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How To Ship Wine From Napa

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How Much Does A Case Of Wine Weigh

Free the Grapes! | Direct to Consumer Wine Shipping Laws & How They Affect Wineries and Consumers

A case of wine weighs 40 to 50 pounds. Each bottle of wine weights 3 to 4 pounds and there are twelve bottles in a case. The packing materials and box contribute to the weight, too.

While the wine inside a bottle always weighs roughly the same amount, the weight of the actual bottles can vary greatly.When a winery chooses their wine bottles, one of their considerations is how heavy the bottles themselves are.They may choose heavy bottles because it creates a more impressive experience. The unfortunate side effect of thatis it costs more to ship those heavier bottles.

Buying wine online? Try a 12-bottle wine club for the best prices.

Can Wine Be Shipped For Free

You have a few options if you want to send wine to someone but hate paying for shipping.

  • Join or give a wine club with free shipping.
  • Join the Wine Stewardship program at It’s like Amazon Prime, you pay $49 per year for unlimited free shipping. Since has the biggest online catalogue of wine, this is your best bet for cheap wine shipping.
  • Spend $150 at on-demand alcohol delivery service Saucey.
  • Can You Ship Wine From Napa
      Likewise, can you ship wine from Napa to NJ? Direct shipping to NJ is prohibited. That means that *no* winery will ship to a NJ address. Culture Hound has a good idea but many small wineries won’t have agreements with wine shops so far away. You can tuck a few bottles into your luggage wrapped up in

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    All American Mail Center

    All American Mail Center is a great shipping option for individuals, vineyards, and wineries. This shipping post specializes in directtoconsumer wine shipping from Napa. They cater to many wine clubs and offer a variety of sizes of shipping boxes, insurance options, and can ship alcohol on the companys authority. Its a great option for those looking to make a large shipment, like a case of wine!

    Know Your Friends Or Family Members Wine Preferences


    From varietal and sweetness to alcohol percentage and tannins, there are many different characteristics that go into a persons wine taste preferences. These preferences are important to keep in mind when selecting that perfect bottle for your friend or family member. Some ways to make sure youve got their preferences down, besides asking them, is to take note of the type of wine they order when out to dinner or the bottles they keep on-hand in their home. If in doubt, its perfectly fine to send them a quick note asking about their favorite type or take a look at their state’s most popular wineits better to be sure youre shipping wine theyll love, and they can anticipate the arrival of their favorite bottle!

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    How To Ship Wine As A Gift

    A great bottle of wine always makes for a fun gift to give family and friends to celebrate a special occasion, or even just because. With hundreds of varietals to choose from, a bottle of wine can be enjoyed at home on its own or paired with a favorite meal. It doesnt matter if your gift recipient is across town or across the country, help them celebrate by shipping wine directly to their doorstep.

    If youre wondering how to ship wine as a gift for a friend, family member, or loved one, this guide will provide you with some helpful considerations to keep in mind to make sure your gift arrives intact and ready to be enjoyed!

    How Can I Ship Wine To Myself

    It has a strong seal that ensures the wine wont leak out on your clothing if the bottle does break. If you dont have a Wine Skin , pack the bottle in a waterproof bag. Then, wrap the bag with clothing or bubble wrap. If you have more than one bottle, make sure theres cushioning in between each one.

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    How To Ship Wine From California

    As long as shipping to your home or business is allowed, you can make arrangements at each winery where you buy wine. If you prefer to handle the details yourself or if you’re buying from several wineries and want to send only one shipment, there are many local and national shipping businesses available throughout Sonoma County.

    Wine Country Shippingcan ship ground, air two-day, air overnight, and international. Pick-up service is available for guests staying in hotels in the Healdsburg and Santa Rosa areas. Cost varies according to how many bottles you ship and how far call for specific pricing.

    Crown Wine Shippingprimarily uses UPS for national and international deliveries for summer wine shipments it uses the UPS and Fed Ex Summer Solutions programs. Typical shipping options include next day air, second day air, three day select, and ground shipping.

    Pakmailis dedicated to making shipping more enjoyable. Specializing in wine shipping the Styrofoam wine shippers are sure to keep your wine safe during transportation, and great rates when shipping wine.

    Fitch Mountain Packaging can take care of all your wine packing and shipping needs.

    Service Station offers packing and shipping using UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL, as well as licensed wine shipping service to safely and securely package and ship Sonoma County wines nationwide.

    Keeping Your Wine Cool

    Why You Can’t Ship Your Favorite Wine Across State Lines: Tom Wark on Arcane Alcohol Regulations

    Thwart the Heat Miser and keep your wine a bit safer during your wine tour.

      • Take your wines with you when youre tasting. If youve only purchased a few bottles, it wont be too much work to take your wine into each winery when you taste. The winery will understand and its a great way to keep the wine out of the hot car.
      • Keep your wines in the passenger area of your car instead of the trunk. The passenger area has the benefit of air conditioning your trunk, not so much.
      • Start your day with an insulated wine shipping box. If you plan on purchasing quite a bit of wine and want to check it as luggage or ship it home to yourself this is a great plan. Wine shipping boxes have styrofoam or cardboard insulation that can help maintain the temperature of your wine throughout the day.
      • Bring an ice chest to store your purchased wine in. When we take guests out on tours we bring an ice chest, with some ice packs, to store guests wine in.

