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Light Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

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The Most Stunning Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses In Every Style

What Color Veil To Wear With A Champagne Colored Wedding Dress

Wedding Show Me Your Mumu

Raise a glassbecause were bubbling with excitement to talk champagne bridesmaid dresses! A color for all seasons, this fancy neutral is flattering, fun, and easy to style. Its accessible in several unique silhouettes and sizes. Ideal for several wedding styles from glam to boho to minimalist, champagne is the universal color for celebration and excitement alike. Perfect for a wedding, dont you think?

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Romantic Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses Should Be Your First Choice

Champagne bridesmaid dresses are one of the trending colors at the moment, just the same way colored wedding dresses are trending for brides. One of the factors that impact the popularity of a particular color for bridesmaid dresses is the versatility of the color. First, this color is gorgeous it has just the perfect tone of calm and bright. It also comes in a few other shades that would complement each other. So, your bridesmaids can wear the same color without actually wearing the same color. The champagne color is so versatile that it can fit with a lot of many other colors. Irrespective of your color or the theme for your wedding, you can be sure that champagne color will look good. It is one reason why a lot of brides choose this color for their bridesmaid. This color will work for most wedding themes, so both for formal weddings, beach weddings and other kinds of weddings, champagne color is trending for this reason.

Favorite Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

So, you’re thinking Champagne for your bridesmaid dress colors! Now for the fun part, choosing which bridesmaid dress styles to feature in your wedding party! Here are some of our best-selling long champagne bridesmaid dresses, with options for every woman in your party.

1. Kennedy Blue Jessa

Jess is a trendy fit and flare bridesmaid dress. It has a v-neckline, thick shoulder straps and a pleated skirt. Featured in Champagne, this bridesmaid dress is stunning year-round!

2. Kennedy Blue Madison

With a floral embroidered bodice, Madison is a popular springtime bridesmaid dress. It has thin spaghetti straps, a v-neckline, and an a-line silhouette. This bridesmaid dress looks gorgeous in Champagne.

3. Kennedy Blue Caroline

A stunning modest bridesmaid dress option, Caroline is flattering but cozy. It has a high halter neckline, a fitted bodice, and a soft chiffon skirt with pockets.

4. Kennedy Blue Zoey

Zoey is oh so stylish! It has a sexy fitted bodice with thick straps, a v-neckline, and is paired with an a-line skirt with a slit. This Champagne bridesmaid dress is simple, which will complement a neutral wedding perfectly!

5. Kennedy Blue Courtney

Courtney is a casual and comfortable bridesmaid dress. It features a ruffle bodice with a v-neckline and a wrap skirt with a slit. Your bridesmaids will absolutely love this option!

6. Kennedy Blue Ava

7. Mori Lee 21534

8. Mori Lee 21659

9. Mori Lee 21601

10 Mori Lee 21646

11. Mori Lee 21544

12. Mori Lee 21657

2. Kennedy Blue Gabby

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A Variety Of Bridesmaid Dresses In 57 Other Colors

JJ’s House deals in varieties this is due to the recognition that women love variety. Sizes from petite to plus size are available, and they come in various styles. You can get mix & match bridesmaid dresses as well. You can even customize how you like your gowns to look. So, from the cut to the length of the gown, color shade, silhouette, and other details, the dresses for your bridesmaids could be customized, just at the click of a few buttons. At JJ’s House, bridesmaids dresses are available in various shapes and styles. There are plus size bridesmaid dresses, black bridesmaid dresses, burgundy bridesmaid dress, and more. Any style or hue of champagne bridesmaid dress you want JJ’s House can make it available.

Stylish Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Light Champagne One Shoulder Long Bridesmaid Dresses With Beaded Strap ...

Trendy Outfits for the Modern Bridal Party

Nothing says celebration like a glass of bubbly! But you can take the celebration spirit beyond your toast with champagne bridesmaid dresses. Champagne is the universal color for celebration and excitement alike. Perfect for a wedding, dont you think?

We know that choosing bridal party dresses can be a hard decision to make for any couple. After all, there are so many different color palettes, fabrics, and silhouettes to choose from. Plus, it can be tricky to land on a bridesmaid dress color that not only suits your wedding theme but pleases and complements your bridal party, too. The solution? Champagne bridesmaid dresses.

A color for all seasons, this elegant and pretty neutral hue goes pretty much with everything. It is flattering, fun, and easy to style. Ideal for several wedding styles from minimalist to glam and boho, champagne is perfect for mixing and matching with other colors and comes in undertones of blush, beige, and gold to firm warm and cool wedding color palettes. Even better? Champagne bridal party gowns are versatile enough to work for every dress code, wedding venue, and season.

