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Where Is Stella Rose Wine Made

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Stella Rosa Is A Family Brand

How to Make Stella Rossa Wine : Wine Topics

The Riboli family has been making wine for four generations . Santo Cambianica came to America in 1910, and after founding the San Antonio Winery in 1917 , he eventually handed over the reins to his nephew and apprentice Stefano Riboli. With no major hiccups , the intergenerational winemaking harmony has persisted to this day.

Stella Rosa Is Californias Favorite Wine

Stella Rosa might not command such solemn respect as more serious wines, but its bottles are the best-selling wines in California. Which, considering Stellas intentionally lighter style and some of the beefier output from the Napa Valley, is kind of like selling out of beef jerky in a steakhouse.

Stella Rosa Wines Debuts Ruby Ros Grapefruit Just In Time For Summer

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Los Angeles, Calif. Americas #1 imported Italian wine* is adding to its stellar lineup of new flavors with the first ever Stella Rosa® Ruby RoséGrapefruit. The Riboli family of San Antonio Winery created this new wine with a proprietary blend of several white grape varietals including moscato, malvasia, and a touch of barbera for color. Using a special distillation process and Italian grapefruits grown in southern Italy, Stella Rosa® Ruby Rosé Grapefruit will transport you to the grapefruit groves of Italy.

The unique feature of Stella Rosa® wines is the slight effervescence in every bottle. Using a proprietary technique, the Riboli family created a slightly sweet rosé that is bursting with ruby red grapefruit notes. The new Stella Rosa® Ruby Rosé Grapefruit contains natural carbonation, achieved using a Charmat-style of fermentation in pressurized tanks. Coming in at an alcohol level of 5% and a residual sugar level of 6%, this wine is perfect for low key nights poolside. Its natural acidity and low pH, balance well with the wines overall sweetness making it a perfect appetizer pairing or brunch companion.

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Stella Rosa Creates A Bridge Between Wine Worlds

Stella Rosa wines answer a pretty common and unfairly maligned call for sweeter, spritzier wines, but they do so without resorting to flagrant sugar-bombing or two-dimensionality. Thanks to its provenance in a four-generation Italian winemaking family, with vineyards in real California wine country like Napa and Paso Robles, sourcing and production standards are higher than average, allowing Stella Rosa to bridge the gap between the bubbly feel of luxury and actual economic accessibility, i.e., the impossible dream most of us chase on a Friday or Saturday night.

Stella Rosa Imperiale Moscato $1420 For 254 Oz Bottle Calories Per Glass: 120

Stella Rosa Berry Wine 750 ML Bottle

This beautiful sparkling white wine from Northwestern Italy has an approachable sweetness with a light effervescence. Its a superior quality of Moscato wines with concentrated flavors of peach apricot coupled with pear, peach, and wildflower aromas. The alcohol content of this wine is also low, making it perfect for those watching their calorie intake. The semi-sweet sparkling Moscato Imperiale matches with cheese plates, fresh fruit, light salads, and fish. If you are having a social gathering, this wine is perfect for filling your glasses.

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Stella Rosa Red Apple $850 For 254 Oz Bottle Calories Per Glass: 160

You need Stella Rosa Red Apple if you wish to please every palate at the table. Infused with natural flavors of ripe red apple, Stella Rosa Red Apple is a full-bodied, vibrant, and seductive white wine, perfect for those weight conscious girls. Its an ideal semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine that is celebrated by both entry levels and gurus. It is a creation of The Riboli Family made from several blends of aromatic grape varietals like Moscato Canelli. Stellabrate life with your friends and enjoy sipping Stella Rosa Red Apple.

Stella Rosa Gets Its Bubbles The Same Way Prosecco Does

Stella Rosa wines arent full-on bubbly like Champagne. Theyre frizzante, or semi-sparkling, the result of arrested fermentation. And that fermentation is done by the Charmat method, a.k.a., the tank method, wherein wine undergoes fermentation en masse, as opposed to bottle by bottle. This results in cleaner, more fruit-forward wines .

