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What Is The Most Expensive Wine In The World

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These Are The Top 20 Expensive Wines In The World

The Most Expensive Wine in the World $ How Much & WHY!?

If you love wine, then you know that age, quality, and brand matters a lot. Also, in most instances, price is an indicator of quality. In that regard, which are the most expensive wines in the world in 2021?

How much are you willing to spend on a bottle of wine? Interestingly, some wealthy people can spend up to a half-million dollars on just one bottle of wine. Maybe you need to go through this list of the worlds most expensive wines while you have a sip of yours.

Where Does The Worlds Most Expensive Wine Come From

At the moment, the worlds most expensive wine is the Screaming Eagle Cabernet. The wine originates from the Screaming Eagle Winery and vineyards which is located in California.

The wine estate produces a limited amount of varietal wine which is of top-notch quality and in high demand. Today, this wine is in so much demand that it is considered a cult wine, one of the factors that add to its exorbitant price.

The winery is located in Oakville, California, specifically north of Napa in the Napa Valley.

It displays truly world-class qualities with its intense purity, soft texture, overall balance, and unique quality that make it stand out from its competition.

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The Worlds Most Expensive Wines And What They Have In Common

Some of the most expensive wines ever, mostly from France. Which will come next?

Hi, everyone, how do you do?

Im Breno, coming back with some curiosities you might enjoy about the worlds most expensive wines ever sold and the most sought-after on the market.

After all, fine and rare wines and their investment side are what we do best, right?

I had briefly talked about this in an earlier in this post on fun facts about the wine world, but decided to push it further.

* * *

What do the most expensive wines have in common?, some might ask.

Well, to be honest, there arent so many common traits between them, apart from the well-known notion that the French regions of Burgundy and Bordeaux command the highest prices. But there are some interesting points youll find interesting here.

To get it started, lets define which are the most expensive wines in the world .

Below are the most expensive wines ever sold at auction excluding, for example, bottles based on their historical value such as the French ones owned by an early famed American oenophile: founding father and former president Thomas Jefferson.

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Chateau Margaux 2009 Balthazar

Regarded as one among the best vintage wines ever made by its estate, 2009 Chateau Margauxs three 12 liter bottles are sold for $195,000 by privileged wine merchant Le Clos. Only 6 Balthazars have been produced and just 3 of them are available for sale all sold exclusively by Le Clos. The wine bottle comes in a grand case made of oak and steel legs, with attractive gold engravings by master craftsmen.

Blend: Red Blend

Price: $4,062.00

The Other Vineyards Of Drc

Five Traits of the World

This is the perfect opportunity to tell you about the other wines produced by the estate. These are also exceptional wines. All of the DRC vineyards are located on Grands Crus parcels. These parcels, or climates, represent the top of the top of the Burgundy classification, and have done so since the Middle Ages. The DRC produces 6 red wines and 1 white wine which is also exceptional and extremely rare, the Montrachet.

The 5 other red wines are climates located in the appellations La Tâche, Richebourg, Romanée Saint Vivant, Echezeaux and Grands Echezeaux.

All the vines represent about 26 hectares. It should be noted that La Tâche, a neighboring vineyard of Romanée Conti, and Romanée Conti are monopolies, which means that only the DRC owns all the lots of these climates, something extremely rare in Burgundy.

And even if Romanée Conti is the most expensive wine, dont think that the other references are cheap! Each case costs several thousand euros and requires an allocation to obtain them. Year after year the prices increase although they are relatively reasonable compared to the prices that can be reached in the auction rooms.

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Domaine Georges & Christophe Roumier Musigny Grand Cru 1990

Price $11,720

Domain Georges & Christophe Roumier are known to ensure their wine is as natural as possible that even the vines are hand-tended. Each bottle of wine goes through the process of controlled fermentation and is kept in barrels for around 16 to 18 months.

This long time frame and slow aging process allow the mixture to be bottled directly without any filtration. The next result of this entire process is that these products withstand the test of time. This classic vintage wine has concentrated dark berries and mineral aromas which makes it more elegant.

/7domaine De La Romane

The most expensive wine to be sold till date was sold in 2018. An Asian collector paid a whopping $5,58,000 for the wine. With this, a new world record was set and thats how it became the worlds most expensive wine bottle. Back in 1945, only 600 bottles of this wine flavour were produced. Only one bottle remains intact till date, whose worth is more than half a million dollars.

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What Makes A Wine Expensive

What makes some wine prices soar so high you could end up paying more than a house would cost? You cant help but wonder if the limited amount of ingredients that goes into producing a bottle of wine can really be the reason some vinos are so expensive. Production costs are always a factor influencing the price of any product, so this also contributes to the range of prices charged for wines.

But, what other factors play a role in making a wine so expensive its only accessible to a very few wine collectors who can afford the price?

