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Where Can I Buy Cheap Wine

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Intrinsic Cabernet Sauvignon $19

Can CHEAP Wine Be Good?

The label looks like a hipster hotel mural or a full-sleeve tattoo. Its very attractive and will lure you in. Let it. Just go with it, man. This wine is great. It has just the right amount of oak and good acidity. Its somewhat soft, but with a bold core of fruit. We need more balanced, affordable, Cabs like this in our lives. So thanks, Intrinsic peeps.

How Wine Is Priced

Its common that buyers equate quality with cost. Surely, a $35 cabernet is better than one that comes in under $15, right? Not necessarily. Wine is priced using several variables.

Pricing reflects the cost of materials and labor, and also volume. A large vintner like Kendall Jackson produces millions of cases of chardonnay annually. Patz & Hall, another Sonoma County, California, winemaker, produces considerably less.

Depending on the year and style, a Kendall Jackson chardonnay can be had for less than $15, sometimes as low as $8 on sale and at big-box retailers. Plan to spend about $45 for a bottle Patz & Hall chardonnay. The boutique winery releases about 15,000 cases of chardonnay a year. Size does matter when it comes to pricing.

Is the 2017 Patz & Hall chardonnay better than the same vintage of Kendall Jackson? Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes the pricing can be chalked up to perceived value. But the only perception we are concerned with here is how to get the best cheap wine.

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Daily Deal Sites For Wine

Meh is our favorite in this space because theyre the ones whove consistently posted bulk deals on wine cases.

In case youre not familiar, Meh is a site where a single product is offered for one day at a time. You can only purchase the deal that day if you wait until tomorrow, it will be replaced by something else, usually in an entirely different product category!

Here are some example of prior Meh deals on good cheap wine. Theyre no longer available, but we present them to give you a sense of how good the deals have been historically!

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Be Careful With The Sale Shelf

While shelves, sections, and bins offer discounted products and can often be a great place to get some good deals on other types purchases, when it comes to wine, it could be a little risky finding a good bottle of wine. “Avoid the bargain unless you can ask some wine expert what those wines are like,” advise most wine specialists. Discover our top wine under $20

Charles Smith The Velvet Devil Merlot

Personalized Wine Black Matte Bottle with Custom Logo ...

As far as merlots go, this one is unapologetically big and boldand unapologetically smooth, which may explain why it’s won numerous awards from Wine Enthusiast magazine. While it errs on the dry side, The Velvet Devil is chock full of ripe and juicy black fruit flavors, like plum, blackberry, and currants. This medium-bodied red is technically a blend featuring 89 percent merlot, 10 percent cabernet sauvignon, and 1 percent malbec, which explains its rich color and unique tasting notes. Pro tip: The winemaker recommends chilling this bottle in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving to enhance its nuanced flavors.

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Best Overall: Marcel Lapierre ‘raisins Gaulois’

In the world of affordable wines, it doesnt get better than Lapierres ‘Raisins Gaulois.’ This bottle is produced by one of Beaujolais’ most highly-regarded winemaking families. Organic, well-made and seriously easy to drink, this wine is loaded with flavors of tart cherries, juicy red fruit and white pepper. Serve slightly chilled with charcuterie, cheese, Taco Tuesday favorites and more. Youll never go wrong with this bottle.

Riesling might just be the wine worlds most misunderstood grape. Contrary to popular belief, not all Riesling wines are sweet, and this bottle from Empire Estate is perfect for easing into dry expressions of the grape. It’s produced in New Yorks Finger Lakes region and has flavors of pithy citrus, green apple skin, white blossoms, lime leaf, and wet rocks. The wines taut acidity and mineral-driven finish make it ideal for enjoying alongside a variety of foods, from fresh seafood to crisp salads.

Best Places To Buy Cheap Wine

Looking for the best cheap wine? Your wallet will certainly thank you! An average red wine costs $15.66, according to Vivino. Yet an excellent red can cost as much as $528.82. Meanwhile, white wine is only slightly cheaper: $14.41 for an average bottle and $280 for an excellent choice, Vivino notes.

Thats why it pays to know where to buy cheap wine

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Some Fun Case Of Wine Facts

So we assume you ordered your ridiculously affordable cases of wine by now. While you wait for the wine to be packed and shipped to you, here is some case of wine trivia for you:

  • A case of wine contains 12, 750 ml bottles of wine.
  • Each case of wine contains roughly 60 glasses of wine. That’s assuming a 5 oz. pour from 12 bottles.
  • Taking advantage of this case of wine deal means you are paying less than $2 per glass of wine. Sure beats the local wine bar!
  • It requires roughly 8,400 grapes to make a case of wine. That’s about 29 lbs of grapes needed for each case of wine.
  • Total fat in a case of wine? None!
  • How many bubbles in a case of champagne? We’ll let you calculate that one 44 Million X 12.

