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Where To Buy Honey Wine

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Bee Dvine Promotes Economic Development

Mead Monday #021 – Honey – Varieties and Where to Buy

With partners, Ayele is working on conserving 600,000+ acres in Kafa and sharing forest carbon revenues with the forest communities.

A part of the profits is being invested in converting the traditional Kafa beehives into the higher-yielding frame hives, to save the rainforest and increase quality of life. Also, Ayele hopes to source honey from Kafa to produce an exotic line of specialty wines.

Proceeds from Bee dVine help to create a five-fold increase in honey yields in Kafa and create jobs for women who have always been excluded from collecting honey the traditional wayclimbing trees.

Purchase of Bee dVine also supports California beekeepers while saving our endangered bees.


Bee Dvine Is A Sweet Honey Wine

There are also sweeter and drier versions. It has hints of almond and jasmine. It has 12.5 percent alcohol.

The bottles are also very beautiful, so it would make a great holiday gift. Right now, they are having a sale to celebrate being on Shark Tank.

The sale even gives a hint at what the Sharks might think. For instance, one flavor is Loris favorite, while another is Marks favorite.

You can also purchase different sizes and the prices range from about $29 to over $350 depending on the type and size.

Bee DVine has already been featuring in Food & Wine Magazine and the TODAY show.

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Best Canned: Charm City Mead

Charm City Meadworks

Region: Maryland, USA | ABV: 6.9% ABV | Tasting Notes: Wildflower, Hibiscus, Basil, Raspberry

For mead on the go, Charm Citys got your back. Crafted in an array of flavors, these rather low-ABV meads are more reminiscent of beer than they are wine. Slightly carbonated and ultra-refreshing, this line of canned meads is perfect for sipping at picnics, park gatherings, and socially-distant barbecues amongst friends. Flavors include Wildflower, Hibiscus, Basil Lemongrass, Raspberry Coconut, and even Pumpkin Spice. Perfect for year-round sipping.

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Proceeds Go To Help The Environment

Proceeds from each bottle of wine go to help a province in Ethiopia named Kafa. It helps beehive conservation efforts and helps save forests.

Other proceeds are going to protecting endangered bees and helping beekeepers. So not only are you getting a great wine, but helping the environment when you make a purchase.

Find out if the Sharks will back Bee DVine tonight or if they wont bite.

If you are interested in learning more about the different types of wine and purchasing, click here to visit Bee DVines website.

They also sell a book that explains more about what honey wine is, how to serve it properly, and their conservation efforts.

It certainly sounds like a very interesting concept and very delicious. Perfect for the holidays coming up!

Shark Tank airs on Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

Best Sparkling: Enlightenment Wines Raise The Roof Pt

Honey Wine // 750 ml // Set of 2 (Brut)

Astor Wines

Region: Brooklyn, New York, USA | ABV: 12% | Tasting Notes: Apple blossom, Yeast, Flowers

Whats better than pét-nat wine? Pét-nat mead, of course. Crafted in the heart of Brooklyn, this frothy mead combines the best that the natural wine industry and the mead world have to offer. Fragrant and flavor-packed, this tasty effervescent mead bursts with flavors of apple blossom, honey, and yeast. Produced from apple blossom honey and well water, fermented dry and aged in barrel with no sulfur added. Sip with fried snacks or cheese-based hors doeuvres.

is pushing boundaries in the best way, as evidenced by their Raise the Roof Pét-Nat mead, which is genre-defying and gorgeous, like creamed honey studded with tangerine and minerals, says Austin. I tend to approach pairing mead like a Sauternes, and like French dessert wine it should typically be had with something to nibble, as it can become cloying otherwise, says Austin, noting that mead expressions can greatly vary in terms of intensity. Typically, pairing mead with Manchego and roasted walnuts or Stilton is an excellent way to go, as is spiced venison jerky, duck foie gras, or smoked salmon.

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Canadian Crafted Meads From Our Family To Yours

Great mead starts with great honey, and honey is something that the Ryan family knows very well. From the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Ryan family has been meticulously crafting honey since 1969. In 2010 we combined our love of beekeeping with our passion for brewing, and its been magic ever since. Discover how Fallentimber is reinventing this ancient craft beverage one mead at a time. Try our award winning Meadjito today!

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Bee Dvine Benefits The Environment

  • Honey wine is a sustainable beverage. No land is uprooted to plant grapevines. No irrigation is needed. No chemicals or pesticides are used. No tractors with their suffocating exhaust.
  • Honey bees help to establish lush forests that create the oxygen we breath, store the water we drink, and sustain biodiversity: plants and trees, animals, insects, and microscopic organisms.
  • The food cycle depends on bees. Dozens of varieties of produce pollinated regularly by bees yield larger and more uniform crops.

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From Crisp And Dry To Honey

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Mead is having a moment and its no surprise why. These delicious, honey-based bottles are produced in a myriad of styles and flavors and are perfect for sipping year-round. However, despite its strong consumer approval, theres still a lot of confusion surrounding this unique fermented beverage.

