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How To Do A Wine Tasting

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Check For Potential Flaws

Wine Tasting (How to Wine Tasting for Beginners) ð?·

During your first initial sniffs, youre going to be checking to see whether the wine is good or bad.

One of the most common flaws is when the bottle is corked. The official term is cork taint, and it happens when the liquid in a bottle becomes contaminated with the chemical compound TCA . This compound is created when microorganisms get into the cork either before the bark is harvested, before or after a cork has been inserted into the bottle. Essentially, they create the byproduct TCA which can leech into the wine. The result is a moldy, ancient and wet basement smell. Its pretty unmistakable.

I recently had a bottle of Primitivo that was corked, and it smelled like decaying fish. Luckily, only about 1 in every 100 bottles of wine typically contains cork taint. Better still, with new styles of metal bottle stoppers and synthetic corks, cork taint may one day become a thing of the past. Even some famous Chateaus in Bordeaux are starting to experiment with synthetic corks and metal bottle stoppers. One of them is Chateau Margaux.

Other flaws can occur too.

Wines can become over-oxidized, which leaves a rustic, sort of burnt metal smell in your nose. Also, volatile acidity will leave you with strong hints of vinegar. Other yeast-based flaws can occur too that dramatically shift a wines scent away from any floral or fruity aromas and divert it towards your grandmas old leather chair.

Fundamentals Of Wine Tasting

Why Wine Tasters Spit

There are some common wine tasting practices that you should be aware of. First, if you are going to be doing several tastings throughout the day, it is essential to expectorate the wine. While this might sound a little strange, it allows you to enjoy the feel and flavor of the wine without overindulging. A standard tasting pour is 2-3 ounces and roughly 10 tastings add up to a full bottle of wine, so it can be easy to get carried away. Spitting means that you can taste more wines without ending up with a headache the next day.

Tipping at a Wine Tasting

Most wineries offer free tastings to help market their products. However, it is always a good idea to leave a tip. This is especially true if you have received excellent service and enjoyed an extensive tasting that went beyond the fixed list provided. Large groups should also leave a generous tip for services.

Planning a Tasting

If you are planning a day or a trip around wine tasting, you can expect to spend around 30-45 minutes at each winery. That leaves a great deal of time to visit 3-4 during a day. Each winery will provide a different experience, so it will not feel repetitive as you visit different locations and see what they have to offer.

Wine and Cheese Pairings

How to Describe Wine

Persistence On The Palate

If there is a single reliable indicator of wine quality, it’s the length of the aftertaste, or finish. A wine that disappears virtually the mo-ment you spit or swallow it probably lacks concentration or was made from marginally ripe grapes. An outstanding wine lingers on your palate for 20 to 30 seconds and sometimes much longer.

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Stock The Necessary Supplies

  • Glassware Allotting one glass per person is absolutely fine however, if possible, I would suggest having two glasses per person, to better taste and compare wines simultaneously.
  • Palate Cleansers Set out plenty of water crackers or a simple bread for palate cleansers.
  • Spit Buckets Allow your guests the opportunity to get rid of unwanted wine.
  • Water
  • Documentation Provide pens and paper for taking wine notes or print out this handy tasting grid.
  • White Background & Clear Glassware Color is an important aspect when comparing wines, so avoid tinted glassware, provide optimal lighting, and provide a white background .

Check For Earthy Evidence

How to Wine Taste Properly

One of my personal favorite parts about a wine is when it evokes a part of the terroir from whence it sprang. New World wines, like a young Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, tend not to have many noticeable earth tones. On the other hand, some of my favorite old world wines from Bordeaux are commonly loaded with both mineral and earth scents.

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Leaning How To Taste Wine

Learning wine tasting from scratch is not easy. After my one-day tasting class I realised how weak I was when it comes to my tasting technique. I bought a number of books to help, listened to podcasts, especially the Guild of Sommeliers excellent series. And I even searched the internet looking for a manual on how to become a tasting guru in ten easy steps. You might say that one cant learn to dance by reading a book and it may be the same with wine tasting. But its disappointing that there isnt a simple and practical book to get you started.

Ive also learned that developing your own tasting techniques needs time, practice and cross checking with other people. I guess you need to be patient with yourself and try to attend as many tasting sessions as possible.

But in the meantime, if you dont have time nor patience, or too much money to spend on tasting classes, what do you do? Hands on, full of enthusiasm I started my journey to become a blind tasting guru. During this process I felt like a spy, trying to gather as much intel to build my own map of professional tasting.

I might be wrong, I might be right, but here is my personal guide to becoming a tasting guru in 10 simple steps, based on what I learned over the last year and a half.

