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What Do I Need To Sell Wine Online

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The Licences Needed To Sell Alcohol Online

How To Sell Wine Online

In order to legally retail alcohol on the web, youll need a personal licence and a premises licence.

A personal licence grants you permission to manage and sell alcohol, while a premises licence names your business premises as a place where the dispatch of alcohol can legally take place. NB: you will need both in order to proceed with your business.

Selling Wine Guide To How When Where And Why Of Selling Your Wine

Most people start buying and collecting wine because they love it. Some of those buyers, eventually purchases more wine than they could ever drink. Or they age out of their cellar. Perhaps some wines that you bought in their youth have appreciated so much in price, they are beyond the price you feel OK about opening.

Maybe, there are wines you once were quite fond of, but they are no longer the style of wine you like to drink. There are also some wine collectors that just need the money for any number of reasons.

If youre thinking of selling some, or all of your wines, there are several different ways to go about it. What you want is of course, to get the highest price possible when selling your wine This article is going to help you get the maximum amount of money for your wine.

How to Sell your Wine is going to depend on a few things. Most importantly, the type of wine you have collected, the amount of wine you have for sale, the provenance of your wine, the value of your wine cellar and how quickly you need to sell.

When is the Best Time to Sell your Wine? The simple answer is, when you need to money. Or if you have run out of room, or when youre motivated to do so for any number of reasons.

Who Should I sell my Wine to? Part of the answer depends on two things, the total value of the wines you have for sale, and how fast do you need or just want the money?

Email Nurture Sequence For New Leads Generated By Your Lead Magnets

In order to convert new subscribers to paying customers, you are going to have to patiently build a relationship with them over time. The best way to do this AUTOMATICALLY is with email nurture sequences.

You set up a series of emails that fire off automatically when someone opts in to one of your lead magnets. And here is the formula you should follow:

  • Email # 1 to be sent immediately when they opt in to your lead magnet offer. This is essentially a specialized welcome email .
  • Email #2 to be sent 2-3 days after email #1. The goal of this email is to add more value based on the nature/topic of the lead magnet they opted in for. DO NOT SELL YET! Just add value. It is wise to start using your click segmentation here. Here is an example: Lets say you offered a white wine & cheese lovers pairing guide as your lead magnet. In emails #2 and #3, you can provide ADDITIONAL content that educates and informs about pairing wine with cheese.
  • Email #3 to be sent 2-3 days after email #2. Once again, you want to add more value related to the nature/topic of the lead magnet they grabbed earlier. DO NOT SELL YET!
  • Email #4 to be sent 2-3 days after email #3. Here is your opportunity to put some kind of soft offer in front of the new subscriber. If you have refrained from trying to sell them something too early in the relationship AND they have opened all the emails thus far in the nurture sequence, you stand a much better chance of converting them into a paying customer.

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General Information On Alcohol And E

If you are still in the beginning stages and simply looking for some general information on the basics of selling alcohol online then continue reading below. We have put together a pretty informative outline for new e-commerce alcohol websites to reference. Please note the information below is, well, for informative purposes only. To get legal advice, which if you are planning on selling alcohol online you absolutely need, you must contact an attorney or reach out to us for an attorney recommendation.

Do I Need A Licence To Sell Wine Online

Selling Liquor Online

Wine connoisseurs are likely familiar with the Latin phrase in vino, veritas, meaning in wine, truth. While wine is believed to have first appeared in human civilisation around 7000 years ago, were moving towards more modern distribution channels, including online. In the interest of providing truth to wine sellers, we discuss liquor licensing requirements below and what permits you will require if you sell wine on the Internet.

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Wine Forums Sell Locally

Are you connected with other wine aficionados via forums or a club? If you are, this is another viable avenue to sell your wine. With websites like wineberserkers.com, you can ask if anyones interested in the wines in your collection, keeping your sale private.

But remember that shipping is still illegal without the proper licenses and permits. So you need to make sure your transactions are local and the buyers can pick up the wine. The problem with this option is that you may have to deal with people who want to haggle or who refuse to pay.

Examples Of Wine Ecommerce Websites

When it comes to ecommerce, your homepage is your digital welcome mat. And for higher-end merchandise like wine, first impressions are especially important.

Because the culture and tradition of wine drinking has a unique influence on the decisions of wine buyers. And wine drinkers have particular expectations about the merchants with whom they shop.

The first time a shopper visits your website, they dont necessarily have to be blown away .

But they shouldnt be completely unimpressed, either. And they absolutely cannot be disappointed or irritated by an unaesthetic design or non-user-friendly navigation.

