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How To Pick Red Wine

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Best Chilean: J Bouchon Pas Salvaje

Wine Advice : How to Pick a Red Wine

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Region: Central Valley, Chile | ABV: 12.5% | Tasting Notes: Red fruits, Cherry, Wild Strawberry, Floral

Never heard of País before? If you love earthy, medium-bodied reds with tons of acid, then this historic grape needs to be on your radar.

Produced from organically farmed vineyards in the heart of Chiles Central Valley, this flavor-packed wine jumps with notes of wild strawberries, red flower petals and wild herbs. For a crowd-pleasing red that promises to satisfy the masses, look no further than this tasty, budget-friendly option.

Red Wines For Beginners

Want to learn more about your wine preferences? Take our quick 7-question quiz, and get personalized wine matches!

Do you ever tense up when someone asks, What kind of wine do you like? Red wine can seem complicated, but use this best red wines for beginners guide to get your started!

When youre new to wine, being asked to talk about your preferences can feel like a pop quiz that youre totally unprepared for. Maybe you know that you like red wine, but you arent sure what kind of red wine you prefer. Maybe you always get the same bottle from the store, but you cant identify why you like it.

First off, let us just say that this is totally okay. No one is going to judge you for being a wine newbie. Thats how we all started out.

When youre interested in learning more about wine, your best bet is to try a bunch of different varietals. Thats right. As soon as you find something you like, were telling you to step outside of your comfort zone. Its scary, but its a great way to learn.

The best varietals to try are ones that are generally well-liked in other words, dont start out with some obscure wine that only connoisseurs will enjoy and that can teach you something about your own tastes. Thats why you should start with these nine varietals.

Whats A Good Wine To Drink Alone

Choosing the Best Red Wine to Enjoy While Eating on the Couch

  • Cabernet Franc is a red wine made from the grape Cabernet Franc. Take a look at the other cabernet: Cabernet Franc
  • Schiava
  • Cabernet Sauvignon Schiava, from the northern Italian region of Alto Adige, is a personal favorite of mine, as is Grignolino. Ive experienced some of the lightest-bodied reds made by this rare Italian grape variety: Pinot Noir
  • Listán Negro
  • and others.
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    What Makes Red Wine Great

    A great red wine depends on personal taste. To choose the perfect wine for your palate, its important you try out as many grape varietals as possible. Red wine tastes different from white wine in a number of ways:

    • Higher levels of tannin
    • Different flavour profile
    • Potentially increased complexity

    All these qualities come from the fermentation process, where the grapes skins are left in the tank along with the juice. Barrel and bottle ageing also play a large part, with a more aerobic style of wine-making changing the way a wine matures. Its the nature of these processes and the quality of the grape that has the biggest effect on the flavour and character of the wine.

    Tips For Picking A Good Bottle Of Wine

    How to Always Choose Pour the Perfect Bottle of Red Wine ...

    Since good wine is so subjective, knowing how to choose the right wine means considering several factors including occasion, flavor preferences, labels and price points. While the combination of these factors is different for each person, the tips below will help anyone in search of that perfect bottle of wine.

    1. If you are new to wine, start with a white or rose.

    Just as your food preferences evolve as you mature, the wines you enjoy are also likely to change over time. However, a study of consumer palates by Sonoma State University found most people first enjoy a sweet white or rose wine, then later fall in love with dry reds or wines with more distinctive flavors. Fifty-four percent of respondents in the Sonoma State University study said they preferred semi-sweet or sweet white or rose wines when they started drinking wine. While each persons experience is different, an early distaste for drier wines or wines with high tannins may be due to their unique flavor and sharp bitterness.

    If the thought of drinking a sweet wine makes you cringe, that doesnt necessarily mean you should jump to reds. Instead, opt for a dry white or rose. Beginning with a lighter-bodied wine can be a step to learning to enjoy a variety of wines.

    2. Reflect on other flavors you enjoy.

    3. Consider the occasion.

    4. Be sure to read the label and learn what youre reading.

    5. Look for second-label wines.

    6. Dont stress over the age of the wine.

    7. Dont let price dictate your choice.

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    What Wine Should A Beginner Drink

  • 6 Wine Recommendations for First-Time Wine Drinkers Sauvignon Blanc is a kind of white wine. In its most basic form, Sauvignon Blanc is a light-bodied wine with scents of citrus, asparagus, and some herbaceous characteristics.
  • Pinot Gris . A light to medium-bodied white wine, Pinot Gris is a light to medium-bodied white wine.
  • Chardonnay
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Specific Sweet Red Wines

    Again, most sweet red wines will fall under the “dessert wine” designation. Here are a few top-notch red dessert wines that are definitely worth hunting down.