The Dos And Donts Of Wine Tasting

There are a lot of dos and donts when it comes to tasting wine. These are unwritten rules, but if you have respect for your fellow human , youll want to pay attention to these suggestions.

Do Dress Appropriately: No one says you must dress up to go wine tasting, but youre doing something with a little bit of class, and you should give it the proper attention it deserves. Now, there will be no shortage of people wearing flip flops and tank tops just maybe dont be that person. The winery employees serving you the vino will be way more apt to keep serving you if you look the part. Also, dont wear white. Youre very likely to spill on yourself, and nothing ruins a day faster than a shiraz stain on your shirt.

Do Use Palate Cleansers: As you go from wine to wine, your tongue will begin to resemble a piece of dried-out leather with a few remaining taste buds waiting to die off. You can avoid this by cleansing your palate as you go along. Between tastings, you should eat some plain bread or crackers, drink some sparkling water, or even have some cheese to help get those tannins off your tongue. Wait, what are tannins?

Do Buy the Wine: Tastings arent usually free, but theyre also not that expensive for what you get. Its why you see a bunch of riff-raff chugging Chardonnay. But the point of the tasting is to find something you like and ultimately purchase a bottle to have at home. If a winery thinks youre a buyer, theyre going to pour you more glasses. Everybody wins!

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The People You Can Expect To Meet

Wineries bring in all types of people, and youll be sure to encounter a plethora of fun fellow drinkers. Heres a quick glossary to keep in mind:

The Wine Snob: Youll recognize them in a few different ways. But most importantly, by how they hold their glass. Typically, youre taught to hold the glass by the stem this way, the heat from your hands wont affect the temperature of your wine. But if you look closely, youll find the wine snob holding the glass by the base as they twirl, sniff, and emote. Yes, the goddamn base, like theyre an alien encountering drinking for the first time and dont understand how to hold things. If you see someone holding a wine glass in this fashion, stay away before they attempt to wax poetic about the extra-sensory experience they once had at a biodynamic farm in France.

The Bachelorettes: This is why you want to ask about groups before you hit a winery, so you dont end up next to 13 bachelorettes wearing penis crowns on their heads and guzzling free samples of Merlot. Also, wear closed-toed shoes around the bachelorettes as its all but a guarantee to have a glass or two shatter at your feet.

Mature People: Wine tasting attracts refined palettes. As one gets older, wine often becomes the drink of choice, and wine tastings are a great way to elicit something new to talk about after 40+ years of marriage. If youre lucky, youll all get there eventually. Dont worry these people wont bother you. They just enjoy the buzz.

Option : How To Do A Blind Tasting At Home

How to Host the Perfect Wine Tasting Party at Home | The Balancing Act

Dont worry, you dont need to go looking for a blindfold, here what we are going to cover is the wine ) Thats why its necessary that there are several people and that each one brings a wine, so nobody knows exactly what wines are on the table. The idea is to put the bottle in a bag, or cover it with silver paper It depends on your inventiveness or what you have at home. If you think that the shape of the bottle might give clues about the wine you are tasting, designate a person to be the one to pour the wine away from prying eyes.

Each wine will be given a number and this will be the name we will put on the tasting sheet. We will be tasting in order and completing the tasting card wine by wine. If you feel like sharing your perceptions out loud, youre sure to have a good laugh, because they are often very different.

Once you have tasted several wines, it is very enriching to go tasting one and another to compare nuances.

Finally, you will have to rate each of the wines to determine which one is the winner. And here there are many surprises, because as we defend as a winery, a high priced wine does not always have to be better than a wine of 6 8 , far from it!

We encourage you to taste a lot and try new wines. Getting out of your comfort zone is always a richness, and getting to know the world of wine in depth is always a pleasure. Enjoy!

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Wine Tasting Tips For A Successful Wine Tasting

The first trick on how to taste wine is this: go from light to heavy. This usually means you will move from white wines to reds finishing with the fuller bodied wines last. If you start with a heavy glass of wine first, your palate will be too overwhelmed for the lighter wines. You should start with the more subtle wines and move to the more bold ones. Its best to give your tongue a warm-up before hitting the heavy weights, so to speak. As you taste the wines, you will be asked a few things. Take note of how they look. Notices the different aromas you can smell. And, of course, be ready to talk about the taste. Now, its okay if you dont taste blackberry, grass, and flint and if you have no idea what tannins or forest floor means. Learning how to taste wine can be incredibly enjoyable no matter your experience level. We all begin somewhere and this blog is the perfect place to start. Ready to learn how to taste wine like a pro? Start with these wine tasting tips.

