on!

The kit comes with a scoring tool, instructions, and other supplies. Quite frankly, the value is in the green scoring tool alone.

The method isnt very complicated. First, you start with a glass bottle. Wine bottles are plentiful around here so I used one I had recently emptied *hiccup* cause Im really good at that.

You align your bottle, then with a steady hand etch a single line all around with the scoring tool.

Exhibit A:

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Wine Bottle Cutting 101

When you feel its ready, put the bottle in ice and water and let it set for a minute or two. The idea here is to shock the glass by going from heat to extreme cold. If your bottle is too hot, it could cause your bottle to break badly. It is exciting when you pick your bottle up out of the ice bath and the bottom falls off.

Cutting Wine Bottle Rings

Be Careful With Jagged Edges

Once your glass bottle is broken, you will need to smooth out the edges. You can use an electric sander if you have one but since my son was supposed to be doing this himself, I gave him sandpaper and a very thick glove to protect his hand from sharp edges.

It will take a while and you need to be careful that you dont get bits of glass on you, in your eye, or on the ground. We still ended up with some rough edges so we put some duct tape around it for safety purposes since it had to go to school with him.

My sons project proposal was to turn a wine bottle into a goblet or candle holder. Once you have the two pieces of wine bottle clean and smooth, just hot glue the mouth of the bottle to the base of the bottle as shown, making sure it is straight. Decorate as desired.

This is my son, MANY hours after we first began this project. He apologized to me no less than 15 times for the stress and chaos he created by not listening to mom and choosing a difference project! But, he put in a lot of effort and hopefully will bring home a good grade for it.

I can tell you for sure, this is NOT a project I will be trying again any time soon! If you want to see people on YouTube cutting wine bottles, you can check out the Crazy Russian Hacker.

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Cutting Glass With String Is Tricky

You need a very absorbent string to make this work. Yarn didnt really work well. Dont get anything coated in wax. A thick, cotton string from the hardware store worked well for us. Tie the string tightly around the bottle, several times if possible. Then, grab a paint brush, glass bottle and lighter fluid.

You need to SOAK the string in lighter fluid without getting it all over the glass bottle. Otherwise, the fire will spread! Just paint it on slowly and carefully. Try not to breathe in too many fumes and keep it off your skin.

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Cutting The Wine Bottle Into Two Parts

Cut Wine Bottle 8
  • 1Pick out a wine bottle suitable to your choice and taste.
  • 2Use a glass cutter to draw a neat and straight line in whichever direction and area of the bottle you desire. Avoid overlapping lines.Advertisement
  • 3Light a candle. Place the wine bottle with the drawn line over the lit candle. Make sure that the fire is pointed up to the drawn line or angle on the bottle, so that the flame only meets the line on the bottle.
  • 4Rotate the bottle, letting the flame heat the line all around. How you position it depends on where the line you have drawn is around the bottlelet the flame of the candle heat whatever line you have drawn. Do this for a minute, rotating the bottle through the heat of the fire.
  • 5Pour cold water or normal temperature water on the now heated line on the wine bottle. Repeat until you start to hear the bottle crack bit by bit a cracking sound of glass will be heard.
  • 6Wait for the bottle to crack in half. The half of the bottle will either fall off or crack into two parts. If neither happens, lightly pull or tug on one half so that the exertion will cause the bottle to part into two pieces.
  • Do not hit or screw the bottle to into two parts, as this will cause the bottle to crack into more parts or may not part evenly.
  • 7Sand the break line. Using sandpaper or a glass file, smoothly file down the glass evenly. This will allow you to handle glass without worry about being cut.
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    What You Can Create With Cut Glass Bottles:

    Here are some ideas about what you can create with them:

    • Amazing chandeliers cut the bottom of a glass bottle and fasten it to a piece of wood or metal, or suspend them with a DIY chandelier light kits.
    • Lights just cut the bottom of the bottle, pass through the electrical cords and pieces to hold the bottle in place, secure, and adjust to different lengths.
    • A table lamp with larger decorative glass bottles. To build it, remove the lower part to pass the cable and adjust a cloth hat in the neck of the bottle.

    But dont stop there! Do the same with antique glass decanters that you can find at used stores and even yard sales. Create this budget-friendly, romantic, and stunning chandelier for less than $40. You can also construct an old fan following the instructions found in the suspension or found here: chains like.

