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How To Make Wine Glass Charms

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Diy Wine Charm Tassels

How to Make Wine Glass Charms | I Made This

Why buy expensive wine charms when our friend Alexis Murphy shows you how to make them yourself? Pour a glass of wine and get your DIY on!

There is nothing more charming for a Summer Party than a fun, colorful way to distinguish your guests glass of wine.

Tasseled wine charms are so simple and the perfect craft to do while enjoying a glass of wine

Start with colored embroidery floss from the craft storeTo make 2 tassels of the same color: I simply remove the tags, and once they are gone, the floss is in a circle. Take one of the loose ends and cut off 16 inches. Then, cut that 16 inch strand into four 4 pieces and set aside.

Cut both ends of the circle

You will be left with 2 bunches that are approximately 6 inches long. Then:

  • Cut the bunches in half to 3 inches.
  • For one tassel, combine two of the 3 inch bunches and tie a double knot in the middle.
  • Fold over, leaving the string you just tied at the top.
  • With another 4 strand tie a double knot at the top near your folded over floss.
  • For your 2nd tassel, repeat with your other 3 cut strands and two 4strings.

    Trim them at the bottom so it is even and pretty

    Keep going with other colors and soon you will have

    Now were in the home stretch. To make your gorgeous tassels into wine charms, or if you are in the mood, a silly piece of jewelry

    Thread and tie the wine charm tassel onto to levered earring wire. These available at most craft stores.

    And clip it onto the wine glass.

    And tassels up!

    Styling A Wine Glass Marker

    Its not a new concept. Styling a wine glass marker is something that has been around for a long time.

    Some use straws or lipstick marks, others use markers.

    Theres no right or wrong way to mark a wine glass stem, but, you should do it.

    Obviously, when you select your wine of choice, you dont want someone else sipping it right?

    Well, this concept works great, unless you have the friend whos just drank too much wine and does not even notice the stem marker! LOL!

    Tips To Making Sure These Homemade Wine Charms Work

    All of these tips are mentioned above within the post, but if you are like me and super eager to start a craft, a list of bullet points might be helpful.

    • If you dont feel like tracing, print out what you want your wine charms to look like with this .
    • Dont worry if your tracing isnt perfect.
    • Do worry if your circles arent perfect.
    • While cooking, if your wine charms start to flip in on themselves you want to pull them out and pull them apart. Otherwise they will stay stuck to themselves after cooking.

    Enjoy friends!

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    How To Customize Using Print And Cut

    You can easily customize these wine tags using the Print and Cut feature on Cricut Design Space.

    As the wine glass tags are fairly small, Id recommend clear and easy symbols or single words. You could obviously do names.

    Once youve positioned your graphic or text on top of the heart template, youll need to flatten. This melds it all together so that you can print and cut. This option is located on the bottom right.

    You could also utilize the write feature. I personally just find it easier to do the print and cut. If you are using text, be sure to use a font that is designated for write. Not all fonts can do that on Cricut Design Space. Typically the fonts that can write, you have to pay for which is why I prefer Print and Cut because then you can use any font.

    How To Make Wine Charms

    Crafting Quine: Make Wine Glass Charms with Silhouette Shrink Plastic

    Anyone reading this blog for longer than a minute will figure out that I am a girl who enjoys her vino. Red, white, bubbly, and even the rare occasion of pink doesnt matter! As long as it is delicious, Im in.

    So how ridiculous is it that a connoisseur such as myself is lacking in the simplest of wine accoutrements?

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    Diy Wine Charms With Free Printable

    Home / Craft Ideas / Party Crafts / DIY Wine Charms with Free Printable

    Never lose that glass at a party again! Make these DIY wine charms using Podgeable shapes, a free printable, and decoupage medium.

    Skills Required: Beginner. Youll be applying small bits of paper to small charms with Mod Podge. The chances of wrinkles are minimal this is actually perfect if youve never used Mod Podge before.

    Hi! Its Man Podger David from Cheltenham Road and I have a confession .

    Im one of those people at parties who loses track of my wine glass. I set it down to talk and then . . . .who knows what happens. . . .

    So, as a gift for some friends of mine I wanted to make some DIY wine charms. I realized that I could make them from acrylic shapes and bingo: a plan was born.

    Since my group of friends are all ex-pat New Yorkers, I thought Id go with some fun NYC subway art graphics for this project. I created the designs sized to fit the acrylic shapes and included them here for a free download.

    Thats When It Started The I Can Make These Wine Glass Markers

    Our glasses were getting mixed up and the DIY gal in me popped into action!

    The next time we met, we were no at my house, rather, my friend Alices home.

    I carried in a carton of supplies.

