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How To Make Red Wine Sangria

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Serve With Soda Water For A Bubbly Spin

How To Make Sangria (red wine recipe)

Serve your sangria right away in cups, making sure to dish up a hefty portion of fruit in each glass as a garnish. We like to serve with a few ice cubes and then top off the glass with soda water. Its not required, but it adds a refreshing effervescence. Its traditional to do this in Spain too! Just please dont add Sprite or ginger ale to this wine cocktail: promise?

How To Make A Red Wine Sangria

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Im going to be bold and call red wine sangria a two season drink. Maybe even three. I know, I know, the words SUMMER and SANGRIA go together like peanut butter and jam. But while my Fizzy Peach Sangria is a light, refreshing summer drink that is an ode to my favourite summer fruit, red wine sangrias are heavy. The only time I can see myself not drinking this is spring, after a long winter. Apple and orange flavour is the very last thing that you want to think of in the springtime.

Red wine sangrias are full of the flavours of fall. Autumn is when we start celebrating apples. Its also when we turn back to fruits like oranges that are cheaper and readily available, the bounty of the affordable summer crop of blackberries, strawberries and nectarines long behind us.

Ratio For The Perfect Sangria

Use our recipe for peach sangria as a base for your ratio of ingredients. If youre entertaining, use a couple of bottles of wine, and try using a combination of colours. Go light on the added alcohol, so around one part spirit to five parts wine, depending on the strength of your hard spirit. When it comes to the mixer, try adding around a third of the amount of wine, so around 500ml of mixer for 140cl of wine. With fruit and garnishes, add according to taste.

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How To Make It

  • Add orange and lemon slices to the bottom of a large pitcher or bowl.
  • Sprinkle sugar over the fruit slices, then use a muddler to muddle the sugar into the orange and lemon slices.
  • Note: muddling is the process of mashing fruit, herbs or spices in a cocktail to bring out the flavor. If you dont own a muddler, the back of a spoon will also work!
  • Add red wine, brandy, triple sec and orange juice to the bowl or pitcher. Stir to combine.
  • Cover and place in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
  • Quick tip! The longer sangria sits in the refrigerator, the more the wine soaks into the fruit. I recommend refrigerating the sangria for at least 2 hours before serving, but preferably overnight.
  • When ready to serve the sangria, pour it into a glass filled with ice and top with club soda.
  • What Type Of Wine Is Used To Make Sangria

    How To Make Red Wine Sangria

    Cabernet Sauvignon is the bigger better wine to use with Sangria. It has notes of blackcurrent, blackberry and sometimes cocoa or coffee. If you light a lighter more fruit forward sangria Id use Pinot Noir. Or if you really want to go for it and change it up you could use Rosé or a Sauvignon Blanc.

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    What Are Best Wines To Make Summer Sangria

    I prefer to use Pinot Noirs or Malbec. Garnacha or Grenache is a great choice too.

    You can use any mid-range priced red wine to make sangria. Since a lot of other flavors and juices are added, you dont need expensive wine for this recipe.

    If possible, choose Organic wine. I prefer organic wines since they are Non-GMO. They dont have added sulfites and they feel light with substantially less tannins.

    Cheers to irresistible combination of fruits, wine, liquor and sugar!! Cheers to good life !!


    Fruit You Can Put In Sangria

    • Apples

    • Blueberries

    • Blackberries

    Thinly sliced apples, oranges, pears, lemons, and limes are great fruit for Sangria. Let the fruit soak in the Sangria for two hours or overnight and go ahead and eat the fruit at the bottom of your glass! #sangria #winetime #redwinesangria

    I set out specifically to make Mexican sangria , which Ive learned is similar, but has a higher alcohol content, making it a great pairing for spicy foods. A higher alcohol content will turn up and accentuate the heat. I read that Mexican Sangria is typically made using red wine, lime juice, sugar, and mineral water. Lets just say I went off course!

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    Faqs & Tips For Making Red Wine Sangria

    What red wine is good for sangria?

    Anytime Im making cocktails with wine, I try to use a cheaper bottle of wine. I dont recommend the cheapest of the cheap, but dont use a really nice bottle of wine for sangria. It would be a complete waste.

    I think the best red wine for sangria is something on the sweeter side, like a pinot noir or a Spanish Rioja.

    Can you mix wines for sangria?

    If you have a few bottles that havent been finished, feel free to mix wines for sangria. It will give the drink a more complex flavor, but stick with similar flavor profiles if you can.

    Does sangria have to sit overnight?

    Sangria definitely needs to sit overnight. The longer it sits the more the fruit has time to flavor the wine. You can easily make it up to 2 days in advance without seeing any deterioration in flavor. I wouldnt go much longer than that though, or you risk the fruit going bad.

    Do you serve sangria over ice?

    I dont always use ice cubes for my sangria, but this recipe is best served cold. If youre serving this on a warm summer day, Id definitely recommend ice. Bonus points if you make red wine ice cubes to use.

    How long can you keep homemade sangria in the refrigerator?

