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When Is Food And Wine At Epcot

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Whats Included With Your 2021 Epcot Food And Wine Festival Tickets

Inside the Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Access to the 2021 EPCOT Food and Wine Festival at World Showcase is included with your regular Walt Disney World ticket. Its important to note that food and drink tastings are NOT included in the cost of your ticket.

With over 30 booths and 3-4 pairings per booth this can be one of the more expensive days you spend at Disney. For the most part, tastings at each booth will run you between $5.00-$9.00 for food and $4.00-$10.00 for drinks. Disney also offers special tasting and seminars which we will cover later in this post.

With that being said there are a ton of free things to do at EPCOT Food and Wine Festival. These include unique character meet-and-greets, cook book signings, and a family play zone for the kids.

Some of the other free entertainment options at the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival include the Disney Du Jour Dance Party in future world, Radio Disney Djs on the weekend, and the Eat to the Beat series.

Beignet Aux Trois Fromages

Who doesnt love a nice beignet? Although this one is probably not what you are thinking and its actually savory and not sweet. The Beignet aux Trois Fromages is a warm beignet filled topped and filled with cheese!

We loved everything about this. The texture is similar to a donut but instead of cream inside its filled with warm cheese. Its not exactly what we were expecting and its more like a southern gravy than straight-up cheese sauce, but it was amazing! Its huge, rich and very filling. One of the best snacks to share with others.

As is the theme in this post, its not the best snack to eat in Disney World in July, but its soooo good!

Concerts And Performances At The Epcot Food And Wine Festival

Unfortunately, the popular Eat to the Beat Concert Series, which takes place every year during the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT, will not be offered this year. However, Disney is still offering other performances that guests can still enjoy. While visiting, be sure to check out the music from acts including or the JAMMitors.

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The Noodle Exchange New

Savor the flavors of the Far East served up in delicious noodle dishes.


  • Traditional Spicy Vietnamese Beef Pho with Shaved Beef, Enoki Mushrooms, and Thai Basil
  • Char Siu Pork Udon with Enoki Mushrooms, Bok Choy, and Soy Pickled Egg
  • Shrimp and Coconut Curry Rice Noodles with Shiitake Mushrooms and Thai Basil
  • Tofu Pho with Enoki Mushrooms and Thai Basil


  • Playalinda Brewing Company Yaupon Brothers Green Tea Pale Ale, Titusville, FL
  • A to Z Riesling, Oregon

Select dishes feature Melissas Produce.

How The Epcot Food And Wine Festival Works

Epcot 2016 Food and Wine Dates Announced  The Disney ...

Each marketplace at Food and Wine has a different menu and is focused on small plates, not big meals. That way you can go from one booth to the next and try many different things without filling up. Its best enjoyed as a casual experience when you can take your time and stroll from one booth to the next.

Most have the theme of a country such as France, Italy, Canada, etc, and some the theme of the specific type of food offered: Appleseed Orchard, Coastal Eats, etc. In each kiosk there is food unique to that theme or area, so for example if you go to the Italy booth theres a good chance youll find some kind of pasta, and so on.

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Get The Epcot Food And Wine Festival Menu And Passport For Free

Make a game out of attending the festival by collecting stickers from each food booth.

You can get a free copy of the official Epcot Food and Wine passport at the Festival Center in Future World East to place your stickers, too.

The passport also acts as a menu for the festival, which will make it easier to plan your day at Epcot.

What Is Epcots Food And Wine Festival

The Epcot Food and Wine Festival is an event held every fall here at Walt Disney World. The festival includes food booths, special events, chef demos, and live concerts! Its a highly attended event and you should be prepared for a very crowded Epcot especially on the weekends when the locals tend to flood in.

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Flavors From Fire Hosted By The Nfl On Espn

Score a touchdown of flavor with hearty dishes that are sure to tackle the toughest appetite.

  • The Corned Beef Corner Route: Smoked Corned Beef with Crispy Potatoes, Cheese Curds, Pickled Onions and Beer-Cheese Fondue
  • The Chimichurri-up Offense: Charred Chimichurri Steak on a Smoked Corn Cake with Pickled Vegetable Slaw and Cilantro Aïoli
  • The Smores Whoopie Pie-lon: Smoked Chocolate Cake, Graham Cracker, Marshmallow, Chocolate Ganache and Candied Bacon


  • Saugatuck Brewing Company Bonfire Beer, Douglas, MI
  • Four Virtues Bourbon Barrel Zinfandel, California
  • Swine Brine featuring Jim Beam Bourbon

Epcot Food And Wine Times Guide

International Food & Wine Festival at Epcot

Disney releases their times guides weekly and this will fill you in on all of the special events going on that day.

These passport booklets are available for FREE throughout the park. They include all food and beverage options at each booth. They also allow you to stamp and track which booths you have visited.

