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Who Makes 19 Crimes Wine

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Historians Were Asked To Cork It In The Name Of A Good Story

19 Crimes Wine

According to its website, 19 Crimes is named after a list of 19 crimes outlined by the British government in the 18th century offenses as basic as “petty larceny” and as strange as “impersonating an Egyptian.” Felonies, so the story goes, that were too severe to be overlooked, but not serious enough to sentence the criminal to death. Bustle maintains that while evidence of such lists does exist, 19 Crimes is most likely taking advantage of, embellishing, and otherwise packaging the true history into a consumer-friendly marketing ploy.

Regardless, it is a fact that between the years of 1788 and 1868, convicts from Britain and Ireland were sent via ship to the British penal colonies of Australia and sentenced to live out the remainder of their days in Oz, according to Wine Enthusiast. 19 Crimes makes a cork for each of the 19 crimes , and then distributes them randomly to bottles, so that uncorking a pinot noir is like opening a depressing, accusatory fortune cookie. But it has to be said that the gimmick is compelling, and a glass of wine with a bouquet of history, and notes of colonial imperialism, is certainly bold and acidic, with a mouthfeel that can only be described as subtly salty.

The Stories Of The 19 Crimes Convicts

19 Crimes. Youve heard of the wine. Seen it in the bottle shops, and possibly even enjoyed a bottle . And maybe even read my earlier blog posts about them.

So what is it you like about the 19 Crimes wine that you like?

Is it the corks , each which lists a transportable crime? Is it the wine itself? Or is it the convicts?

For me it was the convicts. But hey, Im a genealogist, with a love of history and convicts, so OF COURSE I was going to love these!!

But, do you know the stories of those that feature on the 19 Crimes wine labels? No? They were real people, each who had their lives changed by being transported to Australia for their crime. So let me tell you a little of their stories.

Hugh Brophy Crime: treason and felonyShip & Departure date: 10 October 1867, HougoumontSent to: Fremantle Prison, Fremantle, Western Australia

Hugh Brophy was a leading Fenian and staunch supporter of Irish independence. He was convicted for his part in a plot to overthrow the perceived tyranny of the British and was sentenced to penal servitude, however this changed to transportation for life to Australia.

Crime: Knowingly receiving stolen goodsSentence: 7 yearsShip & Departure date: 8 May 1846, Sea QueenSent to: Cascade Female Factory, Hobart, Van Diemens Land

Crime: Irish rebel Sentence: Life Ship & Departure date: 10 October 1867, HougoumontSent to: Fremantle Prison, Fremantle, Western Australia

Is 19 Crimes Wine Good

Our latest Trader Joes pick, the 19 Crimes Red Blend, is guilty of good taste. A blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache from South Eastern Australia. The wine is aged in 100% American oak and has 12.0 g/L of residual sugar.

How many wines does 19 crimes make?

Although 19 Crimes has evolved into a lineup of 7 different wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, the core grape variety is Shiraz, and thats the second problem.

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App Is Dis Functional

I have an iPhone and have tried everything to make the app work. Reading the problems I have experienced them all: app gets into death loop with the logo app closes unexpectedly, when I get to the scan screen it seems to take the label but then I wait forever to have it check the files and then it asks for the screen scan again. It clicks and sometimes has the death circle that Ive waited for 5 minutes for it to do something-but I can NEVER get it to do AR. Ive closed all apps deleted and reinstalled the app ensured Im at the latest iPhone version I have 65GB free and a good WiFi-HELP! I bought 4 bottles as gifts but cant even make the app work for me!!!! Ugh

Breakthrough App Enhances Expanding Lines Brand Story Using Modern Digital Magic

19 Crimes Red Blend 2019

Theres nothing new under the sun, goes the saying, but what about in smartphones? This summer, Treasury Wine Estates 19 Crimes, launched the first-ever wine brand Augmented Reality app. Playing directly off the Australian wines history-sourced identity, the app aims to kick a red-hot brand into overdrive.

The success of 19 Crimes did not happen exactly overnight, but it was close. Launched four years ago, 19 Crimes celebrates the rebellious spirit of the 160,000+ men and women exiled from 18th-century Britain to Australia, based on their having committed at least one of 19 crimes meriting punishment by transportation. In addition to their sepia-toned mugshots of actual prisoners, the original release of a Cabernet Sauvignon and two red blends included corks imprinted with crimes # 1 through #5 .

Interestingly, those helped generate the brands organic momentum, especially among LDA Millennials. The level of brand adorers was surprising, even to us, recalls Samantha Collins, 19 Crimes Brand Director. People were calling to ask when the next set of corks was coming out.

Ramping Up, Getting Real

Aiming to harness that adoration, over the next two years Treasury added a Shiraz and a Dark Red Blend , and brought the crime-sporting corks up to 18 . And now the momentum continues, with two new wines and the app, which reinforces the brands rogue-ish authenticity while jettisoning 19 Crimes to the forefront of 21st century mobile technology.