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    How Much To Ship Wine Using Buffalo To Wisconsin

    We are trying to figure out whether we wish to purchase the wine check suitcases at our hotel for about $50, or use Buffalo to ship our wine. Does anyone out there have an estimate of how much Buffalo might charge us for one case, shipped to Wisconsin? Thanks!

    Why wouldn’t you contact Buffalo and ask? Since they are the shippers, they would be able to give you a pretty accurate cost. Chuck…


    If you go to their website it will give you the prices. You can also print off the form you will need to fill out before taking in your wine for shipping.

    I tried their website, and only saw case prices, not shipping prices. I will look again more closely, sorry. I did email them but had not yet received a reply, so I thought I would try here. Again, sorry for my question.

    Hawkeye, thanks for that link. I don’t know why I couldn’t find it on their website myself.


    After your loooooooong winter in Wisconsin, you will need to ship several cases home to prepare for next winter.

    Yes, I think several will be in order 🙂

    Thanks again for your help!

    Some general thoughts/advice on wine shipping.

    When buying by the case at wineries, always ask about any shipping discounts/programs they might have. Some wineries will ship for free when you buy a case. We often advise couples traveling together to buy strategically .

    If you end up with more than 2 cases, Buffalo or other third-party shippers are the way to go.

    Bodega Shipping Co Sonoma

    Bodega Shipping Co was established in 2013, by Tony, Martin, and Esteban, whose vision was to bring the wine industry a reliable and personalized shipping service. They are known for their temperature controlled warehouse and a plethora of vehicles, making them an ideal pick for wineries.

    Location – 750 W Napa St, Sonoma, CA 95476, United States

    Sustainability, arguably the hottest topic in 2022. Here’s how you can implement it in your business.

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    How Do You Ship Wine Bottles

    Shipping Carriers for Wine Mailing wine as a gift isnt technically legal anywhere in the United States, as its illegal to send alcohol in any form through the U.S. mail. The USPS prohibits the mailing of alcohol, either domestically or to foreign countries. Wine must be shipped through commercial carriers.

    Napa Valley Is Renowned As A Hub For Wine And Art Local Artists Antique Dealers And Wineries Use C & C As Well

    Napa Wine Shipping

    Our world-class winery clientele includes boutique wineries, artisan producers, and small production wineries, as well as the very large production wineries. They value our Care and custody guardianship, while handling and shipping premium wines. Wine shipments are fully insured, in transit and in our facility.

    Attention to detail in all phases – from pick up to transport in commercial or temperature-controlled delivery trucks, to professional inspection of all shipments upon arrival at our facility, to impeccable packing and handling – your wine is shipped in pristine condition, each time. Cartons and Crates offer domestic and international shipping. We are your packing and shipping partners, in the Napa Valley Sonoma regions, and beyond.

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    How To Pack Wine Bottles

    The best way to pack wine depends on how they are traveling. If you’re driving, guard against extreme temperature changes. Wine can be a bit like Goldilocks one temperature is too hot, another is too cold.

    Make sure your wine stays “just right” by keeping bottles away from direct sunlight. Insulate them by wrapping them in clothing. Travel with an insulated cooler and store them in there, and ensure the cooler is out of direct sunlight as you drive along this will help keep the temperature constant.

    On planes, you can’t take wine with you in carry-on luggage. However, as part of Alaska Air’s mileage plan program, wine flies free on Alaska Air/Horizon Air from Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport . Alaska Air/Horizon Air offers direct daily flights to and from Los Angeles, Orange County, Portland , San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Seattle . One carrier-approved packed case will fly home free .

    Or, wine can be packed in your checked luggage.

    The best way to pack a bottle to be transported in your luggage is to use a Wine Skin, which is sold at many winery gift shops. The bubble-wrap lined bag fits snuggly over the bottle. It has a strong seal that ensures the wine won’t leak out on your clothing if the bottle does break.

    If you don’t have a Wine Skin , pack the bottle in a waterproof bag. Then, wrap the bag with clothing or bubble wrap. If you have more than one bottle, make sure there’s cushioning in between each one.

    How To Ship Wine

    If you have already purchased wine and you want to ship it, you are out of luck. Any means you have available to you would be illegal. Unless you can sweet-talk a local wine store or a wine delivery service like the ones in wine country mentioned above.

    If you have not already purchased wine to send, hooray! You can buy wine from any licensed retailer and have it shipped. Some local wine stores will ship wine for you, but the easiest way to send wine is to order online, whether through a wine store like or a wine of the month club.

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    Can You Ship Wine From California

    A California retailer, for example, can generally legally ship wine to residents of California. Residents of Utah, Oklahoma, Delaware, Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky may not receive any DTC wine shipments, for the most part in Utah, non-compliance is actually a felony.

    Ship To A Ups Access Point Location

    Same Day Wine Delivery – How we do it.

