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How To Eat Cheese With Wine

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Cheese Pizza & Chianti

How to pair wine and cheese correctly with an expert

Pizza night? Yep, there’s cheese on pizza too, and you want the perfect wine to pair with it! To find the perfect pairing, we reached out to Joseph Ciolli, CEO of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, for his advice. He recommended a Rosso Toscano, a Tuscan red blend, which they also sell at the restaurant! The Mille Gradi is a red wine blended by the Grimaldi’s team at the Rocca del Macie estate in Chianti, and is available for 50% off any Grimaldi’s Pizzeria carryout food purchase!

“The balanced, supple, and fresh taste with ripe berries and oak spice is the perfect complement to the smoky coal-fired crust of Grimaldi’s Traditional pizza, even better when the pizza is topped with Italian sausage, meatballs, and pepperoni,” says Ciolli. Can’t get your hands on this bottle? Try a Tuscan red wine, like a Chianti.

Wine With Hard Cheese

Hard cheeses include cheddar, Comté, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Manchego. Theyre the easiest type of cheese to pair with wine – a medium bodied red like a cabernet sauvignon or a rioja is probably going to be the most enjoyable pairing for most people but try the combination of cheddar and chardonnay

Do You Eat The Wax On Cheese

Yes, to put it succinctly. The rinds of cheese are edible and safe to eat. Flavored rinds, washed rinds, and bloomy rinds are all acceptable additions to your cheese plate. Other wax or cloth rinds can usually be removed and discarded these rinds serve to protect the cheese during its aging process.

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Why You Should Be Eating Cheese And Drinking Wine Or
    Why you should be eating cheese and drinking wine or beer, or booze in the time of coronavirus in Seattle April 8, 2020 at 6:00 am Updated April 8, 2020 at 1:26 pm By

Kendal Jackson Pinot Noir And Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Cheese And Wine Quotes. QuotesGram

This type of full bodied wine compliments the sharp, salty flavors of cheddar cheese. Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Pinot Noir red wine is a dark garnet gem that delivers bright cherry, strawberry and raspberry fruit with elegant earthy notes infused with cola and mild spice accents. Oak aging adds a hint of vanilla and a soft, toasty finish. Cheddar cheese is possibly the best cheese to eat with wine because its so versatile and pairs well with many different types of wine.

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How Do You Pair Wine And Cheese

This brings us to today, when we can source seemingly countless varieties of wine and cheese from all over the world. If the prospect of hitting on a winning combo seems mind-boggling, dont worryweve got some wine and cheese pairing tips and recommendations to bring a method to the madness.

Here are 5 simple guidelines you can use when planning to pair cheese with wine, beer, and spirits, plus a few of our favorite combinations to get you started.

The Science Behind Wine & Cheese

Pairing wine and cheese has long been considered a highly nuanced art that dates back for centuries. But, this art has been confirmed by modern-day science. Here are just two of the many studies that have examined this popular pairing.

Opponency of Astringent and Fat Sensations

A group of food scientists for the National Institutes of Health conducted a 2012 study that indicates that the concept of mouthfeel plays a role when it comes to how people interpret food pairings. Mouthfeel refers to the way foods feel in the mouth.

The scientists believe foods that sit on opposite ends of the spectrum of taste often create a pleasant taste sensation, triggering a good match in the mind. This is true for wine and cheese as well as many other food and drink combinations.

The study results also point to the science behind palate cleansing to help explain how food pairing works. This is an oft-referenced concept in the realm of food pairing. Astringent foods alternated with creamier foods often create a pleasant taste combination. This discovery helps to explain why wine and cheese have been paired together for so long, as the two developed simultaneously centuries ago.

Temporal Dominance of Sensations & the Influence of Cheese on Wine Perception

The study was published in the Journal of Food Science, and you can learn more about it here.

