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Where Is Dark Horse Wine Made

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The Original House Wine

Dark Horse Wine: Taste of Victory

Inspired by the everyday table wines of Europe, House Wine embodies delicious wine with maximum value and quality, with an iconic, bold label thats easy to spot. House Wine brings great wine, at a great price, to any great occasion with its robust and complex flavors blended to be shared and enjoyed for all occasions. The result is a daily House pour that everyone can enjoy and afford. Our House is your House so grab a bottle, box, or can, and make it your own.

Dark Horse Nv Brut Ros

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This wine is nicely balanced, delicate and appealing, with light body, subtle cherry flavors and tiny bubbles that give a seamless texture. It was made with 55% Pinot Noir, 37% Chardonnay and the remainder other grape varieties. Jim Gordon

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All tastings reported in the Buying Guide are performed blind. Typically, products are tasted in peer-group flights of from 5-8 samples. Reviewers may know general information about a flight to provide contextvintage, variety or appellationbut never the producer or retail price of any given selection. When possible, products considered flawed or uncustomary are retasted.

Ratings reflect what our editors felt about a particular product. Beyond the rating, we encourage you to read the accompanying tasting note to learn about a products special characteristics.

Reasons You Should Give Boxed Wine A Try

While it sometimes gets a bad rap, there are lots of reasons to love boxed wine. First and foremost, its super economical.

Another major plus? You waste less wine when you drink the boxed stuff.If youre the kind of person who can never finish a bottle before it starts to turn, wine-in-a-bag-in-box might be the solution for you. You can have a glass or two one night, and then three nights later have another glass that still tastes good . Because the wine is stored in a plastic bag, its not exposed to air as you tap into its contents.

And last but not least, boxed wine has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional glass bottles. This is because cardboard packaging is so much lighter than glass. While some of the components are thin plastic, which can be hard to recycle, you can, at the very least, recycle the cardboard box on the outside.

On board with the box? Great! Now you just need to learn which ones are worth your bucks. Lucky for you, I did a legit taste test.

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Dark Horse 2015 Zinfandel

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A streak of vanilla winds through the almost-sweet fruit flavors of this medium-bodied and soft-textured wine. Ripe cherry aromas and strawberry jam flavors come with very little tannin and low acidity. Jim Gordon

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All tastings reported in the Buying Guide are performed blind. Typically, products are tasted in peer-group flights of from 5-8 samples. Reviewers may know general information about a flight to provide contextvintage, variety or appellationbut never the producer or retail price of any given selection. When possible, products considered flawed or uncustomary are retasted.

Ratings reflect what our editors felt about a particular product. Beyond the rating, we encourage you to read the accompanying tasting note to learn about a products special characteristics.

Far Niente Winery Napa Valley Estate Chardonnay

Dark Horse The Original Big Red Blend

Chardonnay was the first grape cultivated by Napas Far Niente in 1979. The Estate Chardonnay is classically Californian, with candied nuts, figs, and Madagascar vanilla on the palate, plus sweeping acidity to keep everything balanced. You can drink now or age for up to 10 years, if youd like. Average price: $60.

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Castel Del Monte Nero Di Troia

Dark red, almost opaque rich smooth slate texture with solid, angular tannins and firm acidity revealing ripe blackberry, plum and blueberry, with fresh rosemary, thyme, black pepper, and licorice popping up on a long finish.

Imagine a festive dinner with Pugliese olive oil, Pugliese wine, and traditional Pugliese dishes. Conversation is animated, large platters of food are being passed around, and a new wine is poured into your glass whenever its empty.

Toward the end of the evening someone re-fills your glass yet again. You take a sip.

The moment it hits your palate, a vivid image of the brooding, enigmatic castle pops into your head. You taste the taut tension of the thick-walled structure, the dense roots grounded deeply in the dusty earth, the acidity that lifted up into the sky, the slow, gradual unveiling of character with each sip.

You ask your dining neighbor what it was: Castel del Monte, she yells over the noise. Though she didnt catch the producers name, she did get the grape: Nero di Troia, an obscure variety that does so well in the vicinity of the Castel it has its own sub-appellation.

Is Dark Horse Cab Good Wine

The Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine has a velvety smooth taste and a jammy, dark fruit aroma that make it a bold, full-bodied California wine. The Dark Horse wine is produced using cutting-edge and innovative winemaking techniques, which allows it to deliver exceptional quality at a reasonable price.

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Au Bon Climat Los Alamos Chardonnay

This is the perfect buttery Chardonnay to bring to a dinner party. Even if your fellow guests think they dont like oaked Chardonnays, theyll quickly appreciate how wonderfully it pairs with everything from cheese boards to light mains. Heck, with its viscosity and creamy coconut notes, this would even be good with burgers. Average price: $27.

On A Quest For Terrific Wines From Anywhere But The Places You Might Think They Were Made Lettie Teague Discovers Delicious Surprises And Very Good Deals

Anthem: What We’re Made Of

SUCCESS MAY BREED SUCCESS, but sometimes it simply breeds repetition. Writers get tied to particular genres, actors get stuck in certain roles even wine regions get pigeonholed.

