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How To Clean Red Wine Off Carpet

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How to Clean Red Wine Out of Carpet: Carpet Care & Cleaning Victoria, BC (created March 2011)

Panic ensues when a glass of red wine is spilled on a beautiful rug or carpet. In the fear of ruining your treasured rug, you may get a damp cloth and start vigorously scrubbing the surface. But DONT DO THAT! Harshly rubbing the surface with a cloth can fray the fibres of the rug and consequently deepening the red wine stain.

The internet is full of all kinds of remedies and advice to remove red wine stains. Some popular ones are pouring white wine over red wine stains, sprinkling salt over red wine stain, and applying a vinegar solution. However, these homemade cleaning tips can do more harm than good. While salt or baking powder might be successful in soaking up some of the spill, they will leave a residue behind that will be even more difficult to clean up. As far as cleaning red wine with more wine is concerned, thats just ridiculous. Also, avoid applying vinegar or harsh bleach to remove a red wine stain. That can permanently damage your rug.

With several years of experience in red wine removal from rug, we would recommend that you dont reach for any over-the-counter products or questionable internet cleaning hacks.

Being leading professionals, we have an arsenal of specific products to remove red wine stains. A red wine stain is quite different from pet urine stain or any other stain. Thats why you cant trust a single product to work on all kinds of red wine stains.

Before We Start: The Best Red Dye Cleaning Products

In step 4, I cover a DIY approach to cleaning red dye.

But sometimes it helps to have a cleaner thats specifically made for red dye stains. The problem is many are marketed for this, and many dont work.

There are a couple I think stand out, and if they cant get out my red dye stain, I start losing hope:

#1 Wine Away. This one surprised me. Its often used for clothes but works great on carpet. It works about as well as some of the professional products, but its much less expensive. You can to check out the price on Amazon.

#2 Pros Choice Red 1. This is a professional cleaner that works extremely well . The reason this took the second spot is its a little more expensive. It also comes in a bigger quantity, so if you expect future spills, this might be well worth the money. If stains are a rare thing, Id stick with Wine Away. You can to check out the price on Amazon.

How To Remove Red Wine Stains On Wool

Blot to remove as much excess wine on the wool surface as possible. Blot with a consumer dry-cleaning solvent to remove grease. Blot with water, then blot dry. If stain remains, mix a solution of 1 teaspoon neutral detergent and 1 teaspoon white vinegar in 1 quart warm water. Blot stain. Blot with clear water. Repeat until stain lifts. Blot dry. Note: Be sure to follow the instructions on the garment’s label and the manufacturer’s instructions on any products mentioned as you go through this process.

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How To Remove Red Wine Stains From Clothes

1. Dont let the stain dry and soak the stain with cool water or soda water. Some claim the bubbles from soda water help lift the stain out. Then blot out the excess liquid so it isnt saturated. If your item is dry clean only, remove as much of the stain as you can by blotting and then take it to the dry cleaners right away.

2. Cover the stain entirely with salt and wait for 2-3 minutes. You can press it against the salt, but again, dont scrub this will absorb the stain.

3. Brush the salt away, blot the stain with clean towels and check your progress. If you can still see the stain, rinse it again and repeat the process with blotting and fresh salt until the stain dissipates.

4. If your stain is particularly stubborn and its set on machine-washable clothing, you can also use a pre-wash treatment such as OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover Spray before washing the item on the highest temperature the care label allows. If possible, use a biological powder detergent as this has the best stain removal capabilities.

A Few Pointers About Red Wine Stain Removal


Before you get started on wiping that wine away, keep in mind that the first line of defense is quick action. The longer the stain has to settle in, the harder it will become to get rid of it. So, stay calm and carry on with the following guidelines:

  • Use paper towels or a clean cloth for dabbing and blotting the affected area, which will help absorb as much wine as possible. The more you soak up, the less stain you have to later remove.
  • Avoid scrubbing at first resist the urge to vigorously scrub the stain as this can embed the red wine in the fabric even more.
  • Add moisture to the stained area as quickly as possible to break up the wine molecules. Use one of the solutions suggested below and youre well on your way to having a stain-free outcome.
  • Dont use bleach at least not just yet. While bleach can help get rid of red wine stains on a white shirt or other white clothing or bedding, it will discolor anything else. Try the DIY stain removal ideas below before resorting to bleach.

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Removing Wine Stains On Spandex/lycra

To remove a wine stain from spandex/Lycra, rinse the affected area in cold water as soon as possible this will dilute the stain and prevent the wine from setting. Following the guidelines on the garment care label, wash in the warmest water recommended. Inspect the stain if any wine remains, wash in color-safe bleach or liquid chlorine bleach , if the garment label says it’s OK. Air-dry, inspect, and repeat as needed before drying as directed on the garment label.

