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How To Sell Bottles Of Wine

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Best Ways To Sell Your Wine

Selling a bottle of wine as a waiter is easy with these serving steps. Training by serving101

So what are the best ways to sell your wine online? We’ve already shown you the best places to buy wine online, but those aren’t the sites where you will be selling yours.

You may know that selling wine is not necessarily as easy as going on Craigslist or eBay. In fact, there are certain hoops you need to jump in order to do it legally. To find out more about how to sell wine and sales laws, keep reading.

Why You Can Feel Comfortable Selling Your Wine With Cellarspace:

  • When you sell with CellarSpace, you arent charged any upfront fees. You are charged a commission of the sale price, only once your wine has sold.
  • CellarSpace Private Cellars are audited for quality which means when you sell your products with us, you are selling alongside the finest cellar doors and private collections in the country.
  • You have access to our CellarSpace support team who can assist you with the selling process right from valuation through to delivery.
  • When you sell with CellarSpace, you are selling through a platform thats been built to deliver an effortless seller experience.

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Average Cost Of A Bottle Of Wine: Retail

Above are the commonly-accepted market segmentation of retail wine and their average retail price. The average cost of a bottle of wine depends heavily on the segmentation.

The breakdown of average price of wine:

  • Jug wine. The average wine price of jug wine is just below $5. Jug wines make up about 12% of total retail sales.
  • Popular-premium. The average price of popular table wine is between $5 and $10. This type of wine makes up 33% of total retail sales.
  • Mid-premium. The average price of popular table wine is between $10 and $15. This type of wine makes up roughly 8% of total retail sales.
  • Super-premium. Super premium wines have an average price of between $15 and $20. These make up around 8% of total retail sales.
  • Luxury. Luxury or ultra-premium wines have an average price of over $21 and make up 7% of retail wine sales.

The above average prices of wine are based on 750ml bottles and adjusted for 2020 dollars.

Now, wine price at restaurants is another story.

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Wine Forums Sell Locally

Are you connected with other wine aficionados via forums or a club? If you are, this is another viable avenue to sell your wine. With websites like, you can ask if anyones interested in the wines in your collection, keeping your sale private.

But remember that shipping is still illegal without the proper licenses and permits. So you need to make sure your transactions are local and the buyers can pick up the wine. The problem with this option is that you may have to deal with people who want to haggle or who refuse to pay.

Factors Affecting Wine Bottle Price

Selling a bottle or two

Why is this so? There are numerous factors that go into determining wine bottle price. Letâs take a look.

  • Wine bottle cost. The most obvious and impactful factor affecting wine price is wine cost. Because retail and restaurant markups are first based on the wholesale price. The cheaper companies acquire their wine, the cheaper theyâre able to price it.
  • Operational and overhead costs. Restaurant operations arenât cheap. Neither are overhead expenses. And they also vary among restaurant concepts and types. The more expensive it is to run a business, the higher the wine markups may be to compensate for it. On the other hand, the lower the restaurant expenses, the lower wine can be priced.
  • Labor cost. Similar logic here as with operational costs above. Businesses have to make up for large, expensive workforces. Often that takes the form of higher prices. Wine prices, in this case. And the opposite is also true. A small cafe with 3 employees may have some downright reasonable wine bottle prices.
  • State and local laws. The tax rate for alcohol varies between states. Washington state, for example, has the highest alcohol tax rate at $32.52 per gallon. While Wyoming and New Hampshire effectively have no tax on alcohol. This also affects wine price.

This is why itâs so important to learn how to manage costs for restaurant businesses. Investing in some of the best accounting software for restaurants is a great way to do this.

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Why Work With Epic Cellars

We have been in the business for over 30 years as brokers in the beverage industry.

Unlike many companies, we are set up to handle purchases of any size- from a single bottle to very large collections.

We value our customers and we work hard to earn their trust and business, which is why we have a loyal base of repeat sellers.

We are a small team of friendly, and passionate individuals, located in Louisville, KY.

We are a Customer rated 5-star company. We have over 1,000 great reviews across TrustPilot, RateLobby, , and

Pay Attention To Your Regulars Preferences

Petronzio explains that like many high-end restaurants, Oceana keeps notes on its regular customers preferences. If I know a guests favorite white Burgundy producer, he says, I may recommend that they try one of the premier cru wines from that same producer. He adds that this makes the upsell relatively easy.

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Obligation Free Wine Valuation

All valuations come entirely free of obligation, and weve designed our business so that its just as easy to receive your valuation as it is to arrange the collection or transfer of your wines.

We are pleased to facilitate cellar purchases of any size up to the value of £1 million per transaction. We are able to operate immediate settlement terms for wines that we can physically inspect. For wines being sent to our shop or warehouse, payment is always made upon receipt and inspection of goods.

