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How To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Bottle Opener

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Pound The Cork Out Using A Shoe

How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew

Instead of pulling the cork out, you can smack the back of the bottle until the cork jolts loose, like burping a wine baby. Since youll probably shatter the bottle if you just smack it against a wall, pop the bottom of the bottle into a shoe to get all the force with none of the shatter.

What you need: Shoe, sturdy surface.

How to do it: Place the bottom end of the bottle into a shoe. Then, with one hand on the neck of the bottle and the other on the shoe, whack the heel against a wall or other sturdy surface and watch as the cork inches out with each hit. Repeat until theres enough cork to grab and pull out. Alternatively, If you fear for your sole, wrap the bottle in a towel and use the same method, though the shoes built-in support acts to cushion the glass better than your standard kitchen rag.

How To Open A Bottle Without A Bottle Opener

Have you had a long day? Now what you all need is a glass of chilled beer, nice wine, or a fancy soda to relax? Oh, wait! Your glass bottle or wine bottle doesnt have a twist in its cap to open. Also, you dont know where is your bottle opener. You might be feeling that you are completely out of luck today.

However, here we have good news for you. It is because just like various other life hacks, there are countless ways available to open wine bottles or any other glass bottle without even a bottle opener. Knowing some of the amazing tricks to open a wine bottle and pop off the wine bottle cap without a bottle opener.

How To Use A Bike Pump To Open A Wine Bottle

If youre not sure the wooden spoon hack is right for you , dont despair. Theres another option to open wine and its about as unexpected and simple as it gets.

For this maneuver, youll need:

  • A bicycle pump with a needle attachment

First, take the needle and push it straight through into the center of the cork. Slowly start pumping air into the bottle. The cork should gradually begin to rise up the neck of the bottle. Once it gets closer to the top of the bottle, you can wiggle the cork to pull it out. And just like that, your wine bottle is open.

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Push The Cork In With The Handle Of A Wooden Spoon Or Any Blunt Object Similar In Size

This is also a pretty safe method to use in comparison to some of the others on this list, but it does have its downsides. To open the bottle, take the handle of the wooden spoon , and push the cork down into the bottle of wine. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to remove the cork from the bottle once you push it in. On top of that, if the bottle of wine is old, the cork may crumble and shed into the wine once pushed in. While this is not an ideal result, if you are with friends and plan on drinking the whole bottle, there is no need to worry. Just use a strainer and pour the bottle of wine through it into a decanter to remove the cork pieces.

Use A Spoon To Open A Bottle

How To Open A Wine Bottle Without Using A Corkscrew: 10 Ways

Get a big spoon from your kitchen and then use it as a pry bar when your bottle opener isnt accessible. Insert the spoon underneath the cap while keeping the spoons face upward. Then put a little pressure on the tip of the spoon to push it up.

This will help in removing the cap of your bottle in the best possible way. Ultimately, you have gotten a new and amazing way to open a bottle without any bottle opener.

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The Safest Way To Open A Wine Bottle:

Opening a wine bottle doesnt have to be complicated. In fact, the simplest way to do it is with a pocket-sized waiters corkscrew. This type of corkscrew has a built-in foil cutting knife that makes it easy to open a wine bottle quickly and safely.

If you dont feel comfortable using a pocket-sized corkscrew, you can also try a bunny-ears lever-type or an electronic one. However, nothing beats investing in a few affordable wine keys from your local liquor store. Wine keys are easy to use and will make opening wine bottles a breeze. Plus, theyre usually very affordable, so you wont have to break the bank to get them. So, next time youre looking for the safest and easiest way to open a wine bottle, reach for a wine key.

Apply Heat To Move The Cork Out

This option is pretty far out, but it really does work. Using a blowtorch or lighter, apply heat to the neck of the wine bottle right below the cork. The heat should force the cork to move upward and eventually out of the bottle. However, make sure the bottle is not cold, or else it could explode from the rapid change in temperature. If your bottle is already refrigerated, let it rest in a lukewarm environment for a while before applying heat.

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Use Your Car Keys To Uncork Your Wine

One of the easiest ways to open a bottle of wine without a bottle opener is to use your car keys. While it may seem like a strange idea, you can use your keys to open the door of a wine bottle because they have a clip that allows you to close the door while the key is inside of the bottle. This can be very convenient when traveling and you dont want to carry around a bottle opener. Just clip your keys in the bottle opener compartment and youre ready to go.

