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Sting Reveals He Was Duped Into Buying Italian Wine Estate By Aristocratic Owner

Sting and Jimmy Have a Wine-Tasting Interview

The previous owner of the Tuscan vineyard, a duke, gave the pop star a message from the wrong bottle

From his idyllic estate in the heart of Tuscany he produces award-winning wines, but they were not always quite so acclaimed.

Sting has revealed that he was duped into buying his property, Il Palagio, by its aristocratic owner after the duke gave him a glass of one of Italy’s most celebrated red wines but passed it off as his own.

The sleight of hand convinced the British rock star to buy the estate and its vineyards it was only later that he realised that the wine produced on the land he had acquired was fairly ordinary plonk.

Falling for the ruse made him determined to turn around the estate, located in a part of Tuscany nicknamed Chiantishire for its popularity among British expatriates, and ensure that within a few years he was producing decent wine wine.

He has done that, and more in 2016 one of his wines, a red named Sister Moon after one of his songs, was declared to be one of Italys finest 100 wines.

Other wines that he and his wife, Trudy Styler, produce include a red called When We Dance, a spumante called Message in a Bottle and a white called Baci Sulla Bocca Kisses on the Lips.

The hard work he has put in over the years was a means of avenging the subterfuge of the estates previous owner, an Italian aristocrat named Duke Simone Vincenzo Velluti Zati di San Clemente.

Roxanne Rosso Toscana Il Palagio Taub Family Selections
    Roxanne… wife of Alexander the Great, Cyrano de Bergeracs unrequited love and the eponymous subject of one of Stings earliest and most famous songs. And now a delicious Toscana IGT, joining the portfolio of widely acclaimed wines produced at Il Palagio. Winemaking & Vintage Notes

Sting Reveals He Was Tricked Into Buying His Italian Wine Estate

A message in a bottle turned out to be a clever example of sleight of hand from one aristocratic vineyard owner, who tricked legendary singer Sting into buying a Tuscany wine estate.

Though buying a wine estate is beyond most of our wildest dreams, for those operating in such rarified air as former lead singer and bassist for the Police, Sting, such pursuits are but the next exciting adventure.

Though it turns out that even the mind behind such hits as Every Breath You Take and Roxanne can fall foul to a clever ruse, after Sting revealed that he was duped into buying his Tuscan wine estate by its aristocratic owner.

We reported back in 2017 that the former owner of the Il Palagio estate gave Sting a glass of Barolo from elsewhere, and passed it off as wine from the estate Sting was looking into purchasing.

We were looking for a house in Italy, and we found this nice comfortable property that was rundown, as were the vineyards, Sting told db.

He later realised that the wines from the estate he had bought were not currently of a particularly high quality though falling for the trick made him determined to turn around the fortunes of the ailing winery.

Now, the story has been told once more, as Sting told Sette magazine:

He offered us a glass of red from a carafe during one of our early visits to Il Palagio.

However. upon serving actual wine from the estate to friends and family, Sting quickly realised that he had been duped.

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Rescue At The Last Minute

The history of this magnificent estate dates back to the 15th century. In the following decades the owners of the “Il Palagio” frequently changed. In the late 1990s, Sting and Trudie rescued the estate, which was marked by decay. With loving attention to detail, the couple restored the estates and buildings. Today, the 350 hectares of “Il Palagio” shine again in the old splendor.

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Roxanne Comes From A 200

10:00 AM on Nov 25, 2019 CST

Its easy to be skeptical about celebrity wines. Is it a vanity project that will add to someones brand? Is the celebrity being used by a wine company to market to a wine?

But sometimes, in the case of Sting and Trudie Stylers new Roxanne wines, the wine comes from an estate with a more-than-200-year history in the classic wine region of Tuscany. The estate was restored with advice from Alan York, who was one of the worlds foremost experts on organic and biodynamic agriculture, and the wine is certified organic and made with the guidance of a dream team of viticulturist and winemaker.

In Tuscany, Tenuta Il Palagio is an 865-acre estate located about 25 miles south of Florence dating from 1500s. Sting and his wife Styler, a film producer and actress, bought the property in 1997 as a summer home. They have spent several years renovating the estate, including its olive trees and vineyards as well as adding around 80 beehives.

‘decanter’ Magazine Reports The Story Behind Sting Buying An Italian Villa

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When Sting and his wife Trudie Styler bought the centuries-old villa in Tuscany, the owner offered them some wine. They liked it and bought the vineyard too. But the wine wasn’t a local vintage.