    • Banfi’s Rosa Regale: This bright red wine from Italy’s well-loved Piedmont region has a devoted following. It is a red sparkling wine that is sweet and subtle with the lush flavors of ripe raspberry and juicy strawberry. Consider giving this wine a run with chocolate-based desserts, fresh fruit, or pecan pie.
    • Rosenblum Cellars Late Harvest Zinfandel: Zinfandel tends to naturally put more fruit toward the front of the profile. When combined with the concentrated sugars of the late harvest, this Rosenbloom wine throws some serious sweet to the palate. Expect some rich toffee character combined with dark cherry, raspberry, and a touch of fig all under the veil of sweet spice.
    • Inniskillin Winery Cabernet Franc: Inniskillin is Canada’s premier ice wine producer. As such, they have devoted themselves to making ice wine out of Cabernet Franc. To say that it showcases sweet red berry fruitmainly strawberry and raspberrywould be a severe understatement. It is a virtual explosion of concentrated fruit carried out with an elegance that is unsurpassed.

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    When You Find A Wine You Love Flip Over The Bottle And Memorize The Importer

    Think of your favorite importers like your favorite restaurant: you consistently love the food and you know the quality is always good, so you keep going back to it. “Most importers have a ‘house style,’ and they pick wines that fit that style,” says Callahan. So if you like a wine from a certain importer, chances are, you’ll like others. If you’re not sure where to start, Maniec recommends a few of her favorites: “I love Kermit Lynch, Becky Wasserman, and Louis Dressner, to name a few.”

    What Is The Mildest Red Wine

    When to Pick Red Wine Grapes

    Lambrusco. Lambrusco is the lightest red wine on our list because of the standard winemaking process used to manufacture it. For those who are picky, Lambrusco di Sorbara is the lightest of the bunch, to be precise. Lambrusco is the name of a kind of wine grapes that originated in the Emilia-Romagna area of Northern Italy .

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    Every Major Type Of Red Wine You Would Ever Need To Know

    If you’re a beginner in the world of red wine, walking down a wine aisle at a local wine shop or even your grocery store can be intimidating. Sure, you know that Merlot and Malbec are both red, but your knowledge doesn’t go too far beyond that. If that’s the case for you, don’t worry. We’re here to shed some light on the red wine section. The truth is, the vast majority of red wines come down to a handful of grapes, so if you know about those grapes, then you’ll have a much clearer picture of the wine landscape. That can help you choose the perfect red for that steak dinner or select a bottle for your friend’s housewarming party.

    We’re going to cover 10 common types of red wine you’ll find on shelves. Of course, there are countless other varieties out there, but these are the types you’re most likely to see regularly. Get acquainted with these varieties first, then make your way to your local wine shop and try them out for yourself. After all, the best way to determine what kind of wine you prefer is by sipping it yourself. Ready to get started? Here’s every major type of red wine you’d ever need to know.

    Take The Time To Really Figure Out What You Even Like

    Think of wine like you think of food: Everyone has preferences. There are certain ingredients you like and others that you hate, so when you look at a restaurant’s menu, your eye wanders toward dishes you enjoy. Wine is the same way.

    “The first step is learning what you like and dislike in wine,” says Maniec. Drink a lot of it, and figure out the varietals you like best . And take notes along the way: Write down what you like about it, what it tastes like, and what the wines remind you of whether that’s nectarine and roses or tar and leather. You preferences will soon start to come through.

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    What Red Wine Is Good For Cooking

    When it comes to cooking with wine, red wines are the cream of the crop. Particularly, Old World red wines with moderate levels of tannins and a full body. If you’re unsure what type of body your favorite wine has, you can consult our handy wine types chart.

    With that in mind, here are the best red wine varietals for cooking:

    • Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet is an oaky wine created in and named after a region in the south of France. It only has a moderate level of acid in wine, making it the perfect wine to drink with dinner or use in braising meat. Unlike more sugary red wines, Cabernet tends not to caramelize while cooking, so it’s well-suited for dishes that require a very hot pan.
    • Merlot. If you’re looking for a nice, fruity red wine, Merlot is the best choice. It is one of the most well-known red wines due to its soft mouthfeel. It typically tastes like rich, ripe fruit and can have subtle earthy undertones making it a great option for thickening sauces. It’s also good for balancing smoky flavors, which is why it’s used as a turkey wine pairing.
    • Pinot Noir. Pinot noir is one of the most popular red wines in the world due to its lightness and soft mouthfeel. Pinot is medium-bodied, with complex and rich flavors that can include cherry, raspberry, and spices that you can pick up when smelling wine. It’s one of the most used red wines for cooking and is particularly good with white meat. That’s why it’s also a go-to for a wine pairing with chicken.

    For The Novice Pretending They Know What They’re Talking About

    Which Wine Should I Choose?

    Get more Spoon in your feed.

    I have recently become infatuated with red wine, which is not uncommon as you get older. But as you start dipping your toe into the world of red wine, you realize there are more differences in wines beyond the colors red and white.

    We’re all aware that red wine has health benefits, and there are some cool hacks that you can use with leftover wine . But what are the differences between them? How do you know which one to choose? What do you pair it with? Choosing red wine can be a daunting task if you’re not well versed in the countless types, but I am here to help with the basics.

