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How To Cut A Wine Barrel In Half

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Adding A Liner To Your Barrel

How I cut a Wine Barrel in half with a home made machine (08)

Whether or not to line your barrel with plastic is entirely up to you. Many people feel that a liner significantly extends a barrels life though how much is questionable. My lined barrels are decaying at about the same rate as those that arent lined. One way or another, if your barrel is solid oak, it should last for a good long time.

I like to line my barrels for a different reason, which is that it helps the soil to retain moisture. Even large containers can dry out quickly during a stretch of hot summer days. With a liner, I dont have to water as often.

At first, I had some worries about chemicals leaching from plastic liners into the soil but I poked around on the Internet and talked to a lot of gardener folk and pretty much put my fears to rest. After all, I occasionally plant in heavy-duty plastic pots or even 5-gallon plastic buckets. But if you have any worries about plastic, skip it.

If you want a liner, you have to decide what kind. You can buy pre-made plastic liners for half-wine barrels. Ready made liners are expensive, but if youre not going to have a huge crop of barrels, they may be worth the investment. Myself, I have invented a goofy way of fashioning a liner out of a heavy-duty, 42-gallon trash bag. All you need is the bag, a pair of scissors, your trusty staple gun, some patience, and maybe a sense of humor.

Happy planting!

Where To Get Half Wine Barrels

Your options depend on where you live. If youre in or near wine country, you can turn to the wineries themselves. I sometimes get my barrels from a winemaking shop in Berkeley. You can also find them at many nurseries and many big-box home stores. And I once found some genuine barrels outside a mainstream supermarket for an amazing price, so keep your eyes open.

If you can obtain a barrel at or near its source, it will be less expensive. When I get barrels from the winemaking folks, I pay half the price my local nursery charges. For me, the only advantage of getting them at the nursery or local lumber yard is that those places are closer and theyre willing to drill the drain holes for me very expensive holes.

Luxe Adventure Home: Diy Wine Barrel Coffee Table

By Jennifer Dombrowski

Tim gave me perhaps the coolest birthday gift hes ever given me this year. Technically I asked for a wine barrel coffee table I had seen online for Christmas. Instead of ordering me one and risking a scene like in Friends when Rachel and Ross buy the exact same apothecary table mass manufactured by those bastards at Pottery Barn , he decided to build me one.

I think he had actually found the barrel by Christmas and then after some naggingand more nagginghe finally buckled down and built me my wine barrel coffee table in a couple of weekend. There may have been a few near heart attacks after hed text me that he cut his finger off and Id go racing out to our garage turned wood workshop. He didnt he just wanted me to bring him a beer. But it was worth the bad jokes when my table finally was done.

We chronicled it on our Facebook Page and one of our local readers even bought the other half of the barrel after Tim cut it. Since you were all so interested, he put together this tutorial on how to build a wine barrel coffee table for around $200.

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Can You Cut A Whiskey Barrel In Half

You will need to cut the barrel so that it is sawn on the wood with metal staving supporting either end. If you do not do this, then the barrel will most likely fall apart. Once the barrel is cut in half, then you can stand the pieces on their ends, and sand down the cut edge. This will help to give a smooth finish.

How To Cut A Wine Barrel In Half Doityourselfcom

Whiskey Barrel half cut Half a Whiskey Barrel Barrel Half ...
    Using your chalk, mark a clear place on the barrel closest to the half-way line. Extend this mark until to goes all the way around the barrel. Step 2 – Prepare the Barrel for Cutting. Now that you have the correct position for cutting the barrel, you must use either a circular saw or a hand saw

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How Do You Cut The Top Off A Wine Barrel


. Then, how do you remove the top of a wine barrel?

Just pour a gallon of water in the barrel, drive the bung back in, roll it over and over in the sun for a couple weeks, drain and bottle, enjoy. Then just slip the top rings off the barrel, the staves will flex enough to pull the boards out of the top, hammer yer rings back on the barrel and its ready.

Secondly, what is a barrel head? Definition of barrelhead. : the flat end of a barrel. on the barrelhead. : asking for or granting no credit paid cash on the barrelhead.

Besides, how do you cut a wine barrel in half for a planter?

How to Cut a Wine Barrel in Half

  • Hold the wood blocks up to the end of the wine barrel.
  • Cut the along the chalkline curve on the blocks with a sabre saw.
  • Lift the wine barrel onto the blocks.
  • Measure the length of the wine barrel from end to end.
  • Spin the wine barrel and mark it repeatedly at the half-length measurement.
  • How do you cut a whiskey barrel in half?

