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What Kind Of Wine Is Sweet

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Sweet White Wine Types

What is sweet wine?

Some wines can be slightly sweet while some can be very sweet. Sweetness of the white wine varies with the type of wine. Leaf through the following article which provides information on sweet white wine brands, types, and varieties.

Some wines can be slightly sweet while some can be very sweet. Sweetness of the white wine varies with the type of wine. Leaf through the following article which provides information on sweet white wine brands, types, and varieties.

Wine is perhaps the most favorite alcoholic beverage consumed by people all over the world. It is made from fermented fruit juice, mostly from grapes. A thousand types of wines are available in the market. Their color and taste mainly depends upon the grape types used and the process of making them. They are mainly categorized into red wine and white wine.

How Can You Tell If A White Wine Is Dry

At the simplest level, dry wine is one that contains no residual sugar or sweetness.

Below 1% sweetness, wines are considered dry.Above 3% sweetness, wines taste off-dry, or semi-sweet.Wines above 5% sweetness are noticeably sweet!Dessert wines start at around 79% sweetness.By the way, 1% sweetness is equal to 10 g/L residual sugar .1% sweetness is a little less than 2 carbs per 5 oz serving

Top 7 Dry White Wine You Should Try

Are you looking for dry white wine? There are many different white dry wines to choose from that are low in sugar. If you are not a fan of sweet wine then you will want to get your hands on the driest white wine.

They are perfect for the summer, especially if you are watching your waistline. There are dry white wines available from all over the world.

There are many white dry wines to choose from in many different regions such as Italy,France, Canada, and many more. Here are the top white wines by dryness.

If you enjoy sweet wines then you might want to try some of these wines.

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When Should You Drink Sweet Wine

Sweet wine is usually enjoyed after a meal, accompanying dessert. However, when pairing sweet wine with your food, you should try to choose treats that are less sweet than the wine in order to enjoy it at its best. Dishes to avoid are chocolate and toffee while medium sweetness fruits and biscuits are a perfect match. Port varieties are an excellent accompaniment for fine cheese.

You can also enjoy sweet wine as a dessert in itself and savor every last drop.

Dry Wine Vs Sweet Wine

Top 20 best dry red wine types of 2020: Non

Wines are significantly increasing in overall popularity among different countries around the world. They have become a symbol of classiness, elegance, romance, trust, and honesty. It doesnt even matter if you drink red, white, rosé, fruit or mead wine.

The important thing is who you share that glass of wine with and what kind of occasion is it. Every wine is different from one another. Each of them has a unique aroma, taste, and color that describes specifically that specific beverage.

A lot of stuff depends on the person drinking the wine as well, his or her preferences, side foods and many more. Today there is hardly anyone left who doesnt like wine even for the slightest amount. Its an alcoholic beverage industry that only keeps developing, getting better, while also reaching every corner of the planet.

While we talked about peoples preferences, we didnt mention two main factors that separate one group of wine lovers from another. Of course, there can be other attributes too, but the primary ones are the sweetness and dryness of the beverage.

Well, its not that surprising, as those two tastes are completely different from each other. Now, in this article, we will discuss and compare the differences between those two types of wine, their comparison, charts, and definitions in general.

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List Of White Wines By Dryness

What is the driest white wine? Here is a list of some of the top dry white wines. When looking for a dry white wine make sure it does not say late harvest, dessert, fortified, sec, demi-sec on a bottle of wine or champagne as this would indicate that the wine is most likely sweet. The sweetness of white wines:

  • Muscadet

Moscato & Moscatel Dessert Wine

Moscato & Moscatel wines are typically known as a dessert wine. They can be very sweet with a lower alcohol content that a typical glass of wine. Because of this combination, its a great wine to sip after dinner, when youre winding down your evening, but want to have a little something with your dessert.

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Dry White Wine List For People Who Like Sweet Wine

Maybe you love sweet white wine, but youre looking to branch out a little bit. It can be good to acclimate your palate to things that are less sweet, because it opens you up to many new types of wine and flavor experiences.Or maybe youd prefer to have some beverage options that have less sugar overall. If youre trying to cut down on sweet things, you dont want to undermine your efforts with one too many glasses of sweet white wine.With this in mind, here is a dry white wine list of fruity, delicious white wines that even someone with a big sweet tooth will adore.Dry, aromatic white wines like dry Riesling, dry Gewurztraminer, or the Greek wine Moschofilero are great choices if you’re looking for dry white wines that seem a little bit sweet. You may also enjoy rich Chardonnay, with its creamy or dessert flavors.