From shimmering dresses to classic evening gowns, find below our curated collection of the best champagne bridesmaid dresses for every style and budget.

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Our Favorite Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

When searching online for champagne bridesmaid dresses, you can also try looking for colors such as beige and oyster, as well as ivory. Plus, dont forget this bridal styling tip: Tie in your white wedding dress with champagne bridesmaid dresses by incorporating a champagne or beige color bridal sash or wedding dress belt.

Heres a few of our recent bridesmaid dress finds in a champagne pallet. Want to see if they fit in with your wedding theme? Make a to see how it all works together.

Tuscany Maxi Slip Dress by Show Me Your Mumu

With a built-in shelf bra this floor-length dress features a cowl neckline and spaghetti straps.

What Season Is Best For Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Despite the color being more of a winter offering at retail stores, champagne can and should be worn at weddings year-round. Why? Because its the perfect neutral palate to build your wedding aesthetic.

Are you getting married in spring? Pair with a sweet crown of flowers. In the summer? Look for silhouettes with a shorter hemline and pair with a strappy sandal. For fall, opt for chic terracotta-colored bouquets. And in winter, up the glam with a sequined dress and deep burgundy lipstick. Champagne is truly a color for all seasons!

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Affordable Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

No matter what the dress code or wedding venue, champagne is a simple but timeless colour that will make all of your photos look fantastic.

A truly natural hue that will look stunning outside in the summer months, champagne bridesmaid dresses add that touch of glamour that youre looking for.

The Sienna dress is one of our newest designs, with its bandeau top & large frill, making it a perfect option for an outdoor wedding. For something unique, try the Tabitha Bridesmaid dress with its halterneck and long skirt, giving a stunning flattering look for anyone wearing it.

Complete your bridesmaid outfits with our beautiful bridesmaid accessories including bracelets, headbands and more.

Featured Styles

Light Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Long Champagne A-Line Lace Chiffon

Romantic & classic, pale grey makes for the perfect color bridesmaid dresses. A couple of our top choices are Dew Drop & Dove!


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Color: Black

Color: Black

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Where To Buy Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Because champagne is the perfect color for celebration, its a fairly easy color to find when it comes to shopping for dresses. Your favorite ready-to-wear retailers are often just as likely to carry dresses in a champagne colorway as are wedding attire retailers.

However, champagne does tend to be a seasonal color thats more often offered around the holiday season. Depending on when youre seeking out bridal party dresses, youre generally best off browsing through some favorites like BHLDN, Show Me Your Mumu, and Reformation.

Why Choose Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Classy and neutral, the color itself represents sophistication, comfort, luxury, and excitement. Its beige with a celebratory twist! Champagne has notes of gold and its warmth brings forth feelings of endearment and love. Any time you clink a glass of champagne, its likely with a twinkle of joy in your eye.

Because there are various shades of champagnefrom gold to blush to silveryits an easy color to wear across all skin tones. And because champagne is a neutral, its fun to style with a pop of color. A red lip can go a long way!

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What To Look For In A Champagne Bridal Party Dress

Champagne is a beautiful neutral hue to outfit your bridal party in. Slightly warmer and richer in tone than other neutrals like beige and tan, champagne hues feel particularly fitting for special occasions. When it comes to shopping for your bridal party dresses, it’s important to know that there are many different shades of champagne. While some champagne dresses may have pinky undertones, others may read more pale yellow or gold. Then there’s the fabric to take into consideration. For example, champagne dresses in lustrous satin and silk feel especially appropriate for formal and black-tie dress codes while silhouettes in lightweight, matte chiffon are perfect for spring and summer nuptials. And when it comes to styling your bridal party dress, the good news is that champagne goes with everything from classic, nude slingbacks to metallic, strappy sandals.

  • What color is champagne?

    Champagne is named after the bubbly alcoholic beverage and closely resembles beige. Some champagne shades have undertones of pale yellow, orange, and pink.

  • Is champagne flattering on most skin tones?

    Yes! Champagne is a neutral color that works well on many different skin tones.

  • Are champagne wedding dresses appropriate for a formal wedding?

    Absolutely! Champagne bridal party dresses come in a wide range of styles suited for all wedding dress codes. For formal weddings, we love floor-length champagne dresses in shimmering satin and silk fabrics.

When You Shouldt Choose Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Light Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses,One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses ...

If you know the exact dress you want your bridesmaids to wear, then champagne is a great color choice. The problem is when you let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses. The reason thats a bad idea 99% of the time is because the champagne colorway can be drastically different from one designer to the next. So while having your friends choose their own bridal party dresses usually works out great when your color choice is blush, black, navy, purple or red, champagne tends to be a color that is open to interpretation. Another color choice that tends to fall in the same category is gold . But thankfully we have a workaround for that.

