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What Is The Best Brand Of Wine Cooler

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What Is A Dual Zone Wine Fridge

BEST WINE COOLER 2020 – Top 10

Dual Zone Wine CoolersA dual zone unit is one that has two spaces equipped with separate temperature controls. This means that a consumer can store all their red wines at a mild 60 degrees on top, and all their white wines can chill at a frigid 50 degrees down below.

How do you use a dual zone wine cooler? In a Dual-Zone Refrigerator Set one compartment at a temperature between 50 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit for red wine and set the other between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit for white wine. Store red wines for up to ten years and white wines for up to three years.

Newair Freestanding 33 Bottle Compressor Wine Fridge


If you currently have money on you but youre not so sure youre going to have money in the future then we highly recommend you go for this product from NewAir simply because youll be saving a lot of cash later on thanks to its incredibly low electricity consumption.

According to Black Wine Professionals founder Julia Coney, this is by far the best wine cooler that you can get around this price range because it offers both single and dual-temperature-zone options and it is also extremely quiet for a product of this size.

You can get it at $365 from Home Depot or Amazon and we highly recommend doing so too if you want a sleek and yet attractive deal that will save you money on the long run.

Where To Put Your Wine Fridge

While, of course, you can put your wine fridge in any room you please, there are some environmental conditions to consider. You should put the wine fridge in a cool, well ventilated area, says Thompson. You should also make sure the cooling unit in the back has room to breathe. Cronk adds that, while having it in the kitchen makes serving easy, a sunny kitchen might not be the best. I would say always out of direct sunlight if it has a glass door, she says.

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Eurocave Premiere L Wine Cellar

The EuroCave Premiere L Cellar is one of our most popular units for good reason. Aside from its modern, sophisticated design, the EuroCave Premiere also boasts an eco-friendly level of energy consumption: 64% lower than comparable models. An intuitive, touch-sensitive control panel with a remote, LED lighting system makes this large-capacity unit equal parts functional and beautiful.

Caring For Your Wine Cooler

Top 10 Best Brands of Wine Cooler in 2020

If you properly care for your wine cooler, theres no reason why it wont last for many years. The best way to ensure your appliance lasts a long time is to keep it clean and minimize its exposure to water.

In addition to that, you can do the following:

  • Avoid temperature extremes

Setting your wine cooler to a stable temperature of 55°F will allow your wine to age naturally, depending on the varietals you store.

  • Avoid placing your wine cooler in direct sunlight

Wine coolers with UV tints are a good choice.

  • Control humidity levels

In addition to stable temperatures, a unit with humidity control will help with the aging of your wines. Ideally, humidity levels should be between 50% and 70%.

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Tips For Storing Your Wine

While many wine connoisseurs say that only white wine should be served chilled, most experts agee that reds and whites should be stored at the same temperature: 55°F. This temperature prevents the wine from aging prematurely. Some winemakers opt to chill their reds for a short time just before serving to maximize flavor.

Better For Regular Use

For beginners, a wine cooler is capable of creating the most suitable conditions for wine storage as compared to refrigerators. A refrigerator can just create a very cold environment for a wine bottle to be kept appropriately. Wine cellar, on the other hand, has suitable conditions for wine bottles that will be stored or preserved for five years, or maybe for a decade or two.

A wine cooler has certain advantages over refrigerators and wine cellar. The cooling conditions of wine coolers are ideal for all kinds of wine. Wine cellars maintain the perfect stability, humidity control, exclusiveness, and temperature. All these make the wine cooler a better choice than refrigerators and wine cellars.

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Whats The Best Temperature For Serving White Wine

White wine should be stored cooler than red, somewhere between 49F and 55F.

If you find this is slightly warm for your liking, theres no harm in popping the wine in the fridge just before you drink it. According to the experts, though, whites should be served at just below room temperature if you want to get the most out of the flavors.

Luckily, if youve decided the time is right to invest in a dual-zone wine cooler, you can simply adjust the temperature of each side of the cooler and enjoy all your wines at their finest without any need to compromise.

Top 2 Allavino Yhwr99

Best Wine Coolers in 2019 – Top 6 Wine Coolers Review

In terms of style and elegance, the Allavino YHWR99-2SRN 99 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cellar Refrigerator is our go-to. This model comes with a digital temperature display to eliminate the guesswork.

Thanks to its ball-bearing tracks, this wine cooler features 8 durable, easy-rolling hardwood shelves for quick access to your vinos.

Whats more? Its equipped with fan-forced cooling technology to circulate the internal air for even cooling and perfect chilling in each zoneThe Allavino YHWR99-2SRN 99 Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cellar Refrigerator rocks a tinted glass door with a safety lock feature. The door is a double-pane thermal glass to protect your entire collection from harmful UV light and offer maximum insulation for the best storage conditions.


  • Best used to store standard-size wine bottles

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How To Store Wine

Despite its deceptively simple appearance, wine is a complex, dynamic drink. Many of the experts we spoke with compared it to a living being. How we taste, smell, and experience wine depends not only on the biological and chemical reactions between its compounds and our sensory organs, but also on the chemical reactions that are continually taking place within the wine itself.