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The Grapes Have 1000 Years On Cabernet

Stella Rosa wines are meant to be easy-drinking, but that doesnt mean they lack depth of character. For instance, Stella Rosa flagship wine Moscato dAsti is made with Moscato grapes, a.k.a., Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, a grape varietal thats actually more than a thousand years older than Cabernet Sauvignon.

Riboli Family Wines Of San Antonio Winery Has Just Added To Its Collection Of Americas #1 Imported Italian Wine With Three New Refreshing Stella Rosa Flavors

Stella Rosa Sangria Potpourri Recipe | STELLA ROSA TV

Semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Stella Rosa Wines presents;Stella Rosa Red Apple, Stella Rosa Green Apple, and Stella Rosa Tropical;Mango. Produced in northern Italy, these wines are bursting with natural fruit flavor.

This tasty trio is created with a special blend of several aromatic grape varietals including Moscato Canelli.;Stella Rosa Red Apple;is produced with three different varieties of heirloom apples, contributing to its natural fruit flavor.;Stella Rosa Green Apple;similarly enjoys natural fruit flavor and will have you feeling like youve just bitten into a lush green apple. Both are best enjoyed chilled alone, or as the perfect pairing for a cheese and fruit plate and cinnamon desserts.;Stella Rosa;Tropical Mango;boasts the flavor of fully ripe mangos and will satisfy any palate.

Stella Rosa Tropical Mango

Stella Rosa Three New Flavors

For more information and cocktail recipes, visit;

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Stella Rosa Wines Is Unknown

over 1 year ago

Company email

“Thank you for reaching out. Not all Stella wines are vegan, however, below are the flavors that are:

BlackRuby Rosé Grapefruit”

Company email “We have confirmed from our sources in Italy that the following Stella Rosa products DO NOT contain any animal products and had no animal products used as a part of the wine making process.

Stella Rosa Black Stella Rosa Red Apple Stella Rosa Tropical Mango”

Followup: “I also just got confirmation that Stella Rosa Black Lux and Stella Rosa Moscato are 100% vegan as well!”

Followup: “Please remove Stella Rosa red apple from the list of vegan products and additionally please add Stella Rosa Prosecco and Pearl Lux, as I just got confirmation these are 100% vegan products as well.”

Company email :”All Stella Rosa wines are gluten free. However, they are not vegan due to the use of gelatin in the production process.”

Company email :”We don’t have complete and formal nutritional information for our wines so unfortunately I can’t give you an answer. But we appreciate your question and hopefully hope we’ll have that info soon.”

Stella Rosa Pink $5 For 85 Oz Can Calories Per Glass: 68

Imported by Riboli Family Wines Estates, this is an award-winning selection of semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Italian wines that are available in 16 distinctive flavors. You can get it in 750ml, 187ml, 1.5L, and 8.5oz aluminum bottles. The bottle is beautiful and stylish, just like grown sexy soda but with a refreshing, pleasant flavor of sparkling wine. Besides the light and portable perks, Stella Rosa Aluminium has almost the same amount of calories found in a cup of grapes with several different flavors. The flavors include Black, Platinum, Pink, and the latest, Sparkling Rose. This unique wine for women gives flavors of strawberry and rose petals. The wine is stimulating on its own or in a cocktail. If you are ever at the bar, just call for rosé on the rocks!

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Ros Can Bring Down Your Bad Cholesterol

Rosé wine contains a number of beneficial compounds with potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Polyphenols in rosé wine might help to lower LDL, or bad cholesterol, while potassium can lower blood pressure. Anti-inflammatory qualities in wine have the potential to reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. As with cardiovascular benefits, positive effects are linked to moderate consumption. High levels of alcohol consumption negate these benefits.

Stella Gold $1135 For 254 Oz Bottle Calories Per Glass: 170

Stella Rosa Bianco Wine 750 ML Bottle

Pour a glass of delicious low calorie, low alcohol Stella Rosa Gold, refreshing white wine with peach and honey flavors. Its archetype when it comes to wine and women and also perfect for any occasion. With its fruity attributes, it maintains a delicate balance between tart and sweetness. It has a rejuvenating effect due to its sparkling element that seems to call on anyone to pick it.; It pairs perfectly with spicy cuisine or desserts.

