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Where To Buy Keto Wine

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Keto Wine #: Champagne


Is there anything more luxurious than champagne? Champagne and a keto-friendly meat and cheese plate makes an excellent pairing.

Bubble lovers the world over will be pleased to learn that champagne can be quite keto-friendly. Brut or extra brut Champagnes contain just a few grams of carbs per serving.

Is Wine Keto Friendly

The amount of sugar, specifically residual sugar, found in wine determines if it is keto-friendly or not. Sugar is a form of carbohydrates, so when you are aiming for a low carb diet, the less sugar there is in your wine, the better.

Residual sugar comes from sugar that was intentionally left unfermented to give the wine its flavour. During the process of fermentation, yeast converts the sugar in grapes into alcohol. The more fermented the wine, the less sugar there is left, making the wine dry.

A wine is generally considered low carb if it contains 10 g or fewer carbohydrates per litre. Thats around 1.5 g of carbs per glass. However, the definition of low carb is always subjective, and doesnt necessarily measure up to keto standards. For instance, the cutoff point chosen by The Only Keto Wines Co is a much lower 0.25 g of sugar per glass, or 1.7 g per litre.

Another thing to consider is the wines alcohol content . Generally, higher alcohol content means less sugar, as more of the grapes original sugar content has fermented into alcohol. The key number to consider is 13% ABV or more.

Keto Wine List: The 15 Best Low

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It is the ideal accompaniment to dinner and the end of a hard days work for many people. But how keto-friendly is wine?

While grain-based beverages like beer do not fit a ketogenic lifestyle, wine could. But unlike clear spirits, wine has some residual sugar.

In this article, you can find out which wines are keto-friendly due to their amount of carbs and how you may integrate them into your ketogenic diet.

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Keto Specialty Items At Costco

When we first wrote this shopping guide 4 years ago there were nowhere near as many keto options at Costco as you will find today. In fact, we just added this section which goes over all of the keto specialty items that are now stocked at Costco.

You wont find all of these items in your local Costco, but here are the keto snacks youll want to be on the lookout for.

Kirkland Signature Organic Ground Beef

Palo 61

Ground beef is one of the foods we eat most frequently, and we usually try to opt for an organic variety for added health benefits. This packaged, grass-fed ground beef from Costcos own brand is super affordable, delicious, and high-quality.

It comes in one-pound packages that you can use as a single serving or freeze conveniently if youre the type to shop infrequently and stock up. Every time weve been to Costco, this meat is in good supply, so you should be able to pick up just about as much as you need.

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Can You Buy Low Carb Wine In Australia

Winemakers are not legally required to provide nutrition information in Australia, making it challenging for people on a keto diet to keep track of what and how much theyre consuming. Fortunately, there are now low carb wine brands in Australia that voluntarily provide such information to consumers, making it much easier for them to choose.

The most reliable option is to purchase dedicated keto wines online. With a more varied selection available, there is more chance youll be able to find something youll truly enjoy.

Can Sugar Free Wines Be Part Of A Low Carb Diet

With the continuing popularity of the Keto diet, and other diet plans. Those watching their weight with this and other low-carb diets want to know how many carbs are in that glass of wine, and will one or two glasses ruin my progress?

According to WebMD: Ketogenic is a term for a low-carb diet . The idea is for you to get more calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates. When you eat less than 50 grams of carbs a day, your body eventually runs out of fuel it can use quickly. This typically takes 3 to 4 days. Then youll start to break down protein and fat for energy, which can make you lose weight. This is called ketosis.

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Benefits Of Red Wine For Keto

Surprisingly, red wine, which tends to be sweeter, helps lower blood sugar and insulin levels .

Therefore, red wine is ideally drunk with a meal. This way, it helps keep blood sugar and insulin in the basement, which reduces the risk of a meal throwing you out of ketosis.

Youre probably familiar with the classic image of a French family having dinner. Rightfully so, a bottle of red wine is not to be missed.

For this reason, French people probably have half as much cardiovascular disease as Americans .

Red wine with a meal prevents blood pressure from rising. In addition, red wine protects the endothelium of blood vessels from cholesterol residues and glucose.

Since French people generally drink more alcohol, this fact is also known as the French Paradox .

Zilzie Liv Lighter Pinot Grigio

DRY FARM WINES | Review and Taste Test | Keto, Paleo, Low Carb, Organic Wine

This wine is a pale straw-coloured wine made in Victoria, Australia, that offers the zestiness of citrus and the juiciness of apple and pear. Its crisp, fruity flavour is preserved in the wine by harvesting the fruit at night when the temperature is coolest. At 9% ABV and fewer calories, you can enjoy this lighter Pinot Grigio with your favourite food pairing.

Great with: Seafood, fish, salads, light pasta, risottos, cheeses , chips with mild salsa dips, sushi, ham

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Cello Whisps Parmesan Cheese Crisps

We can confidently say that were addicted to these. And how could you not be? Theyre just crispy pieces of delicious, salty parmesan cheese!

These have less than one gram of net carbs, seven grams of protein per serving, nine grams of fat per serving, and are heavenly. What more could you ask for from a keto-friendly snack?