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What Color Is Champagne And How To Choose The Right Shade

When choosing the perfect champagne bridesmaid dresses, youll want to first have a good understanding of exactly what the color is.

Champagne ranges from shades of pale yellow and orange to whites that could also be characterized as beige or even greige . Heres a look at a champagne palette with its various HEX colors, below. As you can see it can be a great neutral hue!

You might also see color palettes that have more undertones of blush than champagne, and that can commonly be referred to as pink champagne. However, the traditional champagne color is more creamy than pink. You might also see other champagne variations, such as champagne beige, champagne gold or even champagne grey.

The shade of champagne you pick should ultimately work well with different color palettes. Warmer wedding colors would look great with a champagne that leans more towards beige. Cool wedding color palettes on the other hand look beautiful with lighter shades of champagne . It can also work with a wide range of seasonal color picks for spring and summer, and even be a great accent to burgundies and greens in the holiday season.

Champagne colors also work with various textures as well. Sequin, foil, satin, tulle, and other fabrics all look beautiful in champagne tones.

Top 30 Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses For 2022

We all love drinking champagne, but what about putting your bridesmaids in it? This flattering hue is becoming an increasingly popular colour for bridesmaid dresses and its easy to see why.

A neutral shade, champagne bridesmaid dresses lend themselves to a multitude of wedding colour schemes and complements all shades of wedding dress. Plus champagne looks good on all types of fabrics, making it an extremely versatile choice for your bridal party.

Whether you prefer a pale gold or a warm shade of sequins, here are 15 of our favourite champagne bridesmaid dresses that your girls will love.

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Champagne Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Romantic and airy as it is, lace has almost become an essential for ladies’ attire, no matter formal or casual. For this reason, it is widely used in wedding and bridesmaid dress designs.

To keep your budget low, it’s natural for you to turn to the internet for help. However, when you begin your dress hunt with full passion, you might easily get frustrated by the sea of bridesmaid dresses with lace pictures. Even worse, there are still risks of ordering gowns online.

In this case, you should definitely take a look at Cocomelody’s fantastic collection of lace bridesmaid dresses! On top of everything, our lace bridesmaid dresses come in literally any color, checkshop by color to know more. Plus, our brilliant customization service promises perfect fitting. As you probably know already, when it comes to ensembles, fitting is everything. With this in mind, we pay extra attention to body type details and pattern making.

As a professional gown maker, we hold a wide selection of long bridesmaid dresses and short bridesmaid dresse, lace to chiffon, all of the various shades of colors.If you need suggestions for your wedding attire or color matching, feel free to consult with our friendly online stylists.

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Why You Should Consider Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Chicsew satin, chiffon, sequin, velvet bridesmaid dresses – black, white, champagne and grey series2

The beauty of picking a universal color such as champagne for your bridesmaid dresses is that they go with so many wedding themes! The neutral color is a safer choice than white for your wedding , and the color is flattering on practically every skin tone. The color is subtle and looks beautiful across a wide variety of fabrics, especially those with sequins or beaded embellishments for some extra glam.

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About Our Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Let your inner beauty shine and shimmer while dancing the night away in our champagne bridesmaid dress. Its light and warm hue honors all skin tones and these floor-kissing expensive-looking dresses are all under $100. Pop a few bottles of bubbly to celebrate our champagne dresses being size-inclusive , fashionably designed with secret side pockets, and easily available to buy online.

We have tutorial videos on exactly how to achieve each look, from halter to off-the-shoulder, and even a variety of back options .

Check out our video for the best tips on how to measure properly for your bridesmaid dress.

We’ve made it insanely easy to mix and match multiple colors in our collection! Rule of thumb is to stick to one family. If you need some guidance, we have free moodboards that you can download.

We know that along with the right silhouette, the fabric is key in achieving a certain look for your wedding day. Head over to our Fabric 101 and discover our fabric options in chiffon, mesh, tulle, crepe, and satin, and don’t forget to order swatches before committing !

The One Problem With Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Champagne bridesmaid dresses are quickly becoming one of THE most popular choices today. The biggest problem? Trying to decipher exactly what color champagne is can be tricky, especially if your bridesmaids are sent out to buy their own. But dont worry! Weve created some color guidance for you, along with a few of our favorite gown picks. Read on for more!

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Kaia Satin Bridesmaid Dress By Talia Sarah In Champagne

Kaia is our very own breathtaking champagne satin cowl bridesmaid slip dress with asymmetrical hem. The instant you slip into our Kaia you will feel like the perfect bridesmaid, designed from a dual layer of silky luxe satin to hug and float across your figure in all the right ways. The final touch and probably

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