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How To Make Personalized Wine Glasses

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Glass Etching Design Options:

Threadbanger Party: How to make Personalized Wine Glass Party Favors

With your clean wine glasses and your etching solution, its time for the fun part: Designing the shape you want to etch. There are a few different methods you can use to get a great, easy design- and all of them work fabulously.

For the artist: If you are good with a paintbrush, you can paint on some Armour Etch in the shape youd like added to your glass. Be sure to thoroughly clean your brush after using etching cream, as it is caustic.

The easy route: Pre-made, adhesive glass stencils are available. There are a few brands that make these flexible stencils and all you need to do is place it on a wine glass and go! These stencils usually have pretty designs, letters, or phrases and are incredibly easy to use over and over again. I personally love the brand because they are sturdy and come in great designs.

If youre a non-conformist and want to use a flexible stencil that isnt specifically made for glass, buy stencil adhesive and seal the area to eliminate leaking.

If youre a DIYer: Create your own stencil! One option is to freehand or print a design onto a sheet of washi tape, duct tape, or vinyl and cut it with an Exacto knife. Most craft stores and even big box stores now carry printable tapes that come in paper-sized sheets.

And if youre lucky enough to own a home die-cut machine, like a Cricut or a Silhouette, you can do what I did, and use it to to all the hard work.

Let the etching cream sit for 5-10 minutes .

Create And Print The Design For Your Wine Glasses

You can use a program like PicMonkey to create your own words and designs for your wine glass designs.

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Test Driving Porte Noire

Porte Noire is full of cosy corners to pull up a chair and enjoy a glass of good wine. Wait, Idris Elba has a wine bar? He does. Having wet his feet in the bar world with The Parrot bar at The Waldorf in London the actor went into partnership with the founder of Connaught Wine Cellars,

Hot Dinners

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Applying The Vinyl To The Wine Glass

Were now going to remove the backing from our vinyl. If you have any problems doing this, just reapply this piece of transfer paper backing and you can burnish some more. Once youve removed the transfer paper backing, take your wine glass and just lay your vinyl onto the glass. Dont press it all just lay it down and then you can hold it up to make sure its even and before you start to burnish it down.

Grab your pair of scissors and start cutting along the transfer paper. Be sure not to cut any of the letters. This just makes it so much easier for the transfer paper to help your vinyl stick to your wine glasses.

Once done, take your index finger and your thumb and start slowly pressing all of your vinyl down. Once youre confident your vinyl is well adhered to your wine glass, pick a corner and pull your transfer paper straight down.

Repeat this process with your second wine glass.

What do you all think of these super cute wine glasses? I love them! Theyre so much easier to apply vinyl to than you probably originally thought. I hope that you learned something new and that you are way more confident in applying vinyl to wine glasses. These make beautiful gifts!

Our Crafting Essentials List:

personalized wine glasses

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How To Make Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Want to know how to paint wine glasses? This tutorial will walk you through every step.

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Personalized Wine Glass Charms

These Personalized Wine Glass Charms are super easy. You could use these wine glass charm rings for dinner place cards or personalized wine glasses. And these personalized wine charms are very inexpensive

Are you entertaining over the Holidays and when I say Holidays I mean from Thanksgiving through New Year? Its the time of the year for get-to-gathers and for celebrating with food and drink and we are all looking for something special and different for our parties, right?

Have you seen all those little wine glass charms out there? My friends and I totally love them. We always have our favorite wine glass charm but then we get confused about which glass is whose. Because we forget which wine charm we choose this time vs last time. I know, it comes with age or should I say it goes with age.

Anyway, I saw these little alphabet beads on Amazon and some wine charm rings. What a great idea, wine charms with all my friends names, so when the girls come over, we can have our names on our glasses, love it! Sometimes I do surprise myself with clever ideas, ahh not! I do good to remember where I set my glass down.

This post may contain affiliate links which means if you make a purchase we might receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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How Do You Store Wine Glass Charms

We tend to reuse our charms here because they get used by the same people over and over again. We keep them in a kitchen drawer with other liquor or alcohol related things like the bottle opener, beer cozies and wine bottle stoppers.

Of course, if youre truly concerned about germs, you could simply toss or recycle the DIY wine charms below, as they are extremely low cost and fairly recyclable.

