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What Is The Best Wine To Buy

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King Estate Temperance Hill Pinot Noir 2016

The Best Red Wines For Beginners (Series): #1 Pinot Noir

King Estate is known for some of the south Willamette Valley’s best wines, and though this winery offers a wider selection of varietals than most in the area, you can never go wrong with a solid pinot noir . The 2016 Temperance Hill is a special bottling for King Estate in that its eponymous vineyard site first became available during this vintage after being coveted for years by the team of winemakers sitting at higher elevation than the majority of King’s other vineyard blocks, Temperance Hill has been sustainably farmed since 1999 and yields stunningly complex, earthy wines, as shown by this 2016 pinot noir. Think: notes of truffle, wet forest floor, coffee, violet, rose petal, blueberry, and cocoa with bright, balancing acidity and gentle yet firm tannins.

To buy: $70,

Giovanni Rosso Etna Bianco Doc 2018

From the slopes of Mount Etna, an active volcano in Sicily, this wine was produced by Giovanni Rosso, a family-owned winery from Piedmont specializing in red wines made from Nebbiolo. However, we were impressed by the familyâs white selection they are making on Mt. Etna in Sicily, offering a white Burgundy-quality wine, sans the white Burgundy price. Itâs extremely balanced, refreshing, and has great acidity. With its kiss of oak, it will surely be a newfound favorite of Chardonnay lovers looking to try something different.

Rating: 97

Pio Cesare Barolo Ornato 2017

There’s always a time and place for big, bold Italian wines Barolo has long been considered one of the country’s top players, and historic producer Pio Cesare, which is family-owned to this day, is known for making some of Piedmont’s very best. The 2017 Ornato is especially interesting in that it was the winery’s first single-vineyard bottling, along with 1985 the inaugural vintage, and has gained a reputation as being Pio Cesare’s most powerful wine, thanks to its intensity and structure. Like the rest of its kind, this Barolo is made from 100 percent nebbiolo, but there’s a richness and concentration to Ornato that gives it a special allure. You’ll want to cellar this one for at least four or five years if you purchase in 2021.

To buy: $150,

To buy: $257,

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La Vieille Ferme Red Wine

The aromas of this wine are overwhelmed by a balsamic vinegar sourness at first, but once this scent blows off quickly, it reveals an appealing bright fruitiness that translates well from the nose to the palate. In the end, it is a very solid boxed wine from a brand thats available in almost every wine shop in the country. Pair it with pizza, and thank us later.

Rating: 87

Best White Wines To Buy In 2022

The Best Tips For Buying Wine Online  Totem pole

Starting at only $10!

Rosé may be relegated to one “season,” but a glass of white wine remains pretty damn timeless. A hot summer’s day? There’s a crisp, clean Sauvignon Blanc for that. A hearty, creamy, wintertime pasta? You’d probably be game for a buttery, rich Chardonnay. And so on and so forth. Which brings us to thisa round-up of our favorite classic bottles of white, plus introductions to some less recognizable varietals that are about to become your new favorites. And a note about price: We’ve included splurge-worthy bottles for when you’re celebrating life’s biggest moments and inexpensive options for when taking your pants off after work feels like a huge win. But we’ve also got plenty of affordable options for more everyday occasions, some bottles to always have stocked in your wine rack.

If you don’t plan on drinking these wines immediately, make sure to store them at a temperaturebetween 45 and 70 degrees in a space with around 70 percent humidity. A few hours before you plan to pop the cork, stick them in the fridge to cool down. If the wine bottle has a natural cork, make sure to store it in its side so the cork stays moist.

If you want more of our wine recommendations, try our fave French wines, our fave canned wines, and our fave red wines. And check out more of our tips on how to serve and store wine. Until next time, cheers!

Region: Gavi, Italy

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For The Vegan Dinner Party:

Pairing wine with vegan meals might seem like a daunting task… and that’s because it kind of is. For this one, you’re going to have to get a little niche.

“A grenache syrah blend, like Côtes du Rhône from the south of France is a good fit,” Selecman said. “It’s a bistro wine, super-accessible, light easy, and highly drinkable.”

For a white, Selecman points toward a white Bordeaux, something sauvignon blanc-based. “This is a softer, more refined style than whites that hail from outside of France, and pairs very well with grain-based dishes,” she said.

Pinot Noir By William Wright

If youre in the market for a classic Pinot that wont break the bank, then this Pinot Noir by William Wright might be just the wine for you. Produced in Monterey County, California.

This wine starts with a pleasant and earthy aroma, which includes rhubarb, strawberry, mint, leather, and tomato plant. If you like a lot of earthiness in your wine, this Pinot Noir is perfect.

When you taste this wine, youll experience a medium-bodied and smooth flavor. There are also hints of mint and strawberry. This Pinot Noir is a classy and earthy Pinot Noir with plenty to enjoy.

Youll get a medium-long finish, along with a taste of licorice and a hint of cola that will have you pouring yourself another glass.