    Gems, rings, trinkety charms and a 12 pack of stemware.

    That night, before we played, we took about 15 minutes and created our own wine glass markers.

    No more glass swapping by accident.

    After all, if you didnt wear lipstick you dont want to apply it via a wine glass right?

    Vintage is not cool when it comes to sharing used wine glasses.

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    Themed Wine Glass Charms

    Charms that are in the affordable but not cheap category are the light, colored stamped metal charms. These are often stamped into fanciful themed shape. The themes can be anything from flowers to sports. Themed charms are attached to a small ring with an opening in it. The opening allows the ring to fit around the stem of the wine glass and the charm dangles on the base. You can also find wine charms that are decorated with beads and other accents. There are many themed charms to check out and add to your collection.

    Sterling Wine features a large selection of charm sets priced around $20 in fun themes such as:

    How To Make Bottle Cap Wine Glass Charms

    How To Make Wine Glass Charms

    I have been collecting bottle caps for quite some time and have used them in various crafts. Since I am trying to come up with some unique ways to decorate a Thanksgiving table, I thought I would try to incorporate bottle caps into this years table. Bottle cap wine glass charms seemed to be the logical choice. Bottle caps are a good size to mark a wine glass and when they are dressed up a bit with some glitz and Fall decor, they are perfect for a Thanksgiving glass of wine.

    I made a set of six with bottle caps that had a base of black and silver. I figured this was a good starting point to add the rest of my decor. The colors that you will have on your table will help you to determine which color bottle caps that you want to use for this craft.

    To embellish my bottle caps and give them a flavor of Fall, I used the wings off of a pine cone and some colored wooden leaf decals.

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    Make The Wine Glass Tags

    If you are cutting a bunch, you can cut right away. If you have customized these using Print and Cut, you will need to print first and then cut. Dont forget to add your card stock to your printer before you tell it to cut.

    These little wine tags are so easy to make. They would be great at any gathering, including birthday parties or wedding showers. You could use Print and Cut to customize for the occasion and leave space for people to write their names.

    How Are Charms Made

    The process is relatively simple. First an artist creates a model for the design that they want to see made into metal. This can be carved in clay, wood or a number of other substances. Usually artists will chose a medium they are most comfortable with and can make the most effective and detailed design in.

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    Attach Using E6000 Glue

    Youll want a small bowl of water nearby because youll need it in a minute. Squeeze out two small drops of E6000 glue on your charm. Take your toothpick, touch it in the glue and apply one drop to each side of your charm.

    Press it down firmly and hold for 30 seconds. Wait 24 hours before using! To use, just wet and stick onto glass stemware!

    Easy Womens Crafts To Make & Gift: Diy Wine Glass Charms

    Wine glass charms

    If youre looking for a easy womens crafts to make when youre bored at home, or to gift this Mothers Day, then you must make these DIY wine glass charms. An easy and fun adult craft night idea for women of all skill levels, this project is the perfect solution when entertaining at home to keep your guests from accidentally swapping glasses. Or pair these wine glass charms with a DIY needle felted wine bag and a bottle of wine for the perfect homemade gift for Mom this Mothers Day.

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    Cut 5 Pieces Of The Green Zebra Wire

    Dont use a scissors to cut the wire. Ive done it plenty and learn from me. Itll ruin your scissors. Luckily, my needle nose pliers has a special wire cutter part in the center of it. My other pliers was more flimsy and the wire cutter part was weak the wire dented that too. Look for pliers meant to cut wire.

    I usually overestimate the length Ill need for the zebra wire and have some leftover that I snip off. I really should just measure it so I dont waste it, but oh well.

    Id estimate youll need about 18-20 inches.

    Personalized Wine Glass Charms

    These Personalized Wine Glass Charms are super easy. You could use these wine glass charm rings for dinner place cards or personalized wine glasses. And these personalized wine charms are very inexpensive

    Are you entertaining over the Holidays and when I say Holidays I mean from Thanksgiving through New Year? Its the time of the year for get-to-gathers and for celebrating with food and drink and we are all looking for something special and different for our parties, right?

    Have you seen all those little wine glass charms out there? My friends and I totally love them. We always have our favorite wine glass charm but then we get confused about which glass is whose. Because we forget which wine charm we choose this time vs last time. I know, it comes with age or should I say it goes with age.

    Anyway, I saw these little alphabet beads on Amazon and some wine charm rings. What a great idea, wine charms with all my friends names, so when the girls come over, we can have our names on our glasses, love it! Sometimes I do surprise myself with clever ideas, ahh not! I do good to remember where I set my glass down.

