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What Is The Best Type Of Wine

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Best Organic: Larkmead 2016 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

How to Start Drinking Wine | Best Types of RED Wines for Beginners

Region: Napa Valley, California | ABV: 14.7% | Tasting Notes: Dark fruit, Tobacco, Fresh-turned earth, Dark chocolate

This winery, under the watch of winemaker Dan Petroski, doesn’t just focus on making world-class wine. Petroski helps shed light on the necessary work for studying climate change, and in 2015, Larkmead converted to organic farming practices.

Cabernet collectors should stockpile wines from the 2016 vintage, which are high in naturally vibrant acidity due to a moderate growing season. Hallmark signifiers are deep, dark fruit and a distinct freshness, all of which the 2016 Larkmead has in spades. Adding to that are incredibly alluring brown spices, fresh-turned earth and tobacco wrapped in dark chocolate, with mouthwatering purple violet notes and firm, dusty tannins.

This is a wine to contemplate over many hoursand, ideally, over the next decade, with a bottle or two every year.

Region: Carneros, California | ABV: 14.5% | Tasting Notes: Red cherries, Bramble, Brown spices

Proprietor Rich Frank, a former Disney executive, bought his eponymous winery in 1992 and released his first wine a year later.

This 2018 release is a full-bodied pinot noir with lively red fruits, deep concentration, firm acidity and sturdy tannins, which will help it develop over a few decades in a cool, dark cellar.

Good to Know:

Good to Know:

Best Splurge: Zalto Denk’art Bordeaux Wine Glass


  • Iconic in the wine world

  • Thin lip and luxurious stem

  • Pricey

Ask any professional, and theyll tell you that Zalto is somewhat of an icon in the world of wine, with the DenkArt line among its most widely beloved. This Austrian-brand was even one of the first to introduce hand-crafted and mouth-blown functional glasses to the market, according to Shira Tsiddon, sommelier at The Norman Hotel in Tel Aviv. The beauty of these 23-ounce style-specific glasses, she says, is the combination of elegant, clean lines, thoughtful design inspired by the Earths tilt angles, and its versatility to function in both a fine dining setting and in a cabinet at home.

One of the major superiorities about Zalto Denk’Art Wine Glasses lies in how light , says Tsiddon. When pouring the wine and holding the glass up, you cannot feel it exists the glass is nearly transparent, both visually and physically, she says. makes the wine taste even more majestic than it usually does. If youre looking for something that looks and feels luxurious, these Bordeaux glassesdesigned for rich, full-bodied redsare your best bet.

“These wine glasses may be pricey, but the thin lip, light weight and elegant stem of a Zalto glass show off a great wine to its best advantage.” Kathryn Maier, Editor

Two Italian Red Wines To Buy For Next Week

7. Barbera dAsti

The Italian red grape Barbera makes delicious wines with bright acidity and soft tannin. Hailing from Piedmont, these delightful red wines are crowd-pleasers.

8. Dolcetto dAlba

Dolcetto is another red wine from Piedmont. With more noticeable tannin than Barbera, but not quite as much as Nebbiolo, wines from Dolcetto strike a nice balance.

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Best With Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon: Hyland Estates 2018 Single Vineyard Old Vine Pinot Noir

Scott Mattson, co-owner and sommelier at the Noble Riot, is partial toward a pinot noir for grilled salmon. For the cedar-plank steak, with a little more fat and less spice, we are playing with cedar smoke salmon fat . A wine that makes salmon feel as silky as possible would be my go-to.”

The Hyland Estates Pinot Noir is complex and elegant on the palate, with mild spiciness and well-balanced acidity. Expect aromas of berries on the nose with a long and alluring black pepper finish.

Best Wines For Beginners: Easy

The 5 Types of Wine to Bring to Thanksgiving

Starting out in the world of wine can be bewildering. For many, wine is an acquired taste, and uninitiated palates may need to start with lighter wines in order to learn to appreciate the various flavors in the wines before moving forward. Fortunately, some wines are great “break-in” wines that can kick start a lifelong appreciation of this wonderful beverage.

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Buying Guide For Best White Wine

Although it often takes a back seat to its more popular cousin, white wine shouldnt be overlooked. It can be light and sweet or bold and dry, and it encompasses just as much variety and versatility as red wine. White wine is ideal for serving with fish, chicken, Asian cuisines, cheese plates, and fruit.

In general, white wines are known for their zesty, floral, and fruity tastes, though some are aged in oak barrels to add rich, bold notes. There are dozens of varietals and countless unique blends, made all around the world. Whats more, white wine features 10 distinct flavor profiles, including creamy, floral, tropical, and honey, among others.

All that means there is a lot to consider when buying a bottle of white. Our guide will help you navigate the wide world of white wine. For our top picks for the best white wines, see the matrix above.


The Best Chianti Glass

Chianti is a dry red wine, produced initially in Tuscany, Italy. It pairs excellently with pasta and therefore is most often found in Italian restaurants.

The chianti bottle is perhaps the most iconic of all time. If you imagine a traditional Italian restaurant table, such as the one pictured on the cover of the Lady and the Tramp movie, you may conjure an image of a red wine bottle with a basket woven around the base of the bottle. This is a chianti bottle.

Traditionally, chianti bottles featured a woven basket around the base called a fiasco. Today, there are only a handful of winemakers that still decorate their chianti bottles with a fiasco.

Fun fact: In The Silence of the Lambs Hannibal Lecter is often quoted thanks to the following line: A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Chianti wines are usually light to medium-bodied. Most wine professionals agree that you can serve Chianti in a universal or standard red wine glass or tulip glass. The tulip design enables the wines bouquet to develop longer, providing a great nose. However, this stunning glass will make any red or even white wine look and smell good.Orrefors Intermezzo Aroma Glass


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Best Set: Youyah Wine Decanter Set

  • Comes with everything you need to clean it

  • Stopper included to preserve wine

  • Small in size, a standard size bottle of wine fills the decanter to the top

Pouring wine into a decanter is easy, but cleaning the decanter after can get tricky. Many carafes have been recycled after mold has taken hold or stubborn red wine stains refuse to lift. This kit from YouYah helps with the morning-after cleaning to keep the lead-free crystal decanter spotless and sparkling. The hand-blown decanter can hold up to 40.5 ounces and includes a dimple in the base for easier pouring, plus a cork stopper.

Once the wine has been tasted, you can use your preferred cleaning method: There are the cleaning beads, which are placed in the base with a gentle cleanser, or the cleaning brush for sweeping around the base. The final drip dry is much easier with the included drying stand, which can also be used for safely storing the decanter.

Material: Crystal | Capacity: 40.5 ounces | Dimensions: 12 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches | Weight: 2.79 pounds

  • Unique mountain design in decanter base

  • Easy to clean

  • Sealing cover keeps wine fresh in the decanter for days

  • Can be difficult to hold

Crafted into the base of this decanter from Onearf is an iceberg. Yes, an iceberg. This allows for more oxygen across the surface area of the wine, allowing aeration to be completed in half the time. Made from non-lead crystal glass and comes with a drying rack, this decanter is elegant, functional, and great for everyday use.

Best Stemless: Viski Stemless Wine Glass

Types of Wine Bottles and Their Origins – What is the Best for You?

Courtesy of Amazon

For parties or rowdier hangs, stemless glasses are less likely to get knocked over. Viskis options are a little more elegant than most stemless options on the market, with organic lines and curves inspired by cacti. These affordable options are made with lead-free, super-thin crystal.

Drinking from stemless has its place, explains Key. Typically, in outdoor or just very casual settings, a stemless is acceptable when drinking lower-priced wines. Trust me, I’ve drunk wine out of coffee mugs, cereal bowls, etc. many times. The glassware does not stop me from having my wine, but there is nothing like having a glass that perfectly fits you and your tastes in wine. They can also be cleaned and stored more easily than stemware.

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For The Vegan Dinner Party:

“A grenache syrah blend, like Côtes du Rhône from the south of France is a good fit,” Selecman said. “It’s a bistro wine, super-accessible, light easy, and highly drinkable.”

For a white, Selecman points toward a white Bordeaux, something sauvignon blanc-based. “This is a softer, more refined style than whites that hail from outside of France, and pairs very well with grain-based dishes,” she said.

The Best Wine To Drink With Pizza According To An Expert

Executive wine editor Ray Isle says you actually have quite a few options.

Over the past several months, pizza has been a staple of our dietsboth delivery, on nights when we’re sick of cooking, and homemade, on nights when we need something, anything to distract us from the gloom of reality. At the Food & Wine Classic at Home, the first-ever digital version of the annual culinary festival, our executive wine and spirits editor Ray Isle demonstrated how to make pizza a little more exciting: .

It turns out, there is more than one perfect pairing. Isle selected three wines for attendees to sip at home . The wines, which include a sparkling rosé, a Pinot Noir, and a Chianti, are vastly different in character and flavor, yet all worked beautifully with Isle’s pepperoni pie, proving one of his main points: there are many different ways to make a wine pairing. It all depends on which element you want to play off ofthe butterfat of the cheese, the spice of the pepperoni, the overall saltiness, etc.

WATCH: The Food & Wine Classic At Home

“I think people get into this rut where they think only one thing can go with a food,” Isle said. “So I picked three quite different wines that I think go quite well with pizza.”

One of the only mistakes you can make? Taking the choice too seriously. “Some wines really do taste better with some foods, and some wines dont taste as good. But you can way overthink things.”

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How To Choose A Wine For Cooking

Its not difficult to pick a decent wine for your meal. There is a simple rule of thumb that I follow and that I tell to anyone who asks me what is the best type of red wine for cooking.

I tell them that they should just choose a wine that they like to drink. If you dont like the flavour and its characteristics, then you probably wont like it in your food. So, if you have a choice of wines to use in your dish, you may want to use one that you are familiar with and that you already know you will like.

Otherwise, you have just flavoured your dish with something that might not be to your liking.

The best red wine for cooking is usually a dry one. I err on the side of a dry rather than a sweet wine for anything that isnt a dessert. Youre usually safe to add a little acidity to your meats and stir fry, but making the dish sweeter might not be such a good idea.

Best Red Wine For Beginners

The Best Red Wine for your Health

Just as with white wines, you want to start out with simple reds. Then, as your wine palate develops, move on to the complex, full-bodied reds. Here are a few suggestions for a jumping off point:

  • Pinot Noir: Light to medium bodied and super food friendly, it’s so easy to fall in love with a Pinot Noir even if you don’t fancy yourself a red wine enthusiast. Need some suggestions? Try Lindeman’s Bin 99, Devil’s Corner from Tamar Ridge or McMurray Ranch Pinot Noir.
  • Syrah: Syrah and its Australian sibling, Shiraz, are one and the same. Australian Shirazs tend to be a bit on the peppery side while Syrahs tend to be a bit more fruity. For Shiraz, pick up a bottle of Penfold’s or d’Arenberg. As for the Syrah’s, try a bottle of Qupe Central Coast or Eaglepoint Ranch.
  • Beaujolais Nouveau: This French wine is meant to be drunk young. It releases in November of every year and usually sells out before Christmas. The wine is fruity and light, without heavy tannins, making it a favorite for new wine drinkers.

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Tenuta Di Nozzole Chianti Classico Riserva

Why It Works: “‘What grows together, goes together.’ The wines of a region play really well with the foods of a region. The first thing you notice, it bites down on your tongue. Its got real tannic structure. It goes really beautifully with the fat.”

While pizza isnt from Tuscany, per se, “theyre more akin to each other than Houston where I grew up,” said Isle. This is his favorite pairing of the bunch.

“I dont know if thats a romantic thing, or metaphorical thing, or if because I think the tannins and fat work well together,” he said.

For Every Type Of Wine Drinker Out There

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LIQUOR / Chloe Jeong

With so many styles available at a wide range of price points, shopping for wine glasses can be overwhelming. Getting insights from wine experts, though, can ease the processespecially now that the wine scene is moving toward a more pared-down approach to glassware. Ive noticed that people arent into individual glass shapes as much as they used to be, says Doreen Winkler, a natural wine sommelier and founder of the wine club Orange Glou. People want to simplify the wine drinking experience, she says. You dont need a burgundy wine glass to drink burgundy. Still, specialized glasses will always have their place in fine dining and for the serious, at-home drinker.

No matter what your own glassware philosophy might be, its safe to say that durability and versatility are important things to consider when looking for new wine glasses. Its also worth considering whether or not you mind handwashing glasses or would find a dishwasher-safe glass more suited to your needs. Here are some of the industrys top picks for any occasion.

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Pepperwood Grove Pinot Grigio

This company has been making wines for two decades. It uses fruit from the greatest growing places on the planet and releases high-quality and well-accepted wines. The best part? Theyre cheap.

Meaning, anyone can get their hands on their wine. Theyre created in the Italian style. What I love most is their mineral-driven flavors of lemon and green tea. Theyre acidic, so theyre perfect for fondue.

Dry, refreshing, and crisp, their wine works well with seafood or cheese. Meaning, you can also consume their wines. However, theyre also a great choice for cooking fondue and similar cheese meals.

Best Italian: Girolamo Russo A Rina Etna Rosso

Making Red & White Sangria – 10 BEST TYPES of WINE

Courtesy of Vivino

Region: Etna, Sicily, Italy | ABV: 13.5% ABV | Tasting Notes: Red berries, Ash, Black pepper, Clove

Love Italian reds from Piedmont, Tuscany, and beyond? If youve never dove into the world of earthy Sicilian reds, specifically from Etna, we cant recommend them enough.

These earthy, soil-driven wines come from the ash-laden volcanic soils of the region, which impart an undeniable mineral quality to the juice. This mouthwatering expression oozes with flavors of red berries, smoky ash, black pepper and clove.

I love a good Nerello Mascalese from Sicily. Theres something about that volcanic rusticity and high-toned cherry notes that strike a chord with me. … If the red wine is mostly mass produced, then its a no-no for me. Sylvester Inda, Wine Manager, CoolVines Powerhouse

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The Best Red Wine For Cooking Beef

One of the things you have to watch out for when cooking with red wine is that you may pass on some the characteristics of the wine onto the food. In some instances, that is preferable and desirable and in others it is not. The best red wine for cooking beef roast is going to be a dry one and not a sweet one.

You dont want to make the mistake of making your food too sweet, so be careful about which wines you pick. They arent all going to give you the same results.

The best red wine for cooking beef stew is either a pinot, cabernet, or merlot because of their dryness. You dont want to end up with a sweet stew. These are also among the best red wine for cooking roast beef and any other beef dish.

If you want to know whether you are using the right wine or if the wine you have on hand is suitable for your dish, just Google it to see if it is dry or sweet. You can also check the bottle and see what it says about the characteristic of the wine.

Using wine with your beef helps it to come out tender, and you can either soak the beef in the wine as a marinade or cook the beef in the wine. As the beef cooks, it will absorb the flavour of the wine, even as the alcohol is evaporated out. That leaves you with a non-alcoholic dish that is flavourful and juicy.

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