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Where To Buy Greek Wine

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Greek Ouzo: The Tasty Liqueur Is The Official Drink Of The Hot Greek Summers

Wine and Dine in Greece with Wine Pro Marc Supsic, Part 1: Athens

Thanks to Greek Flavours you can receive the traditional Greek ouzo directly to your home. Order now and receive the products you have requested in just 48 hours, ouzo from Greece at your place in just one click.

Just go around the streets of Athens for a day, especially in the central area of Plaka right under the Acropolis, to see small tables with portions of mezedes and a bottle of Greek ouzo to accompany them. This is in fact the typical Greek meal during summertime, in the city as well as in the islands.

Drink ouzo with ice, the way Greeks drink it, its anise flavour is ideal for refreshing you in the hottest days. Its alcohol content is the perfect detonator to spend a few hours of fun in the company of friends.

In Greece there are specific places, called ouzeries, where they serve this tasty drink along with small plates of food. All you have to do is sitting there and taste ouzo with ice cubes in a small glass, adding cold water eventually and eating what you just have on the table.

It, however, is not just a drink. It can also be an excellent ingredient for many recipes of the Greek culinary tradition: baked meat, pan fish. Trying ouzo liquor in the kitchen becomes an innovative way to present always new and extremely tasty recipes.

Greek Cosmetics Straight From Nature

Inside the Apivita Experience Store in Kolonaki

Though the Greek climate may seem a little dry, this is actually a misperception, and the country has rich ecosystems with incredible biodiversity. Several clever companies have worked to harness the bounty of Greek nature and have bottled it up into high-quality cosmetics. The internationally-famous Korres has its own research lab where biologists work to identify the healing properties of various Greek plants, and they offer a huge variety of natural products, from sunscreen to body wash to makeup, made with the best Greece has to offer.A similar company is Apivita, which is also inspired by the richness of Greeces natural landscape and traditional philosophies of well-being and holistic medicine. If youre out for a day of shopping in chic Kolonaki, the Apivita Experience Store is one of the more quirky things to do in Athens and definitely not a traditional souvenir shop. In addition to a market for their products, the store also offers a spa and hair studio!

Tip: Both Korres and Apivita have mini-shops in the airport, so you can grab a few goodies last minute! Otherwise, they can be found at nearly any pharmacy, and both have dedicated stores in central Athens.

What Food Pairs With Greek Wine

Given the range of styles of Greek wine and the wide variety of grapes that successfully grow throughout the country, Greek wine has the potential to pair with almost everything you can imagine. All you have to do is apply the same theories for pairing it with particular dishes as you would for any other countrys wines: Consider its weight, texture, aroma, flavor, alcohol content, and more. Or, dont worry about it and pop the cork from whatever Greek wine you happen to pick up at Total Wine: Chances are, itll frame your food brilliantly.

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Leather Sandals And ‘tagari’ Bags

This is where Jackie O’ and John Lennon bought their Greek sandals!

Remember our Athens’ guide to retail therapy and shopping? This is one of the highlights. Coming home with a pair of handmade leather sandals is one of the best ways to carry your travel experience with you, quite literally. The famous shop of Melissinos the sandal maker is famous for a reason – this multi-generational family enterprise has been cranking out its signature product for years, and they have a loyal following include a number of celebrities. Get your own pair and channel your inner Jackie O.And then there’s the ‘tagari‘ bag, what used to be the essential ‘carry on’ of peasants and what now has transformed into a fashionista must-have that can be found in shops around Monastiraki and alleys of Greek islands.

Tip: In the last few years, the Greek fashion scene has revealed top notch Greek leather sandal makers such as Ancient Greek Sandals, fashion brands such as TRIA ETC and Zeus + Dione and ‘tagari’ bag makers such as Kooreloo and Tagari Handmade, all of which are available online

Oenops Wines Apla White13%: 22 Bottle Apostle


Combining the thirst quenching minerality found in Santorinis assyrtiko with the perfumed, stone fruit more familiar in the malagouzia grape, is this fantastically refreshing white wine from northern Greece. Again, theres a whiff of herbs here which lends a savoury edge, making it bold enough to drink by itself or pair with everything from salty cheese, grilled prawns or spicy curries.

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Order Your Greek Wine Online And Have It Delivered To Your Door

If you are looking to buy Greek wine online, Worldwide Wine & Spirits has a wonderful selection for you to choose from. We offer an array of wines from around the world, including varieties of savory Greek wine online. Greece is famous for its sunshine and rich history, and the wines they produce are equally light and rich. Shop our online wine store today to buy Greek wine and have it delivered straight to your doorstep within a matter of days.

Discover The Rich Gastronomy And Culture Of Crete With An Insider

Greek honey sold in the streets and local market of Kefalonia

One of the most typical souvenirs from Greece is the famous honey, which is truly unlike anything else in the world. The most traditional is thyme honey, but you can also find delicious varieties including pine honey, heather, and chestnut. Take some home with you to drizzle over Greek yogurt, and grab some Greek walnuts as well to complete the dish!