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Price Range Of Best Inexpensive Wine Fridge Models

While looking for the wine refrigerator lowest price, you must consider the category within which youre looking for your model. So built-in models with higher capacities will be in upper price range, so the lowest price will be in the range from $400-$600. However, other freestanding or countertop units with smaller capacities can be found in the range from $100-$300.

Delicious Wine Doesn’t Have To Be So Expensive

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Drinking great wine doesnt have to break the bank, and it certainly doesnt require sacrificing quality for quantity. There are plenty of inexpensive wines available that are made from responsibly-farmed fruit, have little manipulation in the cellar, and most importantly, taste delicious. From pinot noirs to chardonnays, here are the best cheap wines across a variety of categoriesall of which are around $25 and under.

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Why Is $2 Buck Chuck So Cheap

And though most wines are aged in oak barrels, Charles Shaw wine uses oak chips to cut costs. And second, the production of the wine in bulk, using machines rather than human labor, keeps costs down. Once the wine is made, its placed in lighter bottles and cartons than your typical wine to decrease shipping costs.

Cantine Argiolas Costera Cannonau Di Sardegna $15

Where can I buy these??

Nothing like an island red from Italy to match a weekend cookout. Cannonau, on the island of Sardinia, is often enjoyed with spit-roasted suckling pig and seafood pasta. Its a mouthful of fruit and earth, with bright acidity announcing the smell of plums and dark cherries. With a slight chill and paired with a juicy pork chop, this wine is a chefs kiss.

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Learn About Canadian Wines

My Wine Canada also offers a popular that is written by some of Canada’s most noted wine experts. It acts as a hub for great information about Canadian wine, top Canadian wine producers and wineries, food pairings, and much more. Discover new wines of Canada and improve your wine knowledge without venturing to a single wine store. Think of us as a one-stop online-shop for anything related to wine in Canada.

Know Which Location To Look For On The Label

It can be more confusing to determine where the wine comes from than you might think. Levine recommends identifying where the grapes were actually grown, rather than the location of the winery where the wine was produced. “On the back label, it could say that the winery is in Sonoma, but on the front, it could say ‘California,'” which means the grapes may have come from different parts of the state besides Sonoma Valley.

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The Best Cheap Wine Cabinet:

RCA Cheap Wine Cooler Fridge

One Of The Cheapest Models On The Market

This model is one of the cheapest ones on the market. For only $100 youll get a compact unit that can hold up to 6 standard-sized bottles of wine. Its ideal for rooms that have little space available for the wine cooler.

Compact Countertop Dimensions

Its 22.1 long, 11.6 wide and 16.2 high. These compact dimensions make the unit ideal addition to your kitchen surface or any other working surface. The countertop design makes it a great addition to any rooms interior.

Lightweight And Easy To Transport

The device weighs only 19.2 pounds so its extremely lightweight and easy to carry around. You can transport it from one room of your house to another, which is a great user-friendly feature.

Very Elegant Design And Firm Construction

Besides being very compact, this model is colored in black and has a very smooth and modern design. The frame construction is made from high-density ABS plastic, while firmly sealed doors have sturdy glass that protects the bottles from outside conditions. Its a great addition to any rooms interior.

Cooling System

The unit has only one temperature zone so you cant hold different types of wine in the same unit. The temperature is maintained with the compressor system. There isnt any LCD or control panel. Interior is lighted with the white lightning.

Short Description:

More Cheap Wine Buying Tips

Can You Tell Cheap Wine From Expensive Wine?
  • Trying to avoid those horrible ? Keep an eye out for wines made with organic grapes, they have
  • Try lesser-known grape varieties that havent quite made their way into the spotlight. Often these varietals offer great value. A few examples include Carménère, Primitivo, Tannat, Bobal, Nero dAvola and Petite Sirah.
  • Buy by the case to take advantage of retailers case discounts, which often save you up to 15%.
  • Most sub-$10 US red wine is produced by a large brand name or a sub-label of a large brand name. Some of these large brands have great track records for decent quality affordable wine, so track your bargain bottle back to the source and seek out more labels like it. Need some examples? Check out Kobrand , Jackson Family Estates and Chateau St. Michelle.
  • If you think youre sensitive to sulfites, opt for wines from the EU, organic US wines, or US wines made with organically grown grapes. These wines generally have less sulfites added during production. You should also read this
  • Wines in Tetra Pak carton packages have lower production/shipping costs and are therefore worth investigating for decent wines. For example, in the US, CalNaturale produces organic wines sold in Tetra Pak that are often quite drinkable.
  • Look to local long-standing wine shops for an ample selection and more flexibility when it comes time to negotiating a case discount, especially for closeouts on older vintages.
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    Where Can I Buy Cheap Growlers