Above all, our processes are designed to be transparent, so you can expect open communication from our team each step of the way. There are no hidden charges or costs and provided we have seen the condition of the goods well never try to change or negotiate your original quote.

We take a huge amount of time and care over the valuation phase so that our clients never get an unpleasant surprise when it comes to payday our would suggest this was a good principle to build the company on.

To start the process you can fill in our quick online form, or if you prefer you can give us a call, send us a message through our WhatsApp feature or just drop by for a chat.

For wine lists too large to input on this page or for assistance please

Understand The Competitive Marketplace

Restaurant Training :: Sell More Wine. Teach Your Waitstaff to Suggest Wine More Effectively

While your wines may come with 90+ ratings and your boutique winery may have already attracted the attention of the local media, the fact remains that selling wines into restaurants is highly competitive. Even worse, its a zero-sum game, meaning that in order for your wine to be added to a wine list, it usually means a poor-performing wine needs to be removed. Just think of this from the perspective of a restaurant: why would you fill a wine list with a lot of low-velocity wines that nobody ever orders?

A recent survey on casual dining wine lists is very instructive and helps to showcase just how competitive the marketplace has become. Based on a study of 110 casual dining chains around the nation, the average wine list offered just 20 wines by the glass and 22 wines by the bottle . Moreover, since every restaurant will carry 2-3 options for the most popular varietals, its extremely difficult to convince a restaurant wine manager to carry a fourth Cabernet Sauvignon when there are already three other Cabernet Sauvignon wines available BTG and BTB.

Moreover, if you drill down into each of the categories, you will see that big, national name dominate every single market niche. If you plan on competing in the Chardonnay category, youll be going head-to-head with Kendall-Jackson and La Crema Winery, two of the most popular Chardonnay brands at national casual dining locations.

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Has Similar Wine Sold At Auction Recently

If your wines have a track record for auction sales, there’s a good chance that reputable auction houses will be interested in them. Think you’ve got an exceptional bottle but there’s no price history? Of getting such a wine accepted into an auction, Mark Smoler, vice president of client services at Hart Davis Hart says it depends highly on the wine: “It is improbable but not impossible.” For online auctions or retail consignments, the circle of wines accepted is wider, but still somewhat limited. Do some research on the prospective outlet’s current inventory to see if they carry similar wines. If your bottles don’t show up in your search, it doesn’t mean they won’t be accepted, but your odds are longer.

How Does The Wine Auction Work

The auction house will let you know the approximate date of the auction and the bidding process. Typically the auction happens at a location where people can attend in person, and online bidding happens concurrently.

Prior to the auction, your wines are featured on social media, in newsletters, and through other promotional channels to get the word out about an upcoming auction. These promotions may occur anywhere from one month or one week prior to the auction.

The auction house will advise which wines should be sold individually, which should be sold as a pair or set, and which should be presented as a vertical . These decisions are based upon the experience of the seller and their understanding of what people buy. In our experience, we have sold wines as individual bottles, as a set of three identical bottles, and as a vertical of three or five wines .

Each auction house sells a little differently. However, there are similar patterns. The auction may start with vintage Champagne, then go to white Burgundy, and then to collectible German Rieslings. From there, they may go to red Burgundy and Bordeaux before switching over to collectible New World wines

Each wine is presented. If the auction is online, you can watch each wine get bid on and sold! Exciting stuff for wine enthusiasts!

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How Do I Sell Wine Uk

You can only produce wine without a licence if it’s not for sale. If you produce wine to sell and it’s more than 1.2% ABV , you must apply for a wine licence from HMRC and pay Wine Duty. You must also be licensed if you turn wine into sparkling wine, unless you plan to carry this process out in an excise warehouse.

Options For Selling Your Wine Collection

Looking to sell and old bottle of wine that I have. Does ...

There are many ways to sell a wine cellar from a live auction to eBay. You want to make the most money you can. But you also want to deal with someone you can trust.

Traditionally, auctions were the place to sell fine wine. Some collectors sold single bottles while others sold entire collections. Today you can:

  • Sell an entire collection to one buyer such as an auction house, a broker or a private individual. This might be simple, taking less time and effort on your part, but it can be costly.
  • Sell individual bottles. This takes a lot of time and effort for very uncertain returns. You can sell individual bottles through local shops or online. Beware though that you are following local liquor laws. Typically, you must be licensed by the state and federal government to sell alcohol.
  • Sell to a local wine shop. Some shops will take collections only of a certain size or a certain type of wine. This option can also take a lot of time and effort. You may not get the results you want.
  • Sell via social media secret groups or through a local wine club. These take time to build relationships and gain access to buyers. Trust can be an issue here.
  • Find a reputable and knowledgeable buyer. Someone who will give you their full personal attention. They will take control of the entire process, making it quick and easy for you.