Clean Mark Glass & Apply Design Templates

How To Make DIY Personalized Wine Glasses With Cricut and Vinyl

Rubbing alcohol easily cleans dirt and grease from the glass. Thoroughly rub an alcohol-soaked cotton ball around the outside of the glass. Let dry a few seconds.

Next, draw a level circle where youd like the top scallop design to start and bottom edge of glitter to end. You can also measure water to the desired levels and use that as a guide.

Draw Level Lines on Glass

Next, mark the glass. Make dots where youd like to apply the top scallop template and the bottom electrical tape. Between these dots is where the glitter will fall.

Next, place books and/or paper to the height of the top dot. Firmly hold the marker horizontal on the paper. Twirl the glass against the open tip of the marker until youve marked all the way around the glass.

Repeat at the bottom dot.

Apply Design Template & Electrical Tape

Cut the scallop design into contact paper or transfer paper. Remove the backing and apply it so the scallops are just at your marked line.

Apply electrical tape just below the lower line. Then clean the marker lines off with a cotton ball and alcohol.

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Diy Glitter Wine Glass

I love turning something old into something like new again, so when Michaels contacted me to participate in their RE-Love challenge I was all for it! If youre looking for inspiration to RE-Love something in your home, check out Michaels Lookbook full of great project ideas.

The craft I chose to make today is so easy to do you wont believe it!

As a person who hosts a lot of parties I own a lot of wine glasses and goblets, but many have broken over time and I only have a few glasses left per set. I was just getting ready to toss a few mismatched glasses into the garage sale box when I heard from Michaels.

At the time, I was painting my fingernails with glitter nail polish and had an idea! Guess what I did???

Yep, I painted my wine glasses! Then I went even further and personalized a few glasses for gifts.

Find out how I did it in todays RE-Love It Easy DIY Glitter Wine Glass Tutorial.

This craft is SO EASY and it turns any plain old glass into something beautiful.

Use this technique on wine glasses, glass candle holders, a vase or water goblet.

What youll need:

  • Wine Glass or other Glass Item of Your Choice
  • Dimensional Magic Mod Podge
  • Clear Glitter Nail Polish
  • Paint Brush

Use the nail polish to paint the top of the glass rim. Paint the rim only or move on up to paint the stem and bottom section of the glass.

Let the fingernail polish dry, then use a paint brush and paint one coat of Mod Podge over the glitter to seal the nail polish. It will dry clear.

Supplies Used To Make Diy Glitter Wine Glasses:


I used my Cricut Maker for this project, but you could also use your Cricut Explore Air 2 or Cricut Joy!

The first step is to mark off and mask the area of the wine glass that you want to cover in glitter. I used a soft tape measure to measure 3 down from the lip of the glass and marked the glass with a Flair pen all around.

Use the markings as a guide to place the washi tape. Press down and smooth the tape with your fingers to ensure that the tape is firmly adhered to the glass.

Cricut has SO many fun varieties of permanent vinyl to give your projects an extra-special touch, so I decided to test out a couple that I havent used as often for these wine glasses specifically, Shimmer Vinyl and Pearl Metallic Vinyl. They are both seriously gorgeous! The Pearl Metallic Vinyl has a pearlescent shine that almost looks iridescent when the light hits it, and the Shimmer Vinyl is an absolutely stunning texture that I can only describe as a combination of metallic shine and ultra-fine, ultra-sparkly glitter shimmer .

The still photos just do NOT do this Shimmer Vinyl justice at all, so I had to show you how awesome this truly is!

Since these decals will eventually be covered and protected under a layer of glitter, you can use any permanent or removable vinyl that has double-sided color . I opted to use Removable Vinyl since the colors included in the Vibrant Value Pack were exactly what I was looking for.

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Diy Personalized Wine Glasses With Marbling Paint

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Learn to make your own DIY personalized wine glasses with marbling paint and FREE PNG files! Follow this video tutorial on how to paint your wine glass!

Hi Friends!! I have been having fun using Plaids new marbling paint to make DIY personalized wine glasses. On my last post, I showed you how to add the marbling paint to stemless wine glasses.

Today, I will be showing you how to easily paint the stem of the wine glasses.

Diy: How To Make Cute Monogrammed Wine Glasses

Queen W/out The Crown Wine Glass, Personalized Wine Glass ...

Are you looking for a neat gift idea or simply a way to spruce up your plain wine glasses? Ive got the perfect craft for you.

Using sticky letters and a paint pen, you can make these adorable personalized wine glasses. Make dots or stripes, swirls or lines there is no limit to your imagination.