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Spanish Rose Sangra Recipe

  • In a large pitcher, combine the wine, gin, orange juice, and strawberries.
  • Cover, and put in the fridge for at least two hours to chill.
  • After two hours, remove from the fridge and taste for sweetness. If you like it sweeter, add in more orange juice, simple syrup, or honey .
  • When ready to serve, top up the pitcher with the sparkling water and garnish with the raspberries and mint leaves.

Stella Rosa Tropical Mango $850 For 254 Oz Bottle Calories Per Glass: 160

The delicious and refreshing Stella Rosa Tropical Mango is a blend from Northern Italy, Piedmont region, to be specific. It gives you that vacation feels from its fruity flavors of ripe mango and exotic passion fruit. Being a low-calorie drink, its semi-sweet with mango and citrus aromas. This tantalizing flavors and aromas make Stella Rosa Tropical mango a perfect beverage to share with friends and loved ones. You wont just fall for its semi-sweet taste but also its intoxicating smooth taste.

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Stella Rosa The Star Was Born

To create the Stella Rosa wines, our family chose the region of Asti, a province in Piedmont, Italy, as the source for its aromatic grapes, which have become the hallmark for the Stella Rosa style of wines.

The area of Asti has particular significance to our family, as it is the birthplace of our family matriarch, Maddalena Riboli.

Our first Stella Rosa wine was Moscato DAsti, which has become a flagship of this line.

Soon after, Stella Rosa Rosso was created the brands first semi-sweet, semi-sparkling red wine blend, and first wine of its kind to be brought to America from Asti. The rapid phenomenal successes of these two wines began the lineage of Stella Rosa, which now boasts over 20 distinctive flavors.

Piedmont In Northern Italy Has Rapidly Become A Renowned Region For Premium Red Wines With Highly

Stella Rosa 1917 Recipe | STELLA ROSA TV

Piedmont has an extensive wine history, with many producers taking advantage of the unique climate the region offers.

Considering the area sits at the foot of the Alps, there is a significant cooling influence that adds to the distinct characteristics of the regions wine. Furthermore, the region borders the French border, which has shaped the winemaking styles and traditions. These French influences have enabled the area to make dramatic winemaking advancements.

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White Zinfandels And Blushes

While there have been rosés made in the European style throughout the American winemaking history, it wasn’t until the end of the 20th century that “pink wines” became a truly significant segment of the American wine market. In what has been described by wine experts such as Jancis Robinson as a ” triumph”, California winemaker Bob Trinchero of Sutter Home salvaged a stuck fermentation of his 1972 red Zinfandel wine by releasing a paler, sweeter rosé colored wine that he labeled as “White Zinfandel”. Though he wasn’t the first Californian winemaker to make a rosé version of Zinfandel, he was the first to aggressively market it as a new wine style. Consequently, Sutter Home saw sales of “White Zin” soar from 25,000 cases in 1980 to more than 1.5 million in 1986. The wine became so popular that it actually saved old vine Zinfandel plantings that were in danger of being uprooted and replanted with more “marketable” international varieties, and even encouraged newer plantings.

Today, White Zinfandels are considered part of the “blush wine” category of noticeably sweet, pale pink wines that often have very slight carbonation to give the wine a balance of acidity and some “liveliness”. Very often winemakers will blend aromatic varieties like Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Muscat to add to the fruity nose of the wine.

Things You Should Know About Stella Rosa

There are plenty of reasons aspirational wine drinkers might dismiss a lineup like Stella Rosas. Its wines are spritzy and sweet; some come in mini bottles; and theyre available in a variety of fruit flavors, from Pineapple to Ruby Rosé Grapefruit.