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Wine Bottle Price Strategy For Bars And Restaurants

There are a few things to consider when hammering out your wine bottle price strategy. You need to consider profit, sure. But you also need to consider what you can get away with.

That involves making some observations about your concept and clientele. Then youâll get a good idea of how to price a bottle of wine in a restaurant. Thatâs because it will determine the flexibility you have when setting markups.

Create A Personal Connection

Gibson also says that creating a connection between the guest and the wine is a great way to encourage guests to go a little further in their spending. Tasting notes can only go so far, she says. Making a connection between the guest and the vines or the people behind the wine creates an experience that guests are willing to pay for. She explains that through the personal relationships the staff has developed with Park Avenues wine producers, theyve learnedand can sharea lot of detail about the lives, families, and stories behind the wines they sell. That, says Gibson, is always a solid route to sales.

Vicki Denig is a New York-based wine and spirits journalist and wine educator, discovering the world through the lens of a glass, one sip at a time. When not tasting or traveling, she can most likely be found running through Astoria Park or sipping on Cabernet Franc.

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Estimating The Value Of Your Collection

You can estimate the value of your collection with the following steps:

  • Start with a complete inventory of all the wine you intend to sell.
  • Search online to get current values for each wine, gathering several different quotes for each.
  • Average the quotes to determine a baseline value.
  • Add the average values to get a total value of all the wine together.
  • Reduce this total by 25% to arrive at a final estimated value.
  • This will not be what you can sell your wine for. What you sell it for depends on market conditions, storage conditions, the timing of the sale, proof of provenance, etc.

    But it will give you a general idea so you can decide if it is worth for you to sell your wine.

    Some companies have a minimum required value. Larger and more expensive collections tend to be easier to sell.

    With online sales available, it is possible to sell a smaller collection outright or on consignment.

    The easiest way to value your collection is to contact a wine expert for a free estimate.

    Big Hammer Wines Ensures You Get The Best Price For Your Wine Collection

    How to buy wine

    Big Hammer is the #1 online wine retailer in California. Our passionate customers want unique, special and limited wines. Trust us to properly evaluate your collection so you earn more.

    Unlike a wine auction, we provide estimates upfront, with no hidden fees or charges. Once your wine has been appraised and verified, you will be paid for the entire collection. No waiting for the wine to sell.

    We make it easy and simple for you with a quick turnaround. Our unsurpassed network of buyers means a ready market. And our direct to consumer business model ensures sellers get better returns.

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    Train Servers And Host Staff Wine Tastings

    A knowledgeable staff is the key to increasing your bottle sales, but make sure that your training is effective. Wine is an incredibly complex industry, and servers can easily become overwhelmed if you try to present too much information at once. Instead, provide basic knowledge regarding grape varieties and regions. Depending on your wine list, you may want to provide more detailed information to your staff when appropriate.

    Training your staff on how to sell wine will require patience and ongoing refresher training sessions.

    Another great way to get your staff more familiar with your wine selection is to host staff wine tastings. You may offer three tastings of the same type of wine: one rich, one unoaked and a third less expensive option. These tastings will give your servers the opportunity to experience the differences between each wine and to become familiar with the characteristics of the grape.

    Is My Wine Bad

    Wine that is in bad condition wont sell. It is difficult to tell by looking at the outside of the bottle if the wine could be bad . However, there are some tell-tell signs that would cause a wine auction house not to sell a wine on your behalf:

    • The cork is sticking out of the bottle.

    • The cork is sunken into the bottle.

    • The label is in poor condition.

    • The ullage is low.

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    Top Wine Preservation Methods To Compare Costs

    First, we’re going to presume that you’ve accepted the fact that 100% Argon is the best method to preserve wine. This cost evaluation focuses on the most popular methods in the market used in businesses to deliver argon into open bottles of wine. The 3 main wine preservation methods that use 100% argon are:

    • Cabinets
    • Bottle top devices
    • Gas canisters

    Great Ways To Sell Your Wine Collection

    Wine on a budget: Are bottles that sell for $10 or less ...

    Every collector will experience that point in time where you ask yourself,is it time to sell? Whatever type of collection you own, sometimes its time to get out, or at least reduce your holdings. Wine collectors are no different. One thing to keep in mind is the number of resources out there to help when the time comes to sell your wine collection.

    Wine collectors often turn to auction houses such as Sothebys, Christies, or Bonhams to sell a wine collection. However, most of the larger auction houses have specific requirements to enter their auctions. Some only accept extensive collections valued at particular price points. Theres an ever-increasing amount of resources out there as an alternative.

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