Want to make a cute take-away for a baby or bridal shower? Use a shape thats themed to the party like the duckies below!

Thanks to our friends at Blitsy for the video and crafting idea!

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Diy Personalized Wine Glasses

Create a one-of-a-kind wine experience with this simple DIY personalized wine glasses project.

There are few things I enjoy more in life than spending a beautiful day with family or friends, nibbling on good food and sipping on better wine. Any chance I get to elevate the experience I jump at it and this DIY wine glass etching project does just that. Who wouldnt love to hold personalized wine glasses with some of your favorite sayings while kicking back with loved ones? Even better when the project is easy to do and doesnt cost a lot to make!

The biggest decision youll have to make here is what to stencil onto your wine glasses. We decided to go with WINE TIME, ROSÉ ALL DAY, and KJ since we love Kendall-Jacksons Vintners Reserve Rosé.

Here are a few tips towards ensuring a smooth process that youll want to take note of first:

Tip 1: Apply an even layer of etching cream in one direction across the project to ensure even results.

Tip 2: Since these are permanent designs, there should be no issues with the glasses ability to go in the dishwasher.

Tip 3: The etching cream will still keep the glasses food-safe yet susceptible to staining. Keep the etched designed to the outside of the glass to prevent stains.

Tip 4: Test your glass first as not at glassware is created equal. In a non-visible spot, dab the end of a toothpick in etching cream and let sit 10 minutes & rinse to ensure it worked.

Put Sealant On The Finished Wine Glass

Because this is a glass to be washed, I used Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge as an outer sealant. Apply the final three coats of Mod Podge in this order:

  • Apply one coat of Hard Coat Mod Podge over the name, glitter, and rhinestone sticker decoration. Spend a little time getting the sealer in all the nooks and crannies of the decor. Let dry one hour.
  • Add the first coat of Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge over everything. Let dry 2 hours.
  • Finish with the second coat of Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge.

Note: According to label directions, both types of Mod Podge take four weeks to fully cure.

They will be dry to the touch within an hour or two. And feel totally normal within a day or two.

Because you do not want your glass to be tacky, avoid moisture on the outside for the full four weeks.

After that, technically it is dishwasher safe. But I am leery of all the spaces around the decoration. So recommend hand washing only.

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Personalized Stemless Wine Glasses Diy Tutorial

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Learn how to make glitter personalized stemless wine glasses with a video tutorial! Perfect for gifts, party favors, or just for fun!

Hi Friends!! Yall know I love my glitter tumblers and I have one more tutorial for you. I couldnt resist making some personalized stemless wine glasses when I saw these cute stainless steel ones.

These epoxy stemless wine glasses are perfect for cocktails, white wine, or just keeping water cold. The DIY personalized wine tumbler would also make perfect bachelorette favors, birthday gifts, or just for yourself!

Make a bunch of stuff for the wine lovers in your life and put it all in a fun DIY wine gift basket!

There are endless possibilities when it comes to making personalized stemless wine glasses. You can design any saying to put on them, but if you dont have the desire or time to do that, I have you covered!

I have SVG and PNG cut files for you of Cheers written in 8 different fonts. Choosing a font can be very time-consuming and its really a personal preference, so I made a bunch so you could choose the one you like best!

Plus I have a video tutorial for you on making this glitter epoxy wine tumbler! Taking pictures while Im actually making the glitter stemless tumblers is not very easy, but I will walk you step by step through it.

Apply Wine Glass Name And Rhinestone Decoration

How to DIY Personalized Glitter Wine Glasses

Now that the glitter is on your glass, it is time to fancy it up! I used a vinyl name that I cut with my Cricut Maker. It is 1 tall and Pacifico font.

After cutting, I weeded the surrounding vinyl. So all that remained on the backing was the name. You can also buy a name for a couple of dollars.

  • Apply transfer tape or contact paper to the front of the name. And burnish it onto the letters.
  • Lift the vinyl name off the the backing by lifting the transfer tape from the vinyl backing. The name should come off with the tape.
  • Transfer the name to the glitter. First rub the name onto the glitter as best you can. Then, using a fine weeding tool or metal pick, help the vinyl release from the transfer tape.
  • After transfer tape is off, burnish the name tighter onto the glitter.
  • Finally, remove the rhinestone sticker decoration from its backing. Apply it halfway off the bottom edge of the glitter.

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