Keto Vs Keto Lite Diet

There are many variations of the keto diet, which is useful for people who want to follow the diet but cannot comply with some of its restrictions.

The Keto Lite Diet is one of these variations. Described as a lazy keto diet, the lite diet uses the same principle of limiting carbs so that the body burns fat instead. But unlike the typical keto diet, the lite keto diet does not have rules about how many calories or how much fat or protein a person is supposed to consume.

Because someone on the Keto Lite Diet is not tracking their food intake like someone on the regular keto diet would be, it is harder for them to know if their body is in ketosis or not, potentially limiting the benefits of this variation of the diet.

So, Can You Drink Wine on the Keto Diet?

If youre anything like us, you wont consider a diet that means you cant drink Italian wine. And with many alcoholic beverages, the carb and calorie count can be quite high. So if youre wondering can I drink wine on the keto diet?, weve got great news for you! Depending on the type of wine you drink, it can absolutely be incorporated into the keto diet, and even more easily into a lazy or lite keto diet.

Its of course best to consider your individual body and the way you process alcohol. Moderation is recommended to keep the carb count low, and thankfully there are many keto friendly wines to choose from!

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Can I Drink White Wine On The Keto Diet

I have some good news for you. Because wine has fewer carbs than beer, most keto dieters choose wine, Andreas Eenfeldt, MD, writes for Diet Doctor. Phew! Thankfully, a very dry red or white wine can be consumed in moderation while on the keto diet.

  • Pinot Noir is a red wine with cherry notes, florals, and spices in its flavor profile.
  • Merlot wine is one of the most popular red wines
  • Cabernet Sauvignon has a variety of flavors that vary depending on how old it is.
  • Chianti Classico
  • We recommend a sauvignon blanc.
  • Wine with a light and fruity taste
  • We are happy to introduce Chardonnay
  • Schwarzer Veltliner.
  • Best Sparkling Wines For Keto

    Low Carb Wine Tonight? This Keto Wine Impressed Me &  Passed The Test ...

    1. Champagne

    Unlike the previous wines, Champagne is not a grape variety but a territorial designation.

    Accordingly, it is a sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France, but it is still produced and shaken using a particular method.

    A glass of champagne contains about 3.9 grams of carbohydrates , with particularly dry variants sometimes even bringing only 2 grams or less to the flute .

    2. Sparkling Wine

    Similar to conventional wine, you can categorize sparkling wine according to its residual sugar content.

    For sparkling wine, a distinction is therefore made :

    • brut nature: 0-3 g/L
    • sweet:> 50 g/L

    Therefore, on average, a glass of dry sparkling wine has about 5 grams of carbohydrates .

    However, if you look for a sparkling wine with the classification brut, only about 1.7 grams of carbohydrates can be found in the glass .

    From brut nature to sweet, the classification illustrated above applies to all sparkling wines just as it does to Champagne or Prosecco.

    3. Prosecco

    Prosecco is a light white sparkling wine with medium acidity. As with Champagne, it is a protected designation of origin. The Prosecco region is located in the northeast of Italy.

    Until 2009, however, Prosecco was a grape variety now known as Glera.

    Despite its protected origin, some Prosecco brands taste a bit sweeter, as they are sometimes intended for the masses.

    A Prosecco with the higher quality designation DOCG brings on average only 3 grams of carbohydrates into your flute .

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    Low Carbs Or Keto Diet & Going Alcohol Free

    There’s a number of reasons that people might be looking to reduce the carbohydrates in their diet, with a popular reason being the Keto Diet.

    With the Keto Diet, the key to its success is keeping the body in a state of ketosis. This is achieved by keeping the daily intake of carbohydrates low, normally under 50 grammes per day. In other words less than the carbohydrates in a plain bagel.

    Going Low Carb doesnt mean you have to stick to water.

    Everything consumed is included in this 50g which makes keeping a close eye on the carbs in drinks very important. As alcoholic drinks can have high carbohydrate volumes, some people decide this is a great time to make the switch and go alcohol free. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as cutting the alcohol to reduce the carbohydrates.

    Why Not Try Alcohol Free Beer

    With beer normally being associated with the dreaded beer belly, it may sound crazy to suggest beer when writing about low carbohydrates. However, in the world of non-alcoholic drinks, things are turned slightly on their head. It’s actually beer that comes out with a lower carbohydrates value per 100ml.

    Here are our five lowest carbohydrate non-alcoholic beers:

    • Drop Bear Beer Co New World Lager
    • Drop Bear Beer Co Tropical IPA
    • Drop Bear Beer Co Yuzu Pale Ale
    • Nirvana Brewery Hoppy Pale Ale
    • UNLTD Lager

    You can see the full details of their carbohydrate and sugar volumes in our nutritional information table, plus compare them against the non-alcoholic wines.

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    How To Find The Best Bottles Of Low

    There are a few key specifications you can look for to identify low-carb wine.

