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Who Owns Black Box Wine

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Peller Ceo John Peller Says The Timing Of The Three Deals Is Coincidental

Wine Review: Black Box Pinot Noir, California

Andrew Peller Ltd.;said Monday it has signed deals to acquire three B.C. wineries for a combined price of $95 million.

The Ontario-based wine producer says it has signed definitive agreements to acquire Black Hills Estate Winery and Gray Monk Estate Winery and a letter of intent to acquire Tinhorn Creek Vineyards.

Andrew Peller chief executive John Peller says the company has long-admired the three wineries, but the timing of the deals is purely coincidental.

“We’re buying them to invest resources into them so that they can achieve their ultimate goals and visions,” he said.

He says the deal will give the wineries access to capital as well as sales and marketing support that they did not have on their own.

“Our goal is to invest in the culture and legacy that they’ve established and then be in a position where we can add resources to their plans going forward,” he said.

Black Versus Bota Box Wine Battle

Black Box Wine, Bota Box Wine, Box Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Eco-friendly packaging

Youre a wine drinker and youve passed them in your local grocery. You look at them with curiosity, puzzlement, and perhaps even disdain.

Its time to lighten up to box wines and enjoy the often tasty and economical solution to wanting just one glass some nights. Boxed wines are better than ever before and shaking off the past negative images of swill in cardboard.

There is no point trying to convince anyone the grocery boxed wines are super, high-premium wines because for the most part they are not. Some brands will advertise that way but its misleading. Two of the most prominent in the Midwest are Black Box and Bota Box.

A definition or two is in order before going any further. The boxed wines come with an air-tight plastic pouch inside with a pour spout attached. Generally, once opened, the wines will last a month. The container holds four bottles of wine.; Different companies do offer different sizes and various price points.

Black Box has been a long-time player. Black Box got its start in 2002 with the promise of super-premium wine in an environmentally friendly box. Black Box is a leader in the business and sells for around $23. You can find it for as low as $19.99 in many places.

Keep in mind most of these wines are blends. In California, for instance, a wine only has to include 75 percent Cabernet to be called Cabernet. And lets face it, this isnt Napa Cab.

The Truth About Boxed Wine

Three liter boxes hold the equivalent of four 750mL glass bottles. Now, convenient tetra paks are gaining popularity with consumers.

For years, one of the most loathed word combinations in the long history of the grape was boxed wine and for good reason. For decades, poor quality wine, labeled simply as white or red, was relegated to these boxes and sold in supermarkets at bargain basement prices.

But things have changed in recent years.

Boxed wines, once the lowest level of the quality pyramid, are finally getting some respect. And theyre becoming increasingly popular among consumers.

Danny Brager, Nielsen Companys senior vice president of beverage alcohol practice, confirmed their newfound popularity at the 2016 Wine Market Council. While 750-ml glass bottles solidly hold 70 percent of the market, he said, 3-liter boxes and Tetra paks posted the strongest growth. At 3.3 percent of the market share, 3-liter boxes grew 13.7 and 12.3 percent in value and volume, respectively, while Tetra grew 21.9 and 21.8 percent.

Boxed wine originated in Australia in the 1930s, but it wasnt until the 1960s that Penfolds, one of Australias oldest wineries, patented the plastic, air-tight tap attached to a bladder, which closely resembles todays packaging.

In the case of 3-liter boxes, Brager said, the category has increased sales by introducing new buyers, including premium wine buyers, accounting for 44 percent of the growth.

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Should I Age The Wine Or Drink It Now

Drink the wine now. Aging doesnt improve Black Box Wines. Bag-in-box wines age more rapidly than bottled wines because microscopic amounts of oxygen pass through the surface of the bag and into the wine. This oxidation also occurs with bottles, but at a much slower pace. It is a general misconception that wines get better with age. The vast majority of wines begin to deteriorate 18 months after bottling. Dont age any wine unless the winery specifically recommends doing so.

Boxed Wine And Snobbish Notions

Box Wine Now Has its Own Judging Competition  Enobytes

Ryan Sproule wants American wine consumers to think outside the bottle.