    Approved wine shippers may use the Ship to a UPS Access Point® location service in conjunction with Adult Signature Required for consumers who prefer to pick up shipments from UPS Access Point locations.

    To ship wine to a UPS Access Point location:

    • Shippers must use a UPS Locator tool and the “Accepts Restricted Articles” filter to select an approved destination UPS Access Point location.
    • Shippers must also use approved UPS Access Point “Contains Alcohol Beverage Adult Signature Required” labels for wine shipments sent to UPS Access Point locations.
    • Wine shipments can be redirected to UPS Access Point locations with the ability to accept restricted goods.

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    What Do I Do If I Have An Address Change

    If you are a Club Vivant Wine Club member, it is your obligation to notify Club Vivant of any address changes at least 2 weeks before the scheduled club shipment date. Mumm Napa Club Vivant will not be responsible for shipping charges incurred due to misdirected or returned wines. A restocking fee may be applied to returned shipments. No insurance for heat or cold damage is provided by the shipper. In extreme weather conditions at the point of origin, your wine may be held until it is safer to ship.

    Stagecoach Express And Co

    Stagecoach Express and Co. is another local favorite for wine shipments from Napa! This shipping post offers online shipping options for customers so they can plan ahead for their shipment. For bigger orders, they are happy to pick up from wineries, hotels, and bed and breakfasts in Napa Valley to take some of the stress off their customers hands!

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    Can You Ship Alcohol Via Ups As A Gift

    If you want to send alcohol as a gift, UPS does not allow it. In order to ship alcohol-related products, UPS requires all businesses to sign a contract verifying their legal status as a company. As a general rule, shipping alcohol is prohibited by federal and state laws as well, so in broad terms, its against the law.

    Shipping Your Wine Home

    Wine Shipping Napa #BuyWineOnline

    You have three options when it comes to getting your treasure trove of wine home: you can take it with you on the plane, or car if you drove here, have the winery ship it or ship it to yourself at the end of your visit.

    Take Them With You

    If you only have a couple of bottles, you can get away with packing them in your suitcase. Be sure to safely wrap them so they dont break, losing your wine and ruining your clothes. To make the journey home in your suitcase a bit safer for your wine bottles, you can put them in a WineSkin. Youll be able to find these all over wine country and they add a nice layer of protection to your bottles and keep the wine contained should the bottle break.

    If youre flying, and can check an extra bag, you should consider putting your wine in a shipping box. Again, you can find shipping boxes all around wine country and this is very cost effective way to get cases of wine home.

    Have The Winery Ship Your Wine

    Ship The Wine Yourself

    This is what we recommend most visitors do. It allows your to accumulate bottles during your trip and consolidate them into a single shipment. It also gets rid of dealing with extra boxes at the airport.

    Most hotels in wine country have arrangements with third party shippers, making it pretty simple. Check with where youre staying to see if they offer this service. If they do simply take your wine to the concierge or front desk before you leave, fill out the shipping forms, and youre done.

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    Can I Ship Wine Myself

    Simply put, no. You cannot ship wine to a friend or to another state via FedEx, UPS, or the Post Office.

  • It is not legal to ship wine if you are not a licensed retailer or distributor.
  • It is not legal to ship wine directly to consumers in many states.
  • It is not legal to ship wine via the USPS.
  • It is not legal to ship wine into the country without an importer’s license.
  • You can only send wine via a licensed third-party, like a winery, a wine store, or a wine of the month club. There are services in wine country licensed to ship wine on behalf of wineries, and they do it for a hefty premium.

    We Offer Convenient Services To Help You Ship Your Napa Wines

    • Wine Club shipments
    • Free tracking of your wine shipment
    • We provide wine shipping from Napa to most domestic and international locations
    • Competitive pricing
    • We carry a variety of sizes of shipping containers authorized by shippers
    • Visitors cannot ship alcohol on their personal accounts and must use a authorized shipping company
    • Insurance does not cover heat, cold, weapage, or foil damage

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    Can I Mail Wine As A Gift

    It is illegal in the US for non-licensed individuals to ship wine through the mail. If you would like to send someone wine, you will need to buy wine through a licensed company. Fortunately, there are many companies that can send fine vintages, bottles, gift baskets, and club memberships to your recipient.

    How Much Does It Really Cost To Ship Wine

    Caymus Vineyards : California Wine with Tony

    You might be in for a shock…

    Many wine lovers who travel to one of the various wine regions around the country don’t anticipate what the cost and hassle is with regards to getting their wine home safely, and economically.

    There are several companies that specialize in wine shipping, given the extreme level of rules and regulations surrounding shipping alcohol across state lines. What few realize, however, is the true cost of shipping a case of wine. It can be quite eye-opening!

    We’ve compiled a price list, taking prices from both companies that require you to deliver the wine to them, they will pack and ship it, and more ‘full service’ shipping companies, who will pick up your wine at your hotel or rental home and ship for you. The prices listed below are based on the industry average weight of 42 pounds per box , shipping from Napa/Sonoma, CA

    12 Bottles:

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