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Event Map And Times Guide

As much as you already know theEpcot, it is very important to have the event map. As there are trailers, kiosks and exclusive photo spots for the event, visitors end up getting lost and can’t find that kiosk they really want to visit and don’t participate in Epcot’s fixed list of countries.

Then the map it is essential for you to locate yourself.

Not to mention the schedule of seminars that take place during the Food & Wine season and have different times according to the day of the week, so have the Times Guide handy. of the event It is necessary for you to be able to better program your route in the park.

Epcot International Food And Wine Festival Usa A Short Overview:

The Epcot International Wine and Food Festival is the perfect festival for a food lover. If you are not even a food lover, you will still love the experience of this festival. There is so much more than just food and drink in this festival. The Epcot International Wine and Food festival is offering music, demonstrations, merchandising, pairings, friendships and so much more. The Eat to the Beat concerts series will blow your mind. Many popular artists around the world have headlined into this concert series. The party animals can have their kind of fun experience at the Party for the Senses. There is so a good deal of experience one can gathers in this hectic festival in Epcot. So, dont think so much. Start planning for the festival. It will be an amazing experience for you. You can join this festival with your family. And if you are willing to take kids with you, Walt Disney World has always something to offer.

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Joffreys Coffee & Tea Company

Joffreys has exclusive, limited-time beverages for Food & Wine that include:

  • Future World East Cocoa Cold Brew: Decadent Frozen Kona Mocha, topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. Option to add Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey.
  • The American Adventure Cinnamon Chai: Refreshing Iced Chai Tea Latte topped with whipped cream and cinnamon powder. Option to add Cinnamon Whiskey.
  • Canada Showcase Plaza Double Trouble Chai: Tantalizing Iced Chai Tea Latte with a single shot of espresso, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon powder. Option to add Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey.
  • Odyssey Events Pavilion Tropical Tea Breeze: Delicious Frozen Lemon, Iced Tea and a splash of coconut syrup. Option to add Titos Vodka.

Food And Wine Festival Events

Epcot 2018 International Food &  Wine Festival For Kids ...

Every year Disney switches things around a bit, and in normal years, they also add some new things.

Then came 2020 and everything looked different and the switching around of things meant that, because of health and safety measures, a lot of the traditional favorites were put on hiatus.

But, while not everything is back for 2021, in addition to the food booths linked above, some other old favorites are returning:

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Epcot Food And Wine Festival Foodie Guide

Drinking around the world may be the unofficial pastime of Epcot, but when the second half of the year rolls around, Disney makes it official with the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. This year, savor each bite and every crumb from . Thats 129 delicious days overbrimming with global-inspired flavors and cozy bites that are perfect for fall.

For this foodie guide, well go over all the tempting options that are on the Epcot Food and Wine Festival 2021 menus, as well as some useful tidbits for helping you make the most of your visit. Or, for an overview of everything thats on offer at the festival this year, take a look at our 2021 Disney Food and Wine Festival Guide. Cheers!

Tip #: Dont Miss The Eat To The Beat Concerts

Rockin out to Starship at an Eat to the Beat Concert

Another element of the festival that is included with park admission is the nightly Eat to the Beat Concerts. They take place three times each night in the American Gardens Theater.

They feature rock and pop stars from the 80s and 90s and the concerts are SO MUCH FUN. Lots of folks would pay a pretty penny just to go to some of these concerts!

The most popular concert is the 8:00 show, so get in line early for a seat.

I would not suggest booking an Eat to the Beat Dining Package unless you are there on a very busy day and really want great seats.

They are overpriced and Id rather spend the money on trying more food at the festival. But thats just my opinion.

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Are You Ready To Plan Your Next Disney World Trip

Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World? Be sure to speak with aDisney World Travel Agent for the most recent deals and promotions. The Park Prodigy will provide a Free Quote for all Disney World Vacation Packages.

Last but not least if youre also planning a trip to Universal Studios, be sure to check out the best time to visit Universal Studiosand our Universal Orlando Tickets!All Park Prodigy Universal Orlando tickets come with Universal Studios Early Park Admission.

Are you planning on visiting the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival? Or have you visited in the past? Would you like to share your experiences and tips? Do you have any questions for The Park Prodigy? Hearing your feedback and helping with your questions is not only our goal but will help other readers! Please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments!

Food & Wine Merchandise

2021 Epcot Food & Wine Festival | All The Best Dishes and Drinks | Our Full Review

Like every other event at Disney World, Epcot International Food and Wine Festival has unique event merchandise. Most of the merchandise is found at the start of the World Showcase, in Port of Entry . There are also smaller Festival Marketplaces scattered throughout the park.

Here are some slideshows from some past years merchandise lines :

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Epcot International Food And Wine Festival Eat To The Beat Concert Series

The Eat to the Beat concert series will not return for 2021. Catch performances by the Jammitors, Voices of Liberty, and Mariachi Cobre on the America Gardens Theatre stage throughout the Festival.

