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Where To Buy Wine Gift Baskets

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Wine Gifts: Nice To Give Fine To Get

How to Make a Wine Gift Basket | DIY GIFTS

Wine is always good for the day on a birthday or a reception. For fine wine Gifts you are at the right place at For over 14 years we have been in the care of the best wine gifts. Ordering a wine package is very easy. We take care of the luxury packaging. All you have to do is make another happy. Those who gift our wine package are sure that the content will be cherished, opened and enjoyed, as it should be!

Wine gifts with all kinds of customised workIf you want to personalize wine gifts, just indicate it. Giving a wine gift with a special logo or its own wine label is just that little bit extra. In consultation We make your wishes a reality. Send a message or better yet, call 0182-761233. does not like anonymous contact, with us you get a real person on the line. Together we create wine gifts that meet what you have in mind.

California Grandeur Wine And Gourmet Gift Basket

Are you looking for a gift basket for experienced wine lovers or a corporate gift for your team? With this Californian wine selection, youre sure to make a huge impression. Drink-wise, there are two California white wines and three reds. Snack-wise, this great gourmet gift is packed with two assorted Godiva chocolate bars, truffles, chocolate-covered nuts, cake cookies, savory crisps, chocolate toffee, smoked beef sticks, and much more.

This $299.95 wine and chocolate gift basket are one of the most elegant, sophisticated gourmet gifts everyone in the office or at any event will love.

for more information about the California Grandeur Wine and Gourmet Gift Basket.

Bella Italia Gift Basket

This lovely Bella Italia gift basket comes with three classic Italian wines: Pinot Grigio, Barbera, and Chianti. The Pinot Grigio has apple, pear, and almond notes, while the Barbera has violet and plum flavors followed by red fruit and a touch of earthiness. The Chianti comes with tart red berries, dried sage, and some hints of cedar.

All pasta lovers will appreciate its delicious gourmet pasta with sauces, including the marinara and vodka sauce. On top of delicious food and drinks, this gorgeous gift basket comes in a colander, which can be a lovely addition to the recipients kitchen.

This all-in-one wine, pasta, and snack gift basket will cost you $99.95, with the delivery across the U.S starting from $16.13.

for more details about the 2020 Bella Italia Gift Basket.

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The Classic Wine Duet

If youre looking to brighten someones day, ordering this gorgeous wine gift basket will certainly do the trick. Inside, there is a bottle of Tanner Ridge California Chardonnay and an elegantly styled DeepRoot Reserve Red. Snack-wise, youll find Everything Bagel Cashews, Red Hatch Chile Peanuts, and Churro Almonds.

Every little detail in this basket is well-thought-out, and it comes with a lovely solid-color decorative ribbon. The package also has a free card to add a greeting or send a message.

This $99.95 gift basket perfectly suits any party or event and is an excellent gift for wine and gourmet snack lovers.

to find out more about this beautiful basket.

California Wine Corporate Crate

Luxury Red Wine Gift Basket  buy online or call 01743 366111

If youre looking for a gift basket that will make a long-lasting impression, youve found one. The California Wine Corporate Crate is one of the markets best wine and chocolate gift baskets anyone with a sweet tooth will cherish. Inside, there are three boxes of Godiva chocolates covered with pretzels, almonds, cashews, a BroBasket travel mug, Caribbean coffee, more dark chocolate, and a reusable wooden crate.

The central piece of this $129.95 wine gift box is a delicious 80 to 90 points rated California Grown red wine. You can choose between the Cabernet, Pinot, or Red Blend. You can also select a spirit and include up to two bottles in your basket.

to find out more about the California Wine Corporate Crate.

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Picking The Best Wine Gift Basket

1. Red Wine Varietals

a. Consider sending a red wine basket or box, complete with our most popular meats and cheeses. From rich and fruity notes, to aromatic and full-bodied flavors, send a gift of indulgence any wine lover will enjoy. We have a fine selection of cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, and merlot to choose from.

2. Refreshing White Wine

a. For pure decadence, consider sending a white wine basket. Each paired with satisfying snacks, with our white wine gift sets range from the rich flavors of chardonnays to sauvignon blancs summer in a glass. This is the perfect gift to send to friends, family, and loved ones who enjoy entertaining.

