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How Do I Stop Drinking Wine

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Benefits To Stopping Drinking

How Do I Stop Drinking Alcohol?

On a more positive note, once you begin to recover and youve had at least one month of alcohol-free days, youll experience numerous benefits.

Saying goodbye to alcohol can allow you to see incredible improvements in your mental health and promote emotional well-being.

> Did you know that quitting alcohol can also give you more cycles of REM sleep each night?

That means youll wake up feeling more rested and refreshed than you ever did before you decided to stop drinking completely.

Set Goals And Prepare For Change

Once youve made the decision to change, the next step is establishing clear drinking goals. The more specific, realistic, and clear your goals, the better.

Example #1: My drinking goal

  • I will stop drinking alcohol.
  • My quit date is __________.

Example #2: My drinking goal

  • I will stop drinking on weekdays, starting as of __________.
  • I will limit my Saturday and Sunday drinking to no more than three drinks per day or five drinks per weekend.
  • After three months, I will cut back my weekend drinking even more to a maximum of two drinks per day and three drinks per weekend.

Do you want to stop drinking altogether or just cut back? If your goal is to reduce your drinking, decide which days you will drink alcohol and how many drinks you will allow yourself per day. Try to commit to at least two days each week when you wont drink at all.

When do you want to stop drinking or start drinking less? Tomorrow? In a week? Next month? Within six months? If youre trying to stop drinking, set a specific quit date.

Reduce Risk Of Cancer

The National Toxicology Program of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services lists alcohol as a known human carcinogen in its Report on Carcinogens .

The report states that a persons risk of developing an alcohol-associated cancer increases with the more alcohol they drink regularly over time. Links are shown between alcohol consumption and the development of the following types of cancer:

  • head and neck

estimated that about 3.5 percent of cancer deaths in the United States were alcohol related.

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Make Your Intentions Known

Tell your family and friends that youre aiming to stop drinking alcohol and explain why. This way, you can share your successes with them, and theyll understand why youve started turning down drinks or trips to the pub.

Frequently reminding yourself and the people close to you why you want to stop drinking can help keep you on track, and may even encourage someone else to give up or cut down with you.

How Long Does It Take To Detox From Alcohol At Home

How to Break the Wine O

The amount of time it takes to detox from alcohol depends on several factors, including whether youre detoxing at home or with medical supervision. Detoxing at home usually takes longer because you should be cautious to avoid serious complications.

When you are detoxing from alcohol at a rehab center, nurses and doctors monitor vital signs, provide adequate nourishment and treat complications if they occur.

Alcohol can stay in your system for several hours depending on how much you drink. Once it begins to leave your body, early symptoms of withdrawal begin.

Early symptoms of alcohol withdrawal usually start about six hours after the last drink. They intensify for about a day before diminishing. Early symptoms include headache, sweating, tremors, vomiting and difficulty concentrating.

Seizures can occur within the first 24 hours, but seizures occur only in about 25 percent of patients, according to the NIAAA.

Late symptoms begin between two and four days after the last drink, and they usually include changes in heart rate, breathing and blood pressure. Serious symptoms caused by delirium tremens include hallucination and seizure. DTs occur in about 5 percent of patients.

Possible detox timeline for at-home detox with no tapering:

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Letting People Know What Youre Dealing With Can Make Recovery From Alcohol Faster

A key step in the best method to quit alcohol is to let people around you know about your intentions. This will help reduce the surprise they feel when they see you are not drinking. In turn, it will lessen their comments of surprise, which could catch you off guard and make you want to drink.

Telling those around you about your plans to quit will also help give you a support network. If your friends and family know you are not drinking anymore, they will not offer you a glass. Even better, they will give you the encouragement you need to turn down a glass of wine at a restaurant or gathering.

When you let people know your plans for staying sober, it also increases your accountability. Most people will try harder to succeed in a goal if others know about it. You will not want to be embarrassed by failure and will also avoid the feeling of letting down the people you love.

    What Are The Long

    Can you develop a wine addiction? The answer is yes. While excessive drinking is more often associated with beer or liquor, wine is still a type of alcohol. A five-ounce glass of wine contains the same amount of alcohol as a 12-ounce glass of beer or 1.5 ounces of liquor. When evaluating your alcohol consumption, its not about whether you drink wine or liquor. It is about how much alcohol you are consuming.

    Moderate drinking means one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men. When you start to consume more than moderate amounts, your drinking habit is characterized as binging. How much wine is too much? What are the common wine addiction symptoms? Learn more about the long-term effects of drinking wine every day and how to stop drinking wine.

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    Drinking Every Night After Work

    Breaking the nightly wine habit means understanding why you might be drinking every night after work. We always ask our clients in-depth questions to determine why they might be doing what they are doing. Are they working too hard? Is the job that they are doing too stressful? Is there somebody at their work who is creating problems for them?