Just like us, wine ages. When people talk about the process, theyre referring to the inevitable chemical reactions that affect the flavors, aromas, and texture of a wine. Sometimes aging will dull a wines fruity or floral characteristics, making it taste off or just bad. But on the rare occasion, wine can transcend into something magical, if you provide it with enough time and the right conditions.

Storage will affect the aging process. Many of these chemical reactionsparticularly the oxidation and reduction reactions prevalent in wineare significantly sped up by heat, light, humidity, and motion. No matter whether youre planning to age wine for decades or keep it on hand for a few years, its best to treat your wine like a delicate sculpture: with care.

Top 12 Best Wine Cooler Brands Ranked

Cool wine? Are you considering purchasing a wine cooler drink but not sure what brand and which style to choose? Do you want to purchase the best wine cooler drink that will maintain your wine at the ideal temperature for hours? This article will equip you with information on 12 of the top wine cooler brands available. As a connoisseur of fine wine, you want to choose the best wine cooler brands.

Finding wine cooling systems that not only fit your needs but also fit your budget can be tough. But youre in luck because weve put together a list of the 12 best and cheap wine coolers and drinks brands on the market. Its important only to drink the finest wines available. Good thing weve done all the hard work for you!

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How Long Does It Take For Wine To Reach The Ideal Temperature In A Cooler

This depends on many factors, such as the size of your wine cooler, the temperature at which its set, the temperature of the wine, the ambient temperature of the room, and so on. All in all, if you put a bottle of wine in any cooler, its safe to say that it will come to your desired temperature after eight to 10 hours or so. If you wish to chill a bottle quickly, simply wrap it in a wet paper towel and stick it in your freezer for about 20 minutesthis usually does the trick!

Crook & Marker Spiked And Sparkling

Top 10 Best Brands of Wine Cooler in 2020

For our list of best wine coolers, here is something a bit different: Crook & Marker. A hard, gluten-free, old grain and tropical raíces is a hard seltzer from West Palm Beach. Its a bit on the sweet side of hard seltzers, but its pretty delicious and worth trying. The flavors of strawberries and cocoa pineapples are especially sweet. All Crook & Marker beverages are made with the companys proprietary BaseBrew organic alcohol, carefully crafted using ancient super grains including quinoa, millet, amaranth, and cassava root.

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What Are The Main Advantages Of Wine Coolers

  • Temperature and Humidity Consistency Coolers have a heavy insulation that keeps the constant humidity and temperature inside the box. Both are essential for ageing your wines properly.
  • No Vibrations Vibrations can disturb sediments that are naturally occuring in a wine. Again, wine cannot age properly when exposed to such vibrations.
  • Free Space By this I mean free space in a fridge now you dont have to store your wine in a regular refrigerator. You have a place specifically designed for it and you can store large colections.
  • Less Sunlight Your collection is no longer exposed to high amount of natural light. Over time, an increased exposure to light can ruin the wine flavor.

Can You Store Wine In A Regular Fridge

In some cases, you can get away with storing your wine in a regular fridge. But, that is good only if you intend to store it for just a short time. Using it for long-term storage, on the other hand, is not a very wise idea.

First of all, a regular fridge vibrates too much. Most compressors in kitchen refrigerators are large and thus, generate a lot of vibrations.

This will disturb the sediment in your wine and ruin its quality over time. In addition, you would be bombarding the wine with vibrations and lightings by constant opening and closing the fridge door.

Secondly, the average fridge is too dry. As mentioned above, low levels of moisture can cause the cork to dry out and risk damaging your wine due to air exposure. You should also learn about why store wine on its side, which will help you learn how to best store wine.

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Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer

Bon & Viv, a recent favorite for us, is the best cooler wine brand amongst wine coolers. The taste is crisp and light, as the twin siren on the label suggests, beauty and elegance. They have numerous delicious aromas we tried the clementine hibiscus and the grapefruit myself, both completely and amazingly. We highly recommend it if you havent tried it yet. To create the light, delightful taste of Bon and Viv, they use simple, select elementspurified water, champagne catalyst, and natural fruit essences. Thats it! Thats what they get to our perfect 4.5% ABV.

Top 6 Allavino Vswr30

Best Wine Coolers Review

While you wont be getting two cooling zones with this unit, this wine refrigerator has a 30 bottle capacity with 6 shelves and enough room to accommodate 5 bottles each without hassle. This intelligent shelf design allows you to fit bottles of various diameters without removing racks, consequently reducing the coolers overall capacity.

Thats not the only intelligent thing about the Allavino VSWR30-1SSRN Wine Refrigerator. This appliance comes with a smartly-designed control panel equipped with intuitive push-button controls and a clear digital display for easy monitoring and operation.

With a wide temperature range between 41 64 degrees F, this device is perfect for storing white and red wine. Users can turn off or on the soft blue LED lighting to illuminate and beautifully showcase your entire collection.


