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How Do You Make Mulled Wine

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Super Simple Mulled Wine

How to Make Delicious Mulled Wine for Christmas | You Can Cook That |

Mulled wine is a holiday tradition that doesnt get enough love. I dont understand whyits perfectly spiced, warms your belly, and is easy to make. So like, lets make mulled wine a thing. A big thing.

This simple mulled wine recipe is SO easy to make. Im talking 5 minutes or less. Basically throw everything into a pot and bring it to a simmer. It tastes like fall in your mouth, and gets even better as the flavors meld together.

Ill surely be serving this at our holiday get togethers this year

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How To Make Perfect Mulled Wine

On the first day of Christmas well, December I found myself waiting at an unusually fragrant bar. “Ooh, mulled wine!” said my friend, “brilliant!” And lo, despite having arrived with the intention of sinking a cold, dry gin and tonic, I ended up clutching a plastic cup of warm sweet wine. Such is the time of year.

Despite its high sugar content, mulled wine is not a drink that’s aged well. The thin, oddly sour broth on tap at most pubs during the festive season is a sad comedown for a tipple originally designed to show off the wealth and generosity of a medieval household. Mulling is not just an excuse to serve laughably cheap wine to your unfortunate guests, although it does have that as a fringe benefit there’s a real art to it.

What Are Mulling Spices

Mulling spices are the combination of spices used to flavor mulled wine. They can be used to flavor other warm beverages such as apple cider as well.

A typical blend of mulling spices includes whole cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and star anise. However, other spices such as allspice berries, nutmeg, ginger, or black peppercorn may be added, along with citrus fruits such as orange, clementine, or lemon peel.

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How To Serve Mulled Wine

Serve in style, going off-piste with your cups. While fragile glass is a no-no, sturdy dimpled half-pint glasses look good and have a useful handle. Garnish with whole cinnamon sticks and pared orange or lemon peel. You could also add a wedge of citrus studded with cloves its best to make one fresh rather than fishing a soggy slice out of the mulling pan.

How To Make Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine

Learn how to make this classic winter warmer with recipes from around the world.

Mulled wine has been warming up imbibers since ancient Roman times. It’s the perfect drink to bring some cheer on a cold winter’s day. If you’re throwing a holiday party at home, it’s a inviting way to welcome your guests. The aroma is fantastic, and a glass of hot red wine will put everyone in good spirits not to mention that it’s both easy to make and easy to serve!

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More Easy Cocktail Recipes

These recipes are part of the Cocktail Recipes collection.

  • Low Carb Dark and Stormy Cocktail
  • Spicy Low Carb Vodka Mojito | Jal Jeera Mojito Cocktail
  • Low Carb Gin Tonic Cocktail
  • Cranberry Moscow Mule

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Mulled Wine Served Simply In A Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are the perfect serving vessel for winter cocktail parties. The drink stays at a constant cozy temperature and the only babysitting it needs is an occasional glance to let you know when to refresh the crock with wine, brandy, and maple syrup. Youll know you need to replenish the spices when they appear saturated and their fragrance dwindles.

Be sure to offer garnishes, including cinnamon sticks, star anise, and orange peel. That way, when you refresh the slow cooker, youve already got half of the ingredients at your fingertips. Just open a bottle of wine, pour in a few glugs of sweet maple syrup and a few shots of brandy, and you can keep on celebrating.

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What Is The Best Wine For Making Mulled Wine

Well, that is honestly up to you and your flavor preferences.

Some popular red wine varieties are Merlot, Zinfandel, Sangiovese, and Grenache. Typically, you are looking for wines that are described as dark, fruit-forward, and full-bodied with flavor notes that are often characterized as jammy.

Homemade spiced wine is also a great way to repurpose a sub-par bottle of wine into something delicious! Have a wine ya cant stand drinking solo? This is where you want to use it!

In other countries, other types of red wine are more traditionally used for making warm wine cocktails. Like in Italy, a version of Vin Brulé called Bisò, is made in the Emilia-Romagna region with Sangiovese wine.

Whatever you do when making spiced wine, just dont mix varietals, like one bottle of Cabernet and one bottle of Pinot Noir together. That is a straight-up no-no!

Non Alcoholic Mulled Wine

How to make Simply Awesome Mulled Wine Bondi Harvest

If youd prefer a non-alcoholic mulled wine punch, you can still substitute the red wine with a fruit juice, such as red or purple grape juice. Some suggest cranberry juice but we find this a little tart on its own, you might want to balance it with a little apple juice, or pomegranate juice is another good mulled wine mocktail option.

We make it in just the same way, simply omit the red wine and brandy. You can add some cranberries to serve.

