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How To Wrap Wine Glasses For A Gift

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Change Up Your Wine Bottles Label With A Custom Version


Its so easy to swap out the existing wine label for one of these elegant printable wine labels from Berry Berry Sweet, which are now 50% off on Etsy. Theyre, editable so you can include your familys name and special greeting get as naughty or nice as you want.

I like that you can also indicate the varietal on the top of the label, like Chardonnay, Merlot, or Two-Buck Chuck.

For Hanukkah, Liz found these funny Hanukkah wine labels recently from The Ritzy Rose. Perfect for Manischewitz and grape juice alike.

Another option for the eight nights of Hanukkah? These fun free printable Hanukkah wine labels available at Better Homes & Gardens. Just gut them out, and paste over your label.

Make A Charcuterie Board

Its not exactly wrapping, but one of our favorite ways to gift wine is with a festive charcuterie board. This gives you the ability to make your wine selection stand out with personalized items for the individual youre giving the gift to.

Here are some suggestions of items to include:

  • WineBased on your preferences, start with either a red wine, such as the 2018 Mich Mash Red, or white wine, such as the 2018 Semidry Riesling.
  • BaguetteAdd a baguette or other style of bread that is a similar length to the wine bottle.
  • CheeseSelect one or two types of cheeses to add to the display. Make sure they are wrapped in clear plastic or are able to be wrapped in a wax-coated cheese paper and placed on the board.
  • Cheese boardMake sure the cheese board you purchase is the same size or larger than the wine bottle. The cheese board also needs to be sturdy enough to hold the items you decide to place on it. Extra points if your cheese board comes with a cheese knife!

Things Shaped Like Other Things

Were back to that damn glass banana. Things shaped like other things are oddly specific, a gift for a friend who probably has a great sense of humor so dont hesitate to have some fun! Skip the holiday wrapping paper and add a finishing touch thats specific to the gift. In this case, throw the item in a box with some tissue, opt for banana print gift wrap, and top it off with a yellow bow. The same principle can be applied to that pancake plushie , cookie ornament , or avocado cell phone case youre gifting this year.

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Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas For Wine And Champagne Bottles

29th June 2020

Wine and Champagne make the perfect gift for any occasion, but its all about presentation! Check out these unique gift wrapping ideas for wine and Champagne!

Gifting someone a bottle of wine or Champagne is a simple way to say, thank you or youre welcome, and much more. Wine and champagne bottles make for the perfect gift for newlyweds, anniversaries, sophisticated gatherings, house-warming parties, and much more.

The only downfall to gifting someone with some excellent wine or Champagne is that theres no real way to wrap a wine bottle creatively, right? Wrong! Wrapping a wine bottle comes with challenges, but it can be done in some pretty cool ways if you know a few tricks.

Ready to start learning unique gift wrapping ideas for your wine-loving friends? Continue reading below for some amazing gift-wrapping techniques for wine bottles!

1. Fabric and a RibbonHave you ever tried rolling your wine bottles in wrapping paper? If so, then theres a good chance youve learned the hard way that it just doesnt work. Wrapping paper rips easily and wont conform to the bottles shape like youll need it to.

Instead, consider using a piece of fabric to wrap the bottle in. You can head to your local fabric store and pick out a fabric and pattern that suits the occasion. You can find fabric with Christmas designs and just about anything else.

Wrap the bottle in it and place a ribbon around the bottles neck to keep it all together.

Glass of Bubbly Content

Wrap A Wine Bottle In A New Tea Towel

Gift basket for two! Includes bottle of wine (Santa wrap ...

I absolutely love this idea on The Everygirl that turns a festive tea towel into furoshiki, or a Japanese fabric wrapping. That makes the towel an additional gift that your recipient can hang in their kitchen long after that bottle of wine is drained. The site even lays out step-by-step instructions for two different methods for wrapping your bottle, something this challenged gift-wrapper appreciates a great deal.

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How Do You Pack Fragile Glasses For Moving

Choosing a sturdy and secure box is the first step. The second step is to layer several sheets of packing paper on the bottom of the box after they have been Crumpled. Additionally, sheets or towels can be used as additional protection. The third step is to wrap each glass individually with packing paper or bubble wrap.

Wrap A Wine Bottle In Up Cycled Sweater Sleeves

Before you toss that old Christmas sweater, or the ones your kids have outgrown, take a look at this clever idea for repurposing sweater sleeves into a DIY wine sleeve. Whoa! To help insure there is no dreaded broken wine, Oh My! Creative has instructions for how to sew the bottom of the sleeve up dont worry, it looks easy. Plus, your old sweater sleeve can be reused to gift bottles of wine again and again, which makes it a very eco-friendly option.

