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Where To Get Non Alcoholic Wine

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Best 5 Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wines

Non alcoholic wine. How it’s made ? How it tastes ? How much it cost ?

Whether you’re toasting in the new year, sharing a bottle at a party or having a drink with the girls, there are plenty of excuses to pop open a bottle of non alcoholic bubbly. These delicious drops are just as delicious and glam as your favourite champagne, with none of the nasty after effects.

#1 Vinada Crispy Chardonnay Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

Having recently won a gold medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition, this is our top pick for a non alcoholic sparkling. Vinada Zero Alcohol Crispy Chardonnay sparkling is a premium French Chardonnay with a dry, crisp and balanced flavour. It’s the grown-up’s alcohol free sparkling.

#2 Plus & Minus Prosecco

This is our number 1 selling drink, and for good reason! The Plus & Minus Non Alcoholic Prosecco has beautiful characters of citrus & freshly cut apple with a slightly acidic finish and soft effervescence.

An absolute crowd pleaser!

#3 La Gioiosa Non Alcoholic Italian Sparkling

Another non alcoholic Prosecco, but this time by one of Italy’s leading producers of Prosecco. A light, fruity bubbly with aromatic notes of apple, peach and elderflower, in a pale straw coloured wine. Like Sofia Loren- La Gioiosa non alcoholic Italian Sparkling is a true Italian beauty.

#4 Lyre’s Classico

In handy single serve cans, Lyre’s Classico is a very sophisticated non alcoholic sparkling wine. Infused with orange blossom, lime, jasmine and classic tonic scents, this is a delicious and zingy prosecco replacement.

Raising A Glass Of Non

Non alcoholic wine probably conjures up unsophisticated images of grape juice, and skepticism that it could even taste like the wines you love. This is no longer the case, and the latest entries to the market will both surprise and delight you!

Thanks to the emerging popularity of alcohol free wines, and advances in dealcoholization, theres now a wide assortment of styles and flavors, some of which are made with real grapes and taken through the wine making process, and others that are created as wine alternatives, but consumed in a similar fashion . The options also include light & bubbly sparkling options that provide the essence of prosecco through full-flavored varieties that mirror red or white wine but without the alcohol.

Sainsburys Alcohol Free Ros Wine 250

Out of many of the non-alcoholic rosé wines we managed to find, this one was by far the best. From the Winemakers selection of Sainsburys comes this non-alcoholic rosé wine which is fresh and fruity, making it a great alternative. Made from a blend of summer berries, this rosé is considerably sweet and light.

The verdict:

Out of the rosé wines that we tried, this one was our favourite. It says lightly sparkling in the description but we didnt think it was very bubbly, whcih we thought was better as we didnt want it to be too sparkling. It had a lovely sweet and crisp flavour and went down well when chilled. A lot of the rosé wines we tried werent very tasty and you could tell that they were a cop out, but we could see ourselves drinking this one as a substitute.

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Places Where You Can Buy Non Alcoholic Wine Online

Looking to discover some new wines to try? Finding NA wine options online can be tough, but we searched high and low to find the best offerings available. While there are currently less options for non alcoholic wine than non alcoholic beer, there are still numerous places to buy online. Keep reading to see where you can get the best selection delivered right to your home!

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Here Are Some Excellent Reasons To Drink Alcohol

10 Best Non
  • People who need to limit their alcohol intake can still enjoy the taste of wine without having to worry about how much theyre drinking.
  • Non-alcoholic wines are less expensive than regular wines because they cost less to produce.
  • Alcohol-free wines can be enjoyed by people who prefer other types of drinks such as beer or juice.
  • Drinking alcohol-free wine will not break any religious fasts or abstinence pledges.

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What Alcohol Free Wine Is The Best

Unfortunately, unlike the non alcoholic beer that manages to taste pretty much the same as regular beer, I wasnt able to find a non alcoholic wine to taste exactly like the real deal.

However, I dont find the taste of non-alcoholic wine terrible and its definitely better than my regular lemon-water or plain water that I am having.

After a few years of not touching wine, even the alcohol free one will taste acceptable.

Even better, some are much better than others: it is all a matter of trying various brands and options out there to see what works for you. But definitely dont expect to find something to taste exactly like real wine.

The ones that Ive tried were also tested by my wife and she agreed that although not spectacular by any means, most of these wines are at least drinkable, if not pretty good!

So here are a couple of recommendations for the best alcohol free wine to try if you have a fatty liver.

Please note: I get commissions for purchases made through the links below

How Do You Get Non

Wine Folly gives a good breakdown, complete with illustrations on the process, but essentially non-alcoholic wine starts out as regular, alcoholic wine with the alcohol later removed. This process is not 100% exact which is why these wines cant be sold to minors . If you look carefully, you will see that the labels note that they contain less that 0.05 or 1% alcohol. Technically, these are alcohol removed wines rather than non-alcoholic wines.

The two most popular methods to remove the alcohol are reverse osmosis and vacuum distillation .

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Noughty Alcohol Free Sparkling Chardonnay

Sparkling has by far been the best genre of non-alcoholic wine and this one is the closest alcohol free beverages to Champagne without alcohol Ive tasted. Its a dealcoholized wine thats organic, vegan, halal, low-intervention, and just plain fun to drink. Read 15 Reasons to Drink Noughty, Best Non-Alcoholic Champagne Substitute.

B Lowers Cholesterol And The Risk Of Heart Disease

Non-alcohlic alternative to red wine

Various different studies revealed that alcohol-free red wine.

Studies done at the University of California and the San Diego School of Medicine revealed that heart diseases have decreased in people drinking dealcoholized wines.

They also state that your cholesterol levels and chances of having a stroke were reduced quite considerably.

Particularly in red wines and their alcohol-free versions, scientists have identified a glucose-based plant compound called saponins that are connecting to lowering cholesterol in humans.

Other studies strengthen the belief that drinking one glass of red or white wine or their free-of-alcohol counterparts can help to lower the chances of suffering a stroke. It might be worth to note that the same is not true for liquor drinks or beer.

Note: Always remember that just because your wine is without the alcohol, you should be drinking it with moderation, ideally not more than one or two 4-ounce glasses pear day.

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Does Non Alcoholic Wine Taste Like Regular Wine

People interested in drinking non alcoholic wine often wonder whether it tastes the same as wine with alcohol in it. Ethanol, the alcohol in wine, doesnt have a distinct flavor. The alcohol does have a certain mouthfeel to it. The more alcohol in wine, the heavier it feels. That adds a roundness to the wine and does impact your sense of taste. A wine that is very low in alcohol can be described as tasting thin. That means a watery mouthfeel.

Does this mean that a non alcoholic wine cant taste of dark cherry like a good cabernet wine? The answer is no, but the person drinking the wine will experience a different sensation. So to answer the question does non alcoholic wine taste like regular wine, the answer is no.

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Best Alcohol Free Champagne

Last up on our list of the best non alcoholic wine for 2020 we look at the best low alcohol Champagnes on the market.

Eisberg Sparkling Blanc ABV: 0.1% 31 calories per glass

Eisberg is a popular choice among the OYNB community. Alcohol-free and much lower in calories than standard champagne, you can raise a glass with zero guilt! On the tongue, this alcohol-free fizz is crisp and elegant with flavours of citrus and peach. From the first sip, youll be hit by a dry taste that really satisfies, and with no dehydrating effects, this is the perfect accompaniment to a night to remember!

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Funky Monkey Zero Alcohol Pinot Noir

Price: $15 from BWS

I actually received this bottle as a sample and I was surprisingly very impressed. I havent tried many non alcoholic red wines which dont just taste like grape juice. This one is light and fruity, which you can expect that from Pinot, however it does nearly smell and taste like it could be actual wine.

If I wanted a non alcoholic red wine, I would definitely not hesitate to buy this. Its full of cherries and red fruit, a sprinkle of spice and some dried herbs too.

This range is newly launched and comes from the team behind the No Evil organic wines from Fourth Wave Wines. The grapes come from premium dry-grown South Australian vineyards and are hand crafted using boutique small batch winemaking techniques. Therefore they are made like a normal wine and then the alcohol is removed.

Plus grape skin extract is added during the wine making process which adds to the flavour and also gives the additional benefit of more naturally occurring antioxidants compared to standard wine

There is also a non alcoholic Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine and Pinot Grigio in the range.

Fourth Wave are the team behind the new The Conscious Drop website an online hub for those looking for zero alcohol, preservative free, vegan and organic wines.

How Can You Find And Purchase Quality Non

Even Better Than Booze: St. Regis Non

If you are not a wine drinker, chances are you want to buy some non-alcoholic wine for your dinner party.

Many quality wines taste like the real thing without any alcohol. You can find them online or at any liquor store.

However, you should know that these wines can be expensive because they tend to come from high-quality grapes and may have aged for a long time before they were bottled. There are tasting notes available, so you can find the one that suits your palate best!

Always check your limits through drinkaware

Making wine isnt easy, and even alcohol-free makes it more challenging.

The wine industry is a tough market to break into.

The average producer needs at least 10 years before even thinking about marketing their product. This was not the case in the 1800s when a winemaker could start producing wine within two years of obtaining his license.

Wine production has undergone a lot of change, but it has remained the same: high-quality wines do not have alcohol in them.

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Giesen Non Alcoholic 0% Sauvignon Blanc

Price: $15-20 from Sans Drinks and Dan Murphys

I was recently sent a sample of the just released new vintage of the Giesen non-alcoholic wine and in all honesty, I was impressed!

Like its predecessor, it smells exactly like what youd expect of a Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc vibrant, passionfruit-y and crisp. In the mouth, its lighter than its alcohol driven cousin, yet it still tastes like a Sauv and is full of citrus and passionfruit. Its dry, crisp and refreshing. One I would definitely buy again.

Giesen were the first to release an alcohol-removed Sauvignon Blanc in 2020 and this year they have continued to innovate:

It is our absolute goal to produce 0% wines that taste like wine and not like grape juice, with as low calories as possible

Since 2020 they have invested over $1 million dollars in specialised spinning cone technology which further helps them meet their goal above. They also have a 0% Pinot Gris and Rose blends for released in Australia in September 2021.

Learn more about 0% wine and Giesens special spinning cone technology below:

Where To Buy Non

Its not that easy to find good, quality wine everywhere that is alcohol free. Where to buy non-alcoholic wine can feel like a task when you decide you want it last minute. You might think you can just go to a grocery store and pick up a bottle of whatever theyve got, but why risk it once you know where to go.

In this article, we will explore where to buy non-alcoholic wine from both retail stores, online, and local delivery operators!

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What Is Non Alcoholic Wine

Non alcoholic wine is a simple as it sounds, wine minus alcohol. You are able to enjoy all the great tastes and process of drinking wine without alcohol which produces great health benefits and is better for you in the long run. Non alcoholic wine can be just as fun, playful, and tasty as its alcoholic cousin but we promise you there will be no guilt felt when drinking it on the morning after.

What Are The Benefits Of Switching To Non

Non Alcoholic Wine – Tasted and Rated

You dont have to worry about what youre drinking with alcohol-free wines.

These wines are often seen as the perfect drink for people who want to maintain sobriety. Is

People usually switch to non-alcoholic wine because they dont want to drink alcohol.

This may be due to health or religious reasons, or they may want a break from alcohol for a while and find that choosing a non-alcoholic alternative is the best way to do this.

There are many benefits of drinking non-alcoholic wines. It has been shown that they can be more popular than alcoholic wines with specific population segments.

They also can have fewer calories than their alcoholic counterparts, making them more suitable as an everyday drinker than some high sugar drinks.

The benefits of switching to non-alcoholic wine are numerous, and for those who dont drink for any reason, the switch is a no-brainer.

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Vino To Go And Alcohol

Non-alcoholic wine, also known as alcohol-free wine, is a beautiful alternative to regular wines. Wine has many health benefits and is excellent for those who dont drink alcohol.

These wines have been made because they taste very similar to natural wine, but they do not contain alcohol.

If you are interested in getting some non-alcoholic wine, there are over 30 different types of alcohol-free wine you can choose from.

Finding them is harder!

For some, the decision to drink or not drink may be a matter of religion, personal health, or a combination of both.

Others may have a history of alcohol abuse that limits their ability to consume any amount of alcohol in their everyday lives.

Whatever your reason for abstaining from drinking wines most famous connoisseur gift, there are great and delicious varieties of non-alcoholic and alcohol-free wines to try.

Best White: Giesen Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 0% Alcohol

Courtesy of Total Wine

Region: Marlborough | Body: Light-Bodied | Tasting Notes: Citrus, Currant

Although best known for their alcoholic sauvignon blanc, Giesens 0% bottling is produced with just as much TLC as the boozy stuff. To create this wine, Giesen takes their full-strength sauvignon blanc and uses spinning cone technology to gently extract the alcohol from the wine. The resulting product is just as aromatic and flavor-packed as the original wine, just without the booze. Expect flavors of lime, citrus rind, and passionfruit to lead to a zesty and dry finish.

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Eisberg Alcohol Free Sauvignon Blanc 350

Normally, we wouldnt include two of the same brand in our round ups, but like we said, finding non-alcoholic wines is harder than you think, especially ones that taste good too. As well as the red, Eisberg have also created an alcohol free white wine that we think tasted the best and closest to a real wine, so here it is.

This Sauvignon Blanc is a blend of classic gooseberry and tropical fruit flavours, and goes down really well when chilled plus it packs just 28 calories per 125ml serving.

The verdict:

It took us a long to time to find the perfect alcohol free white wine, so when we tried this one we knew it would be the go to. While it may look like a really weak bottle of white wine, dont be fooled. When chilled, this has a super fruity taste and is really crisp, so its really easy to drink. Even the aftertaste is similar to alcoholic wine, so we dont think youll be missing out on much with this one.

Where Can I Buy Non


While many bottle shops are starting to stock more non-alcoholic options, their experience is firmly in the alcoholic sector so their offering is often limited and poorly researched. A 2020 Sans Drinks commissioned research project found that 65% of people who are actively cutting back on alcohol say that they dont want to be tempted by bottle shops and avoid these stores when shopping for non-alcoholic drinks. You may also see non-alcoholic wine in your grocery stores, however these wines have a reputation of being less like wine and more like grape-juice. This is the key problem I set out to solve at Sans Drinks – to make finding the best non alcoholic wine easy, and making them all available in the one place. We are unmatched specialists in the non-alcoholic drinks world.

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Winmaker Maria Sevillano Bodegas Familiaries Matarromera

Maria holds a graduate degree in Chemistry from University of Valladolid and Masters degree in Innovation from the EOI. After a few years as coordinator and manager of R& D projects, in the field of polyphenol research, process development and environmental projects, she become the manager for the Environment and Sustainability area of Matarromera family wineries, a department that she directs and coordinates everything related to energy efficiency of all our wineries including photovoltaic installations, and development of improvement plans in the entire sustainability area . She also manages the different environmental certifications that the organization has, with the aim of minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. Most recently Maria has taken over the management of the WIN Non-Alcoholic Wine production facility. WIN Alcohol Free is the result of a research project of several years and whose process was patented. In it, a system known as Spinning Cone Column is used, which minimizes any loss of aromatic elements from the wine while extracting aromas and alcohol.

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