Additionally, on Friday through Monday evenings, the America Gardens Bandstand will welcome local bands to rock out for the crowd! Scheduled performances include:

Performers are subject to change, so check back for updates before your trip!

How Many Days Should I Go To The Food & Wine Festival

This really depends on you. Are you a local? Are you visiting Disney World on vacation only for one week? If you are an Orlando-area resident you are going to have plenty of opportunities to visit the Food and Wine Festival in Disney World, and you could easily come 10 times and still have a ball.

If you are just visiting Walt Disney World though for 1 week, I would say 1 time at Food and Wine is absolutely a must, and possibly 2 or more depending on the way you like to vacation. I like to come around 11 am, grab 4 or 5 things and then leave and go back to the hotel. I usually stay at an Epcot-area hotel though which makes this possible .

If you are only coming to Epcot once during your trip then make sure to visit Food and Wine periodically throughout that day. There are so many different things to try though Id really try to visit Epcot twice on your visit to give you more opportunities to try different things.

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Epcot International Food And Wine Festival Admission

Admission to the Festival is included with the price of Park admission.

Food and beverage offerings at the Global Marketplace food booths are a separate cost and vary by item.

When the Festival offers seminars, demonstrations, and other food and beverage experiences, cost varies. Some special events are free others cost money. We will list costs for special events below when those events are available.

Check Out The Free Epcot Food And Wine Concerts

2018 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Preview

A big draw for the Epcot Food and Wine fest are the free concerts, featuring popular musical acts from years past, up-and-coming artists, and occasionally tribute bands from the Orlando area.

These concerts are a ton of fun and a great way to see artists from your childhood or new ones that are just starting to make waves in the music world.

Past acts include 98 Degrees , Boyz II Men, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Plain White Ts, and Southern Avenue.

In 2021, the Food & Wine Festival showcased concerts from local tribute bands. As 2022 details havent been announced yet, its not clear if the concerts will only feature local bands or will return back to featuring larger acts.

To get an idea of what the concerts are like, check out the Epcot Food & Wine concert schedule from 2021:

  • : Epic! Live
  • : Epic! Live
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    Grilled Sweet And Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp

    These shrimp werent bad and its actually a dish we have recommended in the past. Unfortunately, we just werent feeling it this time around.

    The portion size is not very big and its not one we think is enough to share. The shrimp themselves are ok flavor-wise, but honestly looking at them you would expect more. The veggies were mushy and not crisp like we remembered them.

    Overall this was disappointing and the lamb chop is a much better choice in Australia.

    Get A Disney Gift Card Loaded With Your Max Budget

    To help you stay on budget, get a Disney gift card and load it with whatever your budget is.

    Cards are reloadable, so you can reload it daily, too. Gift cards can be purchased ahead of time via ShopDisney or you can purchase one when you get to Disney World.

    If youre really feeling in the spirit, Disney World has Food & Wine Festival gift cards available for purchase at Epcot and some Disney World resorts.

    You can purchase mini gift cards at select stores within Epcot during the festival. The mini size is perfect for wearing around a wristband or lanyard without getting in the way!

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    The Best Time To Visit Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2021

    As noted above the best time to visit the 2021 Disney World Food and Wine Festival is the entire month of September. If you are in the process of booking your trip or plan to visit during another month be sure to check out our Disney Crowd Calendar. We break down crowd levels, ticket prices, and average temperatures for each month.

    Is The Food And Wine Festival Good For Kids

    Disneyâs Epcot: Gallivanting around the 2021 International Food & Wine Festival!

    Yes! Every food booth has kid-friendly options! And its a great way to introduce your kids to new cultural cuisines! We love this event for the school-age child, who can really learn the foods and get involved. We also love the Epcot Food and Wine Festival with Kids because of Remys Hide and Squeak Scavenger Hunt! This fun game is a great way to chart your foodie journey and its perfect for grown-ups too!

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    Remys Ratatouille Hide & Squeak Scavenger Hunt

    Each EPCOT festival typically has a scavenger hunt for guests to enjoy as they eat their way around the park. The Food & Wine Festival will bring back the Ratatouille-themed hunt, in which youll search for Remy, whos hiding around the festival.

    To complete the scavenger hunt, you can buy a map and stickers at one of these gift shops: Port of Entry, Pin Traders Camera Center, or World Traveler. Last year, the map cost $9.99, but Disney hasnt announced a price for the 2022 scavenger hunt yet.

    Youll walk around World Showcase and look for the hidden statues of Remy. Once youve found them, you can match the sticker to the correct location on the map. When youve got them all marked, you can bring your completed map to one of these gift shops to claim your prize: Disney Traders, Gateway Gifts, or World Traveler.

    Last year, the prize was a Disney character-themed bowl, but these prizes change frequently, so were excited to see what EPCOT has in store for this years version!

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