Good morning. I’m A Martinez. In 1997, Sting and his wife, Trudie, bought a run-down, centuries-old villa in Tuscany. The owner offered them a glass of the estate’s wine, so they bought the vineyard, too. But as Sting told Decanter magazine, they were duped. It wasn’t a local vintage at all. Now they make their own wines on the property. And there’s a message in every bottle named for Sting’s song. Roxanne, you don’t have to pour out that red wine. It’s MORNING EDITION.

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When We Dance 2017 Il Palagio
    When we dance 2017. This charming every day chianti is again named after a Sting song When We Dance. With 95% Sangiovese blended with Canaiolo and Colorino grapes, the alcohol content is 13%. When We Dance is a glorious ruby red colour and has a palate that is balanced and smooth. Perfect for combining with traditional Tuscan recipes …

Il Palagio And Tuscany

Jim Rauch Route to Sting House w/Susan Bahns

On the Ligurian coast lies one of the worlds most renowned wine-growing regions: Tuscany. The region and its capital Florence are part of the Great Wine Capitals network, into which only one wine-growing region per country is admitted. Almost ideal geological and climatic conditions allow the regions vineyards to produce high-quality wines with a unique and individual note. Graced with plenty of sun and sufficient rain, the Tuscan grapes growing on barren lime ground make for wines that are loved by connoisseurs the world over.

Grapes are cultivated on almost 65,000 hectares in Tuscany. The vineyards stretch from the Mediterranean coast in the West to the slopes of the Apennines in the North and East to the Maremma in the South, which extends all the way to Lazio. Around two thirds of the vineyards are located on hillsides at an altitude of 100 to 500 metres above sea level.

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A Red Wine Produced At The Tuscan Estate Owned By British Singer

Sister Moon, named after one of the former Police frontmans songs, has been listed among the top picks by US wine magazine Wine Spectator.

It is one of four wines produced at the Tenuta il Palagio winery, a 16th century estate that Sting and his wife Trudie Styler purchased 16 years ago.

The award gives the Englishman in Tuscanys wine a spot at Wine Spectators table at the OperaWine event during Vinitaly in April.

Sister Moon was the first IGT Toscano wine produced at Il Palagio. It is aged for 24 months in new French barrels, has an alcohol content of 14.9% abv, and comes with a £36 price-tag for a bottle of the 2008 vintage.

It is made with 40% Sangiovese, 30% Merlot 30% and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon grown at the 350-hectare estate.

The trick behind producing the award-winning wine may be Stings penchant for singing to the grapes, a hobby he revealed last year.

I sing in the cellar. I like to think the wines taken it in, he said.

Other wines produced at the estate include When We Dance and Casino Delle Wie and, of course, Message in a Bottle.

Tenuta il Palagio also produces honey and olive oil, and has hosted famous guests who pay US$7,000 for a seven-day stay in a Villa on its grounds.

Vintage Roots, Stings UK importer, has been contacted for comment.

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Il Palagio: The Winery Of Sting And Trudie

“A wine is like a song, it has to tell a story. That’s why I named my wines after my biggest hits “, Sting says about his second passion besides music. And so the singer enthuses with his winery “Il Palagio” wine and music fans alike. Between green hills and olive groves, lakes and fragrant cereal fields, the estate lies in the lush vegetation of Tuscany. Pampered by the sun, yet well supplied with rain, the vines on the lime soil find ideal conditions. This unique composition makes the region one of the most renowned growing areas in the world.

  • © Il Palagio co Sting e Trudie Styler
  • Sting Says An Italian Duke Tricked Him Into Buying A Tuscan Wine Estate

    Buy Il Palagio Sting Roxanne Bianco 2018

    The singer’s vineyards now produce around 150,000 bottles of wine a year.

    Impeccably aged rock star Sting has owned his 865-acre Tuscan estate and its accompanying vineyards since the late 1990s, when then-owner Duke Simone Vincenzo Velluti Zati di San Clemente started inviting the former Police frontman and his wife to visit the historic property. After several trips to Il Palagio, Sting was almost convinced that he needed to purchase the circa-17th century property, but it was a glass of wine that sealed the deal.

    ” offered us a glass of red from a carafe during one of our early visits to Il Palagio,” Sting recently told Italian magazine Sette. “We were negotiating the purchase. We liked the property a lot, even though it was in ruins. The duke asked me if I wanted to taste the wine produced by the estate and I said yes. It was an excellent wine and that convinced me to buy the vineyards as well.”