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    Why Is Merlot Not Popular

    Merlot is despised because of its association with the 2004 film Sideways, which depicted it in a negative light.Sideways is Paul Giamattis breakthrough film, and it tells the story of two friends who go on a road trip across wine country.Throughout the film, Paul Giamattis character despises Merlot because he believes it tastes insipid and that the American market is overloaded with it.

    Sweet Red Wine Categories

    The most famous sweet red wines fall into the dessert wine category. You’ll want to look in that section while shopping. You can look for wine labels that fall into a few categories:

    • Germany’s Dornfelder grape is often made into a lighter-styled, slightly sweet version. While it is not overly exported, it can certainly be found in U.S. markets. It is worth a try if you are searching for a sweeter style of red wine.
    • Italy’s Lambrusco is a slightly sweet, slightly sparkling, and inexpensive red wine that has wooed wine lovers the world over for years. It is intended to be consumed young and is readily available in most markets.
    • In Australia, sweet red wines are appropriately dubbed “stickies.” These can use a range of grapes and many producers have built them into their success stories.
    • The fortified wine known as port will also do its best to fill a sweet tooth’s expectations.

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    Consider The Bowl Shape

    The width of a wine glass’s bowl impacts the amount of the wine’s surface area exposed to air. It also affects how much of the wine’s aroma is experienced by your nose. With wide bowls, much of the wine is exposed to air and a lot of aroma reaches your nose. With narrower bowls, less wine is exposed to air and less surface area is present to release aroma to your nose.

    Best Value French: Chne Bleu Ablard 2011

    Wine Types & Selection Tips : Choose a Red Wine

    Region: Rhône Valley | ABV: 14.5% | Tasting Notes: Black cherry, Red licorice, Earth, Warm cinnamon

    From an ancient property at the cornerstone of four appellations in Frances Southern Rhône, near the town of Gigondas and situated in Mont Ventoux, comes this absolute marvel of a wine. Owners Nicole and Xavier Rolet are incapable of making a bad wine, and incredibly, they’ve taken the extraordinary step of aging their wine for a generous amount of time prior to release. The vintage they currently have on the market is the 2012, but its terribly hard to find. Luckily, the 2011 is up for grabs: A decade-aged Rhône red consisting mostly of grenache, it is a testament to the efforts of these renegade vintners.

    Wild red berry fruit, blackberry jam, French vanilla bean and garrigue layered with cigar box spices. Silky soft, elongated tannins support a panoply of flavors, from warm cinnamon and brown sugar spices to curry powder-dusted red berry fruit, with generous dollops of black cherry and red licorice. It finishes with grippy acidity and vivid earthy notes.

    Region: Douro, Portugal | ABV: 13.8% | Tasting Notes: Cranberry, Raspberry, Blood Orange, Cedar

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    Excellent Reds Under $20

    • Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel: This spicy California Zin comes from one of the state’s top Zinfandel producers. Consistently good, the 2010 received a 90-point rating from Wine Spectator and 93 points from Wine Enthusiast.
    • Evodia Old Vines Grenache: Smoky and juicy, this Spanish Grenache is a popular choice for under $10. The 2010 vintage got a 90 point rating from Wine Enthusiast.
    • La Carraia Sangiovese Umbria: This wine is a rich and lush, with flavors of dark cherries. It consistently gets upper 80s and lower 90s ratings from Robert Parker in The Wine Advocate. He rated the 2009 vintage 90 points.
    • Black Box Merlot: These are widely recognized as some of the higher quality boxed wine offerings. Black Box Merlot has nice plum and berry flavors with very soft tannins. Along with being very affordable, Black Box received the Top 100 Best Buy Award from Wine Enthusiast Magazine in 2008. It was ranked #12 of 100.

    Which Starter Wine Should You Buy

    Its best to start simple so you can isolate what youre tasting and what it is about a wine that you like or dislike.

    Start in the $10 to $15 price range. Most wines at this price point are typical of their variety and region. Some say that complexity doesnt start until the $25 level or $35 level, but while youre in the exploratory phase, its better to spare your wallet. That being said, you can find good bottles of wine under $10its just a bit harder.

    Again, its hard for a beginner to tell how a wine will taste based solely on the varietal. So, above all, dont be shy about asking for help. Your best bet is to walk into the store and ask for the kind of wine youre interested in trying. Say, I want a dry, light-bodied white wine or I want to try a full-bodied red. Or, you could even mention wines that youve enjoyed in the past and ask for something similar.

    Another good tactic is to ask for a typical varietal, e.g., Find me a typical Pinot Grigio for $15. Heres a quick rundown that might help you decide:

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    Understanding Wine Makes It Taste Better

    Studies have shown that more complex descriptions of red and white wine actually make those wines taste better. Intuitively, this makes sense. If you have more vocabulary to describe what you’re imbibing, your brain is better able to discern subtler flavors.

    So we’ve put together a beginner’s guide to different wine types that will break down the basics of what makes different wines, well, different, and the key descriptors you need to know to get the most out of whatever wine you’re drinking.

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