The 41-year-old president and founder of Black Box Wines is betting that the fiercely snobbish U.S. wine market is ready to take a new look at an old technology: the bag in a box.

Boxed wines long have been associated with volume and low price rather than quality, but Sproule is looking to change that image with a new line of upscale wines that can persuade consumers that good things come in rectangular packages.

In doing so, the former software consultant is challenging traditional notions of wine sophistication.

“It takes a certain amount of confidence to drink wine out of a box,” he said.

Confidence is one thing Sproule doesn’t lack. He’s got strong arguments on his side and some good products to show off. The first release from Black Box is a 2002 Napa Valley chardonnay. It comes in a classy-looking 3-liter box to distinguish it from the 5-liter boxes employed by more traditional bag-in-a-box producers.

It’s a good wine, not spectacular but clearly competitive with bottled California chardonnays in the $12-to-$15 range. It costs $25 a box for the equivalent of four standard-sized bottles. That works out to $6.25 a bottle.

You can go to your local wine shop and look for a bottle of Napa Valley chardonnay at that price, but your search will be in vain. Double it to $12.50 and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bottle.

Bet on the box.

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Best Organic: Badger Mountain Red

;Courtesy of Badger Mountain Vineyard

Region: Washington State | ABV: 13.5% | Tasting Notes: Herbaceous, Pepper, Red fruits

Out of Washington states Columbia Valley comes this organically-produced red blend from Badger Mountain, curated by their head winemaker Jose Mendozano relation to the South American city.

Blending happens to be Mendozas specialty, so dig into this organically farmed red with its aromas of cherry, plum, cranberry and fennel. With flavors of dark fruits and pepper and sturdy tannins, this wine can be had on its own or paired with various meats and pasta.

Best Budget: Franzia Sunset Blush Pink Wine

;Courtesy of

Region: California | ABV: 9% | Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Ripe peach, Grapefruit

No proper boxed wine list is complete without an appearance by Franzia. Founded in 1906, Franzia is one of the worlds most popular wines. Its been known to invade your grandmothers fridge and college dinner parties. The label likes to have a little fun and shouldnt all wine do that? Their Sunset Blush Rosé is as fun as it gets from the perfect pink color to the medium-sweet notes of strawberry, peach and grapefruit.;Easily accessible and highly recognizable, this is also one of the most economical selections on our list.

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Best Pinot Grigio: Bandit Pinot Grigio

;Courtesy of Minibar

Region: California | ABV: 14% | Tasting Notes: Lemon peel, Apples, Stone fruit;

Founded by vintners Joel Gott, Charles Bieler, and Roger Scommegna, Bandit is committed to making delicious wine while preserving the National Parks system.

Not only does Bandit make a tasty pinot grigio, but their packaging makes it easier to have wine-on-the-go, optimal for camping trips and long mountain hikes. And once you reach the summit, youll be hit with creamy aromas of peach, apple, pear and lemon. This is semi-dry with a citrus finish. Bring along an almond-rich trail mix for an out-of-this-world pairing.

Constellation Transforms The Wine Market With Inside The Box Thinking

Black Box Wines Review

True packaging innovation is not easy to come by, especially when consumers, for hundreds of years, have been conditioned to view quality in a certain set way. Disrupting that way of thinking and transforming an entire market is exactly what Constellation Brands did with Black Box premium wines.

While wine has grown in stature in the U.S throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and as palates have become more sophisticated, box wine was lagging far behind. It simply wasnt attractive enough for serious drinkers. Until the early part of the new millennium, most box wines were commodities: they carried generic varietal names and the wine wasnt vintage dated, or stated its origins, as the premium wines are. Box wines only appeal was its low price, which enhanced its low quality perception.

Constellation though saw an opportunity where others saw none and in 2003 launched the first premium box wine, Black Box. The company, which also owns the Robert Mondavi winery, sort of stumbled into box wines when some of its executives were impressed by the quality of Black Box during a sampling. Constellation purchased the brand from the young entrepreneur who invented it. But, unlike the common mistake made when big companies buy a small brand, they were determined to maintain its authenticity.

