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What Wine Goes With Smoked Gouda

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Wine Chips Smoked Gouda Review | Re:Wine w/bschwitty
    If you’d like find what wine goes with what food, you can use the Hello Vino tool on this page, or view our large list of food and wine pairing suggestions. Search for a Wine Pairing: For example, search wine with turkey or gouda wine pairing .

Does Cheese Pair Better With Beer Or Wine

Quite a few cheese experts feel that, by its structural nature, cheeses are more harmonious with beer than with wine: the nut and caramel aromas found in aged cheeses are also present in malty beers like brown ales, stouts and porters. Beer is also much less acidic than winemaking a pairing with creamy cheese more harmonious.

Is White Cheddar The Same As Mozzarella

Mozzarella is a cheese that is not aged for long & amp, hence , its softer. Cheddar cheese has its origins in Somerset, England & amp, is aged more than 1216 months . It is yellowish white in colour & amp, usually crumbly in texture. Its is a hard , sharp tasting cheese best used in grilled cheese , sandwiches .

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Chianti Classico And Pecorino Toscano

Why it works: Another great grows together, goes together pairing, the hard, aged texture of a Pecorino pairs wonderfully with the booming tannins of a Chianti Classico. The savory secondary notes in a Chianti bring out a hidden herbal flavor in the cheese, with the wines black fruit holding up perfectly against the boldness of the Pecorino.

Also try:Sangiovese and Parmigiano-Reggiano or Brunello di Montalcino and Grana Padano.

Cheese Pizza & Chianti

Smoked Gouda Bruschetta Appetizer

Pizza night? Yep, theres cheese on pizza too, and you want the perfect wine to pair with it! To find the perfect pairing, we reached out to Joseph Ciolli, CEO of Grimaldis Pizzeria, for his advice. He recommended a Rosso Toscano, a Tuscan red blend, which they also sell at the restaurant! The Mille Gradi is a red wine blended by the Grimaldis team at the Rocca del Macie estate in Chianti, and is available for 50% off any Grimaldis Pizzeria carryout food purchase!

The balanced, supple, and fresh taste with ripe berries and oak spice is the perfect complement to the smoky coal-fired crust of Grimaldis Traditional pizza, even better when the pizza is topped with Italian sausage, meatballs, and pepperoni, says Ciolli. Cant get your hands on this bottle? Try a Tuscan red wine, like a Chianti.

Eat This, Not That!

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What Condiments Go With Cheese

Cheese Accompaniments Mustards Horseradish, honey and fruit are just some flavors added to mustards which add a delicious complexity to cheese. English and Scottish mustards provide the perfect amount of spice to strong Cheddars while French mustard pairs well with delicate French cheeses, such as Port Salut.

What Cheese Pairs Well With Cabernet Sauvignon

Now that we have a basic understanding of the reason why cheese pairs so well with wine, lets take a look at what types of cheese pairs well with our favorite wine, Cabernet Sauvignon.

In general you cant go wrong with a semi-hard cheese with some age to it. These cheeses can help enhance the flavor of the wine while balancing out the tannins that will make your mouth feel dry.

Youll want to try and stay away from creamy or soft cheeses as they can make Cabernet Sauvignon taste a little bitter or metallic. Super hard cheeses can also enhance the tannins, thus making your mouth too dry.

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Wines That Go With Gouda Leaftv
    Wines That Go With Gouda Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignon, commonly called the “King of Red Wine Grapes,” pairs well with Gouda cheese as… Pinot Grigio. Pinot Grigio, a light wine, pairs well with a young Gouda. Pinot Grigio is light enough to avoid… Chardonnay. Often called “The World’s …

Pinot Noir And Vermont Sharp Cheddar Or Gruyere


Vermont Sharp Cheddar is aged and needs to be paired with a wine that has earthy notes, such as Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is a dry and light to medium-bodied red wine that has these characteristics along with ripe red fruit flavors. It also works well with a nutty cheese with medium firmness, such as Gruyere.