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Finally Add Your Aromatics

Mulled wine has an incredible warm, spicy flavor that makes you feel oh so cozy. A couple of cinnamon sticks, two to three star anise, freshly grated nutmeg, a pinch of cloves and black peppercorns, and a few fresh orange slices are what turn a regular glass of wine into a comforting, autumnal sip. There are a few ways to create the infusion. Add the aromatics in whole, then strain the wine just before serving wrap all of the spices in cheesecloth and tie with twine purchase a large-capacity infuser, such as this mulling spice ball from Williams-Sonoma, which can be filled with spices and removed at the end of the cooking process.

How To Make Campfire Mulled Wine

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The wintery version of sangria, a camping mug full of mulled red wine is all we need to keep warm.

There are few occasions that cant be made better with a bottle of wine. But during the winter months, we find ourselves searching for something a little cozier. Enter warm mulled wine, or glühwein as its called in Germany. This spiced red wine cocktail is the perfect way to keep warm during this winter and smooth out any unexpected wrinkles that the holidays might throw your way.

It doesnt take much to make: a bottle of red wine, some oranges, cloves, cinnamon sticks, ginger, and few drizzles of maple syrup. Simmer in a big pot over low heat until all the flavors start to blend together. When its ready, it tastes like warm, liquid comfort in a mug.

This is the perfect cocktail to try while doing some late-season camping or at the cabin during a winter ski trip. When the weather is brisk, this drink will be your best friend.

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Best Wines To Make Mulled Wine

Some families have their recipes passed down from generations, and others like to buy it already done. Either way, it’s OK to have a good time with friends and family.

However, if you buy mulled wine at a shop, it might not be to your liking. If that’s the case, why not do it yourself, right?

Fortunately, you don’t have to get expensive wine to make an excellent mulled wine. Even something fruity will do. So leave that Chateau Margaux aside for another time.

According to Mirror, if you’re thinking about brewing your own mulled wine this winter, these are the 11 inexpensive wine options to get you started:

  • Co-op Irresistible Australian Shiraz
  • Twists On Traditional Mulled Wine

    What Is Mulled Wine and How Do You Make It?

    There are plenty of drinks that are fit for mulling beyond the ubiquitous red wine. Cider works well, but make sure you don’t use anything too sweet scrumpy, perry or dry French cider. Alter your spices accordingly: lift the mix with apple or pear juice, some fresh cranberries, vanilla and apple slices or a slug of calvados.

    While its usually enjoyed crisp and chilled, white wine can also be mulled. Team it with light flavours like elderflower cordial, rosemary, vanilla and thyme. And dont forget any non-drinkers mulled apple juice with mild spices and orange should fit the bill nicely. Our mulled rosé also makes a festive alternative be sure to add a generous glug of crème de cassis.

    Check out our guide to 5 mulled drinks you can make in minutes for your next festive gathering.

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    How To Make Croatian Red And White Mulled Wine To Warm Up The Holidays

    Mulled wine is a traditional drink which spices up Christmas all over Europe. But in Croatia, we enjoy it for much longer. Especially on the continent, where the winters are colder.

    We also use both red and white wine for mulling. And in this post, I will give you both recipes.

    Zagreb Advent is all about sipping on the hot mulled wine while strolling in the crispy cold. Your feet may be cold. Your fingers and nose may be freezing. But that drink of the gods will keep you warm and cozy inside.

    Wine itself is a divine drink. But there is an added magic to it when we mull it with warming spices. To understand this alchemy, we need to think of the origin of the word to mull.

    To mull means to ponder or deeply think about something. It also means to heat, sweeten and spice. While a dictionary will say these are different meanings, I believe spicing a wine equals deeply pondering it.

    So, while mulled wine translated as spiced, in Croatia we use a different adjective. We say kuhano vino, which means cooked wine.

    Other countries have their own take on mulled wine. Both in terms of the words as well as the spices.

    The Germans have Glühwein, which translates as smouldering wine. The French and the Spanish drink hot wine , the Italians love their vin brulé . Across Scandinavia, they keep warm with Glögg, mulled wine spiced with spirits.

    Mulled Wine Bursting With Flavor

    With just six ingredients, mulled wine is something that you can truly whip up on a whim. Its the perfect drink not for a holiday partyalthough it is great for those, toobut rather for a last minute get together. We like to battle these long dark evenings with a post dinner drop-in. We are convinced that those last two hours before bedtime are best spent letting the kids loose in the playroom while the adults sit and catch up, drinking something warm . A heavenly medley of wine and spices with a hint of fruit, steeped over the stove until bursting with flavormulled wine is our favorite way warm these cold winter nights.

    A pot of mulled wine simmering on the stove is an invitationto yourself as much as to your family and friendsto pause for a moment with a generous mug of garnet-colored goodness, put your feet up, and soak in the glow of holidays.

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    The Best Mulled Wine Recipes

    Weve gathered some recipes for the holidays and any time to show how multi-faceted this drink can be. The first ingredient you need is a really good red wine.

