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What To Do With Empty Wine Bottles

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Rainbow Paper Stars In A Bottle

What To Do With Empty Wine Bottles

Japanese paper stars were a staple of my early childhood for sure, colored paper costs next to nothing to buy, and kids loved showing off how well they could fold the little strips into pretty stars.

Theyre a very versatile decoration, but you can keep it simple by just filling an old bottle with lots of stars. You get a cheery, colorful ornament on an almost-zero budget that way.

Go Nautical With Your Wine Bottles

This is an adorable example of nautical home design. Wrap the top of the wine bottle with twine, or use small broken pieces of dowels for a unique look. Wrap the wine bottles with a variety of rope and fabrics, mixing things up to keep them interesting. Add a cute chalkboard sign for an extra nice touch.

Wine Bottle Pantry Storage

The pantry is an oft-neglected part of kitchen decorjust rows and rows of shelves, with sauces in the cans they came in, and grains in the bags they were sold in. And sure, that sort of pantry has its own charms, but if you want to add a unique personal touch to your pantry, consider this upcycled bottle craft.

I recommend that you use clear, uncolored wine bottles so that you can easily recognize whats inside. These bottles also look much nicer than the plastic packs which beans or lentils usually come in.

Leave the cork on your pantry items will do fine, and the corks add a nice rustic touch.

Stick on some waterproof labels on too. They pretty up your storage space further and make sorting your pantry easier.

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Repurposed Painted Wine Bottle Diy Lamp

The slight curves and solid bottom make a used wine bottle a top choice for converting into a DIY lamp project. Fill the inside with some paint and swirl it around for a complete covering to give it a new color and purpose. A few pieces from your local hardware store and youre ready to assemble this reimagined bottle. It makes a personal gift for a close friend who considers him/herself a wine connoisseur.

+ Cute Repurposed Diy Wine Bottle Crafts For A Fun Afternoon Project

27 Things to Do With Old Wine Bottles

As for what you can make with your old wine bottles, the possibilities are endless:

  • Homemade vases filled with flowers
  • Hanging bird feeders to encourage birdsong outside your window
  • Floating candle holders for birthdays, weddings and dinner parties
  • Elaborate lighting devices that hold real wires and bulbs

As you can see, some of these repurposed DIY wine bottle craft ideas are quite simple. They can be made with nothing more than a little paint and a lot of imagination. Even if you have your eye on something more complicated, however, you shouldnt fret. Picture guides and tutorials can guide you through the DIY process even if its something thats completely new to you.

Whether youre an old hand at crafty creations or a total beginner in the world of glitter and glue guns, these repurposed do-it-yourself wine bottle crafts are sure to exercise your creativity. Grab your stencils and go nuts! These 50+ ideas might get you started, but the sky is the limit when it comes to fun, thrifty ways to reuse and recycle your wine collection.

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Diy Wine Bottle Chandelier

Add color and illuminate any spacy with this DIY Wine Bottle Chandelier. Get your rainbow on with this wine bottle chandelier or match it to your style. The project involves cutting wine bottles, which is easier than you may think, so lets get started with this fun and easy tutorial from Saved by Love Creations.

Wine Bottles Garden Edging

If youre looking for ways to reuse and recycle empty wine bottles, try using them into your garden decor. Repurposing wine bottles as garden edging sounds like a cool idea that anyone can try at home. Just dig in the wine bottles in a way that half of the length remains above the ground. The way you position the wine bottles decides the overall look and feel of the wine bottle craft.

Head over to Vert Austin Blog to check out the tutorial.

Image: Vert Austin

Image: Douglas E. Welch/ Welch Write

Image: YouTube/dE houzZ

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Glass Recycling: What To Do With Empty Wine Bottles

Did you know that glass can be recycled as many times as needed without losing its properties or quality? That is why this noble material, historical partner for wine, is one of the favorites to lead the waste reduction movement.

Did you know that glass can be recycled as many times as needed without losing its properties or quality? That is why this noble material, historical partner for wine, is one of the favorites to lead the waste reduction movement.

If we think of wine, we think of a glass bottle. This iconic container is present in the collective imagination as an inseparable companion of wine. Despite the different formats that can be found today, such as tetra pack or aluminum cans, glass is still the material container for wine per excellence.

This is due, among other factors, thanks to the insurmountable aromatic neutrality of glass. This material allows the wine to spend days, months and years in the bottle without acquiring aromas alien to itself and thus evolve naturally.