Tip: If you’re in Athens, the best honey can be found in organic food stores or local open markets, so grab our Complete Healthy-Eating Guide to Athens and visit your closest open market

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Greek Jewellery To Protect You From The Evil Eye

‘Evil eyes’ from jewelry designer Ileana Makri

If youve spent time checking out some of Athens walking tours, youve definitely passed through the touristy areas of the city -one of the top things to do in Athens- and have probably noticed some blue glass eyes staring out at you from the shops. These are traditional talismans against the evil eye, and are one of the most typical Greek tourist souvenirs. .If the evil eye charm isnt quite your thing, tasteful gold or silver jewellery with unique Ancient Greece-inspired designs are easy to come by if you have some time to look. Greek craftsmanship, especially in gold, is superb – We like a family-run shop called which offers traditional designs and more modern interpretations in the centre of Athens. The shopping district of Kolonaki also has many chic jewellery stores, like Ileana Makri’s beautiful store on Patriarchou Ioakeim street.

Tip: For more on Greek jewellery visit the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum , or take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Benaki Museums impressive collection of Greek handcrafted jewellery . Did we mention that both places have beautiful cafés where you can take a quick coffee break?!

What Does Greek Wine Taste Like

Contemporary Retsina is Tasty Organic Greek Wine

The flavor profiles of Greek wines vary widely and as with any other countrys wines are highly dependent on the grapes used and the specific regions in which they are grown. Wines crafted in the mountainous areas of northern Greece are frequently rather rustic, whereas sea-tinged whites from the countrys southern islands will have much more saline-driven traits.

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Kokotos Three Hills Agiorgitiko

A lot of the red wines found across Greece are rich and decadently heavy, but this light, refreshing style shows they are more than a one trick pony. Made predominantly with the agiorgitiko grape from the Nemea region, it has spent six months in French oak but retains fresh floral notes and good acidity. Well be enjoying this with barbequed food this summer.

What Is Greek Wine Called

In the Greek language, wine is referred to as krasí. In English, there is a widely-held misunderstanding that Retsina is the Greek word for wine, but thats not the case: Retsina wine is simply a style of Greek wine influenced by the presence of pine sap or resin. Retsina is just one type of Greek wine Greece produces a wide range of excellent wines, the vast majority having nothing whatsoever to do with pine products.

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Is Greek Wine Strong

Like any other wine-producing country, Greece is home to a wide range of wines, some of which are stronger than others. But in general, Greek wines are no more powerful than the wines of any other major wine-producing nation. This is true whether youre talking about Greek white wine or Greek red wine.

Greek Spices And Flavours

Taste Greek Wine on a Santorini Wine Tour

Mastiha liqueur and other mastiha by-products can by found in Mastiha shop

You might know that already but food in Athens is exquisite. One of the main reasons Greek cuisine is so delicious is the high-quality traditional spices they use. The most classic of these is of course oregano, which is sprinkled on everything from feta cheese to meatballs to tomatoes. A packet of Greek oregano is an easy-to-carry souvenir for a burst of Greek flavour wherever your travels may take you. A more exotic and luxurious spice is saffron grown in northern Greece, a well-kept and delicious secret for the foodies.Another classic Greek flavour is Mountain Tea , which is local dried wildflowers brewed with hot water. Greek grandmothers almost as rule swear by it as a remedy for colds, and with a drizzle of Greek honey it can transport you straight to the mountainous regions of Greece.Mastiha is another totally unique Greek flavour, made from the resin of trees that only grow on the island of Chios, with traditional medicinal uses. Its also used to make a delicious liqueur, as well as a huge variety of other treats and even cosmetics. The Mastiha Shop near Syntagma Square is an emporium for all things mastiha, and they also have a little branch in the airport .

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The Illustrated Greek Wines Book

I have a new hero. Nico Manessis has written an amazing book on Greek wines called THE ILLUSTRATED GREEK WINES BOOK. The book is a labor of love and anyone with an interest in Greek wines should buy it and treasure it because not only will it be invaluable when confronted with a wine list in one of the more touristy restaurants, but you will end up spending a great amount of time reading the histories, descriptions and explanations of the world of Greek wine, a world that is just starting to be discovered and appreciated. Even now Greek wines are finding their way into wine shops and gourmet food shops all over the United States and this book will help you choose a Greek wine that is perfect for you. It is currently out of print but I found a few copies on Amazon.com and if you find it at an affordable price you should buy it because who knows if it will ever be reprinted? This is a very valuable book for anyone who buys, sells or drinks Greek wine.If you are interested in tastingthe large variety of wines in Greece I urge you topurchase this book which reviews hundreds of winesin all different varieties. You may find a used copy on Amazon. In the meantime you can check out his website at

Theseare the bottled Retsinas which Mr. Manessislikes:

Greek Red Wine And Its Vintages

Red wine lovers certainly have high quality wine rarities from Greece in their wine cellars for special occasions. Would you like to order one of the best Greek vintage red wines online? A great vintage was the 1998. The Economu Liatiko, Grand Reserve, is an excellent PDO red wine from the top 1999 vintage. Top Greek red wines also emerged from previous years.