Before you dismiss Stella Rosas fun-loving sparklers in favor of a supple Nebbiolo, know this: Stella Rosa has over a century of winemaking history. This includes unexpected roots in California wine country although its probably not where you think as well as connections to Italy.

Heres a bakers dozen of things to know about Stella Rosa.


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The Story Behind Stella Rosa And All Those Super Extra Billboards

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The bestselling wine brand in California isnt from California. Its not Josh or Barefoot or Coppola, or Two-Buck Chuck. Its an Italian import called Stella Rosa, created by the Riboli family, a wine company based not in Napa or Sonoma but in the shadow of Dodger Stadium, in Lincoln Heights.

Even if you havent tasted Stella Rosa there are 22 different flavors to try you cant help but be familiar with the brand. The company has sponsored floats in the Rose Bowl, flown airplanes trailing banners down West Coast beaches, and placed a majority of its 400 billboards around the greater Los Angeles area, extolling you to Taste the Magic and to Stellabrate. So if youve never stellabrated, perhaps its time to get acquainted.

According to data from Nielsen, Stella Rosa is the top-selling import brand in the country. It has enjoyed double-digit growth almost since its inception, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing. Market Watch, an industry analyst, estimates that sales will exceed 2 million cases this year.

For more than a century, through four generations, the Riboli family has been making, importing and selling wine. Even through Prohibition, when they landed a contract to make sacramental wine for Roman Catholic masses, theyve made wine all kinds of wine, from jug wines to appellation wines; much of the latter now comes from estate vineyards on the Central Coast.

Riboli Family Wines Introduces New Addition To Stella Rosa Luxury Collection

Stella Rosa Blueberry Wine 750 ML Bottle

Presenting Stella Rosa Black Lux

Los Angeles, Calif. The Riboli Family of San Antonio Winery has just expanded the collection of Americas #1 imported Italian wine Stella Rosa.; The luxurious Italian-crafted wine debuted at a private event in Hollywood where guests were invited to be the first to taste the new Stella Rosa Black Lux sparkling wine from a uniquely designed ball gown. It was a refreshing and innovative presentation, just like the wine itself.; Black Lux was well received by the first guests invited to experience the newest member of the Stella Rosa family and toast to the Riboli familys 100th anniversary of producing award-winning wines.

The Stella Rosa Originale and Imperiale collections already have a significant following and now with 15 different flavors there is something for everyone.; Stella Rosa Black Lux, part of the Imperiale sparkling collection, is an extension of the popular Stella Rosa Black which is a top 100 wine in the United States, and the #12 selling wine among all red blends .

Stella Rosa Black Lux is currently available at San Antonio Winerys three tasting rooms in Los Angeles, Ontario, and Paso Robles, and will be rolled out to stores across the country throughout the summer with a suggested retail price of $18.99. It is also available for purchase online at;

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Ros Contains More Resveratrol Than White Wine

The most significant benefits from wine come from antioxidants in the skin of the grape, specifically resveratrol. A beneficial compound for anti-aging, resveratrol protects the brain and reduces risk of heart disease.

Red wines, fermented with the skins, have the highest levels of this beneficial antioxidant. Winemakers strain the skins from white wine immediately and rosé wines early in the production process, causing these wines to have lower levels of resveratrol. Though rosé wines contain more resveratrol than white wines, they contains less than red ones.

Some rosé wines, particularly American ones, might contain a blend of red and white wines, increasing the level of resveratrol!

And there you have it! Enjoy some delicious rosé, and remember, as with all good things, moderation is key. Cheers!

Stella Rosa Was Born In Los Angeles Wine Country

Before Los Angeles became the home of movie stars, pet psychics, and the TMZ tour bus, it was actually the seat, and indeed birthplace, of California wine country. The city of stars is also where Stella Rosa was born: The Riboli family founded the San Antonio Winery in L.A. in 1917.

We have thirsty Spaniards to thank for bringing grapevines to California in the late 18th century; by the 19th century, the area that is now Downtown L.A. was covered in grapevines. There are actually 150-year-old vines in L.A., and it was once even called the City of Vines. Take that, Napa.

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