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How To Make A Wine Cork Board

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How to Make a Wine Cork Board

Its not likely that you have enough wine corks sitting around the house to make this dartboard. We certainly did not! So where do you find wine corks?

  • You can buy them on Etsy. But I suggest you find them for free.
  • Go wine tasting and ask every winery for extra corks.
  • Visit your local restaurants in town and ask them to save the corks for you for one week. You will not believe how much wine they serve!
  • Ask a local college that teaches a wine course to save them for you.
  • Visit any wine stores or wine bars and ask them to save the corks for you.
  • You should know that all of the corks are not the same size. Some are fatter and shorter. So sometimes you can switch out a few corks to make them fit.
  • How To Make A Cork Board From Wine Corks

    Start popping bottles, yall. Heres how to make a cork boak board from wine corks! You only need three craft supplies to make it, and one of them is free!

    Have you been saving your wine corks, waiting for the perfect project to come along? Me too! I have a big ol stash of wine corks, and this wine cork board was a great way to use up a bunch of corks and make my work area a bit more organized at the same time.

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    I have a habit of saving anything that looks like it could possibly become part of a craft project, and my cork stash was basically overflowing. Maybe my husband asks from time to time whether I still need to hang on to them.

    Much to my husbands delight, q recent, fruitful trip to the thrift store turned up a perfect second-hand frame for turning my cork collection into a DIY cork board.

    Instructions For The Wine Cork Board:

    1. Begin the wine cork board by assembling the frame. Hammer the board to the back of the frame so you have a goodbase to glue the wine corks on to.2. Begin in one corner, and assemble 8 corks in the patternshown below. You are free to try other patterns, but I have found thisblock pattern really looks great. The wine corks look bestwhen the labels are facing out, and are easy to read . If you have too many of one brand , you can hidesome of the labels, by gluing the label side down, and just show ablank cork now and then.

    3. Once you are happy with thearrangement and pattern, pickup each cork and apply a thick strip of hot glue to the back of it, andadhere to the base. Hold for a moment then move on to thenext cork.

    4. From time to time you may find that all the corks are notthe same size. In this case, a little trimming will benecessary. Use a sharp razor blade and cut off the edge ofthe longer cork to make it the right size. Be super careful not to hurt yourself!

    5. As you work your wayto the other edge of the frame, youmay not be able to fit a full cork in at the end, or complete thepattern. Do the best you can. You can make “spacers” byslicing corks in half lengthwise to make a tight fit, and it is hardlynoticeable in the end result.6. The wine cork board can be used as a regular bulletinboard, just use push pins to hold up notes and photos!

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    How Do You Glue Cork To Wood

    Making your own corkboard also allows you to decorate it to match the surrounding decor. Cut cork with scissors to fit size and shape of plywood. Apply wood glue to the back of the cork and spread evenly with a disposable foam brush. Apply wood glue to the plywood and spread evenly with a disposable foam brush.

    Or You Could Try Something Like This:

    Use Wine Corks to Make A Cork Board

    Wine Cork Table

    Here’s a photo of my wine cork table. This was an old table wherethe top was slightly recessed. You could do the same thing by addingsome wooden trim around the edges. Then, I followed the sameinstructions for the wine cork board but I cut each cork in halflengthwise and just hot glued the halves on. This way I didn’t make thetable too high. I then went to a glass store and got a pieces of glasscut to size and it rests on the corks. It doesn’t even slip that muchbut you could also glue in down in the four corners.

    Would you consider a small donation?

    You will receive my craft ebook as a thank you!

    Every little bit helps! If you are enjoying this site, would you consider making a small donation? I use the extra money to help with the cost of craft supplies! With any $5.00 donation or more, you will receive my 650 page ebook full of 178 craft tutorials from this site. Thank you for your consideration!

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    Give Your Kitchen A New Look With A Wine Cork Backsplash

    Get the kitchen you always wanted with this wine cork backsplash. This beautiful decoration goes right with your personality and your kitchen will finally look complete!

    This is a little larger craftin fact, this is DIY backsplash territory! You will need a lot of corks , scroll saw, plywood, utility knife, stud finder, plastic outlet extenders, finishing nails, clear sealant, clear caulk and contact cement.

    What Is The Best Way To Glue Corks Together

    One of the most popular glues is Gorilla Glue. Because this glue can be a skin sensitizer, its advisable you wear gloves and use a brush to apply the glue. To use, dampen one of your materials and then evenly apply the glue to the other, dry surface. Then, clamp the surfaces together for 1-2 hours.