How To Get Red Wine Out Of Your Carpets

Whether youve spilt a glass of your favourite Merlot or completely shattered a bottle of Shiraz, red wine on your carpets is every homeowners worst nightmare. But theres no need to panic if the Pinot Noir has got the better of you. Using simple ingredients from every cleaning cupboard, you can remove even the most engrained stains and get your carpet looking as good as new. Read on as we discuss how to tackle red wine stains on your carpet.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services In Liverpool

Are you struggling to get a red wine stain out of your carpet? Or perhaps your carpet is just in need of some professional attention. Youre in good hands with XL Cleaners. Weve been providing professional carpet cleaning in Liverpool and surrounding areas since 2001. Were trusted by both homeowners and businesses throughout the community, and offer highly competitive prices on full and extensive carpet cleaning services. Call us now on the number above for a free quote.

Specialized Red Wine Stain Removal Tips

Remove Red Wine Stain From Carpet

Every stain is different. You may find yourself with a fresh stain on a piece of clothing, or a dried red wine stain on a couch. For different types of materials and different types of stains, you may find success with one method over another.

For clothing, try these options:

  • Pull the cloth tight before applying a method
  • Use the salt method on fresh stains
  • Use hot water on fresh stains, especially for table cloths
  • Use an oxi cleaner on dried stains before putting into a washing machine
  • For white shirts or other white clothing, bleach may be your best option

For carpets, try these options:

  • Use table salt immediately
  • Always blot the stain, never scrub
  • Use dry powders if no table salt is available
  • Use an oxi cleaner when available

For couches, try these options:

  • Pull the couch fabric taught, if possible
  • Use the salt method
  • Use an oxi cleaner when available
  • Use club soda and vinegar
  • Use dishwasher detergent and hydrogen peroxide mixture

For dry red wine stains, try these options:

  • Apply boiling hot water
  • Use an oxi cleaner
  • Use dishwasher detergent and hydrogen peroxide mixture

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How To Remove Wine Stains From Carpet With Dish Soap & White Vinegar

If you are looking to remove a red wine stain from carpet but dont have any club soda, you can use dish soap and white vinegar to do the job. Follow these steps to remove a red wine spill on carpet:

  • Blot the stain as well as possible.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution: Add a tablespoon of hand dishwashing soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar to two cups of warm water.
  • Using white cloth, only so pigment from the cloth doesnt bleed into your carpet apply a small pour onto the stain, blotting frequently until the stain vanishes.
  • You Can Have Your Wine And Hardwoods Too

    We all know that red wine contains red and purple color pigments found in grape skins, so any spill can result in a stain on any surface, including clothing, furniture, carpets, and hardwood floors. Without protecting your hardwood floors against stains or promptly cleaning up a wine spill at the time it occurs, it can penetrate the wood and be permanent.

    Luckily, there are many ways to protect against this from happening as well as to remove a stain after it has already set in. You can use waterproof flooring that is pre-treated to protect against damage, use master oil to coat the surface of your flooring, and use spot removal treatments that are either on the market or do-it-yourself products made from home. So, in the end, you dont have to choose between your beloved vino and your beautiful hardwoods.

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    How To Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet With Salt

    Unfortunately, spills can happen on any flooring surface. When that red wine lands on your beige carpet, it can be a nightmare. Fortunately, there are several ways to get red wine out of your carpet. It helps if you know how to get red wine out of carpet with salt, because thatâs one of the easiest methods to use.

    In this post, weâll highlight how to get rid of red wine stains from your carpet using salt. Weâll also point out a few other tricks that can help to remove those unsightly red wine stains from your carpet.

    How To Get An Old Dry Red Wine Stain Out Of Carpet:

    How to get stains out of almost anything
  • Soak the stain in cold water. This will moisten the dry stain, leaving it more likely to come out.
  • Blot with a paper towel to pick up the excess water. The carpet should be damp, but not too wet.
  • Apply lemon juice directly to the stain. You can either squeeze the juice directly from a lemon, or use a pre-bottled lemon juice product. Soak the stain thoroughly, so that the acidity begins to act upon the wine stain.
  • Scrub the stain with table salt. As the lemon soaks into the fabric, shake salt onto the area. Use your fingers to massage the salt and lemon into the stain. Work the salt in from the front and the back of the stained area for better results.
  • Rinse the stain in cold water before blotting it dry with a towel, massaging it as you go, paying special attention to the stained area.
  • Add more lemon juice to the stain and leave to dry. If youre in a part of the house where you can allow sunlight to hit the stain, the UV rays make for a natural, fabric-safe bleach.
  • If youre struggling to get a stain out of your carpet and homemade solutions dont seem to work, send our team a message to see what advice we can give!