    This post may contain affiliate links which means if you make a purchase we might receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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    Trace Circle On Parchment Paper

    Trace a 3.5 inch diameter circle on parchment paper . Draw it lightly and use a pencil so you can erase any mistakes easily later. If you want, practice drawing it on scrap paper first.

    To see how much space each charm takes up in case you want to print out multiple copies at once 2 rows of 3 in Word takes up around 1 page, while 2 pages of 4 per row will give you 8 charms total.

    Practice drawing your circles and check to see that theyre all roughly equal sizes before tracing one onto parchment paper for real!

    Twist Green Wire To Make A Stem

    Make your own wine glass & drink charms

    After you twist the beads into a grape shape, twist the green wire around itself to create a stem.

    Once the wire is twisted, use your needle and wrap the stem around it, creating a little loop at the top of your grape cluster.

    Wrap the long ends of the green wire around the loop you just created, right above the cluster of grapes a couple times, leaving the green wire ends hang free. The end result will be a little loop at the top of the bundle of grapes.

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    Create Diy Upcycled Wine Glass Charms From Water Bottles

    Dont you love finding uses for things that normally get thrown away? These plastic bottle wine glass charms are the perfect way to make use of those water bottles destined for the recycling bin. Ill show you how to make flowers from the bottoms of the bottles and leaves from the top, nothing goes to waste! Make a different colored flower for every glass so that nobody accidentally grabs the wrong one. This project is practically free so you can make one in every color of the rainbow! Check out my step-by-step tutorial to get started!

    Cut the Bottle

    I started by cutting off the bottom of the bottle with a craft knife. Over the years, plastic bottles have been made with thinner and thinner plastic, which works well for what well be doing today.

    Take a look at the bottom of the bottle. It looks a bit like a flower and thats just what well be making!

    Using my craft knife I cut along each petal to separate them.

    Then I grabbed some scissors and made the ends of the petals a bit more circular and flowery-looking.

    Color the Flower

    I flipped the flower back over and colored all of the petals red with a permanent marker.

    I also added a little black center so that it looked like a poppy.

    Melt the PlasticMake a Leaf

    Find a spot of smooth plastic on your bottle. For me this was at the top of the bottle.

    Attach to a Wine Glass

    Using a one-hole punch I punched a hole in the flower and in the leaf.

    Then I thread the leaf and flower onto the wire ring I had made.

    Make A Set Of Wine Glass Charm Rings For Under $100

    Fancy wine glass charm rings and markers are available in retail stores for as much as $25 for a set of four. While these popular trinkets add flair to any table setting or provide a great way to distinguish one guest’s glass from another, they are seriously overpriced.

    Making wine glass ring charms is simple, fun, and best of allinexpensive. A set of four wine glass charm rings costs about a dollar to make for simple beaded styles as featured in retail stores. They are easily customized with charms for a unique set for your home or to give as a gift.

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    Design Ideas For Diy Wine Glass Charms

    Here are some great design ideas for DIY wine glass charms. These are the same wine glass charms that my friends and I made during Wine & Art Wednesday as one of many of the womens crafts weve enjoyed making together.

    Heres one of my wine glass charms. I skipped using the jump ring on mine since my hands arent always my best friend. It works just as well if youd like to skip that step or save on materials. Other phrase ideas that work with More Please could be Alice in Wonderland themed to say Drink Me etc.

    This wine glass charm was made by my friend, Whitney. She also opted not to use the jump rings for her DIY wine glass charms. This charm says I Love You to the Moon and features tiny star shaped beads.

    Finally, my friend Bambi, who makes jewelry, chose to use the jump rings for her DIY wine glass charms. Her charms featured colorful beads. She used the words Growth, Calm, Happy and Lucky for each of her four wine glass charms, along with a metal stamped symbol to highlight each phrase.

    What ideas do you have for your own DIY wine glass charms?

    If you like this idea for womens crafts and would like to make your own DIY wine glass charms, then be sure to pin this project to to save for later.

    Also dont forget to check out my post on how to make DIY needle felted wine bags for Mothers day gifts as well as my project for hand painted ceramic vases.

    Rebecca D. Dillon

    Wine Glass Charm Ring Ideas

    Wine Glass Charms (Set of 6)
    • Wine glass charm rings can be personalized for wedding shower and baby showers. Adorable charms such as baby bottles or rattles make adorable and memorable favors for a mother to be.
    • Personalized bottle caps with photos and messages make great conversation pieces and wine glass rings.
    • Charms from childrens jewelry make cute wine glass rings.
    • Scrabble tiles that spell out messages for guests can be added to wine glass rings. You can spell out guests names or other words for a great conversation starter.
    • Scrap charms from old or vintage jewelry can make elegant additions to wine glass charms.

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