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The Most Common Use For Cheddar Is In The Cheeseburger But There Are A Lot Of Things To Make With Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar is the most famous Anglo-Saxon cheese. It first appeared on the English tables of a small village in Somerset, at the end of the 12th century. This village was called Cheddar.

The United States Department of Agriculture affirms that Cheddar is the most famous cheese in the world.

A Cheddar wheel has a cylindrical shape and can be found in a big variety of sizes: from 12 to 130 pounds. Mild Cheddar is white and has a sweet taste. Sharp Cheddar is an aged cheese, with a golden color and a piquant taste. The orange one is a variety colored with Annatto seeds. Sometimes you can find it covered by a characteristic layer of red wax.

But, how to use Cheddar cheese in cooking?

The most common use for Cheddar is in cheeseburger, but there are a lot of things to make with Cheddar cheese. In the UK, for example, Cheddar is often served at the end of the meal, with fresh fruit, bread and butter. In USA the common uses of Cheddar cheese are: Macaroni Cheese, Cheese Straws and Baked potatoes.

Cheddar is also used in Mexican recipes, like Tacos and spicy Tortillas with beef and beans. In Cheese Pie Italian recipe Cheddar can substitute Fontina.

Sauvignon Blanc And Goat Cheese

Why it works: While theyre earthy and tart, most goat cheeses are a bit of a blank slate, so the citrus and mineral notes found in a French Sauvignon Blanc bring out the wonderful nutty and herbal flavors that can be found in the cheese. The acidity is also a great way to cut through the heaviness of the goat cheese.

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How Do You Eat Salami And Cheese

salamicheeseeat17 Ways To Use Salami

  • Add to nachos like in Aurelia’s Chorizo Nachos .
  • Sauté to flavor dark leafy greens like this Collard Greens with Pepperoni Recipe.
  • Garnish a Bloody Mary like this Game Day Bloody Mary With Saucisson Sec Recipe Here.
  • Add to Mac & Cheese like this Chorizo Mac & Cheese Recipe Here.
  • Serve it on a cheese board.
  • One Wine To Rule Them All

    Paired for Perfection

    It’s fun to open a range of bottles to sample with your cheese assortment, but if you must pour a single wine with a mixed plate of cheeses, try Riesling, especially off-dry. The wine is low in alcohol, but its acidity, sweetness, tropical fruits, and mineral backbone let it partner broadly. Alsatian Gewürztraminer is another great choice. It’s dry with a delicate body, but its floral aromas will waft ethereally above the savory notes of all of the cheeses.

    Sparkling wines, from dry to sweet, almost always work well, too. Their ample acidity and toasty, nutty flavors complement cheeses from fresh through aged. A mixed plate of cheeses is a great excuse to open another bottle of Champagneas if you needed one.

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    Red Wine & Cheese Pairings

    Red wines have a variety of characteristics and tasting profiles that can make it intimidating to find the right cheese pairings. As cheese ages and loses water-content, it becomes richer in flavor due to its increased fat content. These two characteristics are ideal for matching bold red wines because the fat content in the cheese counteracts the high-tannins in the wine. We have compiled a list of the best red wines and cheese pairings that are sure to impress during your friend and family get-togethers.

    How To Make A Wine And Cheese Board

    Making a picture-worthy wine and cheese board may seem intimidating, but its actually super simple! Just follow the steps below to get started.

  • Create Structure. Before you begin arranging the food, add any large items such as bowls or decorations to the board to create a sense of structure and prevent chaos.
  • Add the Largest Items. Once some structure has been put in place, add the largest food items that can stand on their own to the board first.
  • Fill in the Gaps. Using the remaining ingredients, fill in any empty gaps in the board with the smaller, more decorative snacks.
  • Note: For the most visually appealing board, focus on colors and combinations! For example, pair orange and red items such as fruit and meat together. Next, group green and yellow hues together such as pickles, olives, nuts, and dips. Then, add it all to the board, and garnish your board with fresh herbs and flowers!