Your wine ecommerce website should tell the story of your brand and invite customers to become part of your community.

The design of your site should demonstrate your commitment to providing an exceptional shopping experience for every shopper from wine novices to wine connoisseurs to non-wine drinkers shopping for a gift.

There should be no barriers between the customer and what theyre looking for.

For a little inspiration, here are three wine ecommerce websites built with the customer experience in mind.

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Can I Sell Wine On Ebay

Yes, but only if youre an eBay-approved wine seller.

In order to become a licensed wine seller on eBay, you must first upload a copy of your alcohol license.

You must also abide by all requirements listed on eBays guidelines for selling wine.

Once approved, you must include the following in each listing:

  • Your shipping policy, including which states you can ship to as well as any shipment restrictions
  • Your states buyer eligibility requirements e.g., whether or not buyers can receive shipments directly or have to pick up their order elsewhere
  • The buyers age requirement
  • Indication you have been approved by eBay to sell wine

What Do I Need To Sell Wine Online

How to Sell Wine and Alcohol Online: eCommerce Local Delivery Software and Strategy

Becoming familiar with how to sell wine legally means learning about the licenses to acquire and paperwork to complete. Prepare some funding and personal time to complete all of the forms for your business.

Here are the forms and licenses required to start an online wine business:

If you have your own winery, consider selling your products wholesale. The wholesale industry requires familiarity with a number of processes as well. Gather the starting knowledge and strategies you need in our wholesale management guide.

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Wine Industry Experts On How To Successfully Approach Wine Sales In A Virtual World

It is possible to sell wine to people that have never tasted your product. In fact, if 2020 taught us anything, the world is ready for more opportunities to buy wine online. Looking back to late March and early April, when lockdowns peaked in North America and Europe, the stats confirm this. The alcohol industry saw triple digit growth instantlysales the week of April 4th were nearly 450x higher than that same week a year ago.

An impressive number, but one that mops up the alcohol category as a broad one, without taking into account how many new-to-them bottles that people purchased, how many new-to-them wineries they tried in this phenomenon that is now known as a boom. To assume that all wineries and wine businesses have benefited would be an overstatement, a vast one. Online optimization still seems out of reach for many producers, wine businesses, and industry suppliers around the world.

Sustainable solutions

But it doesnt have to be. Wineries and wine retailers that have been tentative toward going all in for DtC and ecommerce arent necessarily missing out. In fact, riding a wave thats tied to a global pandemic is not a long term plan. Sustainable, reliable solutions and ecommerce tools for wineries are available now, and theres time to take advantage of the industrys momentum and get these resources in place.

Get The Licenses & Permits

Shipping alcohol is not like shipping clothes or electronics. Alcohol businesses have to jump through a few hoops to make it happen, but the reward is quite worth it. There are some alcohol laws in every country, state, and city. But these laws vary from state to state.

Some states permit wineries to ship directly to consumers , while others prohibit it entirely. And, some states fall in between that allow in-state shipping but not across state lines. So, in simple terms, your alcohol businesss ability to ship and deliver alcohol will be limited not just by the state your business resides in, but also by all the states where your customers are located.

Now lets try to simplify this confusing mess a bit. Below is the list of the most common regulations that you, as an alcohol delivery service business need to comply:

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Regularly Purge Your Cold Subscribers

No doubt some of you reading this are going to stiffen up at the thought of intentionally deleting hundreds of cold subscribers but please keep reading. This is about quality not quantity.

The best definition of cold subscribers is someone who has not opened or clicked an email within the last 90 days. They are not opening your emails now and they are highly unlikely to open any in the future.

But, rather than just delete them straight away, try following a cold subscriber re-engagement workflow. This article from ConvertKit will help immensely.

No matter how compelling and interesting your content is, there are going to be people who lose interest. You need to know who these people are and deal appropriately with them.

Working only with highly engaged subscribers will do several marvelous things for you. It will for sure improve your open rates. Itll lower your email software rates . It will also breath fresh wind into the sails of your creativity. There is nothing as fun as communicating with people who really want to hear from you!

Can You Sell Wine On Facebook Marketplace

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Winery Website and ...

No, you are not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages through Facebook.

According to Facebook Commerce Policies, Facebook wont promote the sale of alcohol.

So, although Facebook is an excellent platform for increasing your business traction online, it is illegal to sell wine or alcohol directly to a consumer via Facebook or any of its associated platforms such as Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.