    Start to think about what aspect of your working life could be causing the need to have a drink to switch off. If you dont address the underlying problems associated with your life then the drinking habit is going to be ten times harder to manage.

    Your Heart Gets Healthier

    How to Stop Drinking Alcohol | Recovery 2.0 | Holistic Recovery

    You might think that a regular glass of red wine or other alcoholic beverages might be good for your heart. But that may not be true, or true only for light sippers . If you use more than that, cutting back or quitting may lower your blood pressure, levels of fat called triglycerides, and chances of heart failure.

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    I Signed Up For An Online Course On How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

    I signed up to the Club Sodas Sober Sprint which aims to support people who want to stop drinking alcohol for 30 days, or longer. You can sign up anytime and throughout the month, youll receive daily motivational emails, including exercises, quizzes, videos and downloadable e-books. This all helps by teaching you how to deal with social situations, understanding what triggers your drinking and also encourages you to reflect on your progress. This course costs £35 a month, and you can still access all of the content once the month is over.

    There are also a few other online courses you join, but many are live with a set start date. The Naked Mind author Annie Gray charges £35/$47 to sign up to her 30 Day Experiment. I havent tried it, but its had great reviews. Laura McKowen, author of We Are the Luckiest also offers an online course.

    UK Smart Recovery also offers regular weekly support groups, which you can attend online.

    Millie agrees that keeping yourself accountable and having a goal can really help you stick to your plan: Having something to push you to the finish line is always helpful. Sign up for a challenge, like Dry January at Alcohol Change, or Stoptober too youre twice as likely to stick with it if you do!

    Its also worth remembering that the average person saves around £200 not drinking for a month so if youre planning on Dry January, start by choosing something and promising yourself that you will buy it if you succeed.

    It Helped My Anxiety And Depression And I Couldn’t Stand Being Around Drunk Friends

    I had never tried to do a dry January before I went on Whole30, and while I thought the overwhelming FOMO would drive me crazy, it was actually a great experience. I quickly found that I couldnt stand being around super drunk friends, so I limited my socializing. But it was worth it for the effects abstaining had on my body. Not only was I able to get up early the next day and hit the gym or get errands out of the way, but I felt that sobriety had a huge impact on my mood. Normally, I struggle with anxiety and depression, and after a night of drinking I often find myself with what I call an emotional hangovergrogginess that is more mental than it is physical. When I wasnt drinking, all of those wasted weekend mornings disappeared, and I found my mood was better throughout the entire week because of it. Nora Horvath

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    How To Detox From Alcohol Safely

    It is possible to safely detox from alcohol at home without medical supervision. But extra caution should be taken if youre detoxing on your own. Alcohol withdrawal can cause serious health issues that require medical treatment.

    To avoid severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you should slowly reduce alcohol consumption. Cautious tapering may take longer than medically supervised detox, but it will help you avoid major health problems.

    Tapering can help you overcome alcohol dependence, which is a side effect of chronic alcohol use that causes cravings and withdrawal. Detox doesnt treat addiction, which is a disease characterized by compulsive behaviors, such as chronic alcohol use.

    If youre addicted to alcohol, its unlikely that youll be able to recover without some form of addiction treatment. You may be able to detox at home and recover from alcoholism with the help of support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous. However, medically supervised detox and professional rehab are more likely to help you maintain long-term sobriety.

    Nanci Stockwell of Advanced Recovery Systems discusses the risks of detoxing at home and the benefits of detoxing from alcohol and other drugs in a safe environment.

    Don’t Run To Wine At The Drop Of A Hat

    Quit Smoking &  Alcohol
    • “I had to have a glass of wine after what he said to me!”
    • “What a day! Where’s the wine?”
    • “Someone just asked me if I’m pregnant! I’m not! I need a glass of wine!”

    In the course of most days, there are little upsets , but there are better ways to respond than drinking yet more wine. Start practicing dealing with the normal stresses and strains of life by not reaching for the bottle.

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    Heres The Good News About Drinking Wine And Losing Belly Fat Youre Here For:

    If you stop drinking wine, and keep doing everything else exactly the same, youll lose weight.

    Everyones body gains and loses weight in different places and at different rates, so whether or not your initial weight loss from quitting wine is all in the belly, or starts off being more noticeable on your face, your arms, your thighs, and then your belly dont be discouraged! Theres nothing you can do about this, your body will lose fat in the places it wants to lose fat, in the order its going to lose it, you cant control this.

    What you can control is staying in a calorie deficit by cutting out the wine and keeping everything else the same in terms of your diet and activity levels.

    But if you stop drinking wine, and now you have some extra time in your day, you might even find some extra energy to exercise more and this will speed up the weight loss even faster, which means that youll burn that belly fat even faster.

    One of the myths in terms of fitness and weight loss is the misconception that you can spot-reduce fat. Exercising your stomach wont burn belly fat more quickly, but it can help you build more muscle in the area which can help with the overall appearance.

    Think About Your Triggers

    It can be useful to have a think about what your triggers for drinking are. These could be social or environmental situations and events, such being out with friends or being home alone after putting the kids to bed or emotions, such as feeling happy or anxious.

    The availability and convenience of alcohol can influence peoples drinking, so one way to remove potential triggers is to change whats physically available to you.

    If you want to cut down on your drinking or stop drinking altogether, then you could not buy any, or buy less, alcoholic drinks when out shopping. Another option is to replace the alcoholic drinks you do have in your home, or that you usually buy, with alcohol-free alternatives.

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    Find Something Else You Like To Drink

    Of course, being sober doesnt mean your glass has to be empty, either. There are more tasty nonalcoholic beverages on the market than ever before. Find one you like, and use it to replace your evening drink or give yourself something to sip on at a party. This might help you beat alcohol cravings. Plus, if people see your glass is full, theyll be less likely to offer you a drink.

    Best For A Virtual Community: Sober Grid

    How Can I Stop Drinking Alcohol?
    • Price: free
    • Platforms: iOS and Android
    • Features: virtual community and blogging

    Sober Grid connects those who want to get sober or who are in recovery from alcohol use disorder with other people focused on sobriety. Some individuals join the app to receive support, while others join to give support.

    If a person needs to speak to someone right away, they can reach out to Sober Grids virtual community for support by selecting the Burning Desire button. Users of Sober Grid can also find friends while traveling, as the network connects people locally and anywhere in the world.

    The Sober Grid newsfeed allows people to share their thoughts, experiences, challenges, and triumphs related to recovery from addiction and sobriety.

    While Sober Grid is free to download, people can purchase optional in-app memberships, starting at $3.99 per month.

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    Your Sex Life Might Improve

    A bit of alcohol may make couples friskier. But anything more than a drink or so a day has the opposite effect, especially if you abuse or are addicted to alcohol. Men might have trouble getting and keeping an erection. Womenâs sex drive might drop, and their vagina might get drier. Cut down on the booze, and see if it stirs up the romance.

    Things To Think About Before You Start

    Have a think about the goal you want to achieve. Quitting alcohol completely can seem like a big step, but it could be the change of direction you need. Cutting down your drinking is also a positive goal, and it can even be the first step to quitting entirely.

    If youre ready to address your drinking, dont be afraid to reach out for help. Its much easier to make positive changes when youve got help and support from other people.

    You could:

    • Speak to your doctor about your worries, and your plan to address your drinking. Theyll be able to give you advice and useful information.
    • Tell your family and friends. If they know that youre trying to change your drinking habits, they can encourage and support you.
    • Find your nearest alcohol service. You can search for your nearest Change Grow Live alcohol service and look at treatment options further down the page.
    • Join a peer support group like Alcoholics Anonymous .

    If you are drinking alcohol every day and notice unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when you are not drinking, please do not stop drinking suddenly. This can cause extremely harmful withdrawal symptoms. Its important you make contact with your local treatment service to arrange a safe, medically supervised detox.

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    Quit Drinking Alcohol Today

    If want to know how to overcome alcoholism, its best to seek professional help at an alcohol treatment facility due to the difficulty in quitting alcohol while dealing with the effects of alcohol withdrawal.

    American Addiction Centers can improve treatment outcomes for those in recovery for alcohol use disorder. Find out if you or your loved ones insurance covers treatment at an American Addiction Centers facility by filling out the confidential form below:

    Decrease Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

    Stop Drinking Alcohol in 30 Days by Walker James Walker (English ...

    Alcohol is metabolized by the liver and an enzyme called dehydrogenases. However, when you drink in excess, the enzyme gets saturated and is metabolized by a different enzyme.

    When its metabolized by this different pathway, it produces lots of free radicals which is known to oxidize bad cholesterol , and when the LDL is oxidized it deposits on the carotid arteries forming , said Dasgupta.

    On the other hand, if you drink in moderation, alcohol doesnt have any effect on LDL, and instead increases good cholesterol .

    Drinking one or two glasses of wine once or twice a week has some health benefits, especially for men over 40 it reduces risk of cardiovascular disease for women you can get those benefits anytime, its not age-dependent, Dasgupta said.

    However, he notes that people of Chinese and Indian descent do not get the benefit of drinking alcohol due to a genetic reason that isnt clearly known.

    is, protect the heart with low amount of alcohol, but increase the risk of cardiovascular disease with high amount of alcohol, Dasgupta said.

    To better your heart further when cutting out alcohol, he suggests adding in exercise, which also increases good cholesterol.

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