    This red sangria recipe should last in the fridge up to 5 days, but that length of time will really depend on the freshness of the fruit you use. Use your best judgement to determine if its still good.

    How To Make Sangria:

    SANGRIA RECIPE | easy authentic red sangria

    Homemade sangria couldnt be easier to make. Simply

  • Chop your fruit: Dice the orange, lemon and green apple into evenly-sized pieces.
  • Stir everything together: Combine the diced fruit, wine, brandy, the juice of one orange, and a cinnamon stick together in a large pitcher.
  • Add sweetener: If you prefer a sweeter sangria, feel free to add in a tablespoon or two of sweetener at a time until the sangria reaches your desired level of sweetness.
  • Cover and refrigerate: Pop the pitcher in the fridge for at least 30 minutes or up to 4 hours before serving, in order to let those flavors meld together.
  • Serve: Then serve the sangria over ice, topping off each glass with a splash of bubbly soda if desired.
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    How To Make Easy Red Wine Sangria Recipe

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    Easy Red Wine Sangria Recipe is made with red wine, fresh beet juice, apple cider, bourban, and the most delicious spices. ENJOY!

    Friends, your guests will be talking about this party Easy Red Wine Sangria Recipe for a long time. Greet your guests at the door with this signature drink, and host the BEST festive Mexican feast!

    Summer is a great time to have people overspirits are high, people are happy, music is playing, and its just an awesome time to throw a festive party. You could possibly serving this Hugo Cocktail recipe, too.

    How To Make Red Wine Sangria:

    Step 1: Slice fruit. You can make it large or small.

    Step 2: Add sliced fruit to a pitcher or punch bowl. Keep in mind you’ll need to refrigerate once you mix it all together so your container will need to fit into your refrigerator.

    Step 3: Pour wine into the pitcher.

    Step 4: Add Grand Marnier , brandy, and simply syrup and stir to combine. You can use a wooden spoon or a swizzle stick.

    Step 5: Cover and refrigerate sangria for at least 30 minutes. We recommend refrigerating for at least 2+ hours for best results.

    Step 6: Add club soda and ice just before serving.

    Serve the red wine sangria over ice in a wine glass, or any type of glass you prefer.

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    The Best Red Wine For Sangria

    When making red wine sangria, you should be looking for a red wine that is fruity but dry, with good acidity and low in tannins, and nothing too heavy or oaky.

    • Spanish Rioja or Grenache have great characteristics for Sangria, fruit

    • Zinfandel

    • Fruit-driven wines like Merlot and Malbec work well too

    Also consider: Inexpensive wines and left-over from the day before wines

    As you can tell, Sangria recipes vary wildly, which makes it all the more fun to make. I threw caution to the wind and melded a few different recipes I came across online. I included more of what I wanted, less of what I didnt and landed on a sweet, red wine sangria that everyone loved. There wasnt a scrap of sangria-soaked fruit left over, never mind a drop of punch. I think my guests would have licked the punch bowl. Who knows, maybe they did!

    A bonus to making this Sangria is that I busted said punch bowl out for the first time ever .

    Without further ado, here is how I made my sweet red wine sangria!

    What Is The Best Wine To Use

    How To Make Red Wine Sangria

    Since wine takes center stage in this cocktail, dont look past the type of wine you buy. If its not a wine you enjoy drinking on its own, dont use it.

    Ideally, you want a wine thats fruity but dry, slightly acidic, and low in tannins. Basically something that will complement a sangrias fresh and fruity essence.

    Also, dont sweat on purchasing an expensive wine . Theres plenty of lower-priced options from the wines below. Theyre bang for your buck and hold all the right flavors needed. Heres a few options to choose from.

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    How Strong Is Red Wine Sangria

    Sangrias are a great way to add fresh flavor to wine without adding to its strength. Even with the brandy, all of the nonalcoholic ingredients balance it out to produce a drink that’s about the same strength as a glass of light white wine. On average, this red wine sangria should mix up to 7 to 8 percent alcohol by volume .

    Which Wine Is Better For Sangria

    Since sangria is a Spanish drink, a Spanish Rioja, such as tempranillo or garnacha or even a blend, makes a good choice as the base for red wine sangria. Shiraz or zinfandel are also nice options. In fact, you can choose almost any bottle of red wine you like, but it’s best to start with a drier one. A sauvignon blanc pairs well with tropical fruits if you decide to use white wine.

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    How To Make Sangria

    Whenever sangria is involved, it’s a party.

    Sangria is a party in a pitcher. It only requires a few minutes of prep work to create this instantly-festive wine punch. Sangria is refreshing, elegant, and so incredibly easy to make. Learn how to make classic red wine sangria, plus get recipes and inspiration for fun variations on this classic summertime drink.

    Can I Add Additional Alcohol To This Red Wine Sangria

    How to Make Sangria Using Red & White Wine Together : Beer & Wine FAQs

    Yes, go for it! While I personally prefer a weaker cocktail, theres nothing stopping you from adding additional alcohol for some extra kick!