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Five Fun Ways To Wrap Wine This Christmas

As a supplier of quality wine lover gifts, Wine Gift Centre know that the anticipation and act of unwrapping can be just as important as the present inside, which is why we offer both standard and bespoke gift wrapping services to our customers. Of course, we only wrap wine lover gifts bought from our store, and know that many of you will be gifting your friends and family bottles of wine this year, which leaves you with the conundrum of just how to wrap them! Well, weve scoured the internet and picked out some of our favourite ways for you to try out below.


You could simply tie a bow around the neck for a quick flourish, or if you have some glue and patience to hand, you can wrap the ribbon around the entire bottle, using the glue to keep it in place. This a good method if youre trying to keep the identity of the wine a secret and surprise them with the very first sip!

Gift Bag

The plight of how to wrap a wine bottle is a well known one, meaning that gift bags specifically designed for wine are fairly easy to obtain. Choosing matching tissue paper will nab you some bonus points for an otherwise very easy method, and can hide the true nature of your gift a bit better than other wrappings might.



Disguise your wine by dressing it up as a pineapple! This has the ultimate wow factor, but does take the most time and effort out of everything on this list, so its best to save this for your dearest friends and favourite family members!

Wrapping Paper

Select Your Packing Paper

How to gift wrap a glass

You will definitely need some kind of packing material to protect those wine glasses. Packing paper is less expensive than bubble wrap and a lot less bulky. Its also recyclable or reusable by kids as a canvas for drawing or painting! You can get unprinted newsprint paper at most moving supply stores as well as online.

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How To Gift Wrap A Wine Bottle

With the holiday season comes dinner party invitations. And with dinner party invitations come gifts for the host. There’s no more traditional dinner party offering than a bottle of wine–and why not? Wine is a crowd-pleaser: with it, you really don’t have to worry that your hosts are smiling on the outside, but thinking on the inside, “Now what are we going to do with this?

But if you’re going to go to the trouble of picking out and purchasing a bottle of wine for your hosts, you don’t just want to plunk it down, unadorned, in the center of the table. Gift wrapping a bottle of wine adds an appropriately festive touch. But how to do it? Wine isn’t box-shaped, after all .

The simplest method for gift wrapping wine is this: set the bottle in the middle of a large square of tissue paper or colored cellophane. Gather the edges up at the top of the bottle, and tie with a pretty ribbon . This method is pretty, and totally simple .

You can also wrap a bottle this way in brown paper or even newspaper. It looks artsy-chic, and it’s eco-friendly. Just make sure to use a nice ribbon so it won’t look like you dug your wrapping paper out of the recycling bin . For another cool way to wrap wine in newspaper, check out the video below:

Do you have any great bottle-wrapping techniques? We’d love to hear your ideas!

Wrap The Wine Glasses

Remove one sheet of packing paper from the box and lay it out flat. Place the wine glass in one corner of the paper, far enough from the corner that you can insert a small portion of the wrapping paper into the bowl of the wine glass. Bring up the bottom corner of the packing paper and gently wrap the stem. Then, roll the wine glass gently to use the rest of the wrap. Dont ram too much paper in the wine glass bowl or you will break it. Also, dont twist the glass too much when you are wrapping it. When youre done wrapping, carefully place the wrapped glass into the box .

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How Do You Wrap Wine Glasses For Moving

Ensure that each wine glass is individually wrapped with bubble wrap and that the stem of the glass is completely protected. Be sure to pack each wine glass upright in the box so that it doesnt get damaged. The more likely it is for wine glasses to break when they are packed on their sides, the better they will hold up.

How To Wrap A Wine Bottle With Gift Wrap

The 25+ best Wine gift baskets ideas on Pinterest

supplies needed:

  • Clear tape
  • Scissors

I found these all-occasion chalk board gift tags over at You can download them for free there.


I saved the download on my computer so I could use it again.

1. Cut a piece of gift wrap that is about 6 inches longer than the height of the bottle. The width should be enough to roll the bottle on until it is covered.

  • Lay the wine bottle on its side on top of the wrong side of the gift wrap.
  • Roll the bottle on the gift wrap and tape the edges to secure gift wrap around the bottle.
  • Tape the excess gift wrap on the bottom to the underside of the bottle.
  • Cinch the top of the gift wrap around the top with your hands to form fit it around the neck.

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Think About Your Items

This may seem kinda obvious but trust me, it really helps to preplan what youre going to put into your wine gift basket. Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming trying to pick out the right bottle from a wine shop.

Try to find out ahead of time if your recipient has a preference and even a favorite brand. This will makes things go a lot smoother!

Natural wine gift basket partners include cheeses, crackers, olives, chocolates, jams, dips, fruit and baked goods. Non-food items can be wine glasses, corkscrews, cocktail napkins, small plates and little cheese knives.