However, what happens when we drink the wine? What do we do with the empty bottles? It is increasingly important to be responsible of our waste, so the reuse and recycling of glass becomes fundamental.

Glass is an optimal material for recycling, for two reasons: because it has a high energetic production cost -which makes it more valuable- and because it has the capacity to be recycled as many times as necessary without losing its properties or quality.

Homemade Bottled Cocktail Mixer

How to DIY Home Decor with Empty Wine Bottles

A bottle of red wine is the classic go-to moms gift. And while good bottled wine can never go wrong, try adding a fresh twist this time round, by gifting cocktail mixers in upcycled wine bottles.

Whip up your own mixer, or get one off the shelf. I recommend this citrusy margarita mixer its bang for your buck, and sugar-free too.

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Wine Cork Iphone Dock

How creative is this? Its available for purchase on Etsy, but if you put a glue gun, a cutter, and your mind to it Im sure you can save some bucks and DIY.

Wine is beyond fantastic in and of itself, but now it can be a practical part of our lives. So if anyone ever judges you again for picking up that extra bottle in the store, you just go on ahead with your bad self. After all you needed some more corks for your next project and wine is the new 2-for-1.

Gif courtesy of

Build Your Own Eco Shelf

Reuse not only used bottles but also used wood, with this environmentally-friendly DIY project.

This shelfs layers are made from planks of wood supported by wine bottles and tightened up with turnbuckles. Its easy to assemble its mostly drilling and you just need a little carpentry knowledge. Plus, you can stack it up as high as it needs to be.

Want more ideas for reusing wood? Check out our short sample of wood pallet DIY projects.

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Paint Spilled And Lace Wine Bottle Vase

Mix your mediums when you create this interesting DIY wine bottle craft. Add some paint to the interior and allow it to cascade down the sides to create a spilled paint flow that adds some interest from the inside out. Around the bottom, a lace doily finishes the look to give it a feminine detail.

Top 10 Awesome Things To Make Using Empty Wine Bottles

40 DIY Ideas on How to Transform Empty Wine Bottles Into ...

Many of us, in our everyday lives, face routines. One of the routines is disposing of glass bottles simply because we dont know what to do with them. The junkyards are filled with glass bottles perfectly fine to serve as something more than liquid storage.

If you have a few empty wine bottles and dont know what to do with them, we have a couple of ideas to share with you. If the bottles you own have labels that you want to remove, simply soak your bottles in hot water mixed with some soap and let them stay for 20 minutes before peeling off the label.

Get creative with your wine bottles, choose a fun project, and start today. Comment on your progress below.

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Hanging Macram Wine Bottle Planter

Add even more character and charm to your macramé plant holder by housing a repurposed wine bottle as a twist on the flower-flowing planter. Whether you wish to hang it outdoors or inside, you cant go wrong with this new spin on an old favorite. Add a piece of the past and the present to your space with this delightful planter.

A Diy Wine Bottle Backyard Centerpiece

Replace a boring railing with this exciting example of wine bottle crafts. Simply drill holes in the bottoms of your wine bottles and thread them on wooden posts. Add another slat on top of the wooden posts to keep the wine bottles nicely in place. This project will add color and light to a new part of your yard.

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A Zen Garden For Your Desk

These adorable succulent planters will make an impression in your home. Cutting the bottle is the difficult part. Fill it with sand and cactus soil for the best growing environment for your succulents. Succulents are great indoor plants for beginners. Use wine corks as rests to keep the bottle from rolling over.

Amazing Diy Wine Bottle Crafts

DIY – Wine Bottles

Have some old, empty wine bottles laying around and just hate to throw them all away? Why not make some DIY wine bottle crafts with them, instead? You can make lovely homemade gifts, home decor and even some neat DIY lighting with those old wine bottles. From creative outdoor bottle trees and garden edging to vases and serving platters made from flattened wine bottles, we have some awesome DIYs you have to see. You will probably want to add one of more to your weekend projects list. I must admit my favorite ones are the tiki torches, and I am making some for my next outdoor barbecue. What a cool way to upcycle and decorate your backyard at the same time!

Once you check out these DIY ideas with wine bottles, dont forget about the wine corks you have leftover! We have lots of cool wine cork crafts like these: 50 Wine Cork Crafts to Fall In Love With

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Shabby Chic Floral Decor

Transform your old wine bottles into decorative ornaments using a little decoupage.