    If you get a full barrel you’ll need to cut it in half using a jigsaw or sawzall. Use a prybar to remove the metal bands. The bands are most likely secured with nails and so they should pop right off. Do not take the end bands off, because the barrel will fall apart if you do.

    Barrel Shape Construction And Parts

    Wine barrel parts Shaping barrel staves

    Barrels have a convex shape and bulge at their center, called bilge. This facilitates rolling a well-built wooden barrel on its side and allows the roller to change directions with little friction, compared to a cylinder. It also helps to distribute stress evenly in the material by making the container more curved. Barrels have reinforced edges to enable safe displacement by rolling them at an angle .

    Casks used for ale or beer have shives and keystones in their openings. Before serving the beer, a spile is hammered into the shive and a tap into the keystone.

    The wooden parts that make up a barrel are called staves, the top and bottom are both called heads or headers, and the rings that hold the staves together are called hoops. These are usually made of galvanized iron, though historically they were made of flexible bits of wood called withies. While wooden hoops could require barrels to be “fully hooped”, with hoops stacked tightly together along the entire top and bottom third of a barrel, iron-hooped barrels only require a few hoops on each end.

    A barrel is one of several units of volume, with dry barrels, fluid barrels , oil barrel, etc. The volume of some barrel units is double others, with various volumes in the range of about 100200 litres .

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    What Can You Plant In A Half Wine Barrel

    half wine barrels

    . Hereof, how much soil do I need for a half wine barrel?

    A standard half barrel will hold around 4 cubic feet of soil, but we used roughly 3 for ours because the plants we put in it had rather large root balls. We used a moisture control potting soil which ran us about $14 at Home Depot.

    how do you cut a wine barrel in half for a planter? How to Cut a Wine Barrel in Half

  • Hold the wood blocks up to the end of the wine barrel.
  • Cut the along the chalkline curve on the blocks with a sabre saw.
  • Lift the wine barrel onto the blocks.
  • Measure the length of the wine barrel from end to end.
  • Spin the wine barrel and mark it repeatedly at the half-length measurement.
  • Herein, how do you plant a half barrel?

    Five Steps for Preparing a Half Wine Barrel Planter

  • Drill drainage holes in the bottom.
  • Spray the bottom and inside of the barrel with apple cider vinegar.
  • Cut pieces of wire mesh to fit over the drainage holes.
  • Secure the mesh with staples.
  • Add casters if necessary.
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    Diy: How To Turn Your Wine Barrel Into A Planter

    Like most wooden products, wine barrels can live more than one life. Their first life is one tasked with turning grape juice into delicious tasting wine. Their second life can be a great many things, one of which is a beautiful planter to enhance your garden.

    Okay, so not everyone has a wine barrel on hand. But in the chance that you do or if you can get one, heres a fantastic DIY on how to turn it into a planter:

    What youll need:

    -Protective gloves

    What You Need To Prepare A Half Wine Barrel Planter

    Heres a list of what I use to prep a half barrel, minus any kind of liner.

    • half wine barrel
    • power drill with a bit large enough to make drainage holes the size of quarters
    • apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle
    • wire mesh to cover the drainage holes
    • wire cutters to size the mesh
    • staple gun to affix the mesh
    • four casters or feet
    • good soil

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    How Do You Make A Hole In A Wine Barrel

    Drill holes in the marked locations. Use a standard 1/2 inch bit or 1/2 inch shovel to drill the holes. Turn the bowl over and place it on the pebble, brick, or gravel bed. Stones or gravel lift the bowl slightly so that moisture can escape unhindered from the holes.

    How To Cut A Wine Barrel In Half

    S: Prep A Half Wine Barrel For Planting

    Rustic Standing Half Wine Barrel

    Half wine barrels are a popular choice for instant planter boxes. They’re low maintenance, long-lasting, and large enough for roots to flourish. Plus, their traditional rustic oak adds character to any garden space! Here’s your 5 step guide to properly prepare a half wine barrel for planting.

    Home Decorations Insight

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    What Can I Do With Old Whiskey Barrels

    13 Genius Ways People Are Repurposing Whiskey and Wine Barrels

  • 1 Wine Barrel Rocking Chair. Kat Nobile.
  • 2 Whiskey Barrel Outdoor Table. Oliver and Rust.
  • 5 Whiskey Barrel Trash Can. Courtesy.
  • 6 Rain Barrel. James Buck Firth.
  • 7 Barrel Staves Chairs. Courtesy.
  • 8 Wine Barrel Wreath. This Grandma Is Fun.
  • 13 Wine Barrel Floors.
  • Diy Wine Barrel Table

    We found this barrel at a local winery for 30

    1. Visit your local wineries to find a used barrel to purchase. In Italy a wine barrel can be purchased from 30 100 depending on the condition its in. Of course, the better condition the barrel is in, the less prep work youll need to do. I found a local winery that was selling their old barrels for 30, so it needed a lot of TLC.

