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Tasting In The Hotel Room

A Training Introduction to Chateau Chantal Wines

The most hilarious part of our trip was life in the hotel. Everything in Paris is masked and distanced. We had cases, upon cases of wines coming to us at the hotel, differently than last time, as this time, they all came to the hotel. Still, we thankfully had loads of room as we had the top floor suite and the space was ridiculous.

In the end, it was a wonderful outcome, short of not seeing the Taiebs, again. We had time to taste the wines at our pace, room for all the wines to sit and breathe. As stated, we missed hanging out with Mr. Taieb, and I hope he and his lovely family are doing well!

NOTE: A few of the wines seemed to be a bit off, the 2019 Pavillon du Vieux Chantre, 2019 Domaine de Grava, and 2019 Château De LAnglais. I will not post my notes here as I need to taste them again when I go back to France or if I can get them here in the USA. There were a few Champagne as well, but none of them stood out enough for me to post them here. Finally, we have very few photos of these, apologies.

Paris Tasting Of Moise Taieb Wines November 2021

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As stated in my previous post, I was in Paris in November, with Avi Davidowitz, from the Kosher Wine Unfiltered blog, and while it took forever to post these notes, I am happy to finally be getting to them at this point. I must start by thanking Yoni Taieb and the rest of Taieb wines for sending the wines to us to taste. In the past, I have made my way to Taiebs office, once by myself and once with Avi Davidowitz from Kosher Wine Unfiltered.

As stated, in my previous post, we kept to my hotel room for much of the trip. Even vaccinated, I was worried, and am still worried, as such we kept to ourselves, where possible. Still, we were ready to take the train down to the offices, but things could not line up and so Mr. Taieb was very kind, to once again, send the wines to our hotel. We then stayed in the hotel room and tasted through them.

As always, you can get these wines and much more from Taiebs online website. They ship within Europe and to London. Sadly, they are all sold out of the incredible 2019 Burgundies that I enjoyed tasting at Andrew Breskins house. Andrew has some of them still for sale, like the lovely 2017 Domaine Chantal Lescure and the 2019 Jean-Philippe Marchand wines lovely!! Get them while they last!

Qpr Winning Wine Distributor

Since the first time I was lucky to sit down and taste through the Taieb Wine portfolio, I kept commenting to Yoni, how there were so many good QPR wines, for those that live within Europe and London, and even a few for the USA as well! Now, how does this happen? Well, let us talk about Taiebs wine portfolio. They have an exclusive relationship with Laurent Perrier for producing kosher Champagne, and that is great. While they do not make wines like Chateau Smith Haut Lafite, Chateau Malartic, or Chateau Leoville Poyferre, they do produce and distribute wines, within Europe that are of very high quality at reasonable prices, AKA, QPR WINNERS.

Let us continue with the fact that Taieb makes some of the very best Burgundy wines on the market and has been doing so for more than 10 years now! However, those wines, while wonderful, are not as much QPR as they quality/score stars! In Bordeaux, Taieb has gone a different route by consistently producing wines, within Bordeaux, that punch well above their weight and many that shock you for the price they are selling at. They may not top out at 95 in scores, like Domaine Chantal Lescure, Domaine DArdhuy , or J.P. Marchand, but they do choose the wineries they work with inside of Bordeaux, incredibly well, to create QPR WINNERS at a very impressive rate!

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Chateau Chantal offers a wide variety of fine wines, from very dry to lightly sweet, grown on our Old Mission Peninsula vineyards in Northern Michigan. We work from a 55-acre vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina where we produce a rich Malbec red wine. In addition, we have our own still and produce an oak-aged, grape-based brandy and cherry based eau-de-vie.

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Visit our Wine Shop in our Tasting Room for a chance to take home our Cherry Eau de Vie – This cherry Eau de Vie is distilled from tart Michigan cherries, carefully selected for the delicate cherry flavor. Enjoy as an after-dinner drink. Usually served as a digestif . The typical serving size is 12 ounces, owing to the high alcohol content of the spirit and to the fact that it is typically drunk after a meal during which wine, or some other alcoholic beverage, has already been served.

Looking for a smooth barrel-aged spirit, then stop by the Wine Shop to pick up a few bottles of our Cinq á Sept. Distilled from fermented Northern Michigan grapes, this brandy spent five years mellowing in French oak barrels, gaining a golden color & rich caramel flavor. Displaying notes of honey, spice & butterscotch, this sipper is best served in a brandy snifter.

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Founders Robert And Nadine Begin

Robert was a Roman Catholic priest for twelve years and Nadine, a former Felician Sister. The two went their separate ways from serving in the church and were married in 1974. They remain devout in their faith. Mr. Begin did post graduate studies in low income housing under a one-year Ford Foundation Grant in the late 1960s. Further, Mr. Begin studied with the Smaller Company Management Program at the Baker School of Business, Harvard University, during the early 1970s. In 1972, he headed a construction business in the Detroit area. As a nun, Nadine earned a master’s degree in Home Economics and taught for 22 years. From 1972 to 1983, Mr. Begin served as the CEO of Matvest, Inc., a construction management company with operations in nine major cities at the time of his resignation. He has been the sole proprietor of Begin Orchards since 1983. In 1991 the company was renamed Chateau Chantal after their daughter Marie-Chantal Begin. Mr. Begin is the company’s founder and Chairman of the Board. Nadine wrote the book Feed my Lambs, Feed my Sheep – The Meals and Memories of a Lifetime. This book is half cookbook half memoir. Nadine is an accomplished cook and prepares many of the meals in the B& B herself. The book outlines her life story from growing up on a farm, joining the convent, marrying Bob and starting a family, and starting a winery in Northern Michigan. The book is filled with photos, prose, poetry and family recipes that she picked up in her journey that began in 1932.

Michigan’s Chateau Chantal Wine Served At White House

A taste of Michigan will be poured at the White House state dinner for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday night.

Chateau Chantal’s 2013 ice wine will be served along with a menu that includes Alaskan halibut casseroles, a roasted apricot galette with Appalachian cheese and baby lamb chops with Yukon potato Dauphinoise,

White House representatives called about a month ago asking for samples of ice wine to review, said Marie-Chantal Dalese, CEO of Chateau Chantal near Traverse City.

“He mentioned he would be evaluating nine wines in total,” she said. They called back later to order 36 bottles.

Ice wine, made from grapes that have frozen, is a sweet dessert wine. The Chateau Chantal 2013 vintage is made primarily of Riesling grapes blended with a few others.

It’s exciting to have a wine deemed worth of the White House, Dalese said.

“There has been a giant buzz around our building here,” she said.

Winery reps were asked to stay quiet about the choice before the dinner, but Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow tweeted the news with a link to the dinner menu on Thursday afternoon.

The Michigan wine will be served with an array of desserts including maple pecan cake and butterscotch swirl ice cream.

The 375-milliliter bottles of the 2013 ice wine retail for $70 a bottle . Only about 500 bottles were made. It’s available at the Chateau Chantal tasting room and online.

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Chateau Chantal Nv Dry Naughty Red

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This see-through blend made up primarily of 37% Gamay and 30% Pinot Noir smells of peppercorns, weathered wood, fallen leaves and ripe berries. Mouthwatering acidity highlights pomegranate and plum flavors, joined by savory herbs and minimal, but supportive tannins. White-pepper and blackberry flavors round out the finish of this medium-weight food-friendly red. Fiona Adams

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