How To Spot A Sweet White Wine

Best Types of Sweet Wine for Beginners

Have you ever tasted a certain style of wine just to understand that the wine you bought does not have the same taste you expected? Maybe you have a dinner planned that goes perfectly with the sweet Riesling, or you just want a crispy Sauvignon Blanc. You are in the wine department and have no idea how to tell if the wine will be sweet or dry, because all the labels are confusing the AF. Dont be afraid. Here are some tips and tricks to understand how sweet the wine will be before you buy it:

Check the ABV and RS

Sweetness is measured by calculating the residual sugar left in the wine after fermentation. If all the sugar in the wine has been transformed into alcohol, then the alcohol by volume tends to be high and the RS will be low . This wine will be at the driest end of the spectrum. On the other hand, if after fermentation the wine still has some sugar, then the ABV tends to be lower and the SR is higher, resulting in a sweeter wine. If you want a sweet wine, look for bottles with 11% GLA or lower, and for dry wines usually 14% or more. This is a good rule of thumb, but like any wine, there are exceptions.

Check out the common styles of sweet wine

Dry white: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris,

Dry red: Pinot Noir, Sira, Malbec, Merlot, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Fran.

Slightly sweet:Riesling, Chenin Blanc, Gewurztraminer, Moscato.

Strongly sweet: dessert wines sherry, port, sauterne, cold wine.

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What Do You Call Sweet White Wine

Moscato. The grapes used to make Moscato are from Southern Italy. Moscato is a sweet, fruity wine with a floral aroma of honeysuckle and orange blossom. It can be still, frizzante, or sparkling wine. In addition to white and red, Moscato is also available in a variety of other colors. Zinfandel in white color.

Sweet Wines Are Cheap

While the sweet wine category is awash in $4.99 bottles of Arbor Mist, not all are low-priced. “Some of the world’s most expensive and rare wines are sweet, such as Château D’ Yquem from the Bordeaux region in France and the great Hungarian wines of Tokaji, and even more so the wines of Madeira,” says Simon Roberts, owner at Graileys Wine Cellar and co-owner of Tango Room in Dallas. “All can be highly sought after.”

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Why Are Some Wines Sweeter Than Others

While some wine is dry as a bone, other wines taste as sweet as a can of soda. But how can this be when all wine is made by the fermentation of grape juice?

The answer lies in the wines residual sugar. Residual sugar is a term in the wine world that refers to the amount of sugar present in a bottle of wine, once the wine is finished and ready for consumption.

As we know grapes have a high sugar content, meaning all wine, no matter how dry, contains some naturally occurring sugars. However, during fermentation, winemakers add yeast, which converts these natural sugars into ethanol, aka alcohol.

While the yeast will convert the majority of the grape sugar into alcohol, sometimes the sugar in the grapes is much higher, or winemakers choose to add additional sugar. This means the yeast cannot convert all of the sugar to alcohol, resulting in a wine thats higher in residual sugar.

There are other ways to make a sweeter wine. Some of these include:

Best Overall: Dal Forno Romano Vigna Ser Veneto Passito Rosso

What Is Sweet Red Wine Called. Apothic Red Blend

Courtesy of

Region: Veneto, Italy | ABV: 14% | Tasting Notes: Plum, Tobacco, Chocolate

From vineyards rooted in chalky-clay soils outside the town of Tregnago, about an hour and a half west of Venice, Italy, comes this ultra-rare passito from Dal Forno. In fact, in three decades, the wine has only been produced six times. Made in the tiniest of quantities, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one of the most profound sweet wines youll ever encounter.

Corvina grapes are used to make the bulk of this wine, along with 15% rondinella, 20% croatina, and 10% oseleta that are then aged for 36 months in oak. The result is rich and decadent, with sweet red-berry fruit, red licorice, crushed stones, and brown sugar-coated candied violets. All this is framed by juicy and brisk acidity, giving freshness to this wine that defies gravity.

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Italian Red Wine Types

Italian red wines are a little less popular than their French counterparts but are no less delicious. Many red wine grapes have been grown in the region for thousands of years. This storied history is evident in the rich flavor profiles.

Here are a few of the most popular Italian red wine types:

  • Sangiovese

Medium Sweet Red Wine Examples


On most red wine sweetness chart, you can expect to find Malbec listed under the medium or slightly sweet category. This is because its produced using highly ripened red grapes in regions with a warmer climate. Malbec is a full-bodied wine favored for its fruity flavors such as vanilla, plum, and blackberry.


The perception of sweetness in a wine is also influenced by the fruitiness of the grape and the tastes and aromas produced by it. Zinfandel is another popular medium sweet wine favored for its bold and fruity flavors making it seem sweeter than other red wines. However, its residual sugar content is relatively low.


The impression created by the bold, fruity flavors of the Shiraz makes you think youre drinking a sweet red wine. This is why its often found in the sweet category of a red wine sweetness chart.

But, most wine connoisseurs will tell you its typically called a dry wine because of its low residual sugar content. Its alcohol content ranges from 10% to 14%. Australian Shiraz is sweeter than wines produced in other countries.

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Guide To Sweet Wines For Those Who Dont Like Sweet Wine

McKenzie Hagan | September 16, 2020

When you hear the phrase “sweet wine,” you might immediately think of a candy-like liquid that runs across your tongue and coats the roof of your mouth with a sugary film. But that’s not the fairest assessment of these delicious libations. Sweet wines can offer a host of different flavors, fragrances, and finishes.