    Not sure where in NY you are or how long of a drive it would be to VA–but these are the cheapest growlers i’ve seen–6 bucks for the empty and another 6 bucks or so to fill with one of there beers…so if you are planning a road trip might be worth stopping atotherwise there’s always AHS

    krispy d said:**** ten years ago out in WA the local pubs would all fill mason jars if you brought em. as long as you could close it they would fill it. I remember once at my favorite brew pub I watched a guy come in and try to get the bar tender to fill a zip lock bag. I don’t recall the outcome but I remember it being funny.

    Is Cheap Champagne Possible

    There is a premise among wine connoisseurs that says: “You wont find cheap champagne” warn some experts “There are two ways to make sparkling wine – the Champagne method in which the second fermentation takes place in the bottle, and thats something that its more time consuming and hence, expensive. So, no matter where the champagne comes from, either is from California to Italy or Chile or not, if theyre making wine with the secondary fermentation process in the bottle, we will not find it cheap. “

    With these recommendations and tips that we left here, we hope you can get a wine that is cheap for your pocket while meeting the minimum expected quality standards.

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    Great Tips On Buying Good Cheap Wine

    The one big problem with buying wine is the more you spend the more likely youre going to get a good wine. The flip side of this,and the reason why sites like The Reverse Wine Snob are popular is the less you spend, the more likely youll get not-so-good wine. The econ-conscious British call this QPR or quality price ratio.

    So how does one get great QPRs?

    The Good Wine Curve

    An example how the ratio of good wine to bad wine changes based on cost.

    Recommendations are great, but wine is always changing. A wine might be stupendous on one vintage and then or in some cases for bulk producers, not even Theres also so many wine brands that come out each year . So, no human could possibly give you a rundown of them all .

    Fortunately, you dont need to taste all the wine in the world to know how to seek out quality.

    Take The Risk Buying Wine From Cheaper Regions

    If you’re mostly looking at some of the most coveted wine regions, like California’s Napa Valley or Bordeaux, France, you’ll usually come across more expensive bottles. Consider expanding your horizons beyond the most popular regions and you will be bound to discover some incredible wines for less money. The key is always to look for quality and value, although there are some challenges to that. Take into account that if you open your mind to new wines, youll also gain knowledge about them as well as refine your taste. Discover our top wine under $20

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    Trivento Malbec Reserve $11

    So much cheap Malbec! Its crazy, right? If youve been in search of the right one to grab to have a nice weeknight or bring to the chill gathering, here ya go. This is one of the best bets on the budget shelf. Its soft and smooth, pleasing many palates. The acidity keeps things juicy and balanced. Its the Monday Malbec to get your friends into.

    Find A Friendly Wine Guy

    You don’t have to go it alone. Shopping for wine can be overwhelming and there’s no reason you would need to know everything right from the start.

    Instead, find a wine store with a staff that’s friendly and will talk to you, Isle says. Ask for recommendations and, specifically, if they have tried any wine you’re considering. “You’ll save a buck by shopping at the big grocery store selection, but you’ll get zero help and no one will know what they’re selling,” Isle says.

    The trick to finding wines you’ll actually like within your price range, even at these specialty shops, is to be upfront, Cabrales says. “Be specific as to what you want or else you’re going to be led down the road that you weren’t expecting,” she says. This includes the price point. If you do not wish to spend more than $15 a bottle, definitely let the wine expert know.

    If you do know what you want going in, then it’s all about finding the lowest price. Big retailers, such as Costco, Trader Joe’s and Aldi, offer the best deals because they tend to sell a wide variety of private label brands, Thorsen says.

    “Since these are exclusive wines, they cut out the middleman and generally offer them for less,” he says. However, you may need to search a bit more for the private label bottles. At Trader Joe’s, the labels don’t always say “Trader Joe’s.” Instead, look for the “Trader Joe’s Exclusive” sign on the shelves to help you spot which wines are private label, according to Thorsen.

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    Know What Location To Look For On The Label

    It can also be confusing when it comes to determining where the grapes were actually grown rather than where the wine was produced. Its recommended to identify where the grapes were grown, rather than where the winery is located, because on the back label, it could say the winery is in Sonoma, but on the front, it could say ‘California, which means the grapes could come from different parts of the state. Discover our top wine under $20

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