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    More Essentials For Holiday Crafts:

    Use The Topcoat To Seal The Corks And Give The Whole Board A Protective Finish

    DIY Heart Cork Board (using wine corks)

    Ive done a lot of cork projects , and Id never used this topcoat before.

    It is a game changer and so easy!

    Im going to go back and apply it to a few of the cork projects from years past just to give them extra protection.

    Hold the can about 8-10 inches from your cork piece and spray across the corks in rows, making sure you hit each cork.

    It will look a bit wet as soon as you finish.

    Let it dry for a few days so the smell goes away.

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    Diy Wine Cork Board For Many Areas

    DIY Wine Cork Bulletin Board. These are perfect for family areas, game rooms, bedrooms, entryways and dorm rooms.

    You can actually do a lot of things with a framed cork board. In fact, you can express your artistic and creative self by making a framed cork board. Secure all these items on a framed board and decorate with ribbon and garland. Continue to add and update memories each and every year.

    A DIY Wine Cork Bulletin Board allows information signs to be pinned to the board. When glazed these can be used as outdoor notice boards or as open fronted office pinboards.

    A cork notice board large enough to take either an A4 or A3 sheet of paper depending on the scale at which you wish to work. For scanning into your computer A4 size is ideal. Just buy a cork notice board and cover it with velvet using a staple gun. They can be laid flat or propped up on stands like artists easels or cookbook stands. Use a DIY Wine Cork Bulletin Board and coloured pins to hang your earrings. This makes a colourful display and makes it easy to find a complete pair exactly when you want them.

    Pin Notes And Reminders To Your New Wine Cork Board

    Match the border color of your corkboard with some pretty and colorful pushpins and they become gorgeous. Use clothespin pushpins for even more hanging options.

    Now its ready to use and stay organized. I just need to get one of those mini calendars for my hubby.

    I hung our new cork board in the doorway to the kitchen which is perfect for us. Reminder notes no longer get lost and theres space for some pictures too.

    I love the intricately designed corks I used to rim the cork board.

    Check out the full process in this short video

    Will a colorful wine cork board will help you stay beautifully organized? Everything is better with color

    If you want to make your own wine cork board you should Pin it so you can find it easily once youve gathered enough corks for your own project.

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    Making A Diy Cork Bulletin Board Is Even Easier After You Know These Little Tricks

    Ive mentioned before that Kalen is a fabulous gift giver. He always thinks of something that person really wants or needs.

    Id been tossing around ideas for the blank wall above my painted desk so of course, he came up with a great idea: a DIY cork bulletin board.

    He was going to surprise me for my birthday thats coming up, but he decided he wanted to be sure I liked it before he put it all together.

    Smart guy. ð

    I was all in. Plus he handled most of the project himself, which makes it even better.

    Isnt it cute?!

    He even figured out a few secrets that are helpful for pretty much any cork project you do going forward, so I knew I had to share them with you guys!

    I cant believe I didnt know a few of these things before.

    For fun, lets look at how this frame looked when I found it at Goodwill:

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    Large Wine Cork Board Kit

    Wine cork board. Make one for the office with no frame ...
    • Pop those wine corks…and create a large wine cork bulletin board.
    • Our wine cork kits are one of our most popular products, since half the fun is in the making!
    • The large bulletin board made in mahogany wood is perfect for the kitchen, home office, or wine cellar.
    • We supply the mahogany frame and instructions.
    • You supply the wine corks.

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    Simple Diy Wine Cork Bulletin Board Ideas

    Placing one beneath your bed is also perfect for showing off band posters and photos. You can paint the board or cover it with wrapping paper to give it some extra oomph. Get a large cork board that can hang on the wall beside your bed or over your desk so you can admire and study at the same time.

    A framed cork board come in various styles and shapes. It would also work well particularly those that have glass doors to prevent people from removing notices. Another neat idea is displaying your pins on it. Just hang the board up and stick your pins on it. Stylish and functional, such boards adds just the right touch to your interior decor.