Granted, many of today’s most celebrated wines tend to be on the drier side. But there’s no reason to only sip dry wines and leave sweet wines off the table. In fact, the oldest official wine region in the world Douro, Portugal is renowned for its Port wine, a sweet fortified wine.

Whether you’re a new wine drinker or fancy yourself a sophisticated oenophile, join us as we delve into the dulcet realm of sweet wines, including how they’re made, what makes them different than other types of wines, and which foods pair best with these luscious liquids.

Sweet Red Wine Examples

Three sweet wines for Christmas, wine review


An interesting sweet Italian red wine is the Brachetto, also favored for its fruity nuances in both taste and aroma. Wine drinkers, worldwide, enjoy this slightly sweet red wine which resembles raspberries and cherries, making it a popular drink to accompany a range of meals.

The Italian red wine, Lambrusco, is a semi-sweet wine that goes well with many dishes as well. Its delicious fruity flavors such as blackberry and strawberry contributes to its sweetness while the acidity and residual sugar levels are well-balanced.

Rosso Dolce

Rosso Dolce is a delicious, delicate sweet red wine produced in the wine region of Lombardy, found on the northern side of Italy. This wine is made with three different grape varietals and the blend creates a lightly fizzy wine loved by many drinkers. Flavors included raspberries, red currants, and blueberries while the honey-scented aroma contributes to the sweetness of this wine.

Rosso Dolce is an excellent sweet red wine for food pairing and can be enjoyed with most meals. This wine also has a low alcohol content of around 7% meaning it has a high residual sugar level. Winemakers of this drink have managed to balance both the sweetness and bright acidity of this red, turning it into a popular sweet blend.

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What Is A Sweet Red Wine

First off, what exactly is a sweet red wine, and what makes them sweeter than the other types?

Red wines are typically made from several grape varieties that are reddish or deep purple, hence its color. Reds can be either dry or sweet. Generally speaking, a wine with more than 30-gram per liter of residual sugar belongs to the sweet side of the wine world. Sweet red wines also tend to have lower alcohol and tannin content as opposed to dry red wine.

Learn more about sweet wines in this article: Sweet Wines: All About Its Types & Best Brands To Try.

This wines taste can be attributed to how its made. Like the usual wine-making method, the making of sweet red wines comprises picked and crushed grapes that undergo fermentation. To give its signature sweet taste, fermentation is stopped even before the natural grape sugar is completely converted into alcohol. With the relatively high amount of sugar left, the wine ends up tasting a lot more sugary than most wines.

The List Of Sweet Wines

You have already learned about Lambrusco, Port, and Vin Santo Rosso. Now lets explore some others, and fill in our list of the best sweet wines.

Brachetto dAcqui This one is a red wine made with Brachetto grapes coming from Piedmont region in Italy. It has a great strawberry aroma and pairs up perfectly with cured meats.

Schiava This one coming from Alto-Adige, has a special taste of sweet raspberry and cotton candy. It has a refreshing touch of sweet and pairs up well with cookies and any other types of dessert.

Freisa This wine comes from the Piedmont region of Northwestern Italy. A great option for red and sweet lovers. The Freisa grape makes the beverage lighter because of its tannins and floral cherry touch.

Tokaji Here comes Hungarys own, Tokaji. Hungarians pronounce it as Toe-kay. It also comes from the Tokaj region, bringing an old and honorable history background with it. The wine is made of dried Furmint grapes that bring the sweetness.

The beverage is so sweet, that it can last for more than 200 years. Some of the world-famous individuals, like Hungarian noblemen, Ferenc Rákóczi II, Russias Tzar, Peter the Great, King Louis XIV, Catherine the Great and Austrian composer Joseph Haydn had turned out to be huge lovers of Tokaji wine. Thats why drinking this sweet wine will make you feel special and exceptional.

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Red Wine Sweetness: Faq

Is Merlot Sweet?

Merlot is a popular red wine for beginners and is produced in many countries such as France, Italy, South Africa, Argentina, and South America. Its often compared with Malbec but on the sweetness chart, Merlot would be placed in the dry category. The residual sugar content of Merlot is very low, resulting in a wine with a high alcohol level.

However, flavors resembling tasty, ripe fruits such as cherries and plums as well as raspberries and blackberries create the impression of a sweet red wine. Undertones of herbal and vanilla nuances contribute to making this wine seem like a sweeter red.

Is Cabernet Sauvignon Sweet?

Cabernet Sauvignon is another well-known red wine grown in most wine producing countries throughout the world. Compared to Merlot, Cabinet Sauvignon is a drier wine, with robust flavors. While its a lighter and more fruity wine compared to other red wines, its residual sugar level is very low.

The taste profile of a Cabernet Sauvignon is typically highly acidic with high tannin content. Its flavors include the robustness of dark fruits such as black cherry while hints of spice and green pepper are also noticeable.

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