  • Traditional style with modern technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Cooling temperature from 41 64 degrees F
  • Multiple installation options
  • On the noisy side

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The Noise Of Wine Cooler:

Wine cooler brands utilize the same kind of cooling technology for both of their wine coolers and kitchen fridges. So, it is expect that they make a similar noise. If you prefer to have some quiet home appliances and noise is an important factor to you. A thermoelectric wine cooler should be on top of your shopping list.

Best Overall Wine Refrigerator

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Advantages Of Compressor Wine Fridges:

  • Compressor cooling systems are powerful and not susceptible to environmental changes. Even if the ambient temperature suddenly rises, a compressor cooling system will still be able to maintain the temperature inside the wine cooler.As temperature plays such an important part in preserving your wine and preventing it from spoiling, this is by far one of the most important considerations when choosing a wine fridge.
  • This powerful cooling system also make it possible to build units that can contain a much larger quantity of wine bottles than what is the case with Peltier plates. Compressor wine fridges are capable of accurately maintaining its set temperatures in a way that is simply not possible in any other way and can do so on a large scale.
  • Compressor coolers also make it possible for you to install your wine cooler underneath your kitchen counter if you so wish. A unit that is equipped with a front venting compressor makes it possible to place it where ever you want without having to ensure that there is enough unobstructed space surrounding it.

Top Wine Cooler Refrigerator Brands In 2021

Best Buy: Insignia⢠34

You can choose from many wine cooler brands. Some of them offer inexpensive, small capacity wine refrigerators while other companies target wine collectors who look for higher-end wine cabinets and residential wine cellars.

Amana Amana Wine Refrigerators is the brand of Maytag UK and distributes higher end wine storage cabinets with 3 temperature zones and storage capacity of 173-208 bottles. They are also available in some US stores.

Artevino Wine Cabinets

Artevino is a French brand unanimous with top quality wine storage cabinets designed specifically for maturing wines.The company has gained considerable experience since its foundation in 1996 in designing and manufacturing premium home wine cellars which are currently available in 3 ranges.

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The Most Unreliable Wine Cooler Brand

Although its a bit of a Debbie Downer after the categories above, potential customers need to know which wine cooler brand customers have found to be the most unreliable. Not necessarily just a brand whose products are most prone to failure, but also, if they do fail, a brand that may be unresponsive to their customers concerns.

We selected the top names that kept appearing over and over in our wine cooler brands research, such as Haier, Avanti, NewAir, Igloo, Danby, Vinotemp, Fridgedaire, etc. We then inputted them into retailer websites and consumer complaints databases, and we also scoured a number of wine cooler review comparison guides, along with forums discussing the worst wine cooler brand. The results were interesting, to say the least: Vinotemp kept popping up.

Vinotemp may be the answer to the issue we raised previously super expensive doesnt necessarily mean 10x better. Within the online retailers mentioned above, many of the Vinotemp products being sold received 3 stars or below. A recurring complaint from customers was that the units worked well for about a year, but then some component on the product failed the compressor gave out, etc. When consumers tried to contact Vinotemp customer service for replacement parts, their e-mails and phone calls went unanswered, or there were long delays in correspondence from the company.

Benefits Of Owning A Wine Refrigerator

  • A wine refrigerator creates the ideal environment for wine. It stores wine at its ideal temperature, humidity, and stability.
  • Wine coolers are budget friendly and generally cost less than a wine cellar, wine cabinet, and standard refrigerator.
  • Wine refrigerators are designed with a simple system that costs less to maintain. The individual parts needed to repair a wine refrigerators motor are much cheaper when compared to a standard refrigerator or wine cellar.
  • With a diverse range of sizes/bottle capacities, both built-in and freestanding designs, wine refrigerators can easily fit into a variety of spaces.
  • A wine refrigerator may store other beverages safely without spoiling them or the wine. Some of these drinks include soda water, plain water, lemonade, and other non-alcoholic beverages. Since the wine cooler maintains a temperature warmer than a standard refrigerator, you should not place perishables inside.

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The Most Expensive Wine Cooler Brand

Most people will use the Sort Price Low to High drop-down option every time they shop online. However, there are those out there who immediately go for the Sort Price High to Low choice. This category is for those people: the people who want the most expensive simply because its the most expensive. But this info may also be helpful for everyone else for gauging whether the most expensive is actually 40% or 50% or whatever % better than the rest of the competition.

This ones neck-and-neck. On one hand, Perlick might just be the most expensive brand, considering that their entire line of wine coolers, which are called Indoor Undercounter Wine Reserves are fairly small-capacity units that each cost at least $3000. Their most inexpensive unit, the 15 Signature Series Wine Reserve , can be found for around $3500 online. On the opposite end, their most expensive wine cooler, the 48 Signature Series Wine Reserve runs a cool $6000 minimum. Perlick truly offers luxury residential undercounter refrigeration, which, unfortunately, most people cant afford.

In short, Vinotemp offers the most expensive wine cooler and a number of expensive models. But when it comes down to it, Perlick edges them out as the most expensive wine cooler brand, because their prices are relatively higher than competitors for the small size units they offer.

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