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    How To Make A Wine Cork Board

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    I like to hold onto cards and little mementos for a while after I get them. More than just hang on to them, I like to see them. I pin them on bulletin boards, hang them on the fridge, etc. The thing is Im always using my bulletin board for writing related tasks. It helps me stay focused and not lose track of deadlines, ideas, magazines to research and more. I had a bunch of wine corks that came in a box of gallon glass jars purchased at a yard sale and had seen all the various ideas for using them to make cork boards. I decided to get busy on making my own wine cork board specifically for hanging all those cards.

    Jeff helped me raid his scrap wood pile and we found this piece of leftover trim. It was 36.5 long by 1.5 wide by 0.5 thick. I imagine lots of various pieces could be used. I wanted something that could be hidden more or less behind the wine corks and the 1.5 width was perfect.

  • Pre-drill holes about inch from the top and an inch from the bottom to use for attaching the board to the wall.
  • To make the cork board, simply use hot glue to attach the corks to the board. Be sure to leave corks unglued in the spots drilled for hanging. I used mostly natural cork wine corks, but did put in a few of the synthetic ones.
  • Attach the board to the wall and glue corks into the missing spaces. Now get to pinning on your wine cork board.
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    Diy Wine Cork Has Many Uses

    Essentially, a large cork board is an ideal enclosed bulletin board for community centers, student unions, and numerous other locations. Large cork boards are cost effective compared to the alternatives, environmentally sound, and easily found.

    If you have enjoyed this post Simple DIY Wine Cork Bulletin Board Ideas please share it.

    A Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer To Combine Your Two Favorite Things

    Build an Awesome Wine Cork Board Out of Used Wine Corks! How To Build – How Many Corks Do You Need?

    Jewelry is so hard to keep straight. Some people keep theirs in bags and the necklaces get all tangled up, making it impossible to actually enjoy the act of putting them on!

    No more tears! Put the wine corks inside a frame, add some hooks, and youve got yourself a cool jewelry organizer! The two loves of your life combined: wine and your fashion accessories! And the small metal hook installation is a breeze in the cork.

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    Wine Cork Coasters For Your Wine Glasses

    Make some wine cork coasters to sit your wine glasses on. Its just the right thing to do! This design is both artistic and functional. Your guests will rave about these at your next dinner party and marvel at how creative you are! For this cork drink coaster craft you will need: wine corks, box cutter, sand paper and grab your hot glue gun!

    Couple these with the DIY wine charms idea coming up, and you got yourself a winning formula.

    Attach A Sawtooth Hanger And Hang It Up

    Heres a close-up of the corks.

    Oh, and I finally got new business cards after getting my logo redesigned a few months ago. Just in time for a conference Im at this week.

    Funny how deadlines motivate us to get things checked off! ð

    Its much better having something pretty and functional over my desk instead of looking at a blank wall.

    And with that, I think we can officially call this desk nook done! It feels good to check off another room.

    GET THE LOOK:Since a popular question I get is Whered you get that?!, here are links to the same or similar sources:

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    Charming Diy Wine Cork Crafts To Use Those Leftover Corks

    Add a little DIY charm to your home and your life with wine cork crafts. These are only the best and easiest DIY project ideas. Weve picked our favorites so check them out!

    Humble Foodie has moved! Visit Jaybird: Home in Motion for the full tutorial for this wine cork jewelry organizer.

    See the guide here.

    Upcycle wine corks into a fun place to display your air plants with this DIY Upcycled Cork Air Plant Magnets project!

    Follow the link for the details on this website.

    See the guidelines on this website.

    Discover how to make a lovely, easy DIY cork monogram letter with this tutorial! Instructions included for how to paint an ombre effect.

    Follow the link for the tutorial.

    Planning a vineyard wedding or themed dinner party? These cute, functional DIY wine cork placecard holders are just what you need to make it epic.

    Make sure to follow the details.

    Glass vases full of wine corks from crazy nights past are a great way to reuse your corks. Its a decorative way to recycle. Recycling is great, in all its forms. But once you start filling up vase number four, you may need to start looking for alternative ways to use those corks.

    Read the instructions here.

    See the guide.

    Check out the guide here.

    DIY Wine Cork Cheese Knives

    Diy Cork Board Projects

    Diy Wine Cork Bulletin Board · A Corkboard · Construction ...
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    You can make a traditional DIY cork board by putting a piece of cork in a frame and hanging it on the wall. But where’s the fun in that? These cork board DIY projects take that concept one step further.

    We put together a ton of cork board crafts that can work in your office or other parts of your home. All you need to get started are some cork board sheets, perhaps a wine cork or two, and some out of the box thinking.

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