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Greek Ouzo The Greek Brands From The Island Of Mytilini Are Pgi Products

Ouzo origin and main production area is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, on the island of Mytilini, where the first producers arrived from Asia Minor at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The island of Mytilini was then named PGI production area of the ouzo, thus confirming the close bond that the raw materials have on the Greek island, the production processes and the use of the same ouzo in the culinary tradition.

Greek ouzo is produced with a clever mix of anise, fennel and wild herbs collected from the island’s mountains, has soon become an icon of Greek lifestyle. A typically Mediterranean lifestyle: relaxed, flavoursome and in company.

Despite being due to a very specific area of the country in terms of origin and production, the Greek ouzo has nevertheless been adopted as a traditional drink by a large part of the Greek population. Its characteristic flavor and its pleasant and decisive alcohol content make it one of the favourite drinks all over Greece.

Initially produced by some families originating from Mytilini and with production facilities on the island itself, today the Greek ouzo is produced more or less in all areas of the country and the brands on the market are increasingly more and more appreciated.

Do you want to discover all the greek wines?

The Verdict: Greek Wines

History of Wine: Ancient Greece

For us, the perfect example of Greek wine encapsulates the minerality found in Santorinis assyrtiko grapes along with an underlying savoury note all wrapped up in bone-dry, lip-smacking acidity. With that in mind, we think Maltby& Greeks Santo Wines manages to deliver all of that for a very reasonable price.

IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.

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Santo Wines Santorini Pdo Nykteri 139%: 2099 Strictly Wine

As the quality of wine from Santorini becomes more well-known, prices have been increasing year on year, with some comparing it to white burgundy. Wine is selling faster than it can be aged so a great value Santorini may soon be a thing of the past. Opening up with a fragrant floral nose, the palate is crisp, dry and refreshing, balanced with just a touch of oak which gives way to an impressive long finish.

Red Wine From Greece: In Style From The Copper Jug Accompanied By Delicious Food

Have you ever drunk Greek red wine from a copper pot? In Greece’s traditional restaurants, this is not an impossibility. Wines are not only presented to the guests in bottles, poured into wine glasses , but also served in glass or copper jugs. In numerous taverns, the wine barrels are usually located directly in the taproom. A freshly tapped Greek red wine from an oak barrel is a delicacy.

If you are planning a cosy evening at home, with cheese specialities, olives, pomegranates, fruit variations and chocolate cakes, it is best to pour a red Melodikos from INO. A lovely red wine from one of the best red wine regions in Greece, its fruity aroma is irresistible.

If you would like to buy red wine from Greece, we invite you to our wine shop ! On top of that, we have delicious delicacies that should not be missing on a cozy red wine evening.

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Thymiopoulos Atma Xinomavro 13%: 1199 Waitrose

Despite the fact that xinomavro translates as acid black this is surprisingly approachable. Ruby red and super smooth, this is far from aggressive or astringent. In fact the winning combination of young red fruit, floral notes, coffee and spice mean that this is the sort of bottle to savour alongside a long, lazy, mezze.

Which Foods Should I Pair With Greek Wine

Buy T

They say what grows together goes together, and in the Greek wine game, this couldnt be more true. If hearty meat-based dishes are on the menu, opt for a bottle of Greek red. For Mediterranean-inspired mezze , look to a salty Greek white. For flavor-packed dips and spreads, Greek rosé or orange wine will have your back.

These are nine bottles to try.

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What Type Of Wine Is Retsina

Retsina is an ancient style of wine thats influenced by the presence of pine sap or resin. For a long time, Restina was synonymous with Greek wine, and many still assume that all Greek wine tastes like Retsina, but that is not the case. Retsina is just one style of wine within a sea of more familiar wine that Greece produces.

Greek Wines All The Best Greek Production

The Greek hospitality is known all over the world, anyone who has had the opportunity to get to know a Greek family and share with them some moments of 100% Greek life has certainly lived a special experience. An invitation for dinner, a wedding or a panigiri, the famous feast of the village that once a year is celebrated in all the main squares of Greece.

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The Country Is Home To One Of The Worlds Most Diverse Viticultural Scenes

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Although the country has long lived in the shadows of its neighbors winemaking, Greece is home to one of the worlds longest-standing and most diverse viticultural scenes. There, wines are produced all over the color and flavor-profile spectrum, crafted from a variety of native and international grapes. Cant get enough gamay in your life? Dive into the world of vlahiko or negoska. Crave acid-driven white wines? Assyrtiko and athiri promise to be up your alley.

The grapes names are likely unfamiliar, but dont let that intimidate you. The wines produced from Greek varieties offer some of the most delicious and thought-provoking drinking experiences out there. Best of all, their price tags are frequently much more attractive than wines from other countries. This is what you need to know about the countrys wines.

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