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Cabernet Sauvignon And Aged Cheddar

Why it works: A bigger, bolder cheese needs a wine that can lift it up, spin it around, and not get winded in the process. An aged Cheddar has a fattiness that matches up wonderfully with the mouth-drying tannins youll find in many . Plus, their respectively bold flavors will match, instead of one drowning out the other.

Also try: and Smoked Gouda, and Parmigiano-Reggiano, or and Asiago.

What Are The Best Cheeses To Go With Red Wine

How to Pair Wine and Cheese | Wine School | Food & Wine

Pairing red wine and cheese is fun and delicious. Make yourself a cheese platter by arranging a few different slices of cheese from the list below. Then as you take a bite of cheese, follow it with a sip of wine. See how each flavor compliments each other and take notes of the ones you like.

Wine isnt the only thing that pairs well with cheese. Check out our guide to learn which red wine to pair with steak.

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How To: Wine And Cheese Tasting

I DIDNT GROW UP knowing and appreciating stinky cheeses. I completely believed that Velveeta, that neon orange block of salty cheese product, was actually cheese, and not a bad one at that. And then I went to England to study abroad. I marveled at the supermarket at the double Gloucester and Shropshire Blue. At Christmas, the mother of the friend I stayed with served cranberries and brie and tomato with fresh mozzarella, and I nearly kissed her full on the mouth.

My wine is similarly limited: red or white, thats my comfort zone. In a store, I choose it by whether I like the label, and in restaurants, I order the ones I can pronounce. And I pretend that when I order a cheese with a French name, I know before it shows up on my plate whether it will be soft or hard, crumbly or smooth.But secretly, I wanted to know what it means to swirl a wine. I wanted to know what cheese goes with what wine. I wanted to be in the club.

It isnt just for cork dorks and curd nerds taking the time to appreciate the tastes, textures, and combinations of wine and cheese is something for everyone.

All it really takes is slowing down, but here are some tips to appreciating wine, cheese, and how to put them together.


Step 1: Hold the wine glass by the stem, not the bowl. Tip the glass from side to side, look at the color of the wine, can you see through it? Does it shine and sparkle? Notice how it slides down the side of the glass.

Pairing Tip #: What Grows Together Goes Together

One of the best ways to get your head around pairing cheese and wine is to look at a map. These historic foodstuffs evolved together over millennia, so we can be pretty sure these pairings are solid.

When it comes to European wine and cheese, picking out historic pairings based on geography is a safe bet. Serve a hunk of Manchego with a Spanish wine like Rioja or Cava, or a soft-ripened goat cheese from Frances Loire Valley with a dry, citrusy Sancerre from the same region.

While we here in the U.S. dont have quite the same history with wine and cheese, we can still look to terroir to guide our choices: California cheese with California wines, for example, or cheeses from Finger Lakes makers paired with the regions wines.

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What Is Gouda Cheese Good With

Gouda cheese is a perfect match with fruits, crackers, bread and mustard. If you enjoy Goudas complex nutty flavor, you can it an aged Gouda cheese on its own.

Depending on Gouda cheese age, it can be paired with beer, wine or whiskey. For beer, Gouda goes well with brown or amber ales, which have nutty and caramel flavor.

Aged Gouda cheese pair well with doppelbock, Belgium dubble, or a stout that has roasted coffee and chocolate flavor.

Gouda cheese goes well with a single malt scotch from Speuside. An aged Gouda pair well with an aged bourbon or rye whiskey or a Highland scotch. A smoke Gouda cheese is good with a peated scotch or whiskey.

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Mismatching Intensity And Flavors

Where To Eat Cheese &  Drink Wine In Melbourne

The pairing rule of ‘like with like’ rings true when pairing wine and cheese. In general, white wines pair best with lighter, milder cheeses, says Werlin. This allows the fresh, often fruity notes of the white wine to enhance the sweet creaminess of the cheese. In fact, Werlin suggests pairing most cheeses with white wines. An unoaked Chardonnay pairs well with an alpine-style butterkase or Swiss cheese while Riesling goes with asiago or Parmesan, and Sauvignon Blanc with cheddar or gouda.