    Want other ways to cut glass bottles? There are several other techniques to cut glass bottles , but the one presented here with the cotton twine and acetone has been the safest and fastest for us!

    Please Be Careful Using Fire To Cut Glass Bottles

    If you look VERY carefully in the photo, you will see a tiny little fire on the string around the beer bottle. That attempt was with rubbing alcohol. There is no photo of the lighter fluid attempt because there was a raging inferno in my hand and way too much yelling to get a photo of the fire itself.

    Suffice it to say that the lighter fluid will make REALLY BIG FLAMESso please do this outside and not on a flammable surface!

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    How To Cut Your Wine Bottles

    Step 1: Fill a large pot with warm water.

    This will be your bottles hot bath. Bring the water to a boil, and then reduce to a simmer. You can start this before you cut your bottle so that it is ready by the time your bottle is scored.

    Step 2: Fill another large pot with cold water and add enough ice to cover the top of the water.

    This will be your bottles cold bath. You will want this pot in very close relation to the hot bath for easy transfers.

    Step 3: Using a wine bottle with the label removed, make a thin score line on the bottle.

    Peel off any labels that are still on the bottles using a razor blade or I use my cook top cleaning razor.

    • Put the top of the G2 cutter into the mouth of the bottle to stabilize it, and adjust the arms on the G2 Cutter so that the blade hits the bottle where youd like it cut. Tighten all of the bolts to ensure that the arms are stable and in place.
    • Holding your right hand over the stabilizing arm and the cutter, left hand on the bottle, touch the cutter with light pressure to the wine bottle.
    • Slowly turn the wine bottle with your left hand, making sure to create as much of a continuous motion as possible. A thin score line will appear on the bottle .
    • DO NOT continue to go over the score line once you have gone around the bottle. The thinner the line, the better. If you missed a spot, ONLY go back over that spot, not the rest of the line.

    Step 4: With your score line in place, start your wine bottle in the warm bath.

    Can I Cut A Glass Bottle With A Dremel

    How To Cut Wine Bottles The EASY WAY!

    If you do not have a glass cutter, you can use a Dremel with a designated glass cutting tip to cut glass at home. To effectively use a string to cut a bottle all you need to do is tie it around the bottle, light the string on fire, let the string burn away, then place the hot bottle into cold water.

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    What Is The Best Bottle Cutter

    The Best Glass Bottle Cutting Tools

  • DoreenBow bottle cutter kit.
  • Fixm square and round glass bottle cutter.
  • HPST glass bottle cutting kit.
  • Soft Touch glass bottle cutter.
  • HPST bottle cutter and glass cutter bundle.
  • HPST adjustable glass bottle cutter.
  • Kozyland glass bottle cutter.
  • Glastory glass bottle cutting tool.
  • How To Cut A Wine Bottle With Less Mess

    How to cut a wine bottle quickly, easily, and with less mess. Get a great clean cut on your first try and decrease the number of bottles you break. This is a great way to upcycle wine and beer bottles!

    I am in charge of crafts for my moms group and we do a craft every other meeting or so. I wanted a cheap and easy idea for planters for our gardening meeting so I decided to cut wine bottles into planters. I collect old wine bottles because we make wine so this wasnt a huge problem.

    This post contains affiliate links which may earn me commissions should you click through them and take certain actions. As an affiliate for Cricut, Amazon and other sites, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please DIY carefully. View my full legal disclosures here.

    Please read the whole post so you dont miss any important information!

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    Decorating With Photos And Borders

  • 1 If you make several, these can be turned into drinking glasses, ideal for lemon juice, topped with a lemon slice, etc.
  • 2 Collect many creative, bright and sparkly craft and arts items for adding to the bottle.
  • 3Spray paint the bottom half of the wine bottle evenly. This step is optional.
  • 4Glue on the craft pieces of choice, such as lace or ribbon. This can be added around the top and bottom of the half cut wine bottle. Items such as artificial gems, can also be used.
  • 5Place and assemble photo negatives in the order pleasing to you. Then glue them in place.
  • If using for liquid, use Mod Podge to cover the photos and keep them waterproof.
  • 6Place candle in the half cut wine bottle. Light it and enjoy the magical effects of the light glowing the photo negatives, enjoy you memorable moments lighting in the dark! Or fill with a drink or add a flower.
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