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Crimes Wines Launch Snoop Dogg Cali Red

Australians 19 Crimes wines with their cool augmented reality labels and great website full of stories have added an unexpected face to their cadre of criminals, that of Snoop Dogg. To launch their latest offering, 19 Crimes sent out samples of the Cali Red in a wooden branded Dogghouse, complete with Snoop Dizzle Wine Stopper and Doggfather Chalice to select wine journalists.

The Rise Of 19 Crimes

With the legacy of an enormously successful parent company looming overhead, 19 Crimes entered the market as a near-instant success. The brand launched with a Cabernet Sauvignon and two red blends and the corks featured any of the first five of 19 crimes, from Grand Larceny through Impersonating an Egyptian.

The unique, interactive element of the products was a huge hit, particularly among the millennial market. But 19 Crimes brought something else completely new to the wine industry. Each bottle and its character are essentially able to come to life through a connected app and augmented reality.

Simply download the 19 Crimes app through the App Store or Google Play, and use the built-in camera to point your phone at the wine label.

In a matter of seconds, the character on the label will come to life in an incredibly realistic video during which the criminal will tell his entire story and the tale of how he was exiled to Australia. Its an intimate, personalized experience for every consumer, and one that keeps customers coming back time and again.

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The Powerful Design Elements In Wine Packaging Design

Wine is a fun product to package theres a lot of creative freedom on the part of the brand and the designer to create a bottle that flies off of the shelves due to a variety of different elements.

In this instance, the brand decided to tell a story one of a powerful and impactful history that shaped the future of a country. The storytelling here, matched with intuitive and seamless design elements make for a wine bottle that demands to be bought Im just one example of that.

But other brands can play with equally creative designs to help their wines sell. From creative names to colorful imagery to cleanliness and mystery if your design can grab attention, it has a better chance of shining.

There are thousands of wine brands that exist today. If you’ve ever walked down a grocery store wine aisle, you know how true that is.

And more often than not, people arent going to the store to buy a specific brand especially not younger, millennial audiences. Theyre just looking for an affordable wine that looks good so they can use the empty bottle as a decor piece.

Yes, we’re guilty of that as well.

Minimal, monochromatic and enigmatic design trends are a great place to start because they make consumers ask questions.

But at the same time, colorful and crafty illustrations that tell a story and grab attention are equally compelling.

The 19 Crimes Packaging Gives Each Bottle Its Own Unique Personality

19 Crimes Wine – “The Uprising” Augmented Reality

19 Crimes is a wine brand created to honor Australias criminal foundation. And to celebrate this dark and mysterious legacy, the brand unveiled a line of wines each equipped with its own persona in the form of a past convict.

English criminals were deported to Australia for a period of time, so it makes sense that a number of these wines were given the image of a past criminal to represent it.

These images are dirty, peeling and yellow. And the images harken to a dark past that the country as a whole can never forget. Some of these individuals go unnamed, but their impact and their persona are still tangible.

In other bottles, the wines are named for specific figures or given specific nicknames to embody the different types of criminals and the dark underbelly of the system as a whole. With names like The Warden,The Punisher and The Banished, you get a feel for what these criminals were known for.

Similarly, some of these bottles get actual names and personalities like Hard Chard. In this instance, the brand continues its sensational theme and furthers its impactful branding to make a visceral effect on its audience.

But it was obvious that what really pushed us to buy was the playful and intuitive personification of these bottles that made us feel like we were drinking a wine that had a purpose.

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Learn About The 19 Crimes That Inspired A Wine Label

If Johnny Cash were alive today, hed drink 19 Crimes. Thats because this rebellious wine label is turning old-world British rouges into vino inspiration at a price point we love, and with a dash of gaming fun via .

19 Crimes fans have always been genuinely enthusiastic about the authentic 19 Crimes story, experiencing the wines beyond the glass, collecting the corks and posing for photos with the labels, says Doug Altmeyer, 19 Crimes senior brand manager. The new 19 Crimes AR app offers a new and exciting way to experience the 19 Crimes story, told by the convicts-turned-colonists themselves!

But lets back up

If you havent seen the bottles of wine labeled with vintage mug shots of former criminals turned Australian colonists, you need to go to the store and look for it now. The men adorning the 19 Crimes labels were punished to transportation at the start of 1783 for committing at least one of the 19 crimes. Those lawless who survived at sea went on to become pioneers in the frontier penal colony we know fondly as The Down Under.

These wines are bold, smooth, and come to life under your smartphone. Thats because 19 Crimes is one of the first wine or spirits brand to jump on the AR bandwagon . Dont be surprised if, come spring 2018, you see every beer, whiskey, and pinot touting their own AR app. But in the case of 19 Crimes, it makes total, complete, fantastic sense.

Also worth mentioning: consider joining this True Crime & Wine Club .

Is 19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon A Good Wine

Overall, I think 19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon is a good sipping wine with a fun story.

Its somewhat light, almost like a Pinot Noir, and has a bit of sweetness like from a blend that might include Zinfandel.

Though I was unable to find out if this wine was straight Cabernet or not, I suspect it wasnt.