Zachary Austin, buyer at Windmill Wine & Spirits in Saugerties, NY, dives into the complexity of meads base material: honey. Given the inherent complexity of honey in terms of chemical composition, fermentation can act to unveil and embellish certain characteristics that might otherwise remain hidden to the palate beneath honeyâs supersaturated cloak of sweetness, he says. Austin explains that yeasts have a myriad of materials to work with during honeys fermentation. As meads move further toward dryness during fermentation, an array of prismatic floral essences, aromas of gamey leatherwork, citrus, orchard fruit, and even herbal notes may emerge, depending on a multitude of factors such as the type of honey, yeast strains, etc.

Curious about this ancient elixir? Weve narrowed down our favorite meads to kickstart your tasting. Fair warning to wine and beer lovers alikethis may become your new go-to beverage. Here are the best meads to try right now.

Honey Mead Is Very Poular Among The Living History Historical Re

Best Honey for Mead Making?

. Update my preference will update your browsing preference to pick up. If you want them to start carrying your favorite mead make sure you ask for it. 1345 US HWY 93 N 5 Victor MT 59875 We are located in the Sheafman Plaza across from Pioneer Log Homes at the intersection of US HWY 93 and Sheafman Creek Road.

And because honey is expensive mead is priced more like a good bottle of chardonnay than a six-pack of beer. Discover the best Mead Wine in Best Sellers. Maine mead works was founded in 2007 and is located in downtown portland maine.

Despite its growing popularity it can still be difficult to find a store close to home that sells mead. Explore our wide selection of Wine spirits beer and accessories. In the meantime heres a list of places you can find mead for purchase online.

So now you want to try mead and are wondering where to go. Unpasteurized and unfiltered with no preservatives or added sugar. Its fresh crisp flavors are light without filling quenching our thirst and.

UK mead makers – where do you buy your honey from. They used honey to facilitate the fermentation process. Ad Discover Savings on Honey Meade More.

Visit our online store to buy mead. Quick Easy Returns In-Store. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Grocery Gourmet Food Best Sellers.

Whether raw or boiled filtered or unfiltered in the comb or extracted. Find who stocks this wine and at what price. Ad Read Customer Reviews Find Best Sellers.

Get The Beers Here.

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The Idea Came To The Founder While Driving Through The Kafa Rainforest

According to the companys website, Solomon came up with the concept for Honey Wine while driving through Ethiopias Kafa rainforest back in 2019.

Why not find a way to make trees more valuable to local residents so that they had an incentive to protect them not cut them down, the website reads. Inspired by his countrys national beverage tej , Ayele realized that these flowering trees were an ideal source of nectar and pollen that bees use to make valuable honey.

He then set out to truly understand the process behind the creation of Honey Wine using California honey at first.

Buy Mead Honey Wine Online

Buy Mead, honey wine, honey mead and mead wine at the Hidden Legend Meadery online.

If you want to buy mead online, you are at the right place! We make a variety of honey wines and meads here at Hidden Legend Meadery. Whether you know it as mead, honey wine, honey mead, mead wine, or any of numerous other name variations, we have something for you at Hidden Legend Meadery. Below you will find a comprehensive description of all of our mead wines. If you want to know more about the history of honey mead then visit The Story of Mead. If you want to know more about us then visit Our Story. If you are ready to buy mead now, visit our online store! For a list of our Awards by year visit Our Award Winning Mead.

Image Source / Drizly

Region: California, USA | ABV: 11% | Tasting Notes: Honey, Canned peaches, Acacia

Crafted with fresh honey and no artificial flavorings or additives, this intensely perfumed sweet mead from Chaucers is loaded with flavors of honey, canned peaches, and acacia. Although the mead has a similar body to fortified wine, this delicate boozy juice is produced without the addition of a neutral distillate. Drink on its own chilled or warmed up.

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Is Bee Dvine Still In Business Today

Bee DVine is still in business and is buzzing with orders. According to their social media channels on and , the Bee DVine team is tirelessly working on fulfilling Shark Tank, holiday and Valentine orders.

Despite having most of their wine offerings currently sold out, thirsty customers can still order available wines on Bee DVines official website.

How Much Does Instacart Delivery Or Pickup Cost

Honey Wine // 750 ml // Set of 2 (Brut)
  • Delivery fees start at $3.99 for same-day orders over $35. Fees vary for one-hour deliveries, club store deliveries, and deliveries under $35.
  • Service fees vary and are subject to change based on factors like location and the number and types of items in your cart. Orders containing alcohol have a separate service fee.
  • Tipping is optional but encouraged for delivery orders. Itâs a great way to show your shopper appreciation and recognition for excellent service. 100% of your tip goes directly to the shopper who delivers your order.
  • There may be a âpickup feeâ on your pick up order that is typically $1.99 for non-Express members. Express membership waives this like it would a delivery fee.
  • Pick up orders have no service fees, regardless of non-Express or Express membership.

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The Wine Has Been Featured On The Today Show

In 2014, Bee DVine Honey Wine was featured on NBCs Today Show under hte name The Honey Wine Company. Their Honey Wine was featured in a segment called Off the Beaten Path Wines, and the hosts loved it when they tried it.

When they explained that the wine was made solely from water and honey, it was slightly surprising to the anchors at the time.