Its best not to use your car keys to uncork your wine unless youre really sure that the bottle is closed. You can do this by either physically opening the bottle and poking the lever to let the wine flow out, or you can unscrew the cap on the bottle and manually crank the uncorking handle until the wine flows freely. However, if youre not sure whether or not the bottle is completely uncorked, you can always go to a wine store and get someone who can do it for you. Many stores have certified employees who are trained to handle uncorking bottles of wine.

Grab A Screw A Screwdriver And A Hammer To Uncork Your Wine

How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew or Bottle Opener – Fast & Easy!

As long as you dont mind putting in a little elbow grease, this impromptu method of uncorking wine bottles is safe and relatively straightforward.

Grab a screwdriver then screw a long screw into the cork. You need to leave roughly an inch of the screw visible.

Next, place the reverse side of a hammer under the screw and pull out the cork with ease.

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The Hammer And Screw Method:

A post shared by Kelli Zaremba on Apr 14, 2017 at 3:43pm PDT

I recently was at a wake service for a family member when someone realized my grandmothers corkscrew, probably from the 1960s if Im honest, had jammed. I prepared to excuse myself to run down to Rite Aid when my uncle surprised the entire crowd by opening the wine with a few home improvement tools in a nearby drawer.

He started by twisting a screw into the cork using a screwdrivernot deep into the bottle, but enough so that most of the screw remained outside the cork.

Then he grabbed a hammer and lifted the screw in one swift motion, and voilathe cork popped out of the bottle, and everyone clapped like they were watching a magician at work.

What Is Wine Cork

Cork is a wine closure and an important part of the wine-making process. It is made from the bark of cork oak trees and is used to seal wine bottles. Cork stoppers are made from natural, sustainable materials and are biodegradable. Besides, cork has been used to seal wine bottles for centuries, and its unique properties make it an ideal closure for wine. Cork is airtight and impermeable to oxygen, which means that it helps preserve the quality of wine. It also allows wine to breathe, which is important for the aging process. Cork stoppers are available in different sizes and shapes, and they can be branded with a winerys logo or other design.

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Hammer And Screw Hack

When your corkscrew has gone missing, grab the old trusty hammer and a long screw to get popping. This is one of the easier methods on the list, but it will take a bit of strength. To do this properly, screw into the cork – preferably with a screwdriver – then place the backside of the hammer in between and pull out the cork with this DIY method.

More Tips For Opening A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew

How To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew Youtube : Victorinox Tips ...
  • The best method uses objects that you have readily available
  • Sanitize your object of choice key, nail, air needle before sticking it into the cork
  • Synthetic cork may be more difficult to maneuver because it has less give than a natural cork
  • Always exercise caution if you’re playing with fire or sharp objects

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Utilize Scissors To Prise Out Your Wine Corks

For this tactic, you need some scissors. While any scissors will do, smaller craft scissors are ideal. Use your kids scissors if you dont have any small enough yourself.

Open out the scissors and slide the thinner blade into the center of the cork.

You now need to apply just a little pressure less is more here until the blade of the scissors is about midway into the cork. Push too hard and too far and youll break the cork.

As you pull up to remove the cork, you twist the scissors. Hold the bottle very tightly with your other hand as you do this and exercise extreme caution at all times.

If you have wedged the cork in enough, it should come out on the blade of the scissors. If not, it should have edged out far enough for you to remove it by hand.

How To Open A Wine Bottle With A Knife

Hereâs how to open a bottle without a wine bottle opener in a very similar way to the key method above.

Youâll take a relatively sharp steak knife . The goal is to skewer the middle of the cork downward and at an angle. So insert the knife just off the edge of the cork, angled toward the center. Push it down about an inch. Then youâll have a good enough grip on the cork to start pushing or pulling it circularly.

Eventually, the cork will loosen and come up a bit. Itâs basically the key method but with a knife.

There are a few considerations to make based on more unique styles of wine, however.

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Use A Bike Pump To Open A Wine Bottle Instead Of A Cork Screw

Taking a bottle of wine on a bike ride? We know how to open that corked wine bottle if you have a bike pump, but no corkscrew.