From my experience, I suspect this wine may also have some Zinfandel, Merlot and/or Petite Syrah in it.

But, I dont know for sure.

With that said, I believe most people would enjoy it and I did, as well.

Plus, its a decent under $10 value.

19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon price $9.99.

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Nineteen Crimes Red Wine

Wine Review: 19 Crimes 2020 Red Wine. 27/04/2021 frankstero. 19 Crimes is an Australian wine brand with a range of inexpensive, everyday wines that are available at supermarkets and other multiples. This isnt the normal type of wine that features on Frankly Wines, but as its so popular I thought it worth trying to see why so many people buy it.

Crimes South Eastern Australia Red Wine 2020

Great Wine Values: 19 Crimes Red Blend

This Charming Man

So, enough about the label and branding, whats the wine like? It pours a medium intensity cherry red, implying that this is no blockbuster red. One website I found listed the varieties as Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Grenache, and Cabernet Sauvignon, and its the middle two grapes which give it the lighter hue.

The nose initially hits you with sweet vanilla, under which blackberries and fudge compete for attention. The palate is rich, full of vanilla and toasty oak, cherries, chocolate, dark berries, spice and caramel. I dont have a tech sheet but the richness is obviously partly due to a good dose of residual sugar.

Similar to the Dada Art Series 1 I reviewed back in 2017, this is a wine made for pleasure and designed to match what many people actually like drinking. Most wine drinkers especially in the Irish market will swear blind that they only like dry wines, but if theres an off-dry finish to a red wine like this they wont complain if theyre not told and dont notice themselves.

For my personal taste, this wine is a little too confected and clumsy. But Im not the target market, and I suspect that most people who buy it will like it which is exactly the point!

  • ABV: 13.5%
  • RRP: 14.99 down to 10 at SuperValu from 29th April to 19th May 2021
  • Media sample

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What Makes The 19 Crimes Package Designs So Effective

The 19 Crimes packaging is so impactful because of the rich history and persona that’s embodied throughout the design from the label to the physical bottle itself.

The brand was named in honor of the countrys shady past. Its a country made up of ex-convicts, all who were deported for committing one of 19 petty crimes as decreed by the English government.

These 19 crimes include larceny, theft and property damage. And they resulted in the creation of an entirely new country years later.

To honor this past, the brand gave their wines that same grungy, dirtied personality, with each of the seven wines taking on a character from those times from “The Warden” to “The Punisher” to “The Banished.” Even the bottles without a signature name come with the image of a criminal to give it a depth and an integrity.

But its not just the personification of these wines that is so effective, nor is it just the powerful history that stands as a solid and sensational foundation. Its the thought and passion that went into these physical designs that really brings branding full circle.

From the matte black coating on the entire bottle to the dirtied, yellowing labels that look like antique letters and decrees these designs embody that moody and mysterious past.

These labels are scratched off in an almost horror-esque way. And the minimal text is written in a scratched-out font that is equally creepy. Theres a darkness here that is instantly compelling and reels you in.

How Much Does 19 Crimes The Banished Cost

This Australian red blend is very budget-friendly and therefore it is a quite approachable everyday wine. Furthermore, its intense dark chocolate and vanilla aromas make it a superb gift choice, especially in winter. It is a wine that will be wholeheartedly appreciated by wine lovers. 19 Crimes The Banished price ranges from $9 to $15 per 750ml bottle.

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How To Serve 19 Crimes The Banished

19 Crimes The Banished is a characteristic example of Australias red blends and should be served at room temperature, approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit . This red wine will not benefit from chilling in any way. As a red dry wine, a larger-sized wine glass would help immensely to allow the air to come into contact with the wine surface and release its aromatic and flavor intensity. Decanting is a good option as the wine would benefit from additional aeration.

Snoop Dogg Is The Inspiration For New 19 Crimes Wine

19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Review

byRudy Sanchezon 05/01/2020 | 2 Minute Read

For nearly three decades Calvin Brodus, better known as Snoop Dogg, has entertained fans the world over while his persona and art have evolved. Originally Snoop was a hard-edged rapper with ties to gangsters, which earned him a lengthy criminal record that included some prison time. Although now removed from the thug life, Snopp still has a touch of the outlaw in him, with that rebellious spirit channeled into more legitimate endeavors.

Snoops ability to both defy cultural norms while also influencing them puts him in good company with the other personalities in the 19 Crimes line of wines with Snoop Cali Red. Though the Australian vintner has until now featured people associated with the Catalpa Rescue, a daring escape from the British penal colony in Western Australia, Snoop Dogg has been just as daring and bold throughout his career, playing big gambits that pay off, like collaborating with lifestyle celebrity and fellow ex-con Martha Stewart.

“Snoop Dogg, an entertainment and California icon, is the perfect partner for 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red. Snoop embodies the spirit of 19 Crimes rule-breaking, culture creating, and overcoming adversity. We are truly excited to partner with Snoop and welcome him to the 19 Crimes family, says John Wardley, TWE Marketing Vice President, in a press release.

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