    As with any recipe, if you start with a better base ingredient, you will end up with a better-tasting cocktail. You can choose anything dry red, such as a Merlot. But if you choose a red blend wine, it already has an interesting taste profile.

    Everything Youll Need To Make Homemade Mulled Wine

    How to make Mulled Wine

    Youll need under 10 ingredients to make this delicious mulled wine recipe. Its SO easy to make and filled with wonderful flavors. Heres what youll need:

    • Red wine: I suggest using a medium or full-bodied red wine like merlot for a nice depth in the spiced wine recipe.
    • Maple syrup: for a hint of sweetness and to balance the spices were adding some pure maple syrup.
    • Liquor: add some extra warmth with brandy or bourbon. This also deepens the flavor in the mulled wine, but its optional!
    • Citrus: we like to add a sliced orange to the mulled wine for a lovely citrus addition. It makes a beautiful garnish, too.
    • Spices: the stars of the show are cinnamon sticks, star anise pods and whole cloves. They simmer in the wine and give off that glorious spiced flavor!

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    Easy Mulled Wine Recipe

    • 750ml bottle of red wine
    • 1 sliced clementine
    • 3 black peppercorns
    • 50ml brandy
  • Pour the red wine into a large saucepan. Add the clementine, cinnamon stick, star anise, figs, cloves and peppercorns. Heat very gently until simmering, then turn off the heat.
  • Fish out the whole spices and peppercorns with a spoon, then stir in the brandy. Ladle into mugs or heatproof glasses to serve. You could drop in a slice of clementine to each.
  • The Best Mulled Wine Recipe

    While I cant state authoritatively that this is the most traditional mulled wine recipe , Ive made enough batches over the years to state with confidence that this is the best mulled wine recipe.

    • This spiced wine is piping hot, smells of cloves and cinnamon, and tastes of the childhood nights my sisters and I spent singing unsolicited Christmas carols to our neighbors and convincing my dad to light our wood-burning fireplace: cozy, welcome, and somehow familiar .

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    What Ingredients Are Needed To Make Mulled Wine At Home

    There are lots of variations of mulled wine recipes around the internet, but the basic composition is the same.

    • Wine: Traditionally red wine is used, but we have recently seen a pretty delicious white wine-based version hit the internet and we are here for it!
    • Some type of sweetener: This could be granulated or caster sugar, a sugar syrup like in our recipe below, apple cider, or even a natural sweetener like honey.
    • Whole mulling spices: The basics are cinnamon, star anise, cloves, ginger, and cardamom pods. Some people, myself included, even like to add vanilla
    • Fruit: Typically recipes call for citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes. However, seasonal fruits like apples and pears are sometimes used to make spiced wine as well.
    • Other liquors: Sometimes variations of spiced wines, like ours, have other liquors added to them like brandy, orange liqueur, or bourbon.

    Adapting Our Mulled Wine Recipe

    Natural Mulled Wine Recipe

    Make this recipe yours. If you are feeling creative or you prefer to use a different kind of wine or a different combination of fruits that may currently be more readily available at your farmers market, we say GO FOR IT. Play with your food. Change up this recipe. Have a little fruit and spice with your wine. Here are some ideas:

    • Try adding a little ginger-flavored brandy or fresh sliced ginger to this recipe
    • Try adding a little cinnamon schnapps
    • Make this recipe in advance and serve chilled
    • Orange blossom honey pairs well with the added fruit and spices

    If you decide to make this recipe or any variation that weve suggested or better yet, your very own take, why not take a photo and share it with us using #waxingkararecipes on . We love seeing your photos!

    Perfect holiday gathering drink

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    Which Ingredients Do We Use In This Recipe

    My mulled wine recipe is based on red wine. I spike it with an extra bit of brandy. For this recipe you will also need some honey and apple cider, which give our wine a touch of sweetness.

    To achieve the citrus flavor we will add a few orange slices. The essential spices my recipe calls for are: nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, star anise and vanilla bean.

    Mulled Wine The Perfect Fall Drink

    This summer I joined a group of bloggers to share a summer cocktail with you every weekend. I had a blast making these drinks and the receipts were so well received. So were back at it, today is the first day of our fall cocktail series! You can find new fall cocktails here every Saturday for the next 5 weeks, starting today with my recipe for mulled wine. At the end of this post you will find 8 other fall cocktails that I know you will want to check out and pin for later. These drinks are perfect for mild days, holiday dinners and chilly nights.

    Mulled wine is known by many names around the world. Its a mixture of red wine, citrus and spices that is simmered and served warm. Its an amazingly flavorful drink that pairs perfectly with a holiday meal or a book by the fire. You can alter the recipe below to fit your tastes, I encourage you to experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect flavor for your mulled wine.

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