If theres cause for celebration, nothing says congratulations like a champagne gift basket. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and more, gift those closest to you a sparkling wine gift set. Sparkling wine and spreads of gourmet food is how memories are made.

And if you want to deliver fun for any occasion, our rosé wine makes for a fantastic gift. Sweet or dry, Rose paired with Hickory Farms signature foods offer a delectable way to celebrate or kick off an event.

Finally, explore our collection of regional flavors with our California wine gift baskets, perfect for those looking for a taste of the West Coast! If you want more control curating the wine in your gift box set, we offer many different individual wine bottles you can add to your online order.

The Best Wine Gift Baskets & Gift Sets

Find exceptional wine gift baskets and gift sets, delivered for your convenience and available in a wide variety of gifting options. The best wine baskets can put an exclamation mark on any ordinary day and they make the most enjoyable gifts, too. Our gift baskets contain artfully paired gourmet food, fruit; and delectable Harry & David wines. Find a carefully curated selection of specialty food pairings, like wine and cheese gift baskets. Take a tasting tour through our expertly paired wine gift sets and pick your favorites from sparkling, reds, French or Italian varieties, sweet dessert wines; and more. Our wine trio gift sets are a wonderful introduction to specific regions of wine makers and give you the opportunity to experience unique wine flavor profiles from coast to coast.

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Wine Baskets With Gourmet Food

Gift friends and family a wine and cheese basket the perfect picnic pairing. Or treat them to a curated gift basket of wine, charcuterie, and snacks suitable for celebrations and entertaining.

Whatever the situation, our gourmet wine baskets and boxes are sure to please any palate. Choose from a wide selection of wine gift sets to deliver featuring red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines. Each is uniquely paired with charcuterie, hearty snacks, or treats to offer the best gift basket spread possible!

Best Overall: Gift Tree The Premier Selection Gift Basket

How To Make a Gift Basket, hosted by Debbie Quintana of Gourmet Gifts

Includes: Wine Trio of choice, camembert cheese, olive oil crostini, manzanilla olives, chocolate-covered cherries, Gardettos snack mix, candies, butter toffee caramels, white cheddar popcorn, and more

A top-notch wine gift basket has enough wine and snacks for a good night in. Gift Trees Premier Selection gift basket includes three wines with assorted snacks and desserts, with everything arriving in a hand-stitched leather tote.

Gift Tree gives two options for wine: Standard and Premium . No matter which you choose, the basket comes with goodies like Camembert cheese, Manzanilla olives, snack mix, chocolate-covered cherries, gummy bears, white Cheddar popcorn, and English toffee caramels. The package is securely wrapped, can be personalized with a message, and even includes scissors for easier opening.

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Brut Strength Champagne Crate

Featuring next on our list is this magnificent gift box, including a champagne flute set, personalized stainless steel champagne saber, a champagne stopper, and mixed roasted and salted nuts. To make things even more authentic, the whole box ships in a wooden crate with a laser-etched crowbar.

This $79.99 champagne gift box is a perfect gift for dads, brothers, or boyfriends who are into stylish champagne glasses and have a thing for champagne sabers.

for more information about the Brut Strength Champagne Crate.

Ham And Turkey Buffet Gift With Wine From Harry And David


They say nothing is better than a home-cooked meal, but if distance or time constraints mean youre not physically able to prepare your loved one their favorite dish, Harry and David have you covered. A beautiful and thoughtful gift for those who have lost someone, new parents who dont have time to cook, or someone deserving of a night off in the kitchen, this wine gift basket makes it easy for the recipient to enjoy a restaurant-style meal in the comfort of their own home. The Ham and Turkey Buffet Gift includes two bottles of wine, as well as all the fixings for a five-star meal, including honey glazed ham, sliced turkey breast, a loaf of bread, several condiments and side dishes as well as cheesecake for dessert. Theres always room for dessert!

Ham and Turkey Buffet Gift with Wine from Harry and David


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California Wine Tour Gift Basket

Were happy to present this beautiful all-Californian wine gift basket for those who want to taste some of the best wines from the region. The set includes a Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon, along with an assortment of tasty gourmet foods.