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    Enjoy Your Favorite Wine And Cheese Pairing

    Wine and cheese are two of the most versatile delicacies in the world. Thats why there are unlimited wine and cheese pairing options.

    If youre not sure which wine to pair with cheese, pair aged cheese with bold, red wine, soft cheese with sparkling wine, and you have many options with white wine and cheese pairings.

    Or, you can just stick with a nutty cheese or a cheese from the same region as the wine.

    Are you interested in going on a wine trail? Plan your trip today!

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    Create A Perfect Pairing


    Every wine is unique. Is your wine dry and spicy? Smooth out rigid tannins and bracing acidity with a slightly less firm cheese. The fat content will complement the tannin, and the texture will absorb high acidity. For example, a 5 month aged Bra Duro with Barolo. Learn about the to fine-tune your pairings.

    More Bold Red Wine & Cheese Pairings:

    • Aged Gouda

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    Protip: Consider Age And Intensity

    All of cheese-dom lies along a continuum from fresh through hard-aged. Young fresh cheeses have a high water content and a milky and delicate texture. As a cheese ages, a process called affinage, the moisture in its body slowly evaporates, leaving behind fat and protein. Since fat and protein carry flavors, older cheeses tend to be more rich and savory.

    In addition to drying and concentrating the cheese, age also introduces new flavors. Bloomy-rind cheeses like Brie remain gooey and spreadable, but have picked up earthy notes from a few months in the cave. Older cheeses like Gruyère and Emmental acquire nutty flavors. Blue cheeses develop pungency from the mold in their veins. Washed-rind cheeses like Époisses earn a funky, bacon-y redolence that you either love or hate.

    Like cheeses, wines also run the gamut from delicate to bold, and their depth and complexity can correlate with their age, too. Young wines are fresh and spirited, with lively aromas and bright flavors of fruits, flowers, citrus, herbs, or spice. Wines that have spent time in cask or bottle have had a chance to knit together and acquire more nuance. In addition to their primary fruit flavors, they take on secondary notes of oak, toast, earth, oxidation, minerals, umami, and more. Like cheeses, these wines tend to be more complex and savory than their younger counterparts.

    Perfect Wine & Food Pairings

    Whether youre hosting an intimate dinner party or a large gathering with all of your friends, a meat and cheese board is the perfect party appetizer. Its easy to make, easy for guests to serve themselves, endlessly customizable, and not to mention, totally delicious. Want to make the best-ever board for your party? Weve got expert tips to help your meat and cheese spread come together perfectly.

    All-in-One Gifts

    A charcuterie spread is so versatileit can serve as a tasty party snack, hearty addition to a main course, or even as a light and flavorful meal on its own. But no matter how youre enjoying your favorite selection of meats and cheeses, one things for sure: a glass of wine can really take the flavors of your bites to the next level. But which wine should you choose? Our guide to wine pairings can help you pick the perfect pour based on your preferred flavor profile.


    Not shy about full-bodied flavors? Then our Generosity Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon is a great choice. This wine pairs nicely with our bolder-tasting meats, cheeses, and condiments because the cabernets full body really brings out the complexity of stronger flavors.

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    What Time It Should Start

    Given that wine and cheese parties are not meant to have complete meals, its best to host them either before dinner such as at 4 oclock p.m., or later in the evening around 9 oclock p.m. after your guests have eaten dinner.

    Pro-Tip: If you cant meet with your loved ones in person, try hosting a virtual wine tasting party! To do so, set a time to meet online, and agree to have your favorite wine and snacks on hand so everyone can partake in the fun.

    Tips For Pairing Wine With Aged Gouda

    Wines That Go With Gouda

    The first thing to think about is the age of your gouda. Gouda can be aged for five years or more and the flavor profile changes dramatically with age. The process also leads to calcium lactate crystals, which provide an unexpected crunch to the cheese and some funky tones.