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Add Extra Value To Your Present With The Gift Of Education

When giving any wine, it is extremely helpful to the recipient if you give them a little bit of guidance on how to enjoy the wine . This can easily be obtained by consulting the wine sales staff and including a small note with the gift that reads something like: “I hope that this sommelier-recommended wine as a perfect match with turkey adds a joyful sparkle to your holiday dinner. Alternatively, cellar for up to five years for added depth and complexity. The best of the season to you and yours, sincerely .” This small thoughtful inclusion not only personalizes the wine drinking experience but also elevates your gift to the next level and shows how much effort you put into finding a gift that will be loved.

To you and yours, all the best this holiday season and beyond. Cheers!

Is Aldi Wine Really Worth It

WINE BUYING TIPS: Buy Good Wine WITHOUT Reviews! Reading the Wine Label…

Not all the wines you find at Aldi are worth trying. Even though the prices are very affordable, there are some you should just simply steer away from. However, that doesnt mean there arent any worth trying, which we believe weve shown based on the list weve provided.

Thanks to these wines, Aldi is showing that its moving in the right direction. This is critical as other retailers have shown that they are simply happy treading water or even moving backward.

Some of the better wines from Aldi come from the Exquisite Collection. Those, plus the Dancing Flame offerings are making Aldi wines worth considering whenever youre looking for a good bottle of cheap wine that still impresses the palate.

For us, we prefer Sweet Sparkling Moscato. Its the ideal wine when youre looking for something to drink while enjoying a nice piece of pie for dessert.

But dont just take our word for it. In recent years, Aldi has won over 30 awards for their wines, including gold in the category of Best Buy for their Moscato, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, and Malbec offerings.

If thats not enough to get you to try a bottle of wine from Aldi, we dont know what is.

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Tempranillo By La Cornada Crianza

Aldis Tempranillo comes from Castella La Mancha, Spain, and is produced by La Cornada Crianza. Aged for almost six months in America oak, this wine spends an additional year and a half in the bottle before it becomes available for consumption.

Bottled by Felix Solis and imported into the US by Mack and Schuhle, Inc. The wine begins with a muted smell consisting of spice, black cherry, and a bit of cedar. This in and of itself isnt anything to write home about, but wait until you taste it.

Immediately after taking a sip youll wonder how can something so delicious be available at Aldi. This Tempranillo is well-made, spicy, and smooth. It is very balanced and fills your mouth with amazing flavor and fullness. The wine isnt overly complex, however, youll continue to wonder how something so amazing can be so cheap.

Youll enjoy a very long and dry finish, full of dark fruits, light oaky flavor, and spice. Buy this wine if you have a chance. You wont be disappointed.

Peaks & Tides offers this balanced, rich, and juicy Cabernet Sauvignon. Produced in Sonoma County, California, Peaks & Tides ages its wines for an unknown amount of time in oak barrels.

A long, dry finish, along with some oaky spice makes this Cabernet Sauvignon worth its price tag, which isnt all that high.

Famille Perrin Ctes Du Rhnenature 2018

Sometimes, Côtes du Rhône at this price is oaked heavily, leaving little room for subtlety. This wine is not crazy complex, but it does have a nice earthy vibe and smells like blackberries right off the vine. Its balanced, easy, and would be a fun wine to pair with a cheese board and some cured meats.

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The Different Types Of Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon:

Cabernet Sauvignons are rich, robust red wines from the Napa Valley. These wines are full-bodied and are made up of dark fruit flavours mixed with spices and earthy aromas. Its one of the worlds most widely recognised red wine grape varieties and is most commonly aged in French oak.


Chardonnay is the most popular wine varietal in North America and is characterised by its medium to full body and its buttery mouthfeel. It combines crisp flavours like apple and pear with citrus aromas and hints of vanilla.


Malbec is known for its plump, dark fruit flavours and inky dark colour. Its grapes grow mostly in Argentina although it was originally produced in France. Malbecs have moderate tannins and are typically made up of ripe flavours like plum, black cherry and blackberry.


Merlots have milder flavours and lower tannin levels than other varieties of red wine. Although still a type of dry red wine, theyre sweeter than Cabernet Sauvignons and are made of dark blue-coloured wine grapes. Merlots are a fruit-forward wine with plenty of flavours, with spicy and sweet notes that come from ageing in oak barrels.

Pinot Grigio:

Pinot Noir:


Sauvignon Blanc:

Most Sauvignon Blancs are left as dry white wines, with a few brands preferring to leave a small amount of residual sugar for a richer consistency. Its a crisp and light wine with flavours of citrus like green apple, lime and vanilla.



Best Value French: Chne Bleu Ablard 2011

Top 100 Wines of 2017

Region: Rhône Valley | ABV: 14.5% | Tasting Notes: Black cherry, Red licorice, Earth, Warm cinnamon

From an ancient property at the cornerstone of four appellations in Frances Southern Rhône, near the town of Gigondas and situated in Mont Ventoux, comes this absolute marvel of a wine. Owners Nicole and Xavier Rolet are incapable of making a bad wine, and incredibly, they’ve taken the extraordinary step of aging their wine for a generous amount of time prior to release. The vintage they currently have on the market is the 2012, but its terribly hard to find. Luckily, the 2011 is up for grabs: A decade-aged Rhône red consisting mostly of grenache, it is a testament to the efforts of these renegade vintners.