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    But as Sting found out later the Duke punked him in maybe the most rich dude way possible. The wine he gave his guests wasn’t from Il Palagio, or even from Tuscany. Instead, he used a glass of Barolo to wow Sting into buying the then-crumbling property. The Duke was probably elsewhere in Italy, giggling to himself by the time Sting figured out what he’d done.

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    Biodynamic Cultivation In Tuscany

    The vineyards were replanted with the help of internationally renowned American organic expert Alan York. Organic and sustainable winegrowing is a special concern of Sting and Trudie. Focus is of course, as a main grape variety of Tuscany, the Sangiovese. Cabernet Sauvignon, Trebbiano, Vermentino and Merlot are also grown. At the end – with wines like “Sister Moon” or “When We Dance” – a high-quality result with an individual touch. With so much passion, no surprise: The “Wine Spectator” nominated the winery among the top 100 in Italy.

    Wine Spat: Italy Heir Accuses Sting Of Slander Flat Apology

    The heir of a late duke who sold Sting his Tuscan winery 25 years ago says the singer has hit a flat note with a lame apology for comments the family deems slanderous

    Michael Ian Black says Im Sorry

    MILAN — The heir of a late duke who sold Sting his Tuscan winery 25 years ago says the singer has hit a flat note with a lame apology for comments the family deems slanderous.

    The juicy celebrity dispute has spilled onto the pages of Italian newspapers. Sting told the weekly magazine Sette on Aug. 13 that he was persuaded into buying the Palagio winery near Florence in 1997 after tasting an excellent glass of red wine offered by the owner, Simone Vincenzo Velluti Zati di San Clemente. The singer, however, said it later turned out that the wine was a Barolo from Italy’s Piedmont region, and not a local Tuscan Chianti at all.

    The magazine labeled the move a hoax and claimed the singer had been tricked into the purchase.

    Sting, in the interview, said he only realized the truth about the wines origins after he had purchased the Palagio estate, including its vineyards, and he noticed guests pouring the Palagio red into the bushes rather than drinking it. He said he and his wife became determined to avenge themselves by producing an excellent wine also from the Palagio vineyards.”

    The 45-year-old son of the duke, who died in 2012 at 86, wrote a long, stinging rebuke to Stings accusations, calling them slander, poisonous and completely false.

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    Sting Onlineshop Weine Von Sting & Trudie Weingut Il
      Dieci Toscana Rosso 2016 marks the tenth anniversary of Sting & Trudie at the Il Palagio winery. Full-blooded red, pepper notes, smoky and full-bodied finish with fruity balance. This 100% Sangiovese wine is truly a successful anniversary wine and reason enough to celebrate. Recommended drinking temperature: 16°C-18°C.

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    Sting Was Tricked Into Buying Italian Wine Estate Il Palagio

    Sting has revealed to Sette Magazine that he was tricked into buying his Italian wine estate, Il Palagio.

    As the story goes, the previous aristocratic vineyard owner served the Police bassist a glass of delicious red wine as the singer and his wife were looking for a home in Tuscany. He offered us a glass of red from a carafe during one of our early visits to Il Palagio, he told the outlet. We were negotiating the purchase. We liked the property a lot, even though it was in ruins. The duke asked me if I wanted to taste the wine produced by the estate and I said yes. It was an excellent wine and that convinced me to buy the vineyards as well. It was only later that we found out that the duke had served us a Barolo and not his own wine.

    It wasnt long, however, until Sting realized he had been duped. When we served the wine from the estate to our guests, I saw that someone was emptying their glass into a flowerbed, explained the musician. It was then that we decided to avenge ourselves and to show that it was possible to produce excellent wine from the vineyards at Palagio. Our whole Tuscan adventure has really been a way of getting our own back, he revealed.

    Sting has since made good on his word, turning Il Palagio into one of Tuscanys top wineries. In 2016, his Sister Moon wine a blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes was recognised as one of the 101 best wines in Italy by Wine Spectator.

    Il Palagio Message In A Bottle Red Blend Igt

    Item # 22045 | UPC 8027603003612 | 750 ml

    A new wine from Sting in Tuscany.

    A delicious and juicy red with hazelnut, plum, and bark aromas and flavours. Medium to full body, firm tannins and a flavourful finish.

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