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Moscato Dasti And Gorgonzola

Why it works: As weve said, funkier cheeses call for a sweeter wine, but the lightness of and other sweet whites can be a terrific change if youve only ever matched pungent cheese with heavy, fortified wines. The fresh, acidic fruit of a Moscato dAsti cleans your mouth of heavier cheeses like Gorgonzola, leaving you nice and refreshed.

Also try: and Munster or and Asiago.

Red Velvet Cupcake Red Velvet Wine Good

winemaker describes the wine as being fantastic, tasting strongly with aromas and flavors reminiscent of orange. The smell is definitely of a youthful nature, yet it does not overwhelm you when drinking the wine. The taste of Cupcake Red Velvet is filled with cocoa, blackberries, and black cherry.

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Why Do People Eat Cheese And Wine

Humans have enjoyed cheese and wine together since these fermented foods were first developed some 10,000 years ago .

Cheese and wine evolved as ways to process and preserve perishable raw materialsin this case, fresh milk, which would have been indigestible to Neolithic adult humans, and fresh grapes. It stands to reason that food and drink developed side by side by humans would taste delicious together as well as on their own.

Those early pairing pioneers probably didnt have much choice in which cheeses and wines they enjoyed togetherthey simply consumed the varieties endemic to their region. It wasnt until the mid-20th century that we were faced with so many options to choose from.

What Wines Go With Cheese

How to Match Wine with Cheese
  • The following pairings: Cabernet Sauvignon and Extra Sharp Cheddar
  • Merlot and Garlic and Herb Cheese
  • Malbec and Vintage or Reserve Cheese.
  • Zinfandel and Jalapeno or Hot Buffalo.
  • Pinot Noir and Vermont Sharp Cheddar or Gruyere.
  • Chianti and Tomato Basil or Tuscan.
  • Syrah/Shiraz and Sharp or Smoked Cheese.
  • Syrah/Shiraz and Aged Cheese.
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    Sweetness In Contrast To Salt

    Very salty and complex cheeses, such as blue cheeses, are generally served with sweet condiments. You may have noticed that orange marmalade, figs and raisins often accompany these types of cheeses. And you can also serve a wine with these same raisin and nutty aromas.

    In general, sweet wines are ideal with blue cheeses, because the sweetness embraces the saltiness and tones down the slightly rancid mouldy taste.

    Late harvest wines, with the high sugar content in the grapes, go particularly well with blue cheese. Try, for instance, a French Sauternes or German Spätlese or even better, a bold, sweet and complex Auslese or Trockenbeerenauslese from Germany. The prices may be high, but then so is the experience. And if can you get hold of one, a genuine Eiswein is also worth a try.

    Actual dessert wines especially if they have notes of dried fruit also pair very well with blue cheese.

    Cheese And Wine Pairing

    Nick and Eric are a great team! The cheese selection was interesting and varied and I really enjoyed having some very local wines from their region. We also did something interesting which was to try wine with a cheese that was not intentionally paired. Its always a great learning experience to taste what works and what doesnt work! Fun learning experience!

    Hi Carol,Thank you for joining us for the cheese & wine class and sorry that I missed you personally. Happy to hear that the experience was informative. Hope to see you next time you return to Uzès.Best regards,


    Thank you for your fantastic review of our bread masterclass. It was a delight to have you join us even though clearly you are already an experienced bread maker yourself. Keep sharing those lovely photos of your bread creations with us and perhaps we will see you once again in Uzès for future workshops. Best regards,

    Most genuine intelligent and well crafted wine tour Ive ever been on. Nick really knows wine and the area varietals wine makers. Yetunde was also good humored, provided intelligent conversation and brought the best sandwich ive Honestly ever eaten.