Wild red berry fruit, blackberry jam, French vanilla bean and garrigue layered with cigar box spices. Silky soft, elongated tannins support a panoply of flavors, from warm cinnamon and brown sugar spices to curry powder-dusted red berry fruit, with generous dollops of black cherry and red licorice. It finishes with grippy acidity and vivid earthy notes.

Region: Douro, Portugal | ABV: 13.8% | Tasting Notes: Cranberry, Raspberry, Blood Orange, Cedar

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If You’re Having Seafood:

We’ve got two options for you here:

“One would be the super-inexpensive choice, that pairs great with all shellfish, called muscat. It’s only grown on the southern coast of France, and it just goes so well with oysters, anything with brininess,” Selecman said. “Very seldom would you find one that costs more than $20.”

“A Chablis chardonnay might make some people balk, they could be afraid of that buttery, oak flavor that inherent in chardonnay. But this one is clean, it’s minimal, it’s citrusy, and it’s really just exquisite with any type of seafood,” Selecman added.

Finding Wines You Love

Wine is there for your enjoyment. Whether you begin your wine journey by taking some of the best wines for beginners suggestions made here or decide to venture out on your own, try tasting a few different bottles of a certain type of red or white wine to really get a feel for it. Use the resources available to you, as well. Ask a local wine shop owner to recommend a wine for a new palate. He or she will surely have some suggestions you will love.

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Best White: Domaine De La Ppire Muscadet

Courtesy of Drizly

Region: Loire Valley, France | ABV: 12% | Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, Green apple, Crushed rocks

In addition to local legends Jo Landron and Domaine Luneau-Papin, Domaine de la Pépière is regarded as one of the highest-quality muscadet producersand the price point makes the deal all of the sweeter. Although the region is extremely varied and complex, wines produced here are mostly made for immediate consumption, prices remain relatively low.

This tasty bottle is the result of direct-pressed fruit fermented with native yeasts and sur-lie aging for 4-8 months prior to bottling. The wine is racy, refreshing, and loaded with minerally goodness. Expect flavors of grapefruit, green apple, and crushed rocks. If oysters or raw bar favorites are on the menu, this wine is a no-brainer .

Sparkling: Pol Roger Reserve Brut

Top 5 Red Wines under â¹1000 | How To Buy The Best Wine On A Budget?

Approx. cost: $39.99Region: Champagne, France

This was Winston Churchill’s preferred brand of Champagne. In 1936, he went into bankruptcy because he owed his local wine shop $75,000 primarily from his prodigious purchases of Pol Roger. Lucky for Churchill, Odette Pol Roger, the Grande Dame of the Champagne family, sent him a case of their Champagne every year for his birthday. A gracious, red-fruited Champagne, with a tingle of ginger and mineral acidity lifting the flavors in the finish.

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Robert Mondavi Private Selection Cabernet

This elegant cabernet is accented with a blend of syrah, carignan, malbec, petite syrah, and petit verdot for a smooth balance of fruit and tannins. Vanilla and mocha spices round out the lush berry and cherry flavors.

Pair it with: smoked salmon blini with capers. The classically rich and savory appetizer benefits from a full-bodied wine, like cabernet, which can stand up to the indulgent flavors in the bites.

Bring to: a festive holiday brunch

full-bodied red

Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Cabernet from Chile comes in many forms from soft and structured, to grippy, dense, and age-worthy. When done right, it can also be easy-drinking and crowd-pleasing. This is that wine. Its not too heavy, but it still shows some depth and is ready to drink. I mean, the price is nuts for the quality. Buy it by the case in the name of spontaneity.

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One Red And One White

Look for at least one red wine and one white to serve at your celebration. Some of the most popular wines, such as oaky, buttery Chardonnay and fruity, full-bodied Merlot, aren’t always the best companions for wedding fare: They can overwhelm the hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail hour, and they don’t always fit well with lighter dishes. They also tend to have a higher alcohol content.

Two wines that go very well with many different types of foods and that can be served year-round are Sauvignon Blanc for a white and, among reds, Pinot Noir. Both of these are lighter in body and less fruity than Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. They’re also excellent when served as aperitifs.

If You’re On An Afternoon Picnic:

12 places to buy wine online  stips

Bubbles are your friend. In general, and specifically here.

“Any sparkling is great and refreshing when you are drinking outside in the summer,” Selecman said. “But I do particularly love a crémant, which is basically the French word for sparkling wine. But basically what you are getting is something that’s a little more complex than a cava or prosecco, but a wine that’s not at the level of a true Champagne. It’s still from France, it’s bubbly, but it’s a little bit lighter in style… and price point.”

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Long Meadow Ranch Farmstead Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

This is as âCalifornia Cabâ as it gets. Itâs balanced, with just the right level of acidity and focused fruit. Aromas of vanilla and oak are present but not overpowering. Note that you may have to buy this wine online, as itâs not yet widely available in stores. It is more than worth the wait.

Rating: 94

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