    Youll first want to check the alcohol content of the wine you are using to determine how much additional booze to add. Heres the alcohol content of the 3 wines that I listed above:

    • Roscato Rosso Dolce 7 % ABV
    • Barefoot Red Blend 10% ABV
    • Grape Creek Grand Rouge 13.6% ABV

    It is likely that youll want to add extra booze to less expensive wines (or any wine with ABV lower than 8 or 9%. In this instance, adding some vodka is a great choice it goes very well with sangria and will definitely provide that stronger booze factor youre looking for.

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    More Easy Cocktail Recipes

    • Classic Rum Mojitos This is our favorite mojito recipe with white rum, fresh lime, and mint .
    • Mimosas My best tips for making mimosas! Whats better to serve at brunch than a fabulous mimosa recipe made with dry sparkling wine and orange juice?
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    What Sangria Is Made Of

    Sangria is a traditional Spanish drink, a wine-based punch, that typically combines red wine with chopped fruit, along with other ingredients and sometimes other spirits.

    The base is always red wine , something to add a fruity or sweet flavour , and maybe a little something to boost the alcohol content . Some recipes add sparkling water or lemon-lime soda.

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    The Ultimate Holiday Sangria

    No holiday is complete without a delicious Sangria Recipe, in my humble opinion. I made this recipe last year for a Womens Christmas Event and yall, I literally tripled the recipe and it was gone in 30 minutes! No joke! I had to improvise to make this baby stretch. So needless to say, everyone will love it!

    With the holidays just around the corner and lots of fun parties to attend I thought Id give you a recipe you can be proud of so lets say cheers, clink our glasses and get started!

    Which Wine To Choose For Sangria

    How To Make Red Wine Sangria

    Wine expert Tom Forest likes to use red wine to stay loyal to the origins of the word sangria itself. Sangre is the Spanish word for blood, after all. He recommends looking for Spanish reds from lesser-known regions such as Toro, Rueda and Somontano. Here youll find wine thats similar to Rioja with a smaller price tag.

    Whichever red you choose, Tom suggests going for one thats dry youll be adding enough sweetness to it with the soda and fruit. Try to find something young and fruity, rather than an aged, oaky wine. Sangria can also be made with rosé, white wine, cava or prosecco, but its important to match your additions accordingly.

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    How To Make Red Wine Sangria

    Sangria is a refreshing alcoholic punch thats fruity and festive. Originating from Spain, it is now popular all over the world. Sangria is a perfect option when youre having a big party, because creating a large batch is easy. With this beverage, you dont have to spend time mixing drinks when you could be having fun. Serve it with a selection of tapas, gazpacho, or a spicy paella.

    Unlike many cocktails, Sangria can be made many different ways and in Spain, each town has its own prized recipe. The main components of this drink are red wine combined with a selection of fruit. Additional flavors can then be added to provide its own personality. Common extras might include brandy, sparkling water, sugar, maple syrup and orange juice.

    How To Make Sangria With Red Wine

    It’s perfect for sharing with friends.

    Sangria is a no-brainer when it comes to cocktail parties. Its festive, easy to make, and fit for a crowd. In fact, Ree Drummond loves making sangria for all celebrations, especially in the summer. All you need is a pitcher of sangria to make it a party, Ree says. Knowing how to make sangria means youll always be prepared for a gathering with friendswhether its a book club get together, an afternoon pool party, or a backyard dinner. If youre new to sangria, this classic red sangria is a great place to start. Its light, refreshing, and summerybut the best part about sangria is that it can be totally customizable based on the time of year and your preferences. Sangria is basically a wine punch thats made with fruit. You can use red, white, or rosé wine. Throw in whatever fruit you like best, add a splash of sweetener, or top it off with seltzer for a fizzy variation. Try a cranberry-packed winter sangria for Christmas or a watermelon sangria for Fourth of July.

    What’s the best wine for sangria?

    What kind of fruit is used in sangria?

    What’s the best way to make red sangria?

    peach or nectarine, pitted and sliced

    750 mL bottle red wine, chilled

  • In a ½-gallon sized container, combine the brandy and pineapple juice. Stir very well to combine.
  • If you like your sangria on the sweeter side, add 1/4 cup of honey, or maple or simple syrup with the brandy and pineapple juice.

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    Can I Make This Red Wine Sangria Just Before Serving

    No, please dont! Sangria needs to sit in the fridge for at least 4 hours, preferably 8 as a minimum, and even better would be overnight.

    Why is this? Sufficient time is required for the fruit and their juices to mix and blend with the wine and any other alcohol youve added. This will ensure that the flavors of the fruit come through upon serving.

    Trust me youll be disappointed if you taste your sangria right after having mixed the ingredients!

    How To Make Sangria Step

    The Best Red Wine Sangria Recipe

    Once you have your preferred ingredients in place, here’s how to bring them together for the perfect red wine sangria. This Classic Spanish Sangria from Allrecipes community member Lisa is not diluted with carbonated beverages such as club soda. However you can always top it off with a little to lighten it up. This recipe yields six servings.

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