    If you dont have a local winery nearby that sells used barrels, you can also find them online like this solid oak one from Napa Valley on Amazon.

    2. Wash the barrel thoroughly with a hose and mild soapy water. Be sure that the cork is in the barrel as you dont want water to get inside it. A pressure washer can work well too. Allow the barrel to completely dry for 1-2 days after washing.

    Progression of sanding the barrel

    3. Depending on the look you are going for, you could lacquer the barrel for a rougher vintage look. Or sand and stain it for a more refined and clean look. We sanded and stained our barrel.

    Start with a low 60-80 grit sand paper and move up to a 200 grit or higher sand paper depending on how much effort you want to put into sanding it. Make sure to have some type of padding or cardboard underneath as any rough surface will damage the surface of the barrel and cause more work for you. A shop vacuum comes in handy to clean up as you go, as well as to be used as a blower to dust off the barrel between sanding.

    The rings will really shine with a sanding sponge

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    How To Convert A Wine Barrel Into A Planter

    As someone who spends a lot of time trying to cheat her shady garden beds into producing more flowers, in defeat I also spend a lot of time squeezing in more and more containers to make the most of growing in the sunny spaces.

    My mother warned me off pots early in my gardening venture, stressing that they require so much more care due to watering. And she was not wrong.

    Ive watched short rooted annuals totally fry before my eyes in the hot, dry and windy Canterbury summer simply because I missed a day.

    However, as my obsession for decorating my outdoor spaces has grown, there is no avoiding the drive to greenify my paved areas, and pots are the solution.

    READ MORE: * A beginner’s guide to growing plants from seed

    My philosophy is this if I have 3 pots I may as well have 30 as they will all need watering daily anyway.

    Planning to go on a summer holiday reminds me of my parents encyclopaedic lists when fleeing the farm for a break.

    I need a pot sitter more than I need a cat sitter and this comes with a colour coded map of the pot city complete with detailed instructions on actual water application.

    Water all pots until you see a good flow coming out the bottom. Must be checked morning and evening. Stick finger into soil up to middle knuckle to test dryness. On no exception can you leave pots un watered for more than 48 hours.

    You can tell I have people lining up for the job, right?

    Honestly, I totally love it.

    They are also fantastic for planting small trees in.

    How Do You Cut A Wine Barrel In Half

    How to cut a Wine Barrel in half and How to build the cutter, How to in five and reviews (19)
  • Hold the wooden blocks against the end of the wine barrel.
  • Using a saber, cut along the curve of the chalk line of the blocks.
  • Lift the wine barrel from the blocks.
  • Measure the length of the wine barrel from one end to the other.
  • Turn the wine barrel upside down and mark several times as you measure halfway down the length.
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    How Do You Cut The Top Off A Whiskey Barrel

    Just pour a gallon of water in the barrel, drive the bung back in, roll it over and over in the sun for a couple weeks, drain and bottle, enjoy. Then just slip the top rings off the barrel, the staves will flex enough to pull the boards out of the top, hammer yer rings back on the barrel and its ready.

    How To Cut Whiskey Barrels In Half

    I need some help on how to cut a whiskey barrel in half, if anyone has had some experience in this, I need some suggestions as it needs to be neat and as simple as possible, as I would not like to tackle this job with just a jig saw. Any suggestions would be appreciated.. Thanks

  • Tonyz said:29th September 2007 08:57 AM

    WHAT pigs ???? mate. This might be a woodworking forum but asking Q like that could get you banned/lynched/casterated etc etc what a flamin sacrilige. Hope you lick ’em out dry firstI think youd need to make a jig to hold each end of the barrel so it can roll and then have a circular saw. But I really dont know.Try and get the Barassa Valley or MaClaren Vale visitor info centres PH No. and they could put you in the right direction. Theres a lot of the half wine barrels sold .

    I would love to grow my own food, but I can not find bacon seeds

  • orraloon said:29th September 2007 10:31 AM

    Sparker, I cut one years ago with a hand saw. Drew a line round the equator and just sawed away. As you have a lot to do then a jigsaw would do. A circular saw sounds a bit reckless for this application. The risk of binding and kick back spring to mind. I found that after a while the staves shrink as the wood dries so I drilled and screwed the hoops to the wood to hold the whole thing together.Regards

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