Wow, it tastes like honey, Hoda Kotb remarked, and the host mentioned that it was more of a dessert wine than anything else.

Shark Tank will be the wines second National TV experience.

Best Made With Organic Honey: Moonlight Meadery

Image Source / Total Wine

Region: New Hampshire, USA | ABV: 12-16% ABV | Tasting Notes: Black cherries and currants , Orange blossoms and rhubarb , Wildflower honey and white flowers

We believe in only the best ingredients, says Berniece Van Der Berg, co-owner of Moonlight Meadery. Van Der Berg reveals that Moonlights basic formula uses one part honey to three parts water, which is then fermented with a white wine strain of yeast that originated out of Sorbonne, France. We use the same yeast across the board, she says, noting that generally, Moonlights meads clock in around 14% ABV.

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From One Passion To Another

Ayele realized that these flowering trees in Kafa forest were an ideal source of nectar that bees use to make valuable honey. This set him on a quest to better understand the art and business of creating honey wine.

Additional inspirations came by way of a tradition of family grape growing in California and Ethiopias national beverage tej. He evaluated honey wine production in Ethiopia and South Africa, but settled on the world-class wine region of Sonoma Valley not far from where he grew up and where his father, Solomon, had planted a boutique vineyard in 2005.

Now Ayele manages Sol Farms and makes Sol Winesgrape wine every year an old-world field-blend of organic Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. This experience and inspiration informs his craft of honey wines.

Honey wine has a very small footprint. Theres no irrigation, no pesticides, no uprooting landscapes to plant vineyards in fact bees pollinate plants and create food! We use beekeeping and honey to promote forest conservation.


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Who Is The Founder

Shark Tanks Bee DVine Honey Wine – Is it GOOD!!?!?!? Unboxing, Tasting, & REVIEW!!!

Bee DVine was founded by Ayele Solomon, a conservationist, and Food & Magazine Tastemaker. According to the companys website, Ayele came up with the idea of producing the honey wine, while driving through the last remaining parts of Ethiopias Kafa rainforest in 2009. Ayele felt that there should be some way to incentivize people to protect the trees instead of cutting them down. So, he turned to Ethiopias national beverage tej for a solution.

Ayele realized that these flowering trees were an ideal source of nectar and pollen that bees use to make valuable honey. This set Ayele on a quest to better understand the art and business of creating honey wine. He evaluating production in Ethiopia and South Africa, but settled on the world-class wine region of Sonoma not far from where he grew up using California honey for the first varietals, states the website.

For the sharks, tasting the Bee DVine will definitely be a memorable experience, for they have been used to drinking conventional grape-based wine. So, it will be interesting to watch how the sharks react to a sustainably made smooth, sweet & dry wine from honey.

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Flavoring This Homemade Honey Mead Recipe

Plain mead is a nice treat on its own, but you can flavor this honey mead recipe to make it even better.

You could start with apple cider instead of water. This is called a cyser. Herbs such as lemon balm, lemongrass, rosemary, hibiscus, vanilla, rose, and even hops can all be used. For this size recipe, use ½ cup dried herbs or one cup of fresh herbs. I made one with chamomile and rose one year that had a very unique flavor. Light and delicate, but potent.

Another option for flavoring mead is with fruit. Try blackberries, blueberries, wild grapes, persimmon, rhubarb, spiced apple, or even lime or grapefruit. Elderflower, maple, or pumpkin spice are some other interesting possibilities.

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Proceeds Finance Beehive Conversions In Ethiopia

The companys website details how the honey is made and states that the people who currently live in the Kafa forest region of Ethiopia just live on a few dollars a day, and theyre being forced to cut down the rainforest.

The website states that Frame Behives and Top Bar Hives produce ten times more honey than regular hives, which allow the farmers to harvest more honey and, therefore, make more money.

Proceeds from wine sales will finance modern beehive conversions in Kafa and earn Kafa families five times more household income while saving their forest and reducing carbon emissions,the website reads.

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Bee Dvine Wines Gives Oenophiles New Honey Wine Varietals

Changing the acceptance and perception of honey wine globally.

Often the smallest spark of an idea results in the pursuit of a magical dream. And for some, that dream turns to reality. In Ayele Solomons case, that moment transpired when he established the Honey Wine Company six years ago in Sonoma, California. Inspired by the traditional tej honey wine from his native Ethiopia, he formulated a concoction that would cater to a broader audience of grape wine and craft beer lovers by applying new wine styles. The result is Bee dVine Honey Wine, which is available on the website, at select retail stores and shipped worldwide wherever legally permitted.

Just six weeks after launch, Bee dVine was featured on The Today Show on NBC and last year Solomon was recognized as a Tastemaker in Food and Wine Magazine. Contrary to popular sentiment, the honey wines made here are not overly sweet like mead or dessert wines but consist of some dry and semi-sweet versions too. As far as I know, nobody else is taking it as seriously as we are in our approach, practices and ingredients, says Solomon. We have tried to apply the oenological science, so stylistically we are known as honey wine, but we are really made in a wine style on the philosophy of making grape wines.

Simple and Authentic

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