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So How Do You Successfully Sell Wine Online

If you want to sell more wine online you will need to do a few things:

  • Email is the most effective way to drive traffic. Collect email addresses in the tasting room, thank your guest for their visit, and have them come back to purchase online. It is the single most profitable thing you can do. Your best online customers will have probably had a great experience at your tasting room and emails turn tasting room buyers into long term, repeat customers.
  • Care about mobile. Today, almost 50% of internet traffic comes from a mobile phone. You have to have a mobile friendly site , or risk losing sales due to a bad mobile experience for the customer.
  • Pay attention to the user experience. In your tasting room, people buy more when the user experience is great. Online, Zappos is so successful because its a great customer experience. Online wine buyers want large bottle shots, easy to understand promotions, great shipping rates and a simple checkout process on the web.

How To Sell Wine Online: Check List

  • Do you have the licenses needed to sell wine online?
  • Which niche will you target?
  • Who will supply you with wine to sell?
  • What will your brand look and feel like?
  • Which ecommerce platform will you use?
  • How will you showcase your wine?
  • How much will you charge for your wine?
  • How will you package and ship your wine?
  • How will you market your business?
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    Make A Wine Cork Pendant

    Breath-taking, beautiful, and creative are some terms to describe these works of art. To make a wine cork pendant, you must let your imagination run wild.

    Check out some tips from professional wine cork pendant makers but dont limit yourself to their ideas.

    The supplies for the pendant are:

    • Wine cork
    • Doily or bicycle stamp
    • Eye screw

    Cut the corks into thin slices using the small saw or knife. Take your time to avoid cutting yourself.

    For a smooth and flat surface, sand the cork slices.

    Ink or paint the flat surfaces if you want to. Dont forget to get creative. Then, allow them to dry completely.

    Stamp the image of your choice onto the front of the slice. Its okay to use an image thats larger than the slice.

    You can also write something pretty on the slices instead of stamping. Or, for effect, carve a message with a strong, thin and pointed object and finish up with some bright colors.

    Tip: Before stamping, add a pattern on the slice by painting onto a texture plate and pressing the cork slice onto a plate. Let them dry fully before stamping.

    Also, press the slices into the stamp instead of stamping onto them since the corks are small.

    For the final step, screw a 5mm eye screw into the upper part of both slices for hanging.

    Consider coming up with various designs to maximize your chances of getting more customers.

    Can I Sell Alcohol Online In Canada

    The Secret to Selling Wine and Spirits On Premise

    Yes, but only in certain provinces.

    Similar to the policies for selling wine online in the U.S., every Canadian province has specific laws regarding which types of businesses can sell directly to consumers as well as the maximum volume that can be shipped.

    It is your responsibility to ensure you abide by all regulations imposed by the province from which youre shipping as well as the province to which youre shipping.

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    Promote Your Wine Store

    Once your website has been designed and you have included all the details and photos of your wines, start promoting your online wines store. Try submitting your products to Wine-Searcher.com and to WineZap these marketplaces will help you get traffic right away and start selling online. A Wine of the Day deal is a very effective promotional campaign, where a specific wine is offered at a heavily discounted price with the purpose of growing your customer base. In the same way, a group deal can help your business go viral.

    How To Start Your Own Wine Label

    If you wish to start your own wine label, you need to own a winery to make your own wine. You can also grow the grapes on your own land or just buy it from grapes farmers located near you.

    Then you ferment, process, and make your own wine in your winery, age it, package it, and sell it to a distributor. If you have enough wine stock and your wine label has started garnering a good name, you can also sell wine online through an eCommerce alcohol platform or a mobile app.

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    Shipping Via Personal Sales

    Furthermore, its important to note that it is illegal in all states for a consumer to personally ship wine to someone else. If you were hoping to sell wine on eBay, you should know that its illegal except for pre-approved sellers. And listing alcohol on Craigslist is forbidden, with no exceptions.

    Not All Carriers Ship All Types Of Alcohol

    Virginia Wine Sales Reach Record Highs

    Just because you have a shippers agreement does not mean you can ship all alcoholic beverages. Many carriers only allow you to ship wine. If you need to ship beer, or hard liquor, inquire with the carrier before you begin online sales. You may need to employ separate carriers for wine and other types of alcohol.

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    Create Your Ecommerce Platform

    Setting up an attractive and user-friendly eCommerce platform is a must for any business owner. Your website is responsible for almost everything in your business: receiving traffic, generating leads, order processing, offering content, displaying products, and accepting payments through an eCommerce payment gateway.

    BlueCartâs eCommerce platform is a simple, SEO-friendly option for food and drink sellers. Customize your site with just a few clicks and use our built-in eCommerce marketing automation tools to generate sales. Schedule a demo today to see the convenience of our platform for yourself.

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