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    Ideas Of Combination For Cheeses Wine And Bread

    Red wine with your cheese? Nice idea but why not white wine? Some white wines pair well with cheese but you need the nose to match them! And what about the bread? There too, choices need to be made. It should sublimate the typical characteristics of a cheese, highlight its flavours, and subtly complement them. Entremont gives you some keys to succeed this threesome.

    What Goes Well With Cheese And Crackers


    CheeseCrackersCheese crackerscheeseCrackers pairs wellcheesesCheddar

    . People also ask, what goes with cheese and crackers?

    Snacks to Pair With CheeseArtisan cracker crisps, such as Raincoast Crisps can be served with dips or a tapenade, olives such as kalamata, niçoise, picholine, gaeta, alongside mild cheeses. Crusty breads such as baguette, rustic multigrain, and artisan rye such as Storye pair well with a richer cheese.

    Furthermore, what goes well with melted cheese? Here are seven ways you may not think about right away to eat gooey, melted cheese.

    • Garlic Cheese Crescent Rolls.

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    Why Do People Eat Cheese While Drinking

    Astringent and fatty sensations are present in the body. Several experts believe that eating meals that are at different extremes of the flavor spectrum typically results in a pleasurable taste sensation, which then triggers a favorable match in the mind. This holds true for pairings such as wine and cheese, as well as many other food and beverage pairings.

    Chianti Classico And Pecorino Toscano

    Why it works: Another great grows together, goes together pairing, the hard, aged texture of a Pecorino pairs wonderfully with the booming tannins of a . The savory secondary notes in a Chianti bring out a hidden herbal flavor in the cheese, with the wines black fruit holding up perfectly against the boldness of the Pecorino.

    Also try: and Parmigiano-Reggiano or and Grana Padano.

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    Meat And Cheese Board Components

  • Cured Meats: I suggest two to three cured meats. I like to go with different textures. Ill usually get thinly sliced prosciutto and pair that with a hard cured meats . For special occasions, Ill add some pate. About 2 oz of meat per person will suffice.
  • Cheeses: I let the cheese be the star. Think variety in terms of textures and milks. Try to incorporate at least one soft cheese and one hard cheese. Pick cheeses made from different milks: cow, sheep, goat, or a mixture. About 3 4 oz of cheese per person is a good serving.
  • Bread or crackers: Keep the bread and/or crackers simple. Thin slices of baguette, plain breadsticks, or toast is great. Choose crackers that are light on flavor so you can highlight the meats and cheeses. These are nice accompaniments that provide additional crunch and texture.
  • Olives & Pickles: Olives and other pickled snacks provide a great contrast to the rich meats and cheeses. Think of this like a palate cleanser. The sharp sour notes will cut through the richness of the other items.
  • Honey & Jams: For sweetness, add honey and one jam/preserve. If youre serving brie or blue cheese, honey is much appreciated. Keep the honey and jam in separate containers. As nice as it looks poured onto a board, it ends up creating a huge mess.
  • Fruits: Grapes, raisins, dried figs, and dried apricots are standard. Depending on the season, its great to incorporate fresh fruits like peaches, nectarines, and cherries.
  • Tips for Cheese:

    Pinot Noir And Gruyere

    How to Pair Wine and Cheese, According to One of America’s Top Sommeliers

    Why it works: The ever-present red berry fruit of a is the perfect match for the nutty flavors found in a medium-firm cheese like Gruyere. Both have just the right amount of aroma and complexity to them, without running the risk of one overpowering the other.

    Also try: and Jarlsberg, and Comté, or and Emmental.

    Over 100 five-star reviews, One of our all-time best sellers

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    Vermentino And Fiore Sardo

    Why it works: A nutty sheeps cheese, Fiore Sardo does very well alongside the more oily texture of a . The saline flavors of both make sure that each only enhances the other, with Vermentinos citrus notes adding a fruity acidity to the fatty character of a sheeps milk cheese like Fiore Sardo .

    Also try: and Mascarpone, and Fromage Blanc, or and Requesón.

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