While were not sure this its the best idea, to ride your bike with a bottle of wine, Gatorade doesnt always do the trick. Most serious cyclists will have an emergency kit on them, including a bike pump. This comes in handy for flat tires and wine bottles. Just push the needle through the cork and into the bottle. While you pump air into the bottle, in theory, the air pressure will cause the cork to push out of the top. Bonus: youll essentially be aerating your wine at the same time. Win-Win!

Using The Screw And Hammer Method

How to open a wine bottle without a wine opener!

You take a long screw , and use a hammer to hit the screw in. Alternatively, you can use a screwdriver to twist the screw into the cork.

You dont want to drive the screw all the way through the cork, but it should be stuck in there and shouldnt move.

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Be very careful, so you dont hit the glass bottle directly. Cracks and broken glass will ruin the bottle and mean you cant drink it. You dont want to swallow glass shards.

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser thatsupports HTML5 video

Once the screw is entirely in, you can twist the screw with your hand and pull the cork out like a corkscrew normally would. Better yet, use a pair of pliers to get a better grip and grab ahold of the screw and pull.

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Here’s A Toast To Our Hard Work

It’s a lot more work than using a trusty corkscrew. Maybe next time invest in a wine travel bag or picnic basket and accessories. Or impress your friends with a fancy Rabbit wine opener or a high tech automatic corkscrew.

Once you’ve finished a few bottles of your uniquely opened wine, you may even have enough corks leftover to get crafty and repurpose them. If the wine isn’t all that great, though, we have tips on how to make it taste better without any special tools. Lastly, check out our helpful hints on how to make opened wine last longer.

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Push The Cork Down With A Wooden Spoon

Finally, If you cant get the cork out, why not push it in instead? If youre not opposed to drinking wine with a floating cork in it, then this is the easiest way.

This method is best for rubber corks or newer corks because a vintage bottle of wine most likely will have a crumbling cork.

a.) Using the back of a wooden spoon, press with consistent pressure down on the middle of the cork.

b.) Keep a steady and tight grip on the base of the opening. Also, make sure youre holding the neck of the bottle.

c.) The cork should push down into the body of the bottle.

d.) Use a mesh strainer as you pour to help get rid of those floating bits.

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Soak Up Those Red Wine Stains

Red wine is said to be one of the worst stains, but it’s actually quite easy to get out when you’ve got the know-how. Cover wine stains with salt and leave to absorb until the salt turns pink. Hoover up the leftover salt if the stain is on carpet, or pour boiling water over the stain if it’s on clothes. Then you can soak until the stain is gone. Phew!

Wrap The Bottle With A Towel And Use The Wall To Smack It Out

How to Open Wine Bottle without a CorkScrew

This is the point on the list where things get a bit dangerous, so proceed with caution. The previous two options required at least one tool, but if you find yourself with scarce resources, this option may be your best friend. Simply wrap the bottom of the wine bottle in a thick towel and bang it against a wall repeatedly. Obviously, the bottle may break if you do this, so consider it a last resort. You wont get the cork out of the bottle the first time you smack it against the wall, so we suggest refraining from using your full strength. Instead, lightly hit the bottle against the wall many times, slowly moving the cork out.

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Use A Blunt Object To Push The Cork In

One of the safest ways to uncork a wine bottle is to grab the handle of a wooden spoon or a similar blunt object.

All you need to do is take the handle of the spoon then push the cork hard down into the bottle.

Now, thats the easy part. Removing the cork is another matter entirely. Also, if you try this trick with mature wine and an old cork, theres every chance it will end up shredded, tainting your wine. If this happens, you can try pouring your wine into a through a strainer.

Since you wont be able to remove the cork, be prepared to sink the whole bottle in one session.

Two Ways To Not Remove A Cork

Many videos will instruct you to use a lighter to flame the neck of a wine bottle until the cork pops off. This method is inadvisable since it essentially steams the wine to create pressure, altering the wine’s flavor and aromas in the process. There are also several videos about using a small serrated knife to remove a cork. This method is really, really unsafe and could easily lead to stabbed hands and broken bottles.

*Now that you’re ready to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew in any situation, watch this video to find out how wine is made:

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