    Because the flavor of the cheese varies notably with age, the best wine to match with it will change as well. A wine that easily complements a relatively young aged gouda may be completely overwhelmed by cheese that has been through more extensive aging.

    Pay attention to the cheese itself too.

    Gouda isnt a name protected type of cheese, so the name sometimes refers to cheeses made in a similar way, rather than to a single specific type of cheese. If youre looking for the authentic experience, Noord-Hollandse Gouda is a better choice, as this protected title only refers to Dutch gouda.

    Of course, you dont need to stick to Dutch gouda to find delicious cheese. The trick is to look for quality brands, ones that dont focus on mass production.

    Finally, its important to experiment for yourself. Wine pairing is partly a science, partly an art, and partly personal. Combinations that one person loves might seem very unappealing to another. Its best to try some of the recommended pairings for yourself to see which combinations you enjoy and which ones you dont.

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    What Cheese Mixes Well With Cheddar

    What Kind of Cheese Goes With Cheddar?

    • Gruyere. Named after a village in Switzerland, gruyere is a semi-hard cheese made from cows milk.
    • Monterey Jack. Also made from cows milk, Monterey Jack is a semi-hard cheese.
    • Parmesan. Made from skim cows milk, Parmesan cheese is a dry, hard, Italian cheese.
    • Smoked Gouda.

    Page : We Taste 13 Gouda Brands

    • to read other months Whey To Go columns

    CAPSULE REPORT: In Part 1 of this article, we looked at the history of Gouda, how it is made, and the difference between young and aged Goudas. While some cheese connoisseurs dismiss Gouda as a simple snack-and-sandwich cheese , aged Goudas are a different proposition altogether. Deep caramel in color, crunchy, flaky, and meltingly smooth on the tongue, a true cow’s milk Dutch Gouda bursts with flavor. The older the cheese, the more wonderful the flavors of butterscotch and caramel.

    Now that you understand what Gouda is all about , its time to taste Gouda. First, lets look at what to do with it.

    Food & Beverage Pairings

    If youre not sure of uses for this cheese beyond a table cheese and snacking, there are many!

    • Beverages. Cheese expert Steven Jenkins recommends beer as the ideal alcoholic accompaniment to a young Gouda and light red or fruity white wines as the drink of choice with a more mature cheese. For the aged Goudas, our wine editor likes an aged White Burgundy or Chardonnay, which has butterscotch and caramel tones that match those in the aged Gouda or a dry Riesling. For reds, try a heartier fruity reds, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Shiraz and Zinfandel. Our editorial director enjoyed St. Francis Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon, with black cherry fruit flavor, dark chocolate notes and spicy oak that gave off butterscotch tones unusual in a red wine, and perfect with Gouda.

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    White Wine And Cheese

    White wines typically match with a much wider array of cheeses than reds. This is because white wines have no tannin, making it much easier to match them together. If theres one cheese that doesnt match up too well with many white wines, it would be blue cheese. It tends to overwhelm. Here are a few classic pairings to consider:

    In the Loire Valley, where you can find many goat herds. The goat cheeses from the Loire arent as soft or as fresh as goat cheese in the US. French goat cheeses tend to be firmer with a chalk-like taste texture due to high calcium content. As they age, the cheese develops a spiciness that will match up fantastically with a Sauvignon Blanc or an unoaked Chardonnay . Check out cheeses like Crottin de Chavignol or Humboldt Fog as great options for a white wine cheese.

    Around Veneto, youll find Garganega , which makes the wines of Soave. Soave is crisp, like Sauvignon Blanc, with a slightly bitter almond note on the finish. This wines bitterness makes it a fascinating match with a young asiago . The aged versions of Asiago go surprisingly well with a fruity, off-dry Prosecco or Moscato dAsti.

    Off-dry , such as a German Riesling from the Mosel, match up wonderfully with fondue. The sweetness and acidity complement the nutty, robust fondue flavors and make everything taste delicately sweet and salty. Hungry yet?

    Pairing Challenge:

    Think your palate is good enough to be a ?

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