Of course all this depends on the occasion, how big of a basket youd like to make and how much youd like to spend on it.

Secure The Top Of The Box

Tape up the top of the box really well. Label it with all the pertinent stickers: This End Up, Fragile, Kitchen , etc. Be sure not to stack other boxes on top of boxes holding wine glasses. Finally, if at all possible, supervise the moving of these boxes to be sure that they are handled carefully!

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Strikingly Great Ideas Thatll Help In Wrapping Wine Bottles

Who wouldn’t want a pretty gift of fine wine, especially when it’s lovingly presented in a beautiful gift wrap. There’s a lot that you can do to make this gift look uniquely refreshing. This GiftinGlory article will give you 10 great ideas for wrapping wine bottles in the most creative of ways. Take a look.

Who wouldnt want a pretty gift of fine wine, especially when its lovingly presented in a beautiful gift wrap. Theres a lot that you can do to make this gift look uniquely refreshing. This GiftinGlory article will give you 10 great ideas for wrapping wine bottles in the most creative of ways. Take a look.

Our world has had the gift of wine for over 7,000 years, where the custom of gifting the finest of wines has been a widespread tradition. A well-wrapped wine bottle expeditiously displays thoughtfulness and care.

Quality wine has been christened as fine wine for centuries, where it defines anything that is at par with excellence. Wine is perhaps the most appreciated of gifts, where connoisseurs arent the only ones who enjoy this robust drink. The elegant curves, svelte design, and calligraphic label of a wine bottle, are a sight to behold when left on its own.

A gift wrap may merely amplify its look, but when done with love, it may significantly change how one looks at it.The reason why we love to encase these bottles, is because of the joy and fervency the receiver experiences while unraveling its encasing.

Ways To Wrap Wine Bottles

How Do I Wrap Wine Glasses For Moving?

A wine bottle is like a seductive sculpture of a woman her curves can carry off any accessory with grace. From using simple paper to expensive-looking fabric, the receiver is sure to feel nothing short of admiration. We have selected simple ideas that involve the use of readily-available items such as paper, ribbons, wrapping sheets, fabric, and other decorative accessories. Some ideas may allow you to get the work done in a jiffy, while others may take a couple of minutes. Nonetheless, the end result is assuredly worth the time invested.

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Get All Your Pieces Together

Yes, I know, this one seems even more obvious than the last one but it can really help reduce your stress level! Youll thank me when you dont have to run around the house holding your half done basket in one hand and searching for stuff with the other hand!

Lay everything out in front of you so you can see what youre working with. This includes your wrapping materials as well as the contents of your wine gift basket. If youre missing something, you can get it before you start putting things together.

Wrap A Wine Bottle In Fringe

If you like to keep your hands busy while watching your favorite holiday movies with the kids, heres a great idea: make your own fringe-covered wine bottle bags I adore this idea from Proper, which recommends using something called fringe scissors that you crafty types may have lying around. Fortunately, regular scissors will get the job done too. You may just need an extra movie.

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Wrap A Wine Bottle In Kraft Paper With A Flourish

Utilitarian kraft paper gets all dressed up for the holidays when it wraps a bottle of wine, as our friend Christine at Boston Mamas reminds us. I love this idea from online retailer Terrain that I saw on her site. The added pop of color around the bottle neck can come from a tiny garland or wreath as shown above, or just get fancy with some ribbons. If you have nicer handwriting than mine, you can even write a personal message on the paper, chalkboard style if youre using black kraft paper.

I have loads of kraft paper I save from all the Amazon boxes Ive received this holiday, but also check out Terrains online store for fancier kraft paper options as well.

Creative Easy Ways To Wrap A Bottle Of Wine To Make A Holiday Wine Gift A Little More Gifty

Transform a Bottle of Wine Into a Festive Gift With These ...

by Christina Refford | Dec 18, 2019 | Christmas, Gift Guides, New Year’s Eve, Party!, Tips + Tricks |

Grabbing a bottle of wine and throwing it into a skinny, store-bought gift bag or just sticking a bow on top is pretty much my standard way to gift a bottle wine to any party hosts, close friends, or special teachers this time of year. But now Im rethinking my ho-hum gift wrap techniques after seeing so many creative, easy, and festive ways to wrap a bottle of wine for the holidays.

Best of all, Im sharing ideas that use wrapping supplies you probably already have around the house, or can easily grab at many stores.

I mean, the whole point of gifting wine is that its easy! The last thing most of us want to do is embark on a wild goose chase for specific wine-wrapping supplies.

Keep in mind that these ideas will work on other bottled gifts besides wine: Prosecco and sparkling wines, Champagne, a bomber of beer, flavored liquors, a non-alcohol cocktail like Curious Elixir, even olive oil.

Basically anything in a wine bottle shape that you want to gift, Ive got you covered!

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