The snacks include Hickory Farms cheddar cheese and sweet hot mustard, Omaha Steaks Italian dry salami, Starbucks Hot Cocoa, olive oil and rosemary crackers, and more.

This $99.99 stunning wine basket is an excellent gift idea for anyone who likes the taste of Californias premium wine and some tasty snacks to accompany it.

to get more details about the California Wine Tour Gift Basket.

Can Wine Be Shipped To All 50 States

Luxury Red Wine Gift Basket.  buy online or call 0151 928 ...

Wine can be shipped to nearly all 50 states, although each state has its own set of rules. According to the NCSL, Alabama, Mississippi, Utah, and Kentucky specifically prohibit the direct shipment of alcohol to consumers, which includes wine.

The remaining states allow some form of direct-to-consumer wine shipments; however, the retailer or winery must label the package as containing wine and you may have to pay an alcohol shipping or signing fee. Additionally, you must be 21 years or older to purchase wine online. Websites that sell wine will require you to enter your date of birth before accessing the site or purchasing.

It is worth noting as well that the United States Postal Service does not deliver or ship wine, nor will it allow shipping of packages that include alcohol branding or once carried alcohol. Retailers that ship wine use UPS or FedEx.

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Send Wine Gift Baskets

What better way to celebrate good times and special events than with a thoughtful Ontario wine gift baskets. Our perfectly paired wine and gourmet gifts are perfect for special;celebrations and parties. Celebrate life’s milestones with a luxury champagne gift basket in Ontario. Our premium wine gifts are expertly created and will be sure to impress your friend with a sophisticated paletteShop our website today and discover our wide selection of wine and smoked salmon gifts, wine and fresh fruit baskets, wine and cheese gifts;and more! A Canadian corporate wine gift is the ideal way to make a positive first impression on new clients and colleagues. At The Sweet Basket Company, we offer a variety of wine gift baskets that let you show your gratitude for your employee’s hard work. An Ontario wine basket is a great retirement gift to recognize your team meber’s devotion to their career.Choose sweet and savory gourmet fare complemented with full bodied wines to send or share with special family and friends. We offer prompt delivery to all residences and businesses across Canada.

Festive Gift Basket With Wine From Harry And David


Chocolate is the great communicator. It can say I love you, happy birthday, Im sorry, thank you, good job and happy holidays. And if you pair it with wine? Even better. The Festive Gift Basket from Harry and David includes a bottle of the companys gold medal-winning Pinot Noir as well as a wide assortment of chocolate delights, including milk chocolate covered malt balls and blueberries, dark chocolate covered graham crackers, yogurt covered pretzels and Moose Munch Premium Popcorn, which you guessed it, includes chocolate. The gift set comes in a blue basket with a blue ribbon, but the decoration can be repurposed for just about any gift-giving situation.

Festive Gift Basket with Wine from Harry and David


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Ultimate Wine Pairing Collection From Harry And David


Harry and David are one of the leaders in wine gift baskets, so when they label one of their offerings as Ultimate, they mean it. The perfect mix of salty and sweet, this massive wine basket packs the wow factor needed for a gift that will impress. The basket comes with three bottles of Harry and David wine, including a Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and a Cabernet Sauvignon. The seemingly endless list of snacks features a variety of cheeses, meats, crackers, nuts, dried fruit and chocolate. Its the perfect basket for sharing with the crowd or keeping all to yourself. Theres no judgment when it comes to wine gift baskets.

Ultimate Wine Pairing Collection from Harry and David


Point Prosecco & Cheese Gift Basket

Cheese Gift Baskets From

Heres one of the most charming wine and cheese gift baskets you can find for $44.99. Inside, youll find a lovely Italian prosecco with a savory collection of cheese, olives, fruit and nut mix, and crackers.

The Zonin prosecco is a pale, straw yellow mousse-rich wine with subtle green hues. An elegant wine enhanced by lovely fruity notes is bound to please every dry wine enthusiast. Just like other wines from the 90-point collection, this prosecco is one of the highest-rated wines on the market.

to find out more about this charming wine basket.