Take, for example, the of New Zealand. Although it is home to a wide variety of grapes, including Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Gris, most peopleincluding buyers and criticsthink of it in terms of just two: Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. These grapes brought the region fame and fortune, thanks mostly to a Marlborough winery named Cloudy Bay.

Katell Pleven, a New York-based wine importer and distributor, has witnessed this particular prejudice firsthand. Ms. Pleven imports wines from all over the world, including Kerner Estate Wines, in Marlborough. She has no trouble selling its Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc, but the Pinot Gris is a different story. I havent sold a single case of Kerner Pinot Gris this year, she lamented. And its a beautiful wine. In fact, shes still working on the 2009 Kerner Estate Pinot Gris she acquired 3 years ago.

The situation isnt helped by critics. A well-known wine reviewer told Ms. Pleven he was interested only in tasting Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealandnothing else. Never mind that Pinot Gris is the third most-planted white grape in Marlborough, after Sauvignon and Chardonnay, and is the source of some very nice wines.

Value may be the ultimate trump card of the worthy but undersung wine.

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Dark Horse California Ros: Anything But Boring

A modern, edgy rosé like this can only be described as refreshing.

This wine finishes crisply, a complimenting end to each and every delightful sip. Flavors of slightly sweet red fruit, combined with a dry finish makes the Dark Horse California Rosé a top notch wine. Beneath those notes, one can even find a light rosemary essence, as well as barley-there mineral subtlety.

This wine is blended with a mixture ofGrenache, Barbera, Pinot Gris, and Tempranillo. The levels to this delicious blend make it stand out in, an otherwise boring, crowd of pink wines.

Dark Horse is a front runner in crashing industry standards and thinking outside the vineyard. They believe in breaking rules and keeping modern.

Their rosé, like many others, is perfect for a summer drink. However, dare to think like the Dark Horse team thinks. Break the mold and drink this light, delicious wine year round. It is a good excuse to have a mid-winter beach themed bonanza!

Wine Fact: The alcohol content of Dark Horse California Rosé is 12.5%ABV per 750 ml.

Rosés of great quality usually come with a hefty price tag. Amazingly, the 2015 Dark Horse California Rosé is a steal at $13.99 on Dark Horse 2017 Rose Ros Ros Wine. Best of all, you dont have to worry about liquor store hours, or removing your sweats. This gorgeous wine is just a click away!


How Is Dark Horse Wine Made

Firstly, grapes are harvested from the vines of over 400 of Californias finest grape growers. Dark Horse wine maker Beth Liston prides herself on the close relationships shes developed with her growers, allowing for the first pick of their harvests.

Next is the crushing of the grapes into what is known as the must. If white wine is being made, the must is then pressed soon after to separate the juice from the skins. If left to mix then tannins from the skins will seep into the juice, adding colour and flavour, resulting in red wine.

After this, the fermentation process happens. Here with the aid of yeasts, the must will ferment and the sugar with be converted into alcohol. By stopping the fermentation process sooner, a sweeter wine is produced.

The wine then enters the clarification process where unwanted precipitates or solids are filtered out. The wine is then either aged further or bottled.

Dark Horse combines the art of traditional wine making with innovative technologies to deliver bold wines that are packed full of flavour, from our rich reds and mellow Chardonnay to our crisp and vibrant Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. Our wines are tasted 100 times throughout the process from vine to glass to ensure the utmost quality is produced.

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Big Buttery Chardonnays That Are Actually Good

Maybe youre roasting a chicken and want a rich white wine pairing. Maybe you love white Burgundy and the beautiful balance of thoughtful oak aging. Maybe you stole sips of your moms buttery, ice-cubed Chardonnay as a teenager and are nostalgic for those flavors.

Whatever the reason youre seeking out a buttery Chardonnay, congratulations! Youve come to the right place. Sure, the ABC Anything but Chardonnay club may still be swinging, but theres nothing wrong with preferring a richer style.

Read on for eight big, buttery Chardonnays that are totally delicious.

The Uk Wine Industry Has Been Crying Out For Major Wine Brands That Can Push Prices Up Closer To 10 E& j Gallosdark Horse Californian Wine Brand Was Introduced To Do Just That

Dark Horse Merlot Wine, 750 mL

How did you get into the wine business?After completing my undergrad work at California Poly in San Luis Obispo, there were hundreds of wineries within an hour in each direction. I had a bunch of friends working in tasting rooms and that seemed like a cool job so the day after I turned 21 I got a job at a tasting room for a winery that specialized in methode champenoise sparkling production.

I immediately fell in love with the industry, the combination of art and science, and how every day and harvest presents a new challenge. I got a minor in Wine and Viticulture and then worked in sales for a couple of years before going back to school to study for a Food Science graduate programme focusing on oenology. Ive been with Gallo for 14 years and have also spent harvests in Napa and in South Australia.