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    What We Do To Remove Wine Stains From Rug

    Red wine is delicious but it can be a nightmare when it comes to cherished rugs and upholstery. It just takes a slight flick of the hand and a whole glass of merlot can fly right out of your grasp and spill all over your beautiful rugs, leaving a stubborn red wine stain.

    We follow a systematic approach to remove red and white wine stains from a rug. First of all, we assess the rug to rule out any dye-run situation. After the initial assessment, we head over to the wash pit where the rug we clean it with water, using top-quality products, and equipment.

    Once the wine stains are washed away, the rug will be then rinsed in the centrifuge machine to remove up to 90% of the remaining water content. Our professionals will then brush and groom the rug with hands before leaving them overnight to dry in a dust-controlled facility.

    Lastly, we can also apply our stain protector on your precious rugs and carpets. Because lets be real, this is not the last time your favourite red wine will be spilled on it. Our stain protector forms an invisible barrier over your rugs and carpets. Now the next time you spill wine, you can easily clean it away and prevent the liquid from penetrating the fibres and leaving a wine stain.

    Rent Or Buy A Carpet Cleaner

    If the stain is old, the red wine has soaked and set into the fibers, meaning you need a deep clean to work it loose. That means youll need some heavy-duty equipment. Fortunately, many places sell or rent carpet cleaners.

    Steam Cleaner

    Steam cleaners use heated water vapor to break down stains. They then suction the moisture and stain particles away, much like a vacuum cleaner.

    You can rent steam cleaners from specialty shops or even your local grocery store. However, they can be cumbersome, meaning you should expect a workout if you use one.

    Dry Carpet Cleaner

    Dry carpet cleaning is a bit of a misnomer because theres moisture involved. However, its a much lower level than steam cleaning, which means a lower risk of water lingering in carpet fibers and creating mold or mildew.

    So, how does a dry carpet cleaner break down stains? It uses cleaning agents that dissolve stain particles. The downside is that these agents may leave a residue that changes the texture of your carpet.

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    Does Salt Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet

    This works best with fresh, damp stains , but can be a simple way to beat a red wine spill with a common kitchen ingredient. After blotting the stain , cover the entire surface of the wine stain with salt â donât skimp! The salt will absorb the wine as it dries. Once the salt is dry, run a vacuum over the area to suck up the granules for a stain-free result.

    How Do You Remove Older Dried Red Wine Stains

    Remove Red Wine Out of Carpet With Britex Carpet Cleaning Machine
  • 1Tackle the stain with dish soap, vinegar, and warm water. Combine 12 teaspoon of dish soap, 12 teaspoon of white vinegar, and 2 cups of warm water. Mix your solution together, load up a sponge, and blot the stain repeatedly. Dry the area with a clean towel. Then, spritz the area with cold water and dry it with a clean towel over and over again until the old stain is gone.XResearch source
  • Spot test the vinegar on an inconspicuous area before you do this. Pour a few drops of white vinegar in an area most people wont see and wipe it with a paper towel. If any of the rugs dye comes up, dont use vinegar.XTrustworthy SourceConsumer ReportsNonprofit organization dedicated to consumer advocacy and product testingGo to source
  • 2Have a professional give it a shot if the stain wont come out. Contact a professional carpet cleaning service and have them take a crack at it. Theyll have access to all kinds of neutralizing agents that may lift the old stain out. Its also just a good idea to have professionals clean your rug at least once a year anyway, so this is a smart move regardless of how old the stain is.XExpert Source
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    How To Clean Red Wine Out Of Carpet Universal Method

    Red wine is removed very difficult not only by the mossy carpet, but also from clothing in general. If you leave the stain to dry, things get more complicated. If you rub the carpet, the stain fades and its purple hue spread further.

    To remove the red wine stain most easily, pour a glass of white wine directly to red to neutralize it. Moisten a cotton cloth with cold water and dab the stain. Then cover tightly stain with salt. Let dry, then go with a vacuum cleaner.

    A simple advice we can give you if you love drinking a glass of red wine every evening is to be prepared for red wine stains. Just keep a bottle of white wine in the storage. Thats all!

    What we have to do if we see red wine stain?

    • Act quickly, the faster you react the greater chances you have not stain the carpet. The first step is to rinse the stain with cold water.

    • Absorb as much of the wine, I use white paper napkins or paper towels.

    • If possible, rinse with cold water.

    • If the stain on the carpet – absorb quickly and sprinkle with salt. Wait salt to absorb the wine. If necessary, repeat several times. Wait salt to dry slightly before you remove it.

    What not to do?

    • Do not use hot water, it will seal the stain permanently.

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