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Point Grand Gourmet Wine Gift Basket

The 90 Point Grand Gourmet Wine gift basket is a gourmet gift in every sense. The folks over at equipped this basket with the following wines:

  • DAOUs Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Baileyanas Chardonnay
  • Seghesio Sonomas Zinfandel

These wines are all rated with 90+ points, making this basket a premium option for expert wine enthusiasts.

This basket comes with a pack of twenty gourmet snacks next to the four exquisite wines, including premium milk chocolate, Alaskan Smokehouse salmon fillet, Swiss cheese, olives, pretzels, chocolate truffles, chocolate chip cookies, and much more.

The $229.99 content-packed basket is a great corporate gift. Many people can enjoy delicious snacks while sipping some of the highest-rated wines.

to find out more about the 90 Point Grand Gourmet Wine Basket.

Collectors Edition Grand Gourmet Wine Gift Basket

Last but not least is the ultimate Collectors Edition wine basket with the top goodies selection perfectly paired with four premium wines. Inside, youll find:

  • Chimney Rock Cabernet Sauvignon dating from 2016 with a rating of 92 points
  • Billecart-Salmons Brut Rose, 94-point rated
  • Tenuta Guado al Tassos red wine with plum, blueberry jam, licorice root, and balsamic aromas from 2016. Impressive 98-point rating.
  • Far Nientes Chardonnay with melon, citrus, and white blossom aroma with flint and sweet oak notes from 2017. This wine has a 91-point rating.
  • Salmon fillet from Alaska Smokehouse
  • Cheese, crackers, olives
  • Italian Dry Salami from Omaha Steaks
  • Cheese straws
  • Godiva truffles and almond-covered chocolate
  • Caramel popcorn
  • Much more

This $499.99 ultimate gift basket can make a stunning entrance into any corporate event or large family gathering.

for additional information about the Collectors Edition Grand Gourmet Wine Gift Basket.

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Wine Gift Baskets Toronto

Uncork a bottle of relaxation with our elegant wine gift baskets. Weve added gourmet snacks to make the perfect pairing to celebrate any event. Browse our wine gift baskets filled with Chardonnay, Cabernet, or your favourite, along with curated treats from around the world.

Yes We Are Open

Same Day Delivery is FREE in Toronto GTA, for baskets over $100, for orders placed before 11am. Click here;Free Same Day Delivery Toronto;for more details.

Our premium wine gift baskets are paired with gourmet cheeses, chocolates, and snacks for a luxurious treat fit for any occasion. Choose from our selection of wine gift sets that suits your budget to bring wine country straight to someone’s home. Send a wine present for your next birthday or holiday with our wine delivery to Toronto and all of Canada. We include top-quality products in our wine and chocolate gifts to ensure a smile on the receiver’s face. Packaged to perfection, send someone red or white wine with our fast same and next day shipping options.

Online Wine Baskets

How to send wine as a gift

Where to buy wine gift baskets

Wine Gift Baskets Canada

Our fast and reliable delivery service includes free shipping on all orders of $100 or more. We offer same-day delivery options on all Toronto addresses. For the rest of Canada, we have speedy delivery to ensure your package arrives on time.

Wine And Cheese Gift Baskets

Wine gift basket idea for a brand new mommy!

Our Wine and Cheese Platter;is perfect for an evening of entertainment.;;This long time favorite features a savoury selection of fine cheeses, Mediterranean crisps, cheese biscuits , and French Baron Philippe de Rothschild Merlot, perfectly assembled on a wooden cheese board complete with knives. Our Canadian wine gifts taste so good you will feel like you’re dining in the rolling hills of Provence.;Our Fruit and Gourmet Extravaganza;offers a luxurious assortment of fresh fruit, gourmet fare and wine! This fine gift features fine cheeses, wine and cheese biscuits, seasoned pretzels, cheese straws, rich Godiva Belgian chocolate, Italian red wine and more!

Our picnic gift hampers and wine baskets are the perfect touch for a romantic date night. Take advantage of your surroundings while enjoying quality snacks and delicious wine. Custom wine gift baskets are available to include fresh fruits, smoked salmon, fine chocolate and more!

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