How would you describe your winemaking philosophy?My winemaking philosophy really revolves around constantly learning and challenging yourself in everything you do. Always asking how we can make better wine, make different wine, or make it more efficiently. Always pulling inspiration from everything around us, not just the wine industry, but everything from craft beer trends, cocktail trends, or travel experiences.

Dark Horse was only launched in 2010. Why was it introduced and what were the brands objectives?

Tell us about the wines in the range, and the newly launched Malbec.

What are the key consumer trends driving wine sales?

Who is your target consumer?

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Is Gallo Good Wine

Gallo Family wines never fail to over-deliver, and you can bet that the quality has something to do with the use of a fair amount of good Sonoma County grapes to maintain the consistently high quality. Much like the Jacobs Creek wines, though, the best values are in the reds Cabernet, Merlot and Syrah.

The Best Boxed Ros: Provisions Ros Wine

My favorite in this category was Provisions Rosé Wine . The packaging doesnt denote the specific part of the U.S. that this wine is produced, just the fact that its American. Because of that lack of specificity, I didnt have high hopes. But compared to other rosés I tasted, most with an artificially sweet finish, Provisions tasted much cleaner and more refreshing. There is a hint more sweetness in this box than youd find in, say, a traditional rosé from Provence, but it wasnt cloying. The overall aroma and flavor reminded me of strawberry lemonade. I did the math and the price works out to $4.25 per 750 milliliters . Thats pretty hard to beat!

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Dark Horse California Ros Wine Review:

Challenging the wine industry, Dark Horse is a modern winery with a whole lot of attitude. Fierce winemaker, and the person at the helm of this company is Beth Liston.

Beth created the Dark Horse California Rosé to be a backyard BBQ contender. Because most Rosé found in the states are imports and therefore costly, she really wanted to grow something right in California that would be affordable. Of course, this dry crisp wine had to contend with the best of the bestand it does!

Rosé is a wine often misunderstood. Luckily, Beth set the record straight about these two common Rosé myths:

  • Rosé is a sweet wine!-

That may be true for some, but definitely not for all. Provence-style Rosés have become a summer staple thanks to a perfectly dry finish that rounds out the fruit. Its that super satisfying balance that inspired me to create my dry Dark Horse Rosé. Beth Liston

  • Rosé can simply be made by mixing red and white wine together!-

Well, it may be pink, but it wont be Rosé. Rosés are actually made with red grapes that are lightly crushed and left to steep with their red skins. The longer that the wine stays with the skin, the deeper the color. Beth Liston

Dont be fooled though, according to Beth, it takes the whole team to create and develop the wine pouring out of this rad company.

What Does Dark Horse Wine Taste Like

Dark Horse Wine: Now in a Can

Each wine is obviously different with no one simple answer. The individual product pages have more detail but here is a brief overview of each:

Cabernet Sauvignon A bold Cabernet Sauvignon with notes of plum, a hint of oak, and a smooth finish.

Malbec A rich Malbec with notes of plum and blackberry, a hint of spice, and a plush velvety finish.

Merlot A medium-bodied Merlot with notes of dark berry and a layered finish.

Chardonnay A rich Chardonnay with notes of apple and ripe stone fruit, layered with toasted oak.

Pinot Grigio On the dry side, zingy with crisp fruit notes.

Sauvignon Blanc A vibrant Sauvignon Blanc with notes of fresh tropical fruit and a refreshingly crisp finish.

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What Is A Dark Horse

A dark horse is an unexpected winner. Instead of conforming to the mainstream and doing as others do, they instead dare to follow their own path. As such, they often succeed in discovering things most wouldnt even imagine. At Dark Horse we like to challenge traditional wine stereotypes. Whether it be the glass that our wine is served in or the occasion it is enjoyed in, we encourage wine drinkers to follow their own path and make their own rules both in wine and in life. We believe the non-conventional path can lead to even better results. By following our own path, we craft exceptional and international award winning wines enjoyed all over the world!

Who Makes Dark Horse Wine

Who Makes Dark Horse Wine? Dark Horse Wine is a California wine brand owned by the beverage giant and wine exporter, E. & J. Gallo. It produces a number of varietal wines from popular varieties of the state such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

Is dark horse good wine? Dark Horse is a label for E & J Gallo, and they certainly know how to make high-volume, good-quality wine at a low price. It is a dry, crisp wine full of bright fruit. For a wine of this price it is amazingly complex. You get all these fruit flavors in a smooth mix that is held together by the zingy acidity.

Does Walmart sell Dark Horse Wine? Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon Wine, 750 mL

Can I Buy Dark Horse Wine Online? Buy wines Online at Darkhorse Wines.

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Henri Prudhon & Fils Puligny

Burgundy is the ancestral home of opulent Chardonnay and this bottle, partially from 30-year-old vines and partially from 80-year-old vines, is no exception. While this is the priciest bottle on the list, its still rather reasonable for Burgundy. This is a good bottle to buy two of one to enjoy now, and one to cellar. Average price: $68.

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