Domaine De La Romane Conti Montrachet Grand Cru

5 MOST EXPENSIVE WINE IN THE WORLD: List of the most expensive red wine and champagne

Price $7,924

One of the finest Burgundy is crafted by Domaine de la Romanée Conti . The vineyard is positioned in the hill where sunshine is abundant which makes the process of ripening faster. They also grow deep into the limestone which makes them healthy and more flavorful.

Montrachet Grand Cru has different tasting notes like honey, peach, citrus, and pears. The floral and fruity flavor in the palate creates fresh, smooth, and different tropical creamy flavors with a subtle acidity.

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Most Expensive Wine Brands In The World 2021

In this post, will be taking a look at the top 10 most expensive wines in the world taking a critical look at the expensive wine bottles measuring about 750 ml would be basically looking at the vintage classic and expensive bottles of wines and not the regular yearly released wines like champagne and Co.You probably want to host a dinner and they would love to make a classic because of the caliber of people coming to the event and youre ready to spend a few thousand dollars just to make the dinner exquisite then you should take a look at this list to know how much your budgeting for a classy and expensive wine that will give you an aura of luxury to your guests.

This list of the most expensive wines in the world 2021 has been compiled by several web sources that specialize in wine dealings.

Lets go!

Screaming Eagle Sauvignon Blanc $5850

Coming last on the list is Screaming Eagle Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is made in Oakville, USA. The premium drink has an alcohol percentage of 14%. Most importantly, it is produced in limited quantities.

What are your thoughts about this list of most expensive wines in the world in 2021? Most of them are carefully produced by top wine experts from France, Germany, Australia, Moscow, and the USA. Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments!

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Domaine Leroy Richebourg Grand Cru Cote De Nuits

Made by a very proficient French vintner Maison Leroy, the wine is made using a rich grape known as Pinot Noir.

The wine is known for having aromas of plums, cigars, and chocolate and is bold and smooth in texture.

It has a rich maroon color with high acidity and a medium body.

One bottle of Domaine Leroy Richebourg Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits will cost you a whopping $ 15,343.

List Of Expensive Wines In The World In 2021

The 10 Most Expensive Wines in the World

Is it extravagance or class? Perhaps, you will have a better answer by the time you complete reading this article. Here is a list of the most expensive wines ever.

This article was compiled based on the information available on top wine review websites and past auctions of the wines in different parts of the world.

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# : Domaine De La Romane Conti 1945 482 000 Euros

Romanée Conti is in second place. And you must have been waiting for it, because yes it is THE flagship vineyard of Burgundy! Everybody wants to taste the wines of Aubert de Villaine, which is not able to satisfy the ever increasing demand. The prices have been soaring for a long time. Concerning the exceptional 1945 vintage another sphere was reached, at 558,000 dollars, in 2018 in New York. Incredible!

Ampoule From Penfolds 2012 $168000

This was a limited-edition release of a 2004 Kalimna Block 42 Cabernet Sauvignon. The cost comes into play when you look at the case holding this prized wine. The entire piece was designed to focus on the artistry and science behind the creation of wine. The company only released twelve of these handmade vessels and the wine itself is said to have dark chocolate and licorice aromas. It expires in 2030, but who would want to drink it when it looks this good in its case?

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Mendis Coconut Brandy Vs $1 Million

Coconut always goes well with drinks, but Mendis created a brandy made from coconuts entirely, so its no surprise that it might fetch such a high price!

Each bottle is numbered and signed by the House of Mendis founder, W.M Mendis.

But despite its uniqueness and limited numbers, $1 Million for a bottle of alcohol is still absolutely absurd to say the least!

Cheval Blanc 1947 $305000

The Most Expensive White Wines In The World? A Guide To Montrachet Wines

Coming in at number three on our list of most expensive wines is the 1947 Chateau Cheval Blanc.

Considered to be the best Bordeaux ever made, it was sold at auction to an anonymous buyer for $303,375.

Being the recipient of the exclusive Premier Grand Cru Classe rank in the Classification of Saint-Emilion wine in 2012, Chateau Cheval Blanc is well regarded as one of the most prestigious winemakers in the world!

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Domaine Georges & Christophe Roumier Musigny Grand Cru $11720

Domaine Georges Roumier produces the wine. He reportedly produces 380 bottles only per year. Its alcohol percentage is above 13.5%. If you are a classy person, you might consider ordering this bottle for an average price of $11,720. According to Wine Searcher, the bottle pairs perfectly with goose, duck, or game birds.

Henri Iv Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne $2 Million

Kicking off our top 3, is this heritage cognac that costs a massive, $2 Million.

The Cognac itself has been aged for 100 years and the bottle is coated in 24-karat gold, housed in a platinum casing and covered with diamonds.

It looks like something that would be given to a medieval King after battle, as a token of surrender or just the spoils of war.

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The Most Expensive Wine In The World

May 29, 2021

The presence of an expensive wine in an event fascinates a lot. If you really want to impress your guests, then a million-dollar wine is worth spending on. And to imagine that the prices of these wines keep shooting up each day, makes them not easily affordable.

As you have always heard, wine becomes even better with age. Here is actually an opportunity to purchase one too many bottles before the prices get over the roof.