Observe The Wine In The Glass

Believe it or not, the first step in the process of tasting wine has nothing to do with tasting wine. Thats right. Youre going to observe the hell out of that liquid first. But whats the point? Well, observing a wine in the glass can tell you a lot about it without even tasting it for yourself.

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Taste For Alcohol Content

Alcohol at this point is somewhat easy to detect. If you saw a lot of legs and partially burnt your nose hairs off before you tasted a glass, you should have made the assumption that the wine has an elevated alcohol content. Do you feel any burning or hot sensation in the back of your throat? If you do, then youve likely reaffirmed that the glass youre drinking has a substantial ABV.

Set Up Tables And Other Supplies

Greek Wine Tasting
  • For wine tasting parties, it’s vital to set up everything for your guests before they arrive. Be mindful not to clutter your space by putting anything else in proximity. This includes flowers or scented candles, as their strong aroma may interfere with judging flavors during the taste test.
  • A bowl full of grapes would suffice instead since it does not emit any fragrance at all. Moreover, it adds to the wine tasting vibe. You should also arrange other necessary supplies in a way that saves space and looks neat at the same time.

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How To Host The Best Wine Tasting Party At Home

I know this may make me sound like a bit of a booze hag right now but honestly the best way to learn about wine is by tasting it. Tasting different styles, different grape varieties, different vintages and wines from different countries and regions will help you understand the world of wine. Youll teach your palate and senses about what makes a wine.

I love holding wine tasting parties at home for friends and family so I thought I would put a little how-to guide together so you get a general idea of what it takes and perhaps give you some ideas for holding your own at-home wine tasting.

The Five Ss Of Wine Tasting

If youre struggling with how to guide your guests through the various rounds of wine tasting, remember the five Ss of wine tasting: see, swirl, sniff, sip, and savor.

  • See and Swirl: See and swirl are usually paired together. For this step, ask your guests to take some time to really look at the wine. If they can, place it against a white background, like a white sheet of paper. Ask your guests to take note of the color of the wine and the legs. Legs typically indicate sweetness and increased alcohol content.
  • Sniff: Ask your guests to smell their wine before they taste it. Youll usually be able to identify unique aromas, which are often different from the notes youll find upon sipping.
  • Sip and Savor: Ask your guests to take a big sip of their wine and hold it in their mouths for a few moments. Drink slowly, so the wine coats your tastebuds and the aromas slowly reach your nose. Ask them to notice how the wine tasted when they first sipped it, how it tasted as they swallowed, and the flavor left in their mouth afterward. Ask them to note the finish, and note long they taste the alcohol and feel the remnants on their tongues.

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What Is A Tasting Room

A tasting room is a designated area in which customers can try samples of your winery or brewerys products. These rooms are typically located on-site and can be used as a way to sell product directly to the customer.

Depending on the size, tasting rooms can also be used to house wedding receptions, corporate events, and other social gatherings. Additionally, a tasting room is an effective space to market your wine club to interested customers.

How Many People Should You Invite

Wine Tasting 101 – An Easy Approach to Tasting Wine

A wine tasting party at home usually works best for smaller groups of 8 to 12 people.

Youll need to buy enough wine for everyone to try some of each one .

And you need enough time to pour a glass for each guest, while still enjoying the party yourself.

So having too many people can make it feel crowded and rushed.

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Use The 3 Wine Evaluation Steps

Learning how to taste wine is about training yourself to look at, smell, and taste the aspects in your glass. Here is how best to evaluate your glass of wine.

Step 1: Look

First, look straight down into your glass to get a sense of the color and density of your wine. Next, hold your glass up into the light to see how clear it is. A clear wine with some sparkle to it is a good sign of quality wine. But, if there is some murk, it could just be a wine that is unfiltered. Its okay to ask! Then, tip your glass slightly, so the wine thins out at the edge. This can help you understand the age and weight of your wine. For example, with a red wine, the more purple you see at the rim, the younger it is. The more orange and gold hues, the older it is. Experienced aficionados and sommeliers can tell the grape variety, climate, and alcohol content just by looking at their wine!A deep purple-black color could indicate a Syrah or Zinfandel, while a brick or pale red could be a Pinot Noir or Burgundy. Finally, its time to swirl your glass. This action will oxygenate your wine and help it become more fragrant and flavorful. If you are unaccustomed to swirling, keep the bottom of your wine glass flush on the table while you do it to keep balance. Take note of the trails of wine sliding down your glass. These trails are called legs. The more legs your wine has, the higher the alcohol content is and the bigger and bolder the mouthfeel will likely be.

Step 2: Sniff

Step 3: Taste

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