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My Black Box Wine Was Good When I Opened It But Did Not Taste Fresh For A Full 6 Weeks After Opening What Went Wrong

Air probably seeped into the vacuum-sealed bag, which deteriorates the wine like an opened bottle. This may occur if the spout is opened when the box is upside down or on its side. Sometimes air will get into the bag with only a few ounces left. If you hear a gurgling sound when the wine is poured, assume the wine wont stay fresh for more than a couple of days.

Who Owns Burrowing Owl Winery

Who Owns Burrowing Owl Winery? Jim Wyse Founder & ProprietorHe studied Structural Engineering at U of T, and after a 4-year period of bridge building with Ontario Highways, went on to study business at the University of Western Ontarios Ivey Business School in London where he earned an MBA.

Who owns Burrowing Owl?;Bertus Albertyn, a South African, took over the senior wine making position in 2010. Jim Wyses son Chris Wyse is the current company president. Burrowing Owl Estate has been described by James Cluer, a Canadian Master of Wine, as a pioneer of the area and one of the iconic wineries of British Columbia.

Where is Burrowing Owl wine from?;Burrowing Owls vineyards are located in prime position on the eastern side of the Okanagan Valley between Osoyoos and Oliver, BC. Grapes from these vineyards have already attracted international acclaim. the Okanagan is producing truly outstanding wines.

Who owns Black Sage?;The Canadian group now operates as Arterra Wines Canada. The winemaker for both Sumac Ridge and Black Sage is Jason James. The current releases from the two brands showcase both the 2016 and the 2015 vintage.

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Why Black Box Wine


Black Box wine has a compact size that makes it easy to take with you on an adventure. And if you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is definitely something that youll appreciate.


You can open your wine without fear that itll go bad because it stays fresh for four to six weeks after opening. All you need to do is store in a cool, dry place at room temperature.


It leaves a small carbon footprint compared to bottled wines and is fully recyclable to reduce wastage.

Its Reputation Precedes It

Black Box is an award-winning brand that boasts of 50 gold medals and several best buys. If brand and reputation are anything to go by, then its a brand that you can trust.

How Do You Spot A Burrowing Owl

Boxed wines get classy

The breast is spotted, grading to dark brown bars on the belly. They have a bold white throat and eyebrows, and yellow eyes. The brown juveniles are less mottled than adults, with buffy-yellow underparts and wing patch. Burrowing Owls spend most of their time on the ground or on low perches such as fence posts.

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What Does Dragons Blood Sage Do

Today, its most common use is for digestive health. The plant resin was formerly ascribed cure-all properties, though this is not the case anymore. It was once thought to speed wound healing, and some healers used it for respiratory issues. Dragons blood was also employed for different gastrointestinal conditions.

Best Chardonnay: Black Box Chardonnay

;Courtesy of

Region: California | ABV: 14% | Tasting Notes: Oak, Apples, Tropical fruit

Black Box is known for its focus specifically on making great wine that pairs well with a variety of dishes. Their chardonnay delivers citrus aromas with buttery flavors of oak, apple, pear and mango.;Bold, semi-sweet with a lasting toasted finish, this chardonnay pairs well with lighter fare like roast chicken and potatoes, or richer whitefish piccata.

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Best White: Frontera Sauvignon Blanc

courtesy of Marketview Liquors

Region: Chile | ABV: 12.5% | Tasting Notes: Lemon peel, Tropical fruit, Green apple

Bright, young, and fresh, this summery Sav Blanc has its zippy roots in Chiles Central Valley, where the grapes have a mineral exuberance. Its a crisp sip with citrusy, snappy appeal, hints of tropical fruit, and a clean finish that makes it a match for all sorts of light picnic foods. This ones a refreshing bargain.

Best Red: Pour Haus Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine Review: Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon

Courtesy of Minibar

Region: California | ABV: 13% | Tasting Notes: Red fruits, Spice, Rhubarb

Cabernet Sauvignon, the head honcho of red wine grapes, doesnt always translate well into a box, but the clever folks behind Pour Haus have figured it out. This California blend is bold and mildly acidic with oaky flavor notes of strawberry, raspberry, spice and rhubarb. Luscious and full-bodied, you’ll want to pair this with fatty meats and rich cheeses. This wine delivers exceptional quality and value.