So, which are these brands that stand out among the rest as being the royalties in the wine world? Well, here is an opportunity to have a look at some of the highly valued wines in the world.

Leroy Domaine Dauvenay Chevalier


Maximum Price: $10,163

This stunning Chardonnay is a superb balance of ripe, luscious fruit, minerality, and acidity. The Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru is a rich, golden yellow, with notes of apricot, pear, peach, citrus, tropical fruit, white pepper, burnt sugar, and butter.

The wine rates among the top 1% of wines in the world. The Domaine dAuvenay is owned by Lalou Bize-Leroy, one of the most prominent winemakers in Burgundy and all of France.

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How Is Wine Made

Wine is made by picking, crushing, fermenting and ageing grapes.

The process begins by picking the grapes, before theyre taken to the crushing pad. Here, a destemmer will remove the stems from the bunches of grapes and will lightly crush them at the same time. The next step differs between red and white wines when it comes to removing the skins. White wine is pressed and the grape skins discarded, while red wine is made from grapes that are fermented with their skins still attached.

Next is the fermentation period, where yeast is added to the vats of grapes in order for the sugars to convert to alcohol. When producing red wines, carbon dioxide is released, which causes the grape skins to rise to the surface.

The ageing step comes next and its here where creativity and flavour profiles really come into play. Wines can be aged for anything from a few months to several years. Some white wines are ready to be bottled after only a few months while most dry red wines benefit from being left up to two years. Wine can also be aged in new oak, used barrels or stainless steel, in American oak barrels or in French oak barrels, or in charred barrels, like those used when ageing Bourbon.

Chteau Yquem Sauternes 1811 85 000 Euros

Château Yquem, Sauternes appellation is one of the most famous and renowned wines in the world. This sweet wine has always been one of the greatest names and was distinguished in 1855 as the only Cru Supérieur of the Premiers Grands Crus Classés during the mythical classification of the same year. So, when very old vintages are found in auction rooms, prices soar. The 1811 vintage was worth 85,000 euros in 2011. Nice investment, isnt it? Still, one must have the patience to wait two centuries!

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# : Block 42 Penfolds Kalimna 2004 136 000 Euros

Now were heading to Australia with a limited edition of 12 boxes from the Block 42 parcel in Penfolds. These very old Cabernet Sauvignon vines are extremely well known. This box is truly amazing. It captures the history of the Penfolds family with an exceptional concept. In fact, wherever you are in the world, call Penfolds the day you want to open this bottle. A representative will come and serve it to you! Luxury at its best for 136,000 euros.

Domaine Leroy Chambertin Grand Cru

Dr Joe Schwarcz talks about the most expensive wine in the world

Made exclusively in the winery of Leroy, the wine falls among the top 3% of all wines in the world.

The wine is slightly on the smooth side with a bold taste.

It consists of mainly earthy and red fruit notes with an aroma of leather and old spices.

A bottle of Domaine Leroy Chambertin Grand Cru will cost you around $30,686.

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Taittinger Comtes De Champagne Blanc De Blanc

One of the major advantages of this most expensive wine is its weightlessness with magnificent harmony, regardless of its elegance. The taste comes with a blend of white blooms, red apples, citrus fruit, mild cream, tangerines, mild cream, poached pears, spices and oranges which are added at an extreme level of detail that makes it such an expensive wine in the world. Amazingly tasteful with the class to burn, possessing an incredibly sweet taste, accompanied by the creaminess.

Blend: Pinot Noir Chardonnay

Price: $179

Domaine Georges & Christophe Roumier Musigny Grand Cru France

Maximum Price: $24,520

Georges Roumier acquired this renowned vineyard in 1924, when it was signed over to him by his in-laws as his wifes dowry.

Yields are typically low at Domaine Georges. They are achieved by severe pruning. After harvesting, grapes are usually destemmed, with a cold soak before fermentation.

This wine is a Pinot Noir, with raspberry and strawberry flavors, and aromas of violets and spice.

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Why Is Older Wine More Expensive

Its common knowledge that older wines are generally more expensive than younger ones, however, what many dont know is that this only applies to red wines.

Older wines are more expensive due to one reason alone, which is time. As time passes it lowers the tannin and acidity of the wine, therefore, altering the flavor and overall taste of the fruit in the wine.

This is why a wine that has languished in a barrel for a long time would give a more delicate stewed dried fruit taste.

The 20 Most Expensive Wines In The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Wines In The World

Lets take a look at the 20 Most Expensive Wines In The World!!!

An average bottle of wine can range from around $14 to $15. But have you ever wondered how high-priced these rose-colored glasses of life can be?

Even though wines are actually an alcoholic drink, it appears to be beneficial because it is high in healthy antioxidants.

Wine prices usually get extravagant since, with proper mutation and aging, the wine becomes mellower and smoother, and acquires a richer mouthfeel.

So, what are the 20 most expensive wines in the world? Is one bottle older than your grandpa? How big-budgeted can it be? Keep reading to find out!

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