Youll need a glass primer for decoupage bottle crafts. Paint and varnish the bottle, then wrap a printed paper napkin around the bottle and attach it using mod podge.

Border the napkin with lace strips for a vintage look, and wrap some twine around the mouth of the bottle, to add a touch of rusticity.

Not Included: A Green Thumb

Make these adorable wine bottle crafts planters by cutting wine bottles in half. Use the thermal shock method to cut the bottles in half. Simply turn the cut half over the base and plant your seeds in the soil. The planter is self-watering, so you should have an easy time creating green space in your kitchen.

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Wonderful Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Keep the cork and bottle after you top it off so you can create this magnificent wine bottle bird feeder. Its the perfect size to hold enough bird feed to meet your needs and keep your feathered friends flocking to your home this winter. With a hold drilled near the bottom, all you need to do is add a base for the birds to perch and a wire to hang it from to make this feeder ready to go!

Diy Frosted Ombre Wine Bottle

12 Things To Do With Old Wine Bottles

Check out how you can create this ombre frosted glass look on an empty wine bottle from the easy to follow DIY tutorial from Saved by Love Creations. The frost paint is super fun to work with, and I am loving the look. This is perfect for a beach themed living room décor. Definitely a great way to recycle an empty wine bottle to a gorgeous item that can be a centerpiece in your house.

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Why Stop At A Vase Use Newspaper To Make A Bouquet Of Flowers That Will Never Ever Die

Cut a rectangular piece of newspaper that’s about twice as long as the bottle. Wrap and secure around the bottle and cut the remaining newspaper at the top into strips around 1 1/2 inches wide. Run the edge of a scissor blade firmly but gently along each strip in order to curl it. Acknowledge that you’ve gone a little insane if you’re already attempting to recreate living things out of your own garbage.

What To Do With Empty Alcohol Bottles

My guess is that when you have bottles of alcohol, you know what to do with the contents inside, drink it! However, often we find ourselves in the position where we are unsure what to do once we have taken the last sip. Do we recycle the bottle, throw it away? The answer is none of the above. We find other uses for it! What can we really do with an empty beer bottle? Lots! Here are a few easy DIY tricks you can use to transform your bottles into other things. Talk about getting your moneys worth!

1. Vase Use your bottles as a holder for fresh flowers . This would make a nice centerpiece in your kitchen or on a coffee table.

2. Candle holder If you are looking for something quirky, yet decorative and fun, use your bottles as candle holders. They are easy to transport and they look really nice sometimes.

3. Blacklight Decoration Clean out your bottle, add water inside, and drain the ink of a highlighter in the water. Add a blacklight behind your bottles and voila, you have neon party lights.

4. Tumblers There is a simple way to cut bottles using a piece of cotton string, acetone nail polish remover, water, and a lighter. Cut the neck off of your bottle, and youll have perfectly shaped cups for drinking beverages out of.** You can also make vases with different neck openings once you figure out how to make different angles.

9. Wind chime Glass wind chimes sound so pretty!

Did we mention our on this topic?

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Jute Netted Wine Bottle Crafts

If you love wine and beach chic décor, then this wine bottle craft is right up your alley. You may find a plenty of ways to incorporate netting wrapped bottles in your home decoration as they are in trend. Instead of buying one from market why not try your hand at making a few yourself using a couple of empty wine bottles and jute twine.

You can find a simple tutorial to fully understand the DIY process of making a decorative wine bottle at Cameo Cottage Designs.

Image: Cameo Cottage Designs

Image: a bride on a budget

Cheap And Creative Bird Feeder From Wine Bottle

Beer, Drinks & Bars : What to Do With Empty Wine Bottles

Make a bird feeder for your feathered friends. This wine bottle crafts project doesnt even require cutting the bottle. Build a little birdhouse style holder for the wine bottle to sit in. Clamp the wine bottle in the back. When you fill the bottle, simply remove it from the back of the feeder.

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Simple Aqua Decorative Bottles

This 1-moment craft creates cool, sea glass wine bottles great for coastal decor.

All it takes is a clear wine bottle, and a coat of sea glass spray paint. Spray on more coats if you like a more matte look.

Place them by the windowsill, and consider adding pieces of actual sea glass into or around the bottles. Or you could always incorporate them into an aqua-themed Thanksgiving tablescape.

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