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Best Ros: Le Vieille Ferme

Courtesy of Amazon

Region: France | ABV: 12.5% | Tasting Notes: Floral, Citrus, Peach

Brown calls this wine produced by the Southern Rhônes famed Perrin family one of the best wine values of the wine world.

A blend of syrah, grenache, and cinsault, its a consistent gem thats 100 percent crushable, she says, with a red-fruit palate and touches of citrus, peach flesh, and white flowers.

It’s a perfect match poolside with friends, for those regular Tuesday nights with leftover Chinese food, or while simply Netflix and chilling,;folding laundry. Nadine Brown, wine consultant and former wine director of Charlie Palmer Steak in DC

Constellation To Offload 30 Brands In $17 Billion Gallo Deal

US drinks firm Constellation Brands has agreed to sell approximately 30 wine and spirits brands to E&J Gallo Winery for US$1.7 billion.

The deal includes brands principally priced at US$11 RRP or below and mostly relates to Constellations wine portfolio. According to the New York-based group, the sale will allow it to hone its premium focus.

In a statement, Constellation confirmed the sale includes its Paul Masson brandy and Black Box vodka brands. Paul Masson is one of the worlds largest brandy brands, selling two million cases. Svedka Vodka, Casa Noble Tequila and High West American whiskey remain in Constellations portfolio.

In terms of wine, Constellation has retained the Robert Mondavi, The Prisoner Wine Company, Kim Crawford, Ruffino and Meiomi brands, as well as high-end wines Simi, Schrader Cellars and Mount Veeder, and wine innovations Cooper & Thief and Spoken Barrel.

E&J Gallo confirmed it has acquired the wine brands Clos du Bois, Black Box, Estancia, Mark West, Wild Horse, Franciscan and Ravenswood. In addition, the firm has purchased six wineries in California, Washington and New York.

According to Joseph E Gallo, group CEO, the acquisition will allow the company to offer a greater ladder of product prices and recruit new drinkers.

We will continue to provide our customers and consumers with quality products at every price point.

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Does Box Wine Have A Limited Shelf Life Even If It Isnt Opened

Yes. Black Box Wines are best within the first year. The date the wine was packaged is stamped on the bottom of the box. A bag-in-box wine has a shorter shelf life than bottled wine because microscopic amounts of oxygen actually pass through the surface of the bag over time and age the wine. This oxidation also happens in bottled wine, but at a much slower pace. You can drink box wine after a year, but the flavors will have faded. Our distributors and retailers should pull expired wine off the shelf. If you try a Black Box Wine that doesnt taste right, please return it to the retailer and alert us through our contact page.

Loyalty Program Offers Consumers Exclusive Benefits

We Tried the Most Popular Boxed Wine Brands. Here

Black Box Wines, a brand of Victor, N.Y.-based Constellation Brands Inc., announced the debut of Black Box Rewards, a new loyalty program for its U.S. consumers that launched this summer.

The program features a system of points that are easy-to-earn and redeem, offering consumers high-value rewards like discounts, event access, products and gift cards from top brands like Sephora, Uber, Groupon, GOVINO, Hulu and more, the company says. As one of the first wine brands to launch a loyalty program of this caliber, Black Box now offers participating consumers exclusive benefits, including an ever-changing offering of rewards and dedicated sweepstakes, it adds.

To participate, consumers can visit;;to sign up and create a rewards profile, which allows users to begin acquiring, tracking and redeeming points for Black Box Wines purchases and/or online engagement in states where it is legally available.;Once activated, users can upload receipts for wine purchases to receive 2,000 points for every 3-liter box and 300 points for every 500-ml box . As few as 1,000 points are required to redeem a members first reward, and a bonus of 1,500 points is offered just for signing up for the program, according to the company. Participants also can earn rewards for following and joining the conversation on Black Box Wines social media channels.

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