    • Alcohol by volume : The alcohol level is required to be listed, and can be found on the bottle as “ABV,”or alcohol by volume. For a low-carb wine, aim for 13 percent or less.
    • Residual sugars: Low-sugar wines are naturally low in carbs because sugar is a type of carb. Finding residual sugars can be a bit more challenging to decipher compared to ABV. The metric most likely will be listed on a wine’s website on the “tech sheet” . Low-carb wines will have less than 10 grams per liter .
    • Dry taste: Even if you can’t find the exact amount of residual sugars, you can use your taste buds as a guide to find low-carb wines. Wines range from bone dry to very sweet, and those on the drier end naturally contain less sugar.

    “The drier the wine, the lower the sugar content. Varieties like Champagne, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot grigio, merlot, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, and Malbec generally contain somewhere between 2 to 4 grams of carbs per 5-ounce glass,” says Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN, founder of and author of The Protein-Packed Breakfast Club.

    “Sweeter wines like port, moscato, plum, and other dessert wines will contain much more sugar, so if you are seeking a low-carb wine, those are probably not your best choices.”

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    Low Carb Red Wine Hot Chocolate


    This low carb red wine hot chocolate is an adult-only warming drink that is perfect for a cold day! Sugar free and keto friendly recipe.

    This post may contain affiliate links.

    I have several hot chocolate recipes on this site but this is the first one with alcohol! It’s rich but not super sweet it feels very grown-up!

    If you’re concerned about including alcohol on a low carb diet, please read my article but know that you’re only getting two tablespoons of wine per serving with this recipe! It’s just enough to make a delicious difference.

    For the red wine, I’d recommend something dry, as it will typically contain fewer carbs. Dry Farm Wines is a company that I’ve known for years and they specialize in wines with a VERY low carb count! They lab-test every wine to make sure that it is less than 1 carb per liter and all their wines are organic and free of additives, sugar, and chemicals.

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    Kirkland Signature Albacore Tuna

    We love a good tuna lettuce wrap or some fatty tuna salad for lunch, and theres no better way to be prepared for these meals than with Costco-brand tuna. These cans come in packs of eight, and theyll last for months without any problems. You can stock your pantry with them and be prepared for a tasty keto tuna meal anytime.

    Costco offers this tuna in both water and oil, but the oil variety is less common. Its really a personal preference which one you choose, but we would opt for the tuna in oil to add even more healthy fat to our diets.

    Choosing Costcos brand when it comes to canned tuna is a wise choice that will save you quite a bit on each can.

    Chosen Foods Avocado Classic Mayo

    Keto dieters are usually very health-conscious, which means most of us avoid refined vegetable oils as much as possible. Unfortunately, that means no mayonnaise in most cases. Dont fret! This avocado-oil mayo is available at Costco for around $7 a jar, and its a much healthier alternative to regular mayonnaise.

    This mayo alternative has just 1.5g of saturated fat per serving. Its also carb-free, so you can use it to your hearts content.

    We use this avocado mayo as a mix-in for canned tuna, as a condiment, and in our Homemade Keto Caesar Dressing.

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    Why Are Carbs In Wine

    The winemaking process involves fermenting naturally occurring sugars in grapes with yeast, which creates alcohol. Typically, any unfermented sugar will remain in the wine, which is called residual sugar – and the cause of carbs in wine.

    Wines with a lower sugar content during production will have a lower amount of carbohydrates per glass.

    Many vintners will avoid adding extra sugar and sweeteners when fermenting the wine, but commercial, mass-produced brands may add extra to speed up the fermentation process and to enhance the flavours. This is called chaptalization and is only legal in certain areas around the globe.

    If youre looking for a wine that isnt full of carbs, then stay away from commercial wines youll find on offer in supermarkets – as chances are, its full of residual sugar.

    Best White Wines For Keto

    KetoWeightlossTips on Instagram: âKETO friendly WINE for this New Year ...

    1. Sauvignon Blanc

    Despite its almost sweet crispness, sauvignon blanc contains the least amount of carbs and sugars, making it a top dry keto wine to choose from. In just one glass of sauvignon blanc, youll find only 3 grams of carbs.

    2. Chardonnay

    While both sauvignon blanc and chardonnay are considered dry wines, the former is a light-bodied wine and the latter is just the opposite: a full-bodied wine.

    Despite this difference, a glass of chardonnay will run you 3.2 grams of carbs, just slightly above a sauvignon blanc, but not by much.

    3. Pinot Grigio

    A glass of pinot grigio will set you back around the same amount of carbs as a glass of cabernet sauvignon. And if youre in the mood for white wine, pinot grigio and pinot blanc are about equal nutritionally.

    4. Pinot Blanc

    Pinot blanc, which closely resembles a pinot grigio, also clocks in at 3.8 grams of carbs per serving.

    You may have noticed there isnt much of a difference between the carb counts in these top seven keto-friendly wines. Each glass from this list ranges between 3 and 3.8 grams of carbs.

    Take the keto quiz

    However, you will see a much different picture when you compare these seven to the rest of the wines out there.

    5. Reisling

    Rieslings are typically a light golden, medium-bodied wine with a bite of acidity and relatively low alcohol. These hit a little higher in carb count at 5.5 